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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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save christmas, or save ourselves (ayato) Empty save christmas, or save ourselves (ayato)

Fri Jan 13, 2023 7:51 pm

a chilling familiar cold drifted through the realm of Arubboth the Infinite Arzure. A cold he had not felt for so a good few years. Dry, barren, but one never forgot home as another elf brought Zaled now a gold ecrypted letter. Children of an familiar place now lacked the finess of the jolly big mans call. However it resonated once again that this was another hard day, and surely one that was not easy.

"host zaled, while my boss is sick will you take his steed at least in your roots?"

the elf asked before vanishing with a somber look and zaled muttered to the elf.

"For my youth yes, but my roots were only held in blood."

zaled answered as the letter transported him amid the top of the star city black building and now he waited. Perhaps it was a christmas gift to him as the voices sang in the distance and he somberly took a sip of his flask, and sang. When the jolly man was sick there was at least one masyer awaiting the beckon call. However, he was not alone, what christmas was there to save without its own demons, or destinguished enemies to confront. Or was it truly an enemy butva mild long winded misunderstanding between old men in the world of shadows, torn from duties long since gone.

im here, im waiting comrade ayato. please cometh for the small children we once were.

He waited as he softly hummed and sang the honor code once more now older and a small star falling from his eye as he waited

"stand holy, stand strong our lone star, Through dusk, and dawn, and eternal beyond. Our faith be sharp as thy blade, Our blade still maintain our faith. To the king, and queens beyond the grave. Our pledge as knights to sheild and faith"

He took a deep breath as he awaited for the arrival of the signature to appear. He could explain much but few words are needed to explain the truth. He was a man who was led off the march and prioroties changed. Like asperations beyond the explanation of simple guidelines.

once the figure arrived zaled never faced him, But still spoke.

"it is interesting what brings the lost back home am i correct? But you knew it was not easy to say I am not gone, I am no ghost, nor apperation, your eyes will say that much correct? time and space are a unique  thing isnt it? But before we finish this i will say once, understand before you react. We are no longer brash children like years ago, even several years ago. We went may paths and took many mantels as well havnt we? But once more we are opposites. If i was in your shoes would you too look upon me?"

zaled spoke softly

"i am old my freind, but not done yet"
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