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Thug Life Empty Thug Life

Sun Aug 15, 2021 4:32 pm
mission one:

mission two:

As Nobutoshi wandered down the roads through fire country, he eventually came to a small village that the road went through. Noubtohsi glanced up into the sky, and saw that the sun was lowering in the sky, so he decided to spend the night in town. Now all he would have to do is find somewhere to stay the night. In his travels he often wasn’t near a town or any kind of civilization, and so he would usually end up spending the night in the wilderness. Luckily he had thought to purchase camping supplies while in Tanbogakure so it wasn’t terrible, but it sure as hell was better to sleep in a real bed.
After a few minutes Nobutoshi came across a small, rundown inn that had definitely seen better days. But Nobutoshi didn’t mind the condition, usually the crappier the place the cheaper it was. Plus anything inside was an upgrade to his usual sleeping arrangements. 

Nobutoshi pushed the door to the building open and stepped into the dimly lit interior. The inside was little better than the outside with peeling wallpaper and decrepit furniture, but at least it looked fairly clean. 
“Hey,” Nobutoshi said to the old man behind the desk, as he walked over. “I’d like a room for tonight, one person.” 
The man gestured at the prices listed on the wall and held out an open hand.
“I was right, these prices are pretty low all things considered,” Nobutoshi thought as he pulled out the ryo and placed it in the man's hand. After quickly counting the bills, the old man nodded and disappeared into a back room, re-emerging a minute or so later with the bills gone but a key in his hands, which he then offered to Nobutoshi. 
Thanking the man, Nobutoshi walked up the stairs and down the hallway where he found his room. When he unlocked the door and walked in he found exactly what he expected. A single bed with a nightstand and a small dresser. There was also a small table with a single chair next to it. Nobutoshi set his stuff down on the table and sat on the edge of the bed while he thought of what to do. 
“Well for one I’ll need to eat,” Nobutoshi decided. “It would also be good if I could find some work to get a bit more money. I’m not completely broke yet but I could use some more. I should also restock on supplies before I leave again. It could be a little while before I come to another town.”

Now that he knew what he needed to do, Nobutoshi grabbed his room key and set out for a bar where he could grab some food and a drink. 
After a few minutes of wandering around town he came to a building that said it was a grill and bar. His stomach rumbling from the thought and smell of real food, Nobutoshi entered the restaurant and took a seat at the bar.
“Excuse me, could I get some pork fried rice and a bottle of sake?” Nobutoshi asked the bartender, who nodded, yelling out the food order into the kitchen, then handing Nobutoshi a bottle of sake. 
After taking a swig, Nobutoshi asked another question.
“By any chance would you know of any jobs that need doing around here? I’m looking to make a bit of money before leaving town.”
The overweight bartender considered this for a moment then answered.
“Every night there are a few guys who come in, get wasted, then pick fights with just about everyone in the bar. It’s to the point where I’m losing customers to them. If you could kick them out and teach them a lesson I’d compensate you for your troubles. Plus your meal would be on the house.”
Nobutoshi considered this for a moment before answering. 
“It’s a deal,” he said, and then in a lower voice continued. “You don’t, uh, care how I remove them from the premises or what happens to them after, do you?”
The bartender shrugged. 
“Don’t cause too much of a scene here, but once you’re outside it’s out of my control. You’re getting paid to get them out and keep them out. How you go about it isn’t my problem, nor is it my responsibility if you get in trouble for it.” 
Nobutoshi nodded with a slight grin.
“Fair enough.”

A few minutes later his food arrived and Nobutoshi chowed down. It was the best food he had in quite some time and it was gone too soon. 
Just as Nobutoshi finished clearing his plate and downing the last of his sake, he noticed three mean looking men walk up to the bar, immediately ordering three bottles of sake, EACH. 
“These must be the guys,” Nobutoshi thought to himself, receiving confirmation by the bartender in the form of a nod. “Alright let’s see what they do.”
Nobutoshi discreetly watched them for no more than ten minutes, the men’s annoying chatter growing louder with each passing second, before they abruptly stood up and walked over to a man sitting next to Nobutoshi. All three of them were red faced and looked very drunk, though Nobutoshi could tell that just by the sheer amount of alcohol he watched them drink. 
The three men surrounded the small man in the chair, and they seemed to be insulting him and occasionally gave him a rough shove or jostle. 
“I suppose this is when I’m supposed to step in,” Nobutoshi thought as he stood and cleared his throat. All four men turned to look at him, the small man with hope and the drunk ones with confusion. 
“What the hell do you want?” One of the aggressors asked, his words slurred by the sake. 
“Nothing in particular,” Nobutoshi replied, “it just seems like you have a problem with this man over here, and I’ve heard you’ve been picking fights quite often.”
“Yeah, so what?” Another one of them sneered. “What’re you gonna do about it?”
“If you want a fight so bad, why don’t you come outside so I can teach you clowns a lesson.” 

