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Ryu and the cookies Empty Ryu and the cookies

Mon Dec 07, 2020 12:17 am
Cookie time:

The night had faded, the sun peeked over the mountains to the north of Ryu's home, the light hitting all around him. Ryu rose from his bedroll and prepared for the day, he showered, brushed his teeth and began to dress. Ryuzaki donned his usual attire, a pair of ninja tabi that covered bandages that wound around his feet and up his legs until they went under a pair of long shorts that stopped just below the knee, and met a pair of compression shorts. Strapped around his left leg was a long weapon pouch that housed half his kunai and shuriken, on his back right hip he wore a cloth weapon pouch that housed the rest of his kunai, shuriken, explosive tags, smoke bombs and military ration pills. A belt wound around his waist, not to keep his shorts in place but to hold the hanging scabbard of his masters family heirloom, a katana. Ryuzaki wore a black, short-sleeved t-shirt, from just below his shoulders more bandages wound around his arms and his hands, doubling as hand wrapping for close-quarters combat. On Ryu's back two holsters crossed each other, both housing a tanto, their hilts pointing out and down from his back, so they could easily be drawn, his weaponry was mostly designed so that in the case of combat he could draw them while his enemy was caught in the shadow imitation jutsu, and if they had similar weapons they would not also draw them. Around his neck he wore a simple silver chain, hanging from it was a simple gold ring with the Nara clan symbol etched into it, the only sign that he ever belonged to the clan. 

Ryu exited his house and closed the door behind him, as he did he heard a voice from in front of him "Ryuzaki, I am the Hollykage and I have a mission for you. Here in this bag is a collection of cookies my wife has made, I want you to deliver them to the villagers, it will make them happy and also increase their health for the coming festive period. If you choose to accept this mission I will have some great rewards for you, this high-grade leather could be yours" He said as he motioned to the bag of cookies next to him and then to the leather that wrapped around his left fist. The man in front of him was tall, round and had a long, bushy white beard. He was dressed in a strange red shirt and trousers, he also had a red hat with a white bobble.  Ryuzaki opened his mouth to question the man, but he clicked his fingers and disappeared as quickly as he arrived. Ryuzaki stepped forward and opened the sack, there were indeed a lot of cookies inside, he took one and nibbled on it, it was very tasty, he felt his energy reserves swelling. Ryuzaki smiled and hoisted the big sack over his shoulder and started to walk towards the village. 

AS Ryu entered the village his first stop was by the village gates, the gatehouse had two ninjas on guard, he greeted them as he usually did upon entering the village. One of the guards was familiar to him, he had given him a mission when his partner had abandoned his gate duty and tried to run away from the village. Ryu thought back to that moment when he first laid eyes upon a member of the Storm Ops, and his true path had become clear to him. Ryu then moved on from the guardhouse and entered the street directly opposite the gate, this street led deeper into the village and housed most of the gift and eateries of the village, trying to make use of their close proximity to the gates and the fact that people had to enter through this street to get anywhere within the village. Ryuzakis next stop was by his favourite barbeque spot, he ate there regularly and he enjoyed their customer service. Ryuzaki spoke to the manager and gave him a box of the cookies, they were going to use them as a treat for people to pick up on their way out of the shop. Ryuzaki then continued down the street and handed out the cookies to various other establishments until he had emptied the sack. Once the sack was empty, a strange chakra emanated from the bag and it was suddenly full of cookies again. Ryuzaki cursed the Hollykage, how many times would he make him run circles for him, he could have just been upfront about these missions as he gave them out. Ryuzaki began to deliver cookies to other parts of the village, several times the bag emptied and then filled again. After several hours Ryu had delivered the cookies to everywhere around the village and the bag finally did not fill up again.

The bag began to shake and constricted on itself, finally fizzling out of distance,  as it did the bag was replaced with the leather that the Hollykage had promised him, he was going to use it on some future armour he had plans to make, he was not sure where he would find the craftsmen to make such an armour but he had at least began to plan what he wanted it to do. Ryuzaki also felt that his energy reserves had been increased, the increase also felt permanent, he was not sure how he could tell this, but it felt different. Ryuzaki revisited the bbq place and ate his dinner, he made sure to order an extra portion for Taco. Once he had finished eating he enjoyed a nice warm drink, as the temperature had started to fall when the sun had gone, even in this usual very hot biosphere. After Ryu had finished his treats he then began to head back home, once he reached his house he gave Taco the portion of meat he had ordered for him and then began to rest for the night.

Claiming +2000 ryo, +20 Ap, Leather, 250/250 for Mark Seal, 750/750 for Hidden Arms using 25% max stat discount.
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Ryu and the cookies Empty Re: Ryu and the cookies

Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:42 am
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