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Trip Down Memory Lane [Travel/Village Entry] Empty Trip Down Memory Lane [Travel/Village Entry]

Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:08 am
Upon arriving in the outskirts of the Land of Hot Springs, Guren would immediately be situated atop of a sturdy Cliffside. He made no delay in activating his chakra suppression as he stood in a territory that only housed bad memories for him. It overlooked a long river of water, flowing downhill towards its eventual destination of a delta. The delta would be located hundreds of kilometers away, where it would empty out into Haram Bay and subsequently Kaizoku Sea. Characteristic of the country’s name, hot steam would be emitting from the river. And as it would boil up, it would evaporate into a thin cloud of steam ascending about halfway up the Cliffside. Peering down over the ledge, Guren could make out some vegetation bordering the river which would transition into a lush forest of trees and natural greenery. On the Cliffside were few trees, jagged mountains, and smaller ponds of water off in the distance away from Guren. But where he was standing was almost completely flat, characteristic of a plateau. But upstream of the river below was the location Guren could naturally recall from numerous instances. Following it upstream would lead to a transition in geography where the river would end and so would the forests. Utilizing the surface walking technique, Guren would descend from the jagged Cliffside. He carefully made his way downward until he reached ground level. When he would make his way here, Guren took a brief look at his surrounding area before allowing his eyes to follow the path of the river upstream. This was the path Guren took some years ago when escaping from Kumogakure, seeking information on his clan. With each footstep taken in the direction towards the mouth of the river, Guren recalled his every footstep when he was first here. It was almost like he had consistent flashbacks, constantly showing him the exact same things he had witnessed some time ago. Truly a walk down memory lane. 

The landscape would transcend from its previous state of being rich in forestry to being nothing but arid soil and dead trees. Continuing along this path, Guren would come across the mouth of the river. There was no floral or fauna here, just the body of water which fed the river. Guren progressed past the mouth of the river, noting the surrounding canyons drawing closer and closer, signifying how narrow the passage way had become. It would continue like this until the canyons met allowing a small passage way underneath. Guren passed through, and his eyes would immediately be met with an all too familiar setting. The ruins of his clan’s former established camp. Destruction, skeletons, and blood stained soil. With the information Guren had researched while within Sunagakure, Guren had a better understanding of what led to the events that resulted in his clan being wiped out. Walking through the wasteland, his clan’s ancestral spirits again appeared to speak to him and allure him. Their voices were plenty, in different tones, and seemingly coming from all directions. It didn’t creepy Guren out as much as it had when he was first here, because since then he had experienced quite a bit of more disturbing things. It was in this similar spot where he was attacked by the tracker shinobi all those years ago. The wind would whistle by Guren, whipping the tails of his braids with it. He would stop for a moment, admiring the place he had been standing in. It was historical, for both himself and for his clan. It was the Valley of Hell. In this brief moment of reflection, Guren would survey the surrounding natural enclosure. The area was exposed to the sky, but the walls were all high. It was no more than 100 meters in diameter. But as his eyes scanned the field, they came across something that Guren had not seen the last time he was here. Perhaps his last visit was too rushed, so he couldn’t unearth all of the secrets of this place. But now, it was clear. In the back of the enclosed space, Guren could clearly see some type of faint insignia off in the distance. Getting closer, the Chinoike would be able to clearly make out that the insignia was in the shape of the Chinoike clan’s symbol. Years of weathering and eroding had slightly worn the symbol off, but there was no mistake of the scarlet circle with the dash in the center. Guren would extend his hand up to wipe the dust off the symbol, and upon doing so his Ketsuryugan would activate. Simultaneously, the symbol would glow. The two seemed to radiate in tune, and subsequently the earth in which the symbol was branded on would open up, forming a natural doorway with earthern steps leading downward. Hesitating momentarily, Guren would enter the passageway. And once his body had completely pass through, the natural made door would slam shut behind him. It would resemble the sound of sealing a tomb. 

