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Nagisa Honemushi
Nagisa Honemushi
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 4000

No Second Thoughts Empty No Second Thoughts

Sat Jun 18, 2022 9:23 pm

It was almost like her mother had pulled some strings to get this mission. She very first passed on to the girl Nice one mom… She muttered to herself as she headed down the stairs. She was wearing a rather plain pair of baggy blue jeans and a brown blouse. Nothing too fancy, but something breathable and comfortable. Her new konohagakure headband was tied tightly around her head. The girl was ready to take on the word! Kind of. Before the world she would be taking on one of her classmates. Genji Matsumoto. Supposedly he was going around and discouraging the other genin that had graduated after him. He said that their beloved village was sending young genin out on super dangerous missions, and that these said missions were miserable. He was going to quit his dream of being a shinobi and go to work in his parent bakery instead. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but the idiot's words were actually getting through to them. Not many of Nagisa’s class mates had what she would call spunk. They wanted to be strong and cool, but they never tried particularly hard a lot of them coasted through the academy with their god given gifts. Most of them weren’t there for the right reasons either. They could tell that Konoha was starting to build up, and the chunin exams had been a big boon to force. The kids wanted part of that action, but once their lives were in danger and the parlor tricks they easily learned at the academy weren’t enough, they wanted to head back home. 

Nagisa on the other hand was driven. She had big plans. She was going to be a powerful ninja to help people. She wanted to show her mother that she had picked the right path and that she was going to be someone in the village. This guy Genji was the exact opposite of her. The academy was hard for Nagisa, and after her best friend graduated and stopped seeing her she had a hard time getting through the classes and performing the necessary jutsu. She thought about quitting then, but she realized that if she quit now that she would never be able to help anyone. She thought that if she let other people get into her head and sike her out of her goals then she would never succeed at anything. She got tough on herself and pushed herself hard to do better at her studies, and she did it. Finally she graduated. It was a proud moment for her, and she wanted others to see their accomplishment and purpose the same way.

I’m not gonna let that loser Genji hurt the village! I’ll give him a piece of my mind… Nagisa rolled up her sleeves as she stomped down the street. While she was walking past her families outdoor kennel area the dogs barked as if they were calling to her. She turned to wave at and flashed a big smile. She saw one of the new shiba puppies, Uno, pawing at the fence and wagging his tail.  Ahhhhh Uno-chan, you’re so handsome!!! You’ll grow up to be a pretty boy won’t you hehe.. She almost forgot what she was doing. Nagisa looked down and started to panic. Oh right Genji! Her face turned from a bright and joyous smile to a determined scowl. First I gotta find him…hmm where did that kid like to hand out?  Nagisa didn’t hang out with the other academy student as much since they were all a bit younger than her. Their maturity levels where almost similar, but not quiet the boys didn’t really know how to act around girls despite Nagisa being more tomboyish. The girls were somehow worse though. They seemed obsessed with things like beauty and the boys of the class so Nagisa rarely spent time with them. It was times like these when she missed Lynn the most. The older girl was an edgy dork, but she was easier to talk to and mess with. Forget about Pine Tree already, you're not friends anymore… Her mind almost yelled at her in frustration. Oh yeah that grilled meat joint! She suddenly remembered where the boys liked to go after class. They might not be there, but it was a good place to start. 

Nagisa rushed off towards the meat place ducking and diving through the crowd. Konoha had become a little more lively as of late. The people were starting to recover from the previous occupation. The leaf village was back to its old self in a way. With the oppression gone the people felt like they could rebuild their lives now. The streets were alive and that made Nagisa happy, but right now the people were in her way. As she squeezed and struggled through the crowd, she was getting ever closer to her destination. 

Mikario’s family grill. It was a place a lot of the younger shinobi had in their memories. Nagisa included. The place sold all kinds of meat, but their mascot was a pig. She walked inside at a brisk pace, making her way over to the corner where the youngling usually congregated.

Unfortunately her target, Genji, wasn’t there. As she got closer to the gaggle of boys that were she spotted Yasuke, one of Genji’s closest friends. She stayed quiet as he spoke. ...see! Genji is right! If the Hokage is so strong, what does he need us little kids for? Best to leave the ninjaing to fools boys. Passing the academy can get us good jobs in the village, and we don’t need to risk anything. It’s easy! That was when Nagisa moved forward and grabbed him by the collar. Nagisa was a good 5 years his senior but still looked him in the eyes. 

