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A Spark in the Darkness Empty A Spark in the Darkness

Mon Sep 12, 2022 8:39 pm

The wind blew softly, the hum of the silence within the rubble of Funkagakure was peaceful. The journey to the country was mild and uneventful. The woman walked along the paths of the village that had been created by the many volcano’s that surrounded the village on the island. The largest of them remained active in it’s own way, as the dusk of the night was beginning to settle, the woman would take joy of the warmth and light that the ‘super’ volcano brought to the island. “Your Royal Highness, is this where we should start?” A voice would bring Remika’s attention to a large man, the muscles tightening in his shirt as she graced his own eyes with hers. “Yes. They’ll be here soon. It must be ready.” She would state, watching as the group of humans she brought with her, adept in many fields would begin to clean the center of the once great village.

A chair would be produced in front of Remi, as she took a seat upon it, a woman would come forward to her, this woman being of the selected for the feast tonight; a grand feast for her family once they arrived. “Ma’am, would you like us to prepare for the feast?” Remika glanced over, her red orbs staring the woman down. The journey had been long, and humans often produced awful smells when unable to bathe. Remi would press her lips tightly together; she was famished at the same time... But the reek that came from the woman was a deterring enough. “Gather the other eleven of you and take to bathe in the water near by.” She would wave her hand, the woman would nod and leave.

Remika watched as the men she had brought removed rubble, cleaned and began building a small structure, just enough to make a covering should it decide to rain, sturdy enough to withstand the winds should they pick up. And delicate enough to appear made for the royalty that was about to arrive. She would glance up towards the rising moon in the sky, her porcelain skin bathed in the moonlight gave the woman almost an angelic appearance, though she was far from angelic by any means.

The deep inhale, though she needed not to breath was exasperated from her lips, this would be the first time they all gathered in many of decades. She wanted everything to be truly perfect; it had been a task gathering the intel on their sleeping locations to have letters delivered, a task indeed. But one she completed none the less; she had sent her messengers out four nights after the dream; to lay upon their chests for when they woke.

She closed her eyes, as she thought back to the night...

A deep growl would release from the throat of a man behind her, the sound startling her enough to turn around as she moved towards her bed chambers, the face was faint, but the ghostly skin and white locs of hair weren’t... The red orbs, just like her own – starring back at her. “Mamoru?” She would whisper, her expression was that of confusion as she looked at him; the sense of panic of not having room nor accommodation for the Blood Monarch was enough to send chills down her spine. Usually if she woken before him; she would get notice of it through her dream scape... The growl from his throat was that of hunger... She knew that she needed to act quickly, but as she moved to the next room, she landed in front of her chamber door once more... Her eyes widening as she quickly came to realize that this was in fact her dream scape... He was awakening soon enough. The sound of a manic laughter, one she knew all to well would begin to grow louder behind her... Two of the three brothers... It wasn’t uncommon for two to be awake at the same time... She would certainly need to move countries for two though... Her current alias would work no more.

The woman would open her chamber doors, the loud creek wouldn’t be what startled her, but rather the slender figure on her chaise; one she certainly missed enough to recognize right away to be the Prince of Malevolence himself... All three of them appearing in the same scape... The same night... It could only mean their awakening was that of what she believed to be destiny. Not ever in the many decades would all of them awaken at the same time... She herself having only been awaken for a short period of time... The dream scape would rerun the encounters several more times before Remika found herself opening her eyes to the sunlight.

She wouldn’t waste any time as she slid out of her bed, and began her research. Their last known locations, she would dispatch envoys to gather the intel, in the mean time she would begin to write the letters. Each brother would get one, a meeting place... A time. They’d be awake within enough time for the messengers to reach them once their locations were found.

Dearest Kin,

As you awaken, I’ve left you a gift in the form of your messenger, they have been told to stay by your side as your first meal. A meal to give you the fuel to come to me, dearest loves. I await for you within the heart of the Volcano, a grand feast for you as well as the tender embrace of knowing we have all awoken together. The time has come we gather as one.

