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Stat Page : Yomiko
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 19700

Fire! [C-rank] Empty Fire! [C-rank]

Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:39 pm

The missive came quickly and in an urgent panic. The representative was apparently running around to districts around the market district to try and find any and all available shinobi who could help in the task. Everything made sense now as to why she smelled smoke coming in from the window she had cracked open in her room. The market district had, somehow, begun to go up in flames. While it was remaining mostly isolated, that was only for now. What they needed help with was putting the fire out, containing it, and getting anyone who might be in danger out of harm's way. Yomiko had, of course, said yes, that she would help. 

After quickly getting her things together, she would leave her house and make the short trek to the market district where it was rather easy to navigate to the fire. Upon her arrival, she could easily discern which people involved were shinobi and which were civilians trying to help. The shinobi were trying to control the flames with their Katon release while others were trying to smother part of the spreading fire with Doton release. The Suiton users were few and far between as well trying to douse it. The civilians involved were throwing buckets of water, throwing dirt, and even taking heavy blankets to try and smother the fire. Some worked, others went up in flames. 

This is awful! How did this even happen?!

Yomiko didn’t dally as she thought this, quickly running up to one of the civilians that had tried to use a blanket to smother the fire and have the blanket itself go up in flames. Yanking them back, it caused the man to drop the burning blanket to which Yomiko began to spit a small stream of water from her mouth to put the smaller amount of fire that was going up along his arm out. “Get out of here! There should be a medical team on their way if not already here. Let us handle this and you stay safe!”

The man only nodded, his eyes squinted and blurry from tears welling up from the pain on his arm while he clutched said arm and hurried away. She watched him go off, making sure he actually removed himself from the situation before turning her attention back to the raging fire that was beginning to spread. Quickly moving over to the area where the fire began to spread, Yomiko strung together a few hand signs before slamming her hand down onto the ground. A summoning symbol spread out from around her outstretched palm as a torrent of water erupted outwards and spread into the oncoming spread of fire. It was immediately put out. 

I’m not done yet!

Stringing together another set of hand signs, the large amount of water began to churn as two forms began to grow up and out of the water until they formed into two other versions of herself. All three Yomiko’s nodded to one another as she gestured out to the fire. “I don’t know enough Suiton jutsu for you to be effective on your own and you can’t use summoning techniques either. So the two of you go to the other side of the fire where it’s spreading and water whip or shoot as many water needles as necessary to keep it at bay. For now, the spread here is stunted due to all of this water, so I’m going to look for anyone trapped.”

Nodding once more, her two clones quickly leapt away and went as far as they could go from a water source and began to do what the real Yomiko had instructed. Sighing to herself, Yomiko analyzed the amount of water she had summoned moments ago to use to summon her clones and got to thinking. She could, technically, repeat this at the base of different points of the base of the fire as it was spreading to box it in and keep it from spreading. At least then, the others working on putting the fire out itself wouldn’t have to worry about the fire getting out of control as they were doing it. 

Alright. Hopefully no one is caught inside the couple of buildings burning here. Hold tight if you are! I promise I’m coming!

Rushing to around the diameter of the fire, Yomiko stopped at what could be considered another ‘corner’ of the inferno and repeated the same step as before. A string of hand signs, an open palm slammed down onto the ground, and a torrent of water erupting from the seal and flooding into the fire; dousing everything. Nodding, Yomiko repeated this two more times until she had circled around to where her clones were. The two of them were struggling, not only being at the cusp of their range from water, but also with only a whip and a torrent of needles at their disposal, it was hard to keep the fire at bay unless they just jumped in themselves and fell apart back into water. 

