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Sat Feb 04, 2023 12:43 am
Another day of waking up early before even the sun’s light crested the horizon, another day of feeling the chill on the early morning air, another day of repetition of your basic movements, another day to be prove to the world that you are alive. Jecht awoke with a quickness, his internal clock ringing telling him it was another start of another day and he needed to get up and ready. Jecht progressed through his morning routine, cleaning, eating, dressing, stretching and planning for rest of the day. With a smile, Jecht left his home and proceeded to run at a moderate pace all the way to the Training grounds for some self training. He could feel himself growing in strength and power, the ease of using his Taijutsu Techniques and the Red Oni fighting style told him it was time to expand his horizons. It was time to train in something new to increase his own choices in any sort of situation.
His plan was to spend the day learning iryojutsu, the one specialization of the Shinobi that was meant to help others instead of harming them, but it also offered plenty of abilities to help keep oneself in battle longer and stronger. Something that would greatly expand on Jecht’s already close and reckless fighting style, a way to heal from that recklessness and gain a second wind in battle is exactly what would help close up his weaknesses. It wouldn’t be a perfect fix of course but he didn’t feel like he could spare any more effort or concentration to specialize in a third just yet.
For now there was a scroll that Jecht had purchased that told him of a wide arrange of information on various low ranking techniques and jutsus from all of the specialization that a Shinobi could possible learn, this is what Jecht would be using to help him train in Iryojutsu. Finding a place out of the way and isolated as to not be disturb, Jecht sat down and read this scroll, he needed to study them first and then slowly attempt them. He was not in a rush to learn something so new and something so interesting, the ability to heal and save those around you instead of killing. Though he knew that you could also use Iryojutsu to harm those who fight against you the more you trained in it, it reminded that most medicine in excess can just as easily kill you rather than safe you.
There he sat reading and studying, memorizing the theories put on this scroll the amount of information was immense for Jecht as he wasn’t use to learning his own chakra system so intensely as to learn to heal others or just yourself the ability to recognize your own chakra system and how to meld it to others rather then simply know how to use it to fight. Closing his eyes Jecht took a lotus position as he moved his chakra through his body, feeling it move throughout closely remembering the nature and feel of it. He needed to understand himself best to be able to understand others, and as he meditated he allowed himself to slip into a trance.
Here he started feeling more attuned to the world around him and his own self, normally one who was to train in Iryojutsu would practice on healing others or animals to get the feel of the techniques and chakra needed but Jecht had forgone a partner or teacher or things to test on so he would need to learn how to do such on himself. They say the most basic things that those who can use Iryojutsu is the ability to form your chakra into a scapel making the most perfect and pristine utensil of either healing or death depending on how it is wielded. The other is the ability to pulse your chakra through another with you palm, Jecht’s own plan was to cut himself in small bits to heal himself he would be able to tell if he truly succeeded without someone else having to deal with the pain and burden. So he focused his chakra onto his hand, the plan was to first complete the image of a scalpel and when it was able to be held steady and without imperfection that is when he would cause the injury that he would need to heal nothing severe or that would cause him any grief if needed to heal naturally.
This part of the exercise wasn’t to much of a struggle for the old Ushitora for he had been learning how to bring his Fire Chakra out and coat his body with it to improve his own physical strikes. Now he imagined a flame hot enough cut and burn any thing in its way and this is how he focused his chakra in his hand. He could see his chakra coating his hand looking as sharp as a blade and ready for testing, a nervousness accompanied the sense of pride at oneself for completing a major step in training or life. For now he slowly brought one hand to the other as lightly as possible he cut the palm of his other hand a thin line of blood appeared on his palm and he allowed the chakra to dissipate. Now it was time to focus the most and learn how to use his chakra to heal that which was damaged, clasping his hands he focused on how to move his chakra and with the image of regrowth and healing he focused his chakra from one hand to the other.
A strange flow of chakra moved through his body as if his own chakra was fighting itself, not liking the forceful approach into itself Jecht focused greatly with his eyes closed pushing out the noises of the world around him he fell back into his early trance looking for that change of chakra that would help heal his small wound. Finally his mind focused properly and there it was an image of regrowth came to the forefront, and he could feel a tingling sensation from his cut palm like an itch that you could get rid of and as fast as it came it was gone. Releasing his hands Jecht opened his eyes and looked at his previously cut palm and saw no cut there, he had succeeded in molding his chakra into the necessary healing ability of Iryojutsu. From what he could tell these two separate abilities could be refined deeper and greater heights but the basic understanding of them were the cornerstones of becoming one specialized in Iryojutsu. This showed a great growth in the old Ushitora, his progress stagnated to the point he wasn’t sure he should have become a Shinobi in the first place but here he was once more pushing himself to learn new things and experience more sights.
Now it was time to slowly refine his ability to heal himself and others and for that he needed to continue to shape his chakra till it was sharp enough to cut his target whether it be friend or foe, and then he needed to refine his ability to heal to be faster, cleaner and better in the long run so he could speed up the recovery of his allies and continue the fight against his enemies as he held himself up. Many hours passed the old man continued diligently to study how to use Iryojutsu and the feeling of what it meant to heal things. A feeling of closeness to oneself overcome Jecht as he was training he was understanding how his body reacted to pain and cuts and how his chakra moved and interacted with others. It was a moment of enlightenment for the Ushitora, he had been so use to relying solely on his physical ability that he never truly paid attention to what he could do overall. For all intents and purposes he was all brawn and no brain when it came to things, leaving the more intricate decisions and plans to others and it was time to build himself as someone who understand the body in a depth that would help him with future enemies.
After all if he learned what healed the body he could just as easily learn how to truly harm the body, as with the understanding on how to save you also understand how to harm. This session of self training had truly been beneficial to Jecht as a Taijutsu practitioner as he learned the anatomy of the human body, truly understanding the body really showed just how many more ways there were to fight and harm. A light strike to the opponents chin was enough to rattle the brain and bring your enemy to the ground unconscious he had always understood the teaching but he hadn’t understood why it worked like that and now his knowledge only grew with each passing hour. At the end of the day and the sun’s light almost gone from the horizon, Jecht was confident in his ability to use Iryojutsu and with this improvement and growth he was even more confident in his ability to protect the village that had taken him in years ago. There were many times when he wished to be more free from the rules of the village but those moments pass and Jecht is grateful for the acceptance of the other villagers.
This was home and it was his job to increase his strength to protect the village that much better. Jecht went home and readied himself for the next day and what it brought.
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Sat Feb 04, 2023 5:26 pm
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