I will be waiting for you.

Your Duchess,

Remika Kyuketsuki

And with that she would seal the letters with the crest of the True Noblesse, and a kiss before sending them off.

Remika would open her eyes to the sound of silence; the workers were no longer working, their task completed. She would wave them off before standing and inspecting their handy work; they had built and filled the structure with the long table, and fine dinning attire she had brought. It was high time for her to cleanse her own body with the water and light of the moon before they arrived. She would grab the blood red garment she had brought for this specific occasion, and head towards a secluded portion of hot spring that was warmed by the nearness of one of the smaller active volcanos. The proximity was enough for her to warmed but not to worry about the thing exploding. There she would undress herself, and slip into the warmth of the water, the heat would relax her mind, her muscles relaxing as she did. The glimmer of the molten from the active volcanos ran down the sides, being redirected to crevasses along the sides of the island.

It was only a short time that she remained to enjoy the heat of the spring before she would gather herself and dress; the elegant darkened silk slid onto her as a glove would a hand with a perfect fit. Her curves hugged all in the right places as she brushed her hair softly, before placing it up in a semi-bun; golden ornate ornaments lined along the pieces that were used to make the bun; the rest of her hair laying down along her chest and back. She could hear ships in the distance now... They would arrive soon. And she would greet them in the center of the city as she had promised.

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Ketsuatsu Kyuketsuki
Ketsuatsu Kyuketsuki
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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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A Spark in the Darkness Empty Re: A Spark in the Darkness

Tue Sep 13, 2022 12:39 am

A foreign concept for an immortal yet when one watches the humans it was always apparent that time passed. When he had originally awoken he was without clothing as the passage of time ate at them without them being well kept, such regal threads were of no consequence to the Executioner unlike his fellow brothers who kept to the Noble motif. The bronze skin male pushed long strands of white from his face as he flipped through the pages of a rather worn book. Each crinkling of the pages brought a smile to the snow haired male. It had been what? Ages? Since he had been topside with his brothers and sisters. The book had no title and a single, ornate "V" on it yet it had stories from times even older than he. He had been awake maybe a few days if not a week while waiting for the sleeping prince, Azrail, to awaken from his slumber. Mamoru had been somewhere, the loose cannon that he had been, probably scouting and getting information to return to the third. Ketsu had his time in the sun as he woke up and went out into the world to see how much had changed...and so much had. The world had passed them by and to his thoughts maybe the rest of the seven had been either dead, sleeping or refused to show themselves. Three of them laid to rest here, two of them were awake and one had still been slumbering. No matter the situation, Ketsu patiently waited for his brother to awaken for all he had on his hands were time. He could hear the shifting of something in the distance as his eyes lifted from one of the pages and went back to it. Whoever it had been knew what was here and their heart had not been wavering which meant one of two things. Either they were sent here or...they had no fear. No matter.

Before they had appeared, the voice of the Executioner would ring out from the area as the book was read," I know not who you are or why you are here but if you are here for trouble you have made a grave mistake," though something caused him to stop in his threat and smell the air. Something familiar touched his nose as he chuckled and flipped another page," So she sent you...Interesting. Come little one and tell me what you have to say to me. Tell me a story," the male would alluringly say as the individual came close. First had been a bow before standing and moving closer toward Ketsu, alerting him that Remiko had been awoken and finally among the world. A small tilt of the head followed as he took the letter and examined it, silent as he passed his silver eyes, glimmering as the light kissed them gently. As he opened the letter he would motion the servant to come closer with his left index finger as he read. Silence filled the room as he continued to read, his eyes scanning the paper with due diligence before setting the paper down and smiling," So it seems we have a new home in a new land again. I wonder if she knew we were awake or awakening....Remika was always a tad smarter than the lot," his eyes scanned the servant and motioned for them to step forward. As they inched closer he would stand up, slowly closing his book as he stepped in front of them and towering as he looked down to them. A slender finger would lift their head gently as he looked to them with nothing but a smile," Do not worry you will not die from this. I am the gentle one of the family though....Nevermind," and in a few seconds he would begin to gently bite into their neck as he drunk from them.