Is that what that loser Genji thinks, Yasuke? We’re the future of the village! No one lives forever, someone has to step up to take his place when that time comes! THINK OF THE FUTURE, and.. She was shaking him too much and she could tell he was spooking him. So she let him go. Look, all I’m saying is, not everyone is cut out to be a shinobi and not everyone can do it… But I think, if you are blessed with the ability to mold chakra, then you are doing a disservice to the village, and everyone in it if you quit before giving it a try. You’ve all passed the graduation requirements to start the job and the village is hurting for more bodies. We need to get stronger. Reconsider. AND TELL ME WHERE GENJI IS OR I’ll SHAKE YOU AGAIN! Nagisa was mostly bark, no bite,  at this point what could she do. She just barely passed the exam and didn’t have any special talents or skills, but somehow her words had gotten through to them at least a little. Yasuke rubbed the back of his head, and gave a sheepish reply. He’s speaking to the academy students at the rivers edge today…

Ah, I should have guessed, thanks Yasuke~ Byeeee She was back to smiling and left as quickly as she had come. That Nagisa sure is a hurricane, huh? She heard that and smiled while exiting and rushing to the river. She would put an end to this little movement herself.

She was running through the village, the river's edge getting closer and closer. She could soon see a collection of about 20 young people ages 15 to 8 all standing around listening to one boy. Genji the deserter. 

..And that’s why I quit being a ninja. The job is too dangerous the pay isn’t that good unless you take on harder missions that put you in danger, and we as genin aren’t adequately trained. He smirked and put his hands on his waist, satisfied with what he’d done. The crowd clapped and cheered. They seemed to agree that they weren’t fit to be leaf shinobi. Nagisa’s blood began to boil. This was not what they were taught and it was not what shinobi were about. It was all wrong. I’m crashing this thing! She marched over the stage that was the top of the river bank and stood right next to Genji.

And you all are satisfied with that!? She breathed heavily, her chest fluctuating from rage and bit from exhaustion from running, but she collected herself and began to speak to the crowd. 

If you all give up today, there is no tomorrow. I was saved by a leaf shinobi during our darkest time. It was just from some thugs, but still that shinobi showed kindness and courage in the face of danger, and why? She paused seeing them all look a bit confused, but she then pressed on. Because he cared for the leaf, and it’s citizens! I don’t know what would have happened to me if he wasn’t there, but If he gave up training then I might not be here. Think of all the shinobi who came before you! The ones who established this great place the people who protected it. Your grandparents would be ashamed of you and the future generation of shinobi will look at you as cowards! Only a precious few of the people in this world can mold chakra, and if you don’t step up, those outside our walls will come in and oppress us again! We must be strong. We must not give up. We must be the future. I’m going to protect our home. Are you going to really give up when your people need you the most? She was impassioned as she spoke. Most of the crowd was younger, but even the older ones seemed to shed a tear or look down in regret. Genji looked the most ashamed of all. Nagisa thought she would give them just one last push.

It’s alright to question the world, but don’t go making decisions about the future with out all the knowledge you need. Give it some more thought and keep training. If you get into a situation that you don’t think you can handle you’ll have each other to lean on. Don’t beat yourselves up. Let’s just all rise above this! She smiled at the crowd and she could tell a lot of them had been reinvigorated. She beamed. haha take that mother my positivity is contagious~ She spited her mom in her thoughts as she turned to genji. I’m actually on a mission to take you in…I don’t think they’ll be too harsh if you admit what you did wrong and apologize. Like I just said we need ever ninja we can get. Nagisa tilted her head in the general direction of the mission bureau. She hoped he wouldn’t run. She wasn’t really all that fast.  She was delighted when he nodded sheepishly at her instead. 

Hehe good boy, now lets go! She headed off towards the bureau head held high, but a thought crossed her mind. Would Lyn have been among the crowd of would be deserters? Her friend's determination was  certainly in question. Where is she anyway… Nagisa secretly hoped that after becoming a genin Lynn would be standing at her graduation. It didn't happen, but she had dreamed about it. Once that dream had been dashed she held a slight hope that one day they would meet each other during their work, but Nagisa had yet to run into her. Well it is still only my first mission...Maybe next time then? The girl found herself playing with her hair and blushing slightly until she clapped her face in her hands. Tch, stupid pine tree… the tanned girl muttered under her breath. She tried hard to get the green haired girl off of her mind, but it wasn’t working. They don’t want to see me again so I don’t want to see her either! Nagisa puffed up as she marched her prisoner away. In the end she new that she was lying to herself.

mission rewards:
+20 ap 
+4k ryo

+20 speed now maxed stats

500 for scattershot
500 for storage displacement
500 for Hell Viewing technique
250 for fire stream
250 for cat's eye
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

No Second Thoughts Empty Re: No Second Thoughts

Sun Jun 19, 2022 12:54 pm
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