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New land, new path Empty New land, new path

Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:13 pm
Taichi watched as the gates before him began to swing open. He was not stunned by the large gates for most ninja villages had those, but what he was stunned by was the beauty that lay within the walls. The white haired north man watched with wide eyes as he entered the village, passing by lush gardens and fountains that he had never seen before. He remembered for a moment the land of Rivers, the gorgeous rivers that flowed through the lands, cutting through canyons and valleys, leaving him in the same way. He walked up to the shops and he walked through the gardens, smelling each flower as he walked by.

For so long of his life he had been lost, until the voice found him. The voice brought him to another plane of existence, until it was gone. Then he dove back into the continuous downward spiral that was his life, he had plans to start villages, he had plans to begin spreading the word of creation through the visions that he had received, but everything fell to pieces around him. So now, he wanted to just begin to enjoy the smaller things in life, catch all of the things that he had missed in the past. 

As he walked through the last of the gardens he turned to the shops, wanting to see anything and everything there was to see in this village, and maybe find himself a friend or two within the ranks of the village, maybe even find some work so he could finally begin building up his own finances. He wanted to start again, and this was going to be the best place for him to start, in a place that he was an absolute nobody. He sat on a bench and he unzipped the blue vest he was wearing and he looked up to the sun, just curious as to where this village would bring his life.
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