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Kouga Hinomatsu
Kouga Hinomatsu
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 2000

The beeggest problem in the Leaf Empty The beeggest problem in the Leaf

Thu Feb 23, 2023 3:18 pm
Mission: (B-rank)

Kouga woke up to the voice of an annoyed spirit. Again. He was way too out of it to actually understand whatever he was saying, but if he had to guess it was probably about killing. Or complaining. These were Kyukazu's favourite things after all. He slowly collected enough of his energy to open his eyes. The sun was actually in the sky already. Shit he'll be late.
"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"
"Don't put this on me boy, I'm not your servant. And I tried, but you ignored me again. So who are we killing today?" - the spirit's new tactic seemed to be to talk as if killing someone was already decided, but the attempt was half-hearted at best, and Kouga couldn't really think of a single person on who this would have worked. The question was especially useless, since the spirit knew exactly what his plans were for the day, since he was there when his job got assigned to him. He was there all the time. At first it was a bit scary and VERY irritating, but the Hinomatsu boy got used to it slowly, and got to the point where he would have missed the voice if it wasn't there. They rarely agreed about things, but he had to admit, he enjoyed the banter. They felt like an old couple, and there was something in this dynamic that was to his liking. The spirit was always honest and to the point, and also offered him a new perspective sometimes. Most of the time that new perspective was absolutely useless, but still. He got dressed quickly and started swearing in himself, since he didn't have time for his daily maintenance, so he would do it in the evening, he decided.

He left the house in a hurry, and took off in the direction of the village gates, where he was to meet Onabi Hyuuga, and they were to eradicate a hornet's nest apparently. It seemed like they got assigned the most random jobs in the village. After having to clear debris last time, now it's hornets. Another job he had no idea about. But a mission was a mission. The sun was shining brightly and warmly, but a cool breeze made sure no one would be too hot. It was still spring, but felt like summer was just around a corner. Truth be told in the Land of Fire it always felt like the summer was just around the corner. The wind caught into his hair, as he hurried towards his destination, making it wave behind him, like some orange-red flag.

He arrived at the gates, looked around, but couldn't see his younger peer yet, so he found a nice cool and shady corner near the wall and sat down, waiting. If he had to wait anyway, he might as well do his morning meditation now. So he crossed his legs and focused on his breathing. In and out. He tried to feel the air travelling through his nose, down his throat and into his lungs.

"Typical. Waiting like a dog for its owner. Pathetic. Even a fox like me gets second hand embarrassment watching you." - the spirit's voice was dripping with disgust.
"Wait. You're a fox?" - asked the boy in himself, a bit surprised.
"Yeah, what did you think I was?"
"I didn't really think about it to be honest." - he thought, but it did seem logical. The sword was enchanted by foxes in the end. The spirit let out a blood-chilling laugh before continuing:
"Classic empty headed Kouga."
"Shut up, Kyu."
"I'll kill you." - the threat sounded more empty, the more he heard it.
"Can't wait." - he answered.

WC: 615
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