Moments later he would drop them gently to the ground and wipe the dregs of blood from the corners of his lips, satisfied," Such a robust selection...My compliments to the chef indeed," he would joke as he went back to his seat and picked up his book. His eyes would move over to the coffin that contained his regal brother and he sighed," How much longer will you make us wait Azrail until you wake up...Your food will get cold you know." Another joke. However bland it was there had been no one to tell him otherwise unless his other brother would pop up from the shadows as he usually did. Oh well. Back to reading he would go.

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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A Spark in the Darkness Empty Re: A Spark in the Darkness

Tue Sep 13, 2022 1:39 pm
Precipitously, fervently, chaotic and indignantly did the chakra erupt from the slumbering Apex predator. The immediate environment grew dense with pressure as the air thinned to near nonexistent. The howls of shadows were deafening the the ears - like peepholes did wine-like eyes peaked from beyond the twilight that shut them away. He has awoken, The Prince of Malevolence, Lord of Blood, Angel of Death, The True Noblesse - Azrail Kyuketsuki finally woke from his long slumber. 

Ascending to a standing position almost possessed in motion the kingly dressed being stood with sunken eyes and bared fangs. Eyes darting around rabidly as to find a source of essence. A pulse could be felt, various and close by was it. The Lord of Blood could feel the blood within others up to 25 meters in all directions from him. He could detect far more than what a normal Kyuketsuki could within their 5 to 10 meters of hearing. 

In the distance, ruffling leaves from trees and bushes exposed flocks of birds and small mammals creatures fleeing out of their intuitive sense of danger. The little one that was recently fed upon opened their eyes to see the Prince of Malevolence towering over them. Their heart elevated in beats per minute, their throat tighten as they were slowly taken by fear. This one was nothing like the first, or the one near by. This one was…beautiful and yet hope consuming. Azrail would descend towards the frail creature, his display gradually ceased into nothing more than standard subconscious. His hand slowly extends to the person, helping them to their feet. “Forgive me, child, that was not the first impression I desired for your to see.” His voice as gentle as a whisper, yet powerful as an angel’s trumpet. The young man would stand, staggeringly before him. 

The eyes of the Prince examined the state of this boy, he was weaken. Pressing his lips together, sucking his fang, he has no use for this one. “You’re on the verge of death, as it is.” He moved his hand to cusp the chin of the child, looking at the bite on his neck. It was a gentle protrusion, which meant that his brother, Ketsuatsu. Boorishly he turned his head to face his brother’s direction. Locking eyes with him. His brows momentarily furrowed as his expression exerted force - the sound of snapping and a thud followed as the boy laid on the ground before his feet, neck snapped. A sigh escaped him. The Angel would return his gaze on the corpse. “Finish what you start, dear brother. Your jokes are less appealing when they turn out to be true.” the tone in his voice expressed disappointment. 

Taking the corpse into his arms, he would carry it over and place it within his coffin. There he would notice a note… “Ketsuatsu, there are two more within the brushes just beyond that tree to the left of you. Retrieve them for me.” He could feel their blood circulating, they must not have been as brave as this one, or devoted. Taking the note within his hand, he would read its content. It’s to no surprise that Ketsuatsu missed this, it was ways to the side of where he laid. But how is the question. These humans are more clever than he gives them credit for. 

Remika, you’re awake, I’m not surprised. But did you see me within your scape, as I saw you within mine? Of course you did, or you wouldn’t have sent them. I fear that you’re the more clever and dangerous of us all.” He channeled blazoned chakra within his hand into the note which set it ablaze, then ash soon after. His fingers and blackened one inch nails grind the debris until it was nothing. 

