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Owie Empty Owie

Tue Nov 15, 2022 12:03 pm


Mission Name: Minor Vagrant
Rank: D
Mission Location: Any Major or Minor Village

Challenges: N/A
Task: A young child is spreading havoc within the village. Buildings and landmarks are being desecrated with graffiti and the culprit has alluded capture for now. His actions are becoming more daring by the day as he continues to get away with it.

Your task is to find the child, apprehend him, and turn him into the authorities for proper punishment.  

Word Count Requirement: 1000
Reward: 2000 Ryo / 10 AP

Character Requirements: Village Ninja
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission:

Return to the Mission Directory

Snow and Eternity’s lives seemed to be full of new challenges. As if they didn’t have enough to deal with on a day to day basis she was always thrown some sort of curveball to make then hate their mundane existence all the more. It had become a habit for Snow to think, “if only I were rich” for most issues that popped up. For instance, if she were rich she’d have no problem telling her bodyguards to protect her from the person who was chasing her. About that… Snow was running down an alleyway as fast as she could bear to. She hadn’t done anything wrong for once, unless being a woman in the early morning was a crime. She’d had a nightmare and had gotten up early. Something told her to go out for a jog and look for that minor vagrant that people had been searching for so that’s what she’d done. She’d taken a wrong turn in the dark and next thing she knew, someone was coming after her.

Being naturally ungifted at most physical tasks, Snow could not run fast or far and couldn’t fight worth a damn. All she had to protect herself was a kitchen knife that she often took for self-defense, since she couldn’t afford a proper weapon. When she was shoved to the ground she turned onto her back and frantically untied the knife from her belt before pointing it up at the one who meant to cause her harm. The pursuer cackled at her and grinned at her, not that Snow could see in the pale moonlight.  She looked to her side and saw that Eternity had been hit by some kind of projectile and gotten knocked out already.

Snow said, “let me go or I’ll scream.” She tried to sound brave, but her words came out stuttered and quiet. She noticed how her hands were shaking. Her whole body was shaking. She typically embraced the darkness of night but in this moment she felt completely vulnerable.

“You scream, you die,” said the man. Snow assumed it was a man based on the deepness of the voice, but she still could not tell. She could only make out the edges of his outfit and the general shape of his face, which was obscured no doubt by some sort of disguise.

Snow’s fight or flight instincts took over and she scrambled to get back up but a large boot shoved her back to the ground and kept her pinned face down. He swept a hand across her waist and found nothing of value. He couldn’t see much better than his victim could so he said, “money, where is it? Just give me money and I’ll let you go.”

“I haven’t any money, I swear,” she said with great difficulty as the man kept considerable pressure on her back. She couldn’t crawl away or wiggle free no matter how much she flailed her arms and legs. Where were the guards when you actually needed them?

“Don’t lie to me, give me the money!” he hissed. He pressed harder onto her back. He could tell now that he was dealing with a teenager, and not an adult as he’d hoped. He was disappointed to find that Snow didn’t look wealthy at all.  

“I don’t have any, I don’t have any please I don’t have any,” Snow managed to squeak out. Her eyes welled with tears and she gripped her knife tightly. She didn’t think she could breath for much longer in this state so she got the idea to attack the man and run. She swung the knife behind her shoulder over and over again, trying to pierce the man in his leg, or foot, she didn’t have any idea what she’d end up hitting. She tore into her own clothing a few times and with her final try she managed to nick the hard leather of the man’s boot. The amount of force she managed to produce was negligible but it still surprised the man, who jumped back a bit.

Snow wished she could have sprinted away in that moment but she was just happy to breathe again. It took all her strength just to roll over and sit upright. Her mind was completely numb to all logical thought. She felt a strange acceptance of the possibility that she was going to die. And regret, she felt lots of that too. She never amounted to anything, nobody except a few neighbors would ever care if she never made it home.

The mugger was at a loss for what to do. He was no murderer, not because he cared about human life but rather because he knew he wasn’t skilled enough to deal with the mess. He accepted that Snow had no money, and the knife looked worthless. He walked over to her with heavy steps and Snow tightened her grip. She got up as quickly as she could and tried to stab the man right in the stomach. She felt the man’s hand close around her wrist, stopping her attack dead in its tracks. He pried the knife away with his other hand and then kicked her back to the ground.  