Guren’s head would whip in the direction of the door behind him, almost in anticipation of this being some type of trap. But before he could react, torches alongside each wall within the passage way would illuminate and brighten the cave into a deep red. It resembled blood, yet also resembled the tone of a well-developed Ketsuryugan. Guren’s would angle his attention forward and look upon the descending stairwell. It was oddly reminiscent of the dreams he had not so long ago. In those dreams however, he was with a team of Genin and ascending a stairway to confront a threat. But now in reality, he would be expected to descend the stairway towards what he could only imagine would be the depths of Hell. But Guren trusted it. Not only because of the confidence he had in himself, but also because of the faith he had in his ancestral spirits. For they had guided him all this way, planting signs throughout his life and dreams of returning to this space. Now that he was finally here, he was confident that they would not lead him astray. And so, Guren would proceed into the descent. He made sure that each footstep he took was soft yet precise. There was no telling how old and decrepit this place was, so he speculated that there may be potential for the cave to collapse on it. Should that be the case, then it would be a fitting death. For him to perish in the resting place of his clan. Yet death was not in the cards for today, only life. After walking down a seemingly endless amount of stairs, Guren would finally reach the bottom. When he would, he would pass through a threshold which opened up into a massive area. The ceilings were at least 200 meters upward of his position, and the diameter of the room was likely the same. His eyes scanned along the walls of the room, noting that it seemed surprisingly sturdy within. In front of him, lied what appeared to be a small village of homes. There were least 3 dozens of houses before him, strategically placed to be in format of a six by six grid. Yet in the rear position of the houses, was a massive temple. Stretching all the way to the roof of the cave. The temple immediately was something recognizable by Guren. It was nearly identical to the one he had infiltrated with two genin from Sunagakure. The main differences were that this one was much larger and ornate. But it didn’t emit such a sinister chakra presence to what Guren had previously experienced. Instead, it was relatively calm. And tranquil. And…welcoming. Its temptation pulled Guren forward, encouraging him to walk forward from the threshold he stood in front of. He would find himself walking forward, feet now trekking atop a cobblestone pathway. Within a few seconds of beginning his walk, Guren would find himself passing by the first row of houses. Through the windows of the house, Guren could see somewhat regular people doing regular things. Cooking, cleaning…living. And most importantly, as family. 
He would continue up the cobblestone path before approaching the second row of homes. Guren saw the same thing in here. It wasn’t until he reached the third row of houses where he would notice something immensely intriguing. Looking out the window of the house, a child would have her face pressed against the window. She was looking out, seeing who the visitor was. When Guren would spot her, she would scurry away from the window, but not before Guren could get a good glimpse of her eyes. They too were Ketsuryugan. His heart rate began to accelerate. Just where the fuck was he? To his knowledge there were no living Chinoike other than himself. So how could he have seen a pair of eyes akin to his own? He shook his head in disbelief before continuing forward. But before he could, he felt the sensation of someone about to grip his arm. Alarmed, Guren would jerk his arm away and dash a few steps to his left. Simultaneously, he turned around. His eyes would meet those of two healthy Ketsuryugan, belonging to that of a man who bore similar skin tone and build to Guren. “Hmph, so you’ve finally arrived Guren…” the man would say with a stout tone. 

Detecting no malice from the man, Guren would relax his guard. “How…do you know who I am?”

“Guren, don’t be dense. We have been trying to contact you for quite some time now…We are responsible for the divine intervention which led you hear all those years ago. We are the last of Chinoike, devote followers of the Jashin religion.”

Taken back by the explanation, Guren would seek further elaboration. “Just what do you mean by divine intervention?”

“Well we paid tribute to Jashin and prayed to him, so that any Chinoike still wandering around the world would return to this place one day. And some time ago you came…yet you were pursued by others. Thus you couldn’t uncover this place then. Now as I look upon you…” the man would continue before pausing to take a second glance at Guren. “You’ve grown. I can sense your development, not just as a shinobi…but as a Chinoike. Your chakra has a somewhat ancient scent to it. Evident that you were able to track down the Bearded Blood Vultures of Wind Country. Tell me Guren, is that so?”

Astounded, Guren would be at a loss for words. How could someone so unfamiliar with him immediately be able to learn of so much from Guren’s recent past? “Ye…Yeah it is true.” Guren would almost be forced to say. There weren’t many times when he was in such a state of disbelief. This truly seemed as if he was dreaming. 