He awaited for his brother to return with his gift. He would also notice. “Are you that famished, or are you waiting for something else…Mamoru?” He inquired, feeling his blood some ways off…interesting. 

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Mamoru Ito
Mamoru Ito
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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A Spark in the Darkness Empty Re: A Spark in the Darkness

Sat Sep 17, 2022 11:36 pm
No more slumber, no more dreams. The time of awakening had finally arrived. An eternal void filled with nothing but silence, darkness and all sorts of other strange phenomena that could only be explained by ones of his kin. But all of that finally came to an end. Mamoru, hard to read as he was, had opened his eyes not much longer after Ketsuatsu, two of the brothers who had beaten time again. There were many questions and hardly any answers but of one thing he was sure, the world wasn't ready for their return. When the True Noblesse awaken, trouble would arise. 

On one of his many expeditions of the New World, Mamoru eventually came to a halt, straying not too far away from Azrail while he was still asleep. Although not the oldest, he'd always felt a certain sense of responsibility when it came to his siblings. Not far from his location, the Kyuketsuki found himself surrounded by trees, close to a river. He could hear the wind moving through the leaves, the water touched by fish and other insects. His heightened senses would suddenly increase, as did the slowly approaching heartbeat five meters of his location. "Come, no need to be afraid" he almost ordered.

A young woman carefully took a couple of steps, visibly afraid of what he might or might not do should she decide not to listen. He could hear her saliva going down her throat, a big gulp before she finally came closer and handed him a letter. "Only a couple of words, what did I expect" he spoke under his breath upon recognizing Remika's handwriting. Mamoru would proceed with reading over the contents, noting how she left a location as well as a gift in the form of the messenger standing slightly to his right. "So she too has awoken" he mumbled, wondering if it meant Azrail would soon open his eyes as well.

Now that a new era could begin he would get up and make his way back to where they were temporarily staying. "Now, what ever should I do with you?" he asked the young woman, her heartbeat increasing once more. It was likely she became aware of her fate and what waited for her the moment she was ordered to set out, but perhaps the little messenger could be of some use. "You have two options" Mamoru started, almost as a predator playing with its prey by giving them a small amount of hope but this time would be different.

He would rub his chin as he looked at her, noticing how she was shaking out of fear. "One, you pledge your allegiance, a promise to be faithful and true to me and only me", Mamoru hardly needed someone as weak as her but perhaps with the right guidance she would be able to turn into something useful. "Or two, I end your suffering now". It would be interesting to see what she'd decide, follow a powerful being or pick a quick and painful death afraid of where that path might lead her. "The choice is yours my dear". However, he would only allow her a small moment of time before requiring an answer.

It appeared she chose wise, swearing her loyalty to one of the True Noblesse. "Good, now follow me". He offered her his hand as he reached out to her, she then grabbed him in return before he used the nail of his index finger to make a small cut in the woman's arm. "Don't worry, I'll be careful" he smiled, the blood of his subordinate tasting rather fresh. He was far from as powerful as he used to be, but it would only be matter of time before he'd return to his original state. Having enjoyed his meal Mamoru then led the two of them to where they would hopefully be able to meet Ketsuetsu and Azrail.

Upon entering, he noticed the eldest had gone out, wondering if all that reading left him with a headache. "I see you've finally awoken, how are you feeling?". It was exactly as he thought, all four of them ended their eternal slumber at almost the exact same time.   

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A Spark in the Darkness Empty Re: A Spark in the Darkness

Sat Sep 24, 2022 11:36 pm

Remika found herself finishing her preparations for the brothers to arrive; her deep red orbs scanning each of the newly cleaned humans she had brought; making sure everything was in order. They had been handpicked with careful consideration; a long line of loyalists to her and her family, their blood as pure as it could come for a human. She would hum softly as she walked down the line of them; their hearts fluttering with each step she would take. “Perfect... Everything will be just right.” She noted, her lips pressed together tightly as the soft whooshing of water hitting against wood, the sound of foot steps hitting the deck.