The mugger examined the knife in the moonlight and saw that it was just a regular kitchen knife, of basically no value. He swore at her in a language Snow couldn’t understand then he said in common, “you worthless waste of time.” Then, he was gone. Snow had never felt so helpless in her life. She was get to the side of the alley where Eternity was and they both waited for daylight to come. She thought to shout for help, but she was afraid of someone even worse coming along.

Snow couldn’t recall what words were exchanged but she remembered being transported to a medical professional. She was put on a bed and medicine was applied to her back and chest where she’d been bruised. She was told that she was lucky she didn’t get hurt more, but she didn’t feel lucky. She was one step away from wishing the mugger had just finished her off. All she wanted was to go home and rest but they wouldn’t let her leave, at least not until a guard swung by. The guard came surprisingly quickly when they were fetched.

“Name?” asked the guard. She was a tall woman with short hair who bore a serious expression.

“Eternity. And that over there is Snow,” Eternity said nervously.

“That your full name?” asked the guard.

“No, my full name is… um… Eternity Uchiha, we are living clones of Madara Uchiha.” She closed her eyes and coughed painfully.

“I’m sorry this happened to you. What exactly happened?”

“We were hunting the child vagrant. We were jogging and got attacked. He hit me to the side and Snow says he held her down and asked for money, when she said she didn’t have any he left.” Their heads hurt just to recall the attack. She thought that saying it as fast as she could would make it better but it did not.

“And this man, what did he look like?” She leaned in closer to hear Snow’s quiet voice.

“He was big, not as tall as you but a lot wider. It was hard to see, it was so dark.” Snow searched her memories. So much seemed like a blur. She could only remember how helpless she felt. She teared up and started crying into her elbow.

“You haven’t given me much to go off of,” said the guard. “there isn’t much we can do to help you without an accurate description. The best I can do is advise you to not be out before the sun is up.”

Snow didn’t have anything else to say so she rolled onto her side, facing away from everyone. She thought that if they actually cared they would increase guard presence and actually catch the man, but she wasn’t important enough to go through all that fuss. The guard spoke to the medical professional who told her where she had been found. Snow didn’t even recognize the location, proving just how lost she’d gotten. Then, everyone left her all alone. Snow was now allowed to leave, but when she tried to get up, she found that she couldn’t stand the pain. She’d been told that she hadn’t broken anything but she had large blue spots on her torso that hurt to touch or flex in any way. So, she stayed. She stayed and thought about how she could make sure she was never caught in such a vulnerable state again.

“I could get a real weapon. Maybe a longsword, or a dagger,” she thought, “some armor would probably do me some good. And I could avoid leaving home when it’s dark. No, I have to. There’s no better time to steal. I just have to be better about where I go, and make sure I don’t get lost.” Snow spent hours brooding and strategizing. Ultimately this encounter would shape how she would eventually tackle crime. She realized that darkness was not necessarily her friend, and that she didn’t want to become a violent thief. She hated that mugger with every fiber of her being and couldn’t imagine herself ever stopping that low. Vengeance was on her mind, though she knew that she was likely to never see that person again. Then she remembered that this kid could use jutsu. “Maybe, maybe he was using a transformation jutsu,” she thought. She shook her head, it was too crazy but it was probable. She should have been killed but she’d lived.

“Fuck, I have to find this kid,” she thought. She managed to heal up and get to the same spot the next morning. This time, she had genjutsu prepared. Sure enough, she was able to use her sharingan and get the upper hand especially with Eternity there to help. Next thing she knew, she had the man under her spell and brought him in. What a fucking hassle this all was.

1600 wc

800 WC for each LC


+2000 ryo
+10 AP
+8 vigor

150 WC towards gate of pain
850 wc already learned here link

650 wc towards sharingan 3rd tomoe
2nd tomoe learned here link


+2000 ryo
+10 AP
+8 speed

650 WC towards mastering shackling stakes 1850 WC spent mastering here
throwing away extra WC
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Tue Nov 15, 2022 6:04 pm
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