“I see. And so you’ve become a Blood Sage? Truly, inheriting the will of the Chinoike. Not many have been able to tame such a race. The last tim…” the man would continue before pausing himself, realizing he had refrained from presenting his personal identity. “Haden is my name. Haden Chinoike. And I suppose I am your Great Uncle.”

Upon hearing those words, Guren’s whole reality was shocked. All this time, he had believed he was alone in the world. All this time he was convinced all of his family was dead or hated him. Yet here he was, standing in the hiding place of his clan. Before the presence of his great uncle, the brother of his grandmother. That same grandmother who had left behind so many scrolls for Guren to discover when he awakened his true potential as a Chinoike. And alas, everything was connected. It was like a lightbulb went off in his head. But no matter how much he was thinking on the events occurring before him, he didn’t say anything.

“Guren? I am the brother of Hebime. Your grandmother. I suppose I should explain. Your grandmother was driven out from the Valley of Hell by her clan members. They were scared of her power, and sought to take it from her. As a result, she casted a genjutsu upon them causing them to fight amongst themselves while she escaped…However,” Haden would pause while the tone of his voice lowered. “Not everyone in the clan turned on her. There were few of us who also had awakened the Ketsuryugan, unbeknown to the rest of the clan. Except for Hebime. She casted the genjutsu as a diversion, and during the fighting she would flee, instructing those of us whom were blessed with the Ketsuryugan and fuinjutsu to seal ourselves within this place. She carried the burden of our abilities, and we’re forever grateful. Not just to Hebime, but to our Lord Jashin. You see, he saved us. He provided this sacred and safe place for us. And we are eternally thankful, which is why we have devoted our praise to him. It is through him, that our prayers were answered…It is through him, that you were able to find us.” Haden would continue, now with his arms outreached and walking towards Guren. He would bestow upon him a hug, something Guren had not received since he was small. He wasn’t sure how to feel about it, but something just seemed right.

“Haden, this is such a shock to me…” Guren would say, while returning the hug to his great uncle. 

“Rightfully so. But I can sense you feel the truth in my explanation. For this is a bond that not many have. This is…the bond of blood. Family ties.”

Hearing the word family left quite an impression on Guren. “Family? I haven’t had that in years. Are th…”

“Yes. There’s more of us, you have cousins here. Uncles. Aunts. There’s an abundance of us. We have all been praying for your return.”

“Well, I guess I will have to meet everyone.” Guren said. The two would continue in their long overdue conversation while standing in the center of the cobblestone pathway. They would take time to catch up on each other’s histories. They shared stories, summaries of their abilities, and much more. Haden would go on to introduce Guren to more of the family, who resided in various houses in the six by six grid. It was nothing short of a family reunion. Younglings, the elderly, and everything in between. All of which, bearing Ketsuryugans in each eye. He would go on to familiarize himself with everyone, before finally being brought back to Haden’s home at the rear of the village. It was the house closest to the Jashinist temple in the background, yet Guren bore no concern over it. If there were something for him to worry about, it would have made its presence known by now. 

Now within Haden’s home, the two would sit down at the stone table within Haden’s dining room. Haden sat at the head of the table, while Guren rested at the back of it. By this time, only some hours had passed since Guren’s arrival in the Land of Hot Springs. But nevertheless, it felt as if it had been days. The two shared a meal of some stew and tea prepared by Haden’s wife, or Guren’s great Aunt. 

“Guren, there is something I need to inform you of.” Haden began with a rather serious tone after finishing his bowl of stew. He would take a sip from his tea, as Guren lifted his eyes to meet Haden’s. “All who have made pilgrimage to this place, have been in some sort of danger. Although we are uncertain of what exactly it is, Jashin would not lead you here if it was not time.” Guren’s eyes widened. What could this possibly mean? His mind instantly arrived at the hostile tensions between Sunagakure and Kirigakure, but nothing seemed to be immediately happening from that. The last he had known, the kazekage Mizuki had taken her son off to the Land of Tea for a summit? The next he could think of, was the tribe of Triads which he came across in the deserts of Wind Country. They had large goals of attacking Sunagakure. One by one, his mind ran through potential indicators of what such danger might be. And this happened all within seconds while Haden continued to explain. 