“Don’t worry, this should help!”, the original Yomiko shouted as she rushed in between her two clones and performed the summoning technique one more time, another torrent of water flooding outwards to keep the fire at bay while also giving the two clones something to tether to. Breathing a bit heavy, Yomiko took a second to collect herself as her two clones took her flanks, moving forward and continued to bring torrents of needles up from all of the water to spray into the now controlled inferno in front of them. While the fire was controlled, they still needed to help put the thing out. But at least it was only engulfing one main building and spread to two or three smaller ones. Still a tragedy, but it could have been much worse. 

Okay. Caught my breath. I’m good. It’s time to brave this fire where I can and see if anyone needs help or if anyone was caught in all of this while trying to help; like that man earlier.

--WC 1019--
Stat Page : Yomiko
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 19700

Fire! [C-rank] Empty Re: Fire! [C-rank]

Mon Jun 21, 2021 6:38 pm
With everything mostly under control now, Yomiko nodded to her two clones as they continued to do what they needed to do on their end. Due to the amount of water that the original Yomiko continued to summon along the edges of the inferno, it would now allow her clones to move around the fire as they pleased while still staying in general proximity to her as well as stay tethered to some sort of form of water. They also knew to fall apart into water if a larger sum was needed in an instance for any cases of blasts, combustion, or reactions with any materials within the blaze. 

Every possible avenue of thought was given and acted upon. Now all Yomiko needed to do was go around and check to see if anyone was injured, hurt, or trapped from the blaze. Circling towards the backside of the inferno on the main building where it had started to spread to another one, Yomiko dipped into the smaller alley between the two where some of the main building had collapsed. It wasn’t too bad, but bad enough where someone could potentially be trapped beneath the rubble. “Is anyone back here? Does anyone need any help?”

Much like how someone exploring a dense thicket of foliage in a jungle wouldn use a machete to cut through, Yomiko was doing the same with her water whip, using it to cut a path through any bits of flame trying to lick at her from the main inferno. It also allowed the smoke to recede, though only to a point and allow for better breathing. However, she was beginning to feel the effects from the smoke surrounding her as such. Squinting through blurry eyes for a moment until her vision adjusted once more, Yomiko’s water whip extinguished a smaller portion of the fire in the alleyway as she peered into a part of the burned down wall of the main building that had caught on fire. 

“Hello?!” She yelled, louder this time. Though it wasn’t anything coherent in speech, it was a sound nonetheless and from the rubble she could see a girl roughly around the same age that she was who was only just now crawling out from under some rubble, likely that came from the collapsing wall. “Over here!” Yomiko yelled once more, her water whip making a loud crack sound against another portion of the fire to allow for a small escape route for the girl to use. The girl, though disoriented, stumbled, staggered, and just about fell around through the small gap that Yomiko had made until she got out into the alley. Yomiko was waiting with her free hand to pull the girl close to her as she led her back to the entrance of the alleyway. “Listen, leave this alleyway and go out to the main square. Medics have arrived and are also looking for survivors and those injured. Go see them.”

The girl nodded and quickly hobbled out of the alley, leaving Yomiko alone once more to retreat back into the recesses of the narrow alley between all of the buildings affected by the flames. Getting back to where she had found the girl, Yomiko stopped to scan the area once more just to be safe and see if anyone else had been trapped. It didn’t seem like they were and after some calling out without an answer, she moved on to the intersection of the narrow alley where the two other buildings that had begun to be affected by the flames were. Assessing the buildings, it looked like the one to the left had similar damage where a main floor wall had begun to crumble and collapse while the other building to the right had a hole burrowed into one of the top floor rooms by the fire. 

Okay, let me check the bottom floor in this building first since I’m already here. Hold on!

Though she wasn’t speaking out loud or to anyone in particular, putting the thought and affirmation out there, even mentally, made her feel a little bit better as she quickly lashed out with her water whip once more to clear a path into the leftmost building that had a portion of the wall on the bottom floor burned away. Much like what she had done at the previous building, Yomiko scanned inside for anything that looked out of place or not what it should be considering the damage. Everything was burned or had fallen over flat onto the surface below without looking like anyone was trapped or under anything. Cracking her whip into the room, not only to have the fire recede some, but also as a callout for anyone that Yomiko could potentially not see. 

