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Electrifying Experience Empty Electrifying Experience

Sat Feb 04, 2023 1:28 am
The Ushitora legends told of two separate fighting styles for the Clan, one using the power of Fire and the other using the strength of Lightning. Both deadly and destructive in their own rights, both combining into the perfect cover of each styles inherent weaknesses. Brothers fighting left and right of each other fully trusting those around them to protect them as they would do the same for them. Jecht’s Grandfather told him these secrets and stories everyday while Jecht grew under the shade of the maple tree. His young mind only thought of it was simple legend and tall tale but he loved to listen and fantasize those stories into reality.
Not long ago with the arrival of a new comrade by the name Iscarot Jecht learned that the legends were true though he had only came to understand how to use and what he could do with it using the Red Oni style but he had ideas on the brother style of the Red Oni. Though to even try and use those techniques he would need to learn how to harness the element itself, a powerful and agile element that moves quicker than sound and able to split mountains. Learning how to harness a new Chakra Nature was something that needed intense focus as you were coming in contact with nature itself in its rawest form. People had been harmed greatly thinking they were ready to undertake another element and being wholly unprepared, it was why even though Jecht had known of those of his prior standing able to wield more then one element he never attempted to do such, because while Jecht was reckless he had gain cautious in his old age after all no reason to speed to his death due to attempting something he wasn’t ready for.
Though those thoughts began to change recently as he had progressed greatly in his ability to wield flame and usage of the Red Oni, Now he was ready to learn the brother element of his clan. He knew that taming the fire element was to show your own ability to stand your way and never back down, to take everything for yourself and show that your way was right. He had only heard that taming Lightning was like dealing with the sharpest blade you could find with a mind of  its own, a level of cunning and quickness was needed to bring the element under you control. Jecht also knew that you also had to have the talent and genetic compatibility of the element like with all elements some people simply couldn’t ever tame another element due to incompatibility. Though something in Jecht told him that he would be perfectly fine with learning on how to tame the element after all his clan was known for their ability to wield it in battle. To cloak themselves in the lightning and devastate their enemies.
So once more Jecht ventured into the training ground to find a spot away from others the more distant the farther for he knew not how thing would go would the lightning run wild and reject him or would he bring under his heel like the fire inside him? He would not know till he attempted. Normally being near a source of the element you were trying to bring under your control and learn would be the go to thing for people but learning how to control lightning itself by being the source was almost borderline insanity as unlike the other we hadn’t be able to control it at its source. The closest was dealing with the electricity that the village had throughout it, while it had the same properties it wasn’t close enough overtake the power that came from pure lightning.
Finding his place in the training ground he took the lotus position and began to meditate focusing on images and thoughts of the experience of lightning he had had in his lifetime. The worst storms he brought those to the forefront of his mind, the crackle of a live line of electricity to simulate the crackle of lightning filled his ears. Allowing his senses to open and expand beyond himself and into the world around him, he focused on how his fire element felt when interacting with it and through it pushed to find the lightning in the air. Sounds of cracking thunder pierced Jecht’s ears, the cold wind blew through the training ground as a storm of great size drew near the village. A hum in the air told Jecht of the approach of the violent storm and the source of the element he wished to learn to tame to bring under himself this very day.
Jecht himself was a big man, one that towered over others easily and wore a coat of muscles like a suit of armor, but in the face of the source of Lightning he felt like he was in front of a old mountain. One with the power and speed to split anything and all that stand in its way or disrespect it, Jecht knew deep inside he would need to bring it under control by proving himself to the element and himself. If he was lucky he would have the compatibility needed to do so or he would be all for naught and he would be harmed in the act. The sound of oncoming rain filled the air, its approach carried by the wind that blew in the storm clouds with it. With Fire he had to show his strength and willpower with Lightning he needed to show an agility of the mind and strength to strike without hesitation.
Molding his chakra to match what he felt from the nearby lightning Jecht started his in-depth trance to make the element of his own. A drop of sweat fell from the bronze skin of the Ushitora as he mental struggled and fought as if it was a life and death situation not settling for anything less then perfection on this training. The lightning filled the air and around the old man, a crackling and hum spread for his position there as the hair on his body begun to stand on their own. He could feel the moment of truth coming any second now and it came with a quickness that would have left anyone breathless lightning struck the Ushitora and just before contact an arc of lightning came off his own body reaching out and deflecting the strike. His own body had learned how to wield the lightning in defense, his chakra feeling strange and restless as the element filled it to the brim. Jecht opened his eyes and watched the rampant lightning arc off his body it hardly under his control yet but at least he had produced it like he had learned to  do so with fire. Now he needed to tame it, to truly make it his own. His nerves and muscles felt full of vigor and strength a different feeling of when he would use flame to power his strikes now he felt a grace and quickness that spoke of instant destruction if underestimated.
The feeling of using Lightning was one Jecht would never forget as he continued to refine his ability to control the arcing lightning and when he was brought to his skin and no longer striking other object Jecht arose from his lotus position and began to go through various forms of his learned martial arts. His more irregular movements that looked like he was dancing was refined and a speed of his attacks increased while he harnessed the lightning in him. There was a sharpness to his attacks that spoke to the power of the element that differed from the explosiveness of the fire he was use to.
A smile creeped onto the old Ushitora’s face as he let himself run a bit wild in his training, he flipped, jumped, twisted and turned in whatever way he could imagine truly pushing his body and his new ability to the limit he could understand how those of the brother style felt while fighting under such conditions but he only knew that he still hadn’t truly experienced what they did and a new thought came to Jecht’s mind. What would happen if you learned both the Red and Blue Oni fighting style? It was intriguing to imagine the power that would come from such a thing, though his mind came back to his current training and he took a standing positon and brought his hands together and bowed to the storm still raging, expressing respect and deference to the source of his new element. For nature will teach all those who will listen but it will not spare the rod for those who ignore it.
The day had grown late and soaking wet it was time to head home to dry off and rest, Jecht had succeeded in another accomplishment that truly showed his growth as a Shinobi and a person.

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Electrifying Experience Empty Re: Electrifying Experience

Sat Feb 04, 2023 5:27 pm
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