“Think about it. The last time you were in immense trouble, you were brought here. Where you battled a hunter ninja and made it out alive. Jashin brought you here back then too. It is of no coincidence that you are standing in front of me now. Only this time, he has guided you within our sacred place. We prayed and prayed for your wellbeing, and so Jashin delivered a prophecy to us. That you would return, just like so many others had in the past. He delivered a vision to you as well. Of one of the many Jashinists temples here in the Land of Hot Springs.” Upon hearing this, Guren was in disbelief once more. Those terrible nightmares where he battled abominations and deranged cultists was a vision? “And it is customary for any Chinoike brought here in such ways to take part in the tradition. It is one involving the binding of one’s soul to Jashin. You see, he saves those who he feels are worthy. Those who are of able body and sound mind. Those whom hold his qualities. And Chinoike are the exact embodiment of that. Hence, why we are Jashin’s Chosen People….But this ceremony, is a selective one. Where Jashin hand picks who may bind their souls to his own in exchange of servitude and offerings. In exchange, you become one with Jashin. The impending danger to you will still come. You will still experience the embrace of death. However…you will get a second chance at life.”

Hearing the words from his Great Uncle were chilling. The hairs on Guren’s neck erected, and Guren nervously folded his arms into each other across his chest. So far nothing Haden had said was a lie. Everything he spoke of was obviously true. So why would this be any different? Guren would listen attentively to every word from Haden’s mouth, nodding in comprehension. Haden continued. “I’m glad you’re following. Well as you could imagine, the ritual takes part in the temple just outside from my house. If you are ready, we can go now. However if you have any reserve-“
“No, let’s go.” Guren would interrupt. “I understand the situation at hand. And I know time is of the essence. So let’s not waste it.”

Haden smiled at the deductive skills Guren possessed. Without explicitly stating it, Guren could gather that the timing of everything was planned. Predestined almost. And so, acting fast would be key here. Guren proceeded to stand from the table, and Haden would do the same. “Well, follow me.” 

With that, Haden would depart from the comforts of his home and usher Guren to follow him. The jounin would do so, with the two setting out from the home and ascending up the cobblestone pathway towards the Temple. It was so much different from the last time he was in this situation. In his dreams, the Temple was emitting a deep fog and a sinister chakra. Yet here, in what Guren initially thought to be the clutches of Hell, it was calm. His chakra vision did not reveal any signs of evil chakra pouring from the place. Instead it was calm, tranquil, resembling a blue so transparent that it could have been mistaken for the sky. And as Guren followed Haden up the stairs, it would almost feel as if Guren was ascending towards the heavens themselves. This was a completely different perception as to what Guren felt of this place just some hours ago. It now felt like home, and him entering the walls of this Temple didn’t seem so terrifying either. After entering the building, the air temperature felt significantly warmer. Perhaps it was just Guren growing used to this place, but the warmth was similar to that of being perfectly wrapped in a blanket. It was soothing and comforting. These sensations just further attributed to the sense of belonging Guren felt here. It was a testament to him, proving that what he was doing was right. And so as Guren and Haden walked down the long, illuminated corridor, Guren could only imagine what awaited him.

In his dreams back in Sunagakure, Guren felt an aura of unease walking down the long hallways of the nightmarish temple. But here, it was ordinary. Not even remotely close to the eerie and ominous environment of the dream. But perhaps that’s what toxified the dream temple. Guren’s subconscious could have projected his own bias of Jashinism and manifested it into an illusory reality. But here, there were no illusions. His dojutsu should see through them. There was still only the baby blue chakra hovering through the atmosphere. Finally, the two  would make their way to the end of the main hallway. Haden would knock twice on the wooden door prior to opening it. Then as the door was lightly pushed open, a woman sitting in a rocking chair would peer her old, withering head over towards the direction of the room entrance. She had albino white hair, his skin clearly aging and wrinkled, and her eyes had more bags than anyone after black friday shopping. “Who have you brought me this time?” The woman would ask in an old, snickery tone. Her voice somewhat crackled, immediately dispelling Guren’s sense of comfort in this place. Every word she spoke sent chills down his spine. 

