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Yasunobu Inpei
Yasunobu Inpei
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Food Shopping Empty Food Shopping

Thu Sep 30, 2021 1:56 am

The swordsman coughed, his eyes flickering as he broke into a smile. “That’s good – you’re okay.” Tamaki held her hands over his wound, blood pouring out from between her fingers – mingling with the tears that fell from her face.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” she shouted, screwing her eyes shut to wick away the tears. “So many people need you, why did you put yourself on the line for me?!”

The swordsman laughed to himself. “What kind of hero would I be if I put myself above others?” he replied, his grin widening. “If I can protect even one person, then any cost is worthwhile!” His grin went slack as his head slipped to the side.

“No! Please – you have to—”

Knocking interrupted the story. Inpei was leaning over his desk, his eyes nearly touching the pages of the book in front of him. “Inpei – don’t you have a mission to go to?!” his mom called out through his door.

“Mom!” he shouted back in response; the moment broken. He quickly wiped his eyes. “I was at the best part!”

“Fine, I’ll just tell your sensei that you’d rather stay at home and read…”

“I’m going, I’m going!” Inpei replied, sighing as he slid a bookmark into the last few pages of the book – as if he needed it. He’d read that book so many times he knew exactly where he’d left off. He picked up the dog-eared book and stepped over to one of the bookshelves that lined his walls. As he slipped the book back into its place, he noticed the dent in the wall behind it. He shuddered as a wave of anxiety prickled across his skin, but he forced himself to look at it for a moment before setting his jaw and sliding the book back into place.
Inpei adjusted his grip on the paper bag that held the groceries. Granny Su was a woman of few words – since he’d stopped by her home, she had silently locked the door behind her and made her way to the market. He’d thought of several things to say to try and break the silence but thought better of all of them. As she wordlessly picked out food items from the stalls, Inpei tried to figure out what she was making.

Okay, we’ve got salmon, milk, bread…that’s it? We haven’t picked anything up for a while…

“Uh, Granny Su?” Inpei asked, peering down at the old woman as she walked ahead of him. She had her gray hair tied up in a tight bun and was wearing an ornate purple robe. “Do you have, like, a list or something?”

“Of course I do,” she replied, looking over a shoulder. She smiled and tapped her temple. “Right up here.”

Inpei smiled back, glad to have broken the silence. “Right, probably an old recipe or something!”

She smiled and continued walking, and Inpei realized he had let the conversation fizzle again. He hung his head and wobbled along behind her. As she walked by a stand of lemons, Inpei perked back up again.

Salmon? With no lemons? What is this lady doing?!

“Uh, Granny Su?” Inpei asked again. This time, she simply raised a finger to her lips as she handed him some cinnamon. His confusion must have been obvious, because she turned away – shaking her head as she grabbed several other spices.

Okay, no lemon…but cinnamon. And…I haven’t even seen some of these spices before! She’s…some kind of mad scientist.

Inpei didn’t even contain his curiosity as he watched over her shoulder, mumbling to himself as he tried to figure out what she was concocting. After nearly an hour of doing that, the old woman began to laugh to herself. She turned to Inpei and said “you’ll never figure out what I’m making!”

Straining under the now-full bag of groceries, Inpei’s face turned from shock to determination. “Mark my words, old woman – I’ll figure out your recipe, no matter how many times I have to carry your groceries!”

“That’s excellent news,” she said as she turned away and headed back towards her home. “I’ll be sure to let the village know you’ll be helping me out whenever I need it.”

Inpei stared after her for a moment, dumbstruck.

She’s a total villain! And I played right into her clutches.

Hanging his head once again, Inpei trudged after her with her groceries.


WC: 733

If I'm doing this right, I'd like to put 500 words into learning the D rank of Earth Style Wall and the other 233 towards Rank C of Hiding Like a Mole.

I'd also like to use the 700 words for 5 SP in Vigor and 2 SP into Speed. On top of that is the 1000 Ryo and 5 AP for the mission reward!

Last edited by Yasunobu Inpei on Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:24 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : adding rank on HLAM)
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Food Shopping Empty Re: Food Shopping

Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:52 pm
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