A truly great gift that her kind had been given, in the silence of the night, nothing but beating hearts and soft thumps against wood as the ship they arrived in would begin to disembark. It was time. Something she had waited for so long; was finally here. The smallest of movements with her hand; the humans that had once been lined up would move around to a smaller shack that had been built after the gazebo; to house the humans until she was ready for them. She knew that they would know of their presences; the steady thumps of their heart beats were more than apparent. But for now business of greeting the true noblesse was all that matter to the slender woman; dawned in the moon light.

Remika Kyuketsuki positioned herself just before the gazebo; her body grazed in the light of moon, giving off her ‘angelic’ appearance as she starred towards the opening of land, from the docks they would come up to the center of the city. The village that had once stood around her had been a mighty one; basked in opportunity, opportunity that she determined herself and the men that were moments from joining the pure-blooded Kyuketsuki.

It had been too many moons since they last met together, let alone in the place where she had first met the boys... Her mind had melded many memories together, but the first time she had met them; it felt almost as yesterday... Children they had been, running about the once bustling village that had laid its roots down. Their parents had gathered; it had been after their gifts were given, the original Kyuketsuki would meet time to time during their long life spans – but this had been the first time that specific members of the Kyuketsuki Clan would meet with their children in tow. Remika remembered the difference in the brothers back then... From each of her meetings with them there after; their attitudes and demeanour's hadn’t changed, if anything they had become more extravagant.

It wasn’t until her parents were murdered that she sought the brothers out for the first time... She had still been a baby in all virtues, just barely in her 80th year as she found them, her grief and insanity with her parents being gone would be what drove her underground for the first time. With a promise that her kin would; or at the very least – one of them would be awake when she woke. In the years to past, she would often awaken to a different brother, hundreds of years passed with this routine until she felt ready to be able to take on her immortality on her own.

Eventually she grew apart from them; becoming a source of letters, photos and paintings switched between them as they moved throughout the sands of time. She enjoyed her minor communications with them; she enjoyed reading of their stories when she woke, learning of what happened within the world around her... She would update them as she stayed awake; just as they did to her.

Remika became almost a master of sensory, her powers reaching beyond limits she thought ever possible as she was never truly good at the actual fighting aspect of life; and that of what humans partaken within. She knew that the others were far better at it them she could dream of... Even now; dangerous in her own ways... Perhaps in the art of the game, the most dangerous of players. She knew things, being able to predict certain things and being able to sense the way she did; she was a good hunter.

Taking one more glance towards the table, the setting, the goblets laid out on the table full of wine, ale and other liquory substances that she had outsourced from many different villages for this meeting. She had anticipated a time for them to be rejoined; and knowing that their time together would begin something dangerous yet beautiful in its own way.

That’s when she sensed them; knowing that as she turned to greet them; three of the worlds most dangerous men would be standing before her; the brothers grim, their deadly deeds often washed away within the sands of time – but the presences ever lasting. “So it is finally time.” She would whisper, fully aware of the figures would hear her whispers. Her almost glowing red eyes locking against them the moment she turned to see them; her eyes scanning each of them up and down. “Times may change, but you three certainly do not.” She stated, opening her arms wide as she greeted them; “My Aisuru, blood of my blood.” She smiled, her the redness of her lips giving some of the only color within her face as she moved to the side; “I have prepared a wondrous meal for us, let us dine; then we may discuss our upcoming plans. I’m sure that each of you have stories you wish to share while we dine.” She knew that some stories would be told; but that the more serious of the brothers would prefer to know of her plans, and why she had brought them to the former land of Volcano.