“Is anyone there? Hello? Please make some sort of noise if you can hear me!”

Crickets. No one was answering and from what she could tell, there were no signs of anyone in the immediate vicinity either. She had to move on and she had to keep going. Using her whip still, Yomiko would crack the water into the room a bit more to help keep the blaze at bay just a bit as the other shinobi above continued to focus more on putting the fire itself out. Any little bit could help after all. Once she finished with that, Yomiko pivoted to the side to dash out back into the alley and towards the other building where one of the rooms on the second story had been burned into by the flames. What worried her though was the fact that it was on the second floor; easy for the structural integrity of the house to fail if too much weight was put onto any non-supported beams or flooring from the fire. 

Letting her water whip fall apart, Yomiko used the water left over that splashed down along the ground to generate a wave of water needles that she shot into the side, along the opening of the burned out hole in the side of the building. It didn’t do too much in the way of quelling the fire, but it did enough in making the flames recede back so she could maneuver her way up and into the room above. She had to be careful though as she applied her chakra to her feet to scale the sides of the two buildings, jumping between the two as she went up to try and avoid any burned parts or any parts that looked structurally unsound. 

Once Yomiko did make it to where she could jump inside she wasted no time in leaping through the hole created by the initial onset of the blaze, landing on some debris and rolling forward as to not get caught in any of it in case the floor there, too, was burned through. Thankfully nothing happened and this allowed Yomiko to stand up, albeit uncomfortably due to the smoke, and summon her water whip once more. She was getting tired. She had summoned a lot of water and her water clones were likely coming close to the end of their duration as well. Once she checked this building, she would feel better and technically be finished with what was so hastily asked of her and any willing shinobi that could. 

Okay, just need to make a sweep through here and I’m done, be quick but thorough and get out of here so you yourself don’t become a casualty!

From what she could tell, there was no one in this room either. Using her water whip once more, she lashed out at the flames to keep them at bay while scanning through the room. Nothing from what she could see. “Hello? Is anyone here? Please make a noise if you can hear me!” Still, there was nothing at all. “Hello? I’m here to hel---eyah!” Yomiko couldn’t finish her statement as she plummeted through the floor, the boards breaking beneath her weight due to the lack of support from the beams in the now burnt up wall. Her head was ringing and she could barely see straight, but that’s when she noticed that she wasn’t alone. Another gentleman roughly middle aged or close to the man she had helped out when she first arrived at the scene was trapped beneath what looked like floorboards that fell when the wall came crashing in earlier. 

Pulling herself up, she winced as pain shot through her entire body from the shock from the fall. She knew she probably pulled some muscles and perhaps even sprained something, but Yomiko still made her way over to the man and helped him up as he came too from being poked and prodded by the young kunoichi. They leaned against each other to support one another while Yomiko summoned her whip into her hand once more to lead the two of them to safety. It took a minute, but she managed to use her whip to get through a side door on the first floor and take the man around front where a Medic team was waiting taking care of others who were caught in the fire. 

Her job was done as she all about collapsed to the ground while a medic quickly began to assess her and do their job in taking care of her. All she knew is that she had helped 3 people to safety while also staving off the brunt of the fire’s spread. That was enough to warrant a success in her book.

--WC 1592; TWC 2611--
Rewards: 4100 Ryou for Genin completing a C rank mission & +20 AP from mission rewards. Claiming Suiton: Soap Bubble with 2500 WC. +17 stats via 1700 WC (+5 Vigor, +7 Chakra, +5 Speed) to max out stats. +18 AP via 900 leftover WC after stat maxed.
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
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Fire! [C-rank] Empty Re: Fire! [C-rank]

Mon Jun 21, 2021 6:48 pm
Fire! [C-rank] FNbQpoZ
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