With that Nobutoshi turned around and walked out of the building, not even glancing back to see if he was being followed.
A few moments after he stepped outside, the door banged open, the three men emerging with grins on their faces. 
“So, you think you can beat us, really? All three of us? At once? HAH! Good luck with that.”
Nobutoshi was befuddled by the amount of time and words it took this man to get his simple and stupid message across.
“Yeah, I do.” Nobutoshi said, eyeing them. None of them were in peak physical shape, and more importantly, they didn’t have jashin on their side. This would be a piece of cake for Nobutoshi.
This response didn’t seem to please the men and one of them stepped forwards.
“Well I’ll show you!” He yelled as he lurched forwards and swung a fist towards Nobutoshi. The man was slow while Nobutoshi was fast, making it easy for the jashinist to attack the blow and retaliate with one of his own, striking the man straight across the chin. While he might not be able to put a lot of power behind each attack, Nobutoshi could dish them out quickly and for long periods of time. So after his first strike landed, Nobutoshi continued to land blow after blow on the man, moving too fast for him or the other two to do anything about it. After a few seconds the man was on the ground unconscious. 
“How dare you!” One of the other men roared before charging straight at Nobutoshi.
“How cliché,” Nobutoshi thought as he suddenly felt the blood rushing into his eyes. The man skidded to a halt when he saw this suddenly change, and peered into Nobutoshi’s eyes, evidently trying to figure out what was up with them. This would turn out to be his mistake as without knowing what he was doing, Nobutoshi cast into the man’s eyes, visions of horrible and unspeakable things. After a moment he dropped down to the ground, unconscious as well. 
The third and final man started to uneasily back away, clearly frightened by the fact that his two friends had been taken down so quickly. The man suddenly spun around and started sprinting, but it was all in vain, as Nobutoshi easily caught up to him and knocked him out like the first. 

Now Nobutoshi stood in the midst of three unconscious bodies and was left with a question.
“Should I kill them or just leave them here?” He wondered as he looked down at the bodies. 
On the one hand he was itching to kill someone, but on the other he wasn’t sure he could get away with murdering them. He also doubted that jashin would be too appreciative of three drunkards being sacrificed to him. 
Nobutoshi gave the nearest man a little kick out of spite, then walked back into the bar. 
“They’ve been taken care of,” Nobutoshi told the bartender as he approached the man.
“Excellent, I’m very grateful,” the large man said. “As Promised here is your reward.” The man held out a total of 2000 ryo and offered it to Nobutoshi.
“Pleasure doing business with you,” Nobutoshi said with a smile as he pocketed the money. He then turned around and left the building, coming to a sudden halt as the door slammed behind him. 
Surrounding him were five men, mostly well muscled and all wearing leather. They all had slicked back hair and wore black leather. 
“Really, more clichés?” Nobutoshi wondered. 
“You’re the one who did this, aren’t you?” The apparent leader of what Nobutoshi assumed was a gang asked, pointing at the unconscious bodies.
Unlike the three drunkards, these men actually looked tough and appeared to be armed with knives. 
“I may have,” Nobutoshi replied, “what’s it to you?”
“Hey don’t worry kid, we’re not mad at you or anything. In fact, we’re pretty impressed. You did one hell of a good job for just one person.”
Nobutoshi just stood and watched with a neutral expression, waiting for the man to get to the point. 
“We actually have a proposal for you. There’s a guy in town who hired us to do some… work. We did it exactly as instructed but he refused to pay us and called the cops on us when we threatened him. The police are now keeping a real close eye on us so we can’t go over there to get him ourselves. That’s where you come in. If you go over there and get the money, we’ll pay you. So what do you say.”
Nobutoshi pondered this for a moment before answering. ”Yeah sure, I’ll need his location though.”
The leader snapped his fingers and one of the gang members handed Nobutoshi a slip of paper with an address written on it.
“He should be there at this very moment. Also, he lives alone.” The leader added. 
Nobutoshi nodded then started walking away.
“We’ll be here all night when you finish.” The leader called after him. 
Nobutoshi raised his hand in acknowledgment and kept walking, turning the corner towards the listed address.

After a few minutes Nobutoshi arrived and examined the building. It wasn't impressive, but it was nice enough. Deciding to take the direct approach, Nobutoshi walked straight up to the door and loudly knocked.
After a few moments the door was opened by a bleary eyed man.
“Do you have any idea what time it is?”
Nobutoshi, in fact, did not know what time it was but he didn’t say anything. He instead slammed a fist into the side of the man’s face, making him take a staggered step back. Nobutoshi used this opening to quickly step inside and close the door. 
“What the hell do you want?” The man asked, backing up.
“You owe some of my associates money. I’m here to collect.”
“I - I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
In a flash, Nobutoshi closed the distance between the two and slammed another fist into the man, this time into his stomach. Nobutoshi followed up with a kick that sent the man stumbling into the wall. 
“You ready to pay up yet?” Nobutoshi asked in a threatening voice.
The man whimpered and reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet.
“Here take the money! Just please don’t hurt me more!” 
“Is this all it took to break this pathetic man?” Nobutoshi wondered as he looked down at the man. 
“The police better not hear about this, or else next time it’ll be worse, got that?” 
The man whimpered again and nodded. 
“Good,” Nobutoshi said, then walked out the door, pocketing the wallet. 

The zealot walked back through the streets and to the bar, where the gang was waiting outside as promised. 
When he got close Nobutoshi tossed the wallet to the leader.
“Let’s see my pay,” Nobutoshi told him as the gang leader examined the wallet. 
The greaser once again clicked his fingers, and a member of the gang came forward with 1000 ryo. 

“Productive night,” Nobutoshi thought as he nodded his head in farewell and walked away, heading back to his room where he could get a good night's sleep before he had to head out in the morning.
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Thug Life Empty Re: Thug Life

Sun Aug 15, 2021 9:28 pm
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