“My great nephew...Guren,” Haden would call out proudly. He would place his hand on Guren’s left shoulder and slightly nudge him in. “He is here to discuss the ritual with you.” Haden would say. The woman, upon hearing this, would wave her hand. And by doing so, Guren would be pushed forward into the room and the door would slam shut behind him. “Guren,” the woman would repeat. “Guren, Guren, Guren, GurenGurenGuren” she would continue almost endlessly. As she would, her head would begin rotating as if her neck were a swivel. Finally she would stop, turn her head to look Guren in the eyes, and stand from her rocking chair. The momentum from her sudden movement would force the chair to keep rocking back and forth. “You! Are loooooong overdue! I was expecting you years ago.” The woman would say as she took steps towards Guren, her hands outreached. Her old, calmly palms would come in contact with Guren’s cheeks (pause) where she would grip them slightly. “Oh if that bitch Hebime could see you now…” the woman cackled with a twang of insanity seasoned throughout her voice. Yet no matter how...twisted her personality seemed at face value, she was surprisingly genuine.  She would turn from Guren and waddle back over to her rocking chair, continuing her actions from before. 

Meanwhile Guren, just as confused as ever, would exhale a nervous laugh and take some steps towards the woman. “So I-” he started before immediately getting interrupted. “You’re here for the ritual. I know. I am the one Jashin speaks to, and I am the one the Chinoike speak to. I am the median. And I am referred to as the Maiden.” she would properly introduce herself. This time she didn’t laugh. She seemed just as serious as ever. It was like she was a completely different person. “I shall make no time exchanging pleasantries. Instead, we will get straight to business. Listen closely, as I never repeat myself. The ritual is a bind between an individual, and our Lord Jashin. It’s not the same one as the cynical Jashinist create, regarding jutsu and death possession techniques. Instead, it is one of mutuality. One initiated when the Lord Jashin sees one of his sons or daughters in trouble. Most commonly, he targets those who don’t believe in him. As the performance of the ritual will serve as undeniable proof of his existence and his nature. And in exchange, all he requests are a few things. The first, in the form of Ryo. It is a 30,000 ryo commitment. The funds are circulated through the Jashinist communities to keep them sustained. The second, in the form of a blood sacrifice. Being a Chinoike, you are no stranger to bleeding. It is one of the powers Lord Jashin bestowed on you. This should be no problem. And the third, the ceremony. The ceremony is one that you will need to experience on your own, as it is different for everyone...Are you ready to commence the ritual?"

By this point the Maiden would wear a certain intensity in her eyes. She had thoroughly explained the ritual in depth to Guren, and he followed along swimmingly. The first and second parts seemed rather cut and dry, yet the final was what sounded the most involved. Nevertheless, Guren was as prepared as anyone could be. Rummaging through his item pouch, he finally found his wallet. When he would, he would withdraw it and begin to separate ryo out until it amounted to 30,000. He’d stretch his arm forward towards the Maiden who would impatiently be waiting in her chair. She’d softly snatch the ryo from Guren, and would dump it into a nearby jar. That first part was no water under a bridge. As much as it pained Guren to relinquish such an amount of ryo, it wasn’t the end of the world. Just yesterday Guren had blessed Naki with 15,000 ryo. So money wasn’t a thing but a thing. Next Guren would step forward and present his palms upwards and towards the Maiden. As they faced the sky, Guren swore he could have felt the Lord Jashin looking down upon them. That feeling was abruptly interrupted by the Maiden wielding a large and sharpened knife would slide open Guren’s palms. Although Guren feel pain intensely in his hands due to so many times he cut himself to use jutsu, it still felt rather invasive. The Maiden found it ordinary. Guren’s blood would begin leaking from his palms and drip downward to the floor. But before the blood could hit the ground, it would remain suspended in the air inches before the floor. With haste, it began an orbit around him accelerating its pace after each complete cycle. It began around his ankles, then extended upwards towards his knees. It continued this upward trajectory until it reached the crown of his head where it would agglomerate as a sphere, and then explode nonviolently. Guren’s blood would be dispersed throughout the room, staining everything except for Guren himself and the Maiden. 