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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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A Spark in the Darkness Empty Re: A Spark in the Darkness

Wed Sep 28, 2022 6:28 pm
In his expecting, pending the return of his brother with the other two messengers, a voice of a century intimate would reach his ears. Dear Mamoru, has an air of bleak poise that was more chilling the being face-to-face with death. Instinctively the Lord of Blood turned to face him, allowing their orbs of wine and rose to meet. Azrail felt a sense of wistfulness, dating back years to their little chats, always ostensibly starting like this. “Mamoru, it warms me to see you so diligent. And you have a guest. A gift from Remika.” His coral eyes would coolly shift to the human. Sensing the sonorous of their blood, it’s ringing diluted. Indication that Mamoru has already fed upon them. Considering the kind of being that was Mamoru, this human was only still alive because it covenant its fealty to him. It was wise. Such is the Monarch’s way. 

But yes, I have awaken, but I believe Ketsuatsu’s poor jests played a part. Right now, he’s off fetching the last of Remika’s gifts. But tell me, what have you learned so far in your waking hours?” His inquiry came with great curiosity, the expression he presented hinted to such. During his dormancy it proved difficult for the Prince to keep track of time, in fact it was impossible to. With each waking year the sphere was different, vastly different at time and in some rare occasions infinitesimal. He will say this, that the humans are remarkable architects. 

Intensely redirecting his gaze to the left of him. An extremely handsome and elegant man, tall with shoulder-length silky blonde hair, with bright blue eyes an expression of shock. Dressed in formal attire. His eyes were rigid in the Prince, as if he was washed over with celestial beauty that his mind couldn’t process. Azrail, narrowing his eyes would find this man to be worthy of his particular stock. Remika understood the assignment. 

Dagon Seeing Azrail:

With an outstretched arm, open hand he called over to the man. “Remarkable, you are… Come, you need not fear, child, come to me and tell me your name.” His tone combined with his words were melodious to the man, compelled to obey. He took his steps towards the Kyuketsuki. Stopping before him. He seemed hesitant at first, but he obliged. “Dagon…” “Dagon? Such a fanciful name. Tell me Dagon, has this life been good to you?” The blonde-haired man would look to the ground, his eyes searching for the answer to what was posed as a simple question, yet more complex than the naive could fathom. Permitting for a few minutes to stack, the man raised his eyes to meet with those glowing red orbs. “Life has been torturous and never-ending, My Lord. Up until the day that Lady Remika found me, she told me that there will come a day that I will be of great use. I now understand what she meant by that.” 

Azrail extending his hand to Dagon:

Silence encompassed the area, Azrail analyzed the man once more. “I see, and you are correct in your understanding. So, will you pledge your life to me, become my servant and extension of my hand, or will you ask for me to end your suffering, here and now?” His tone did not change, yet the sense of life and death, fight or flight immediately kicked in for the man. And still, he stood there and smiled. Bowing and accepting the offer. “My life belongs to you, My Lord.” Azrail then walked over to him. Raising his head and adjusting it to reveal his neck. He would the. Bare his fangs as he pierced his throat and took from him the nectar of his life. He did not take much, only what he needed. Breaking away from him as a single trail of blood ran down. 

Dagon pledging his life to Azrail:

He felt a sensation that he missed ever so much. This blood was different, yet delicious all the same.  It revitalized him. He turned to see that his brother had returned. They all have lingered in this particular area long enough. His right hand would weave seals independently. Placing his right index and middle fingers to his forehead, his nails gently pressed against his skull. “Come my brothers and servants, we are expected elsewhere. I am not fond of being late, or leaving our Dear Remika waiting.” Awaiting for them to place their hands on him, he would give them some time to gathering themselves. Before long Azrail, along with all that were in contact with him teleported from there to 5 meters abaft of Remika’s position. Dagon would fall to a single knee, teleportation was clearly new to him. His right hand would lower from his head and he would presume that the hands of the others would remove themselves from his being. 

Her voices filled his head, as did the many sources of blood filled his senses. “Blood of my blood. You’re as beautiful as the day we first met. Time is clearly at your whim. I can feel the nosh you have prepared for us. I am not displeased, you’ve outdone yourself this time around.” He stood as Dagon regained himself and made it back to his feet behind him. He didn’t speak further as he desired to hear his brother’s greeting to her. 

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