The Maiden watched as everything unfolded, thinking to herself how this ritual had been going unlike any she has seen before. Yet she refused to display such shock on her face. Instead she wore no expression whatsoever. The blood would paint the walls in a thin coat of scarlet red. Yet this color would begin shifting and transcending into a different tone. It first lightened to a pink, before losing its color entirely. The pigmentation of the blood was no more, as now it was as white as the Maiden’s hair. In the blink of an eye, the blood from the walls would vanish and the room would grow calm and quiet. All that could be heard were the light breaths of Guren and the Maiden. “Was that it?” Guren would ask with a curious expression on his face. The Maiden, observing the room would look around before her eyes locked with Guren’s own. “I….don’t think so.” The Maiden would respond with a look of uncertainty. How could she not know? Hadn’t she performed this ritual many times? Despite Guren’s disappointment in the Maiden’s answer, he refrained from showing any signs of contempt or vexation. Yet before he got a chance to respond, the walls of the room became blanketed with a thick chakra. Guren’s Ketsuryugan would discern that this chakra was almost identical to his own. Yet it seemed to be mixed with that of another being. “Could this be…Jashin’s chakra?” he asked in a barely audible tone. Its aura radiated a pattern that could be described as a painting of the cosmos. It looked ethereal. Divine. And within an instant, all of the chakra would expel itself from the wall and condense itself into a thick sphere over Guren’s head. From there, it would rain down upon him, coating his body with its presence. The chakra never spilled towards the floor though, just like his blood. Instead it congregated into a hovering puddle six inches over top of the floor. From there, it would rush upwards towards Guren’s hands and reenter the gashes which the Maiden cut open with the knife. As the last of the chakra funneled into Guren’s hands, the wounds would instantly be healed. And in the seconds after, it felt as if this chakra had transfused itself into Guren’s own blood. From his blood to his organs. And from his organs to the rest of his body. Guren fell to his knees, clinching his chest in anguish as the sensation of such a foreign presence in his body was unnatural and painful. Yet this only lasted some seconds. When the pain subsided, Guren raised himself to his feet and would look upon the Maiden. 

He could feel the divine energy inside of him. All in a day Guren had been changed from a man of belief to a man of deep piety. He was a living testament of Jashin’s powers indeed. “Now…it is finished,” the Maiden facetiously began, “And now you are one with Lord Jashin. When the day comes where you meet your death, you will meet Jashin. He will speak to you, and it will be your opportunity to pay your respects to him face to face. Following that, you will spend a day in…purgatory, before being revived at this place again. Anything worldly possessions you received will be left behind, including anything implanted in you in non-natural ways…” the Maiden would continue, implying Guren’s transplanted organs. “And you will be born anew.” 

“I see…Well I am glad I was able to participate. It’s truly a marvel of what he is capable of, and I am eternally grateful.”
“Do not thank me…thank him. But now you must take your leave, you cannot overstay your welcome.”

“Alright, I will. I’d like to say goodbye to-“

“NOW, you must leave,” the Maiden repeated. “I told you not to make me repeat myself. Your family here will understand, as they have witnesses many rituals. They understand the protocol, and you will see them again on the day of your Rebirth.”
Guren would pause momentarily, not saying anything, but would only nod his head in understanding. He would reach into his item pouch, and withdraw another otherworldly item. The same one he used to return to the Land of Hot Springs. And upon firmly gripping it, Guren would being dematerializing. The Maiden would wave at him, boasting a toothy grin. Guren would reluctantly wave back, as he was kind of excited to be away from her. And with the execution of the item, Guren would instantly be transported back to Sunagakure. Arrival time? 5PM. 

[Village Entrance, Using Skip Travel Ticket to leave the Land of Hot Springs and return to Sunagakure]

WC = 5231

- "Donating" 30000 Ryo; New Ryo Balance = 137950
- Binding with Jashin Temple
(Stat page attached below as this topic is too phat)

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