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Taichi Uchiha
Taichi Uchiha
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Taichi's scars (pt. 1) Empty Taichi's scars (pt. 1)

Thu Oct 01, 2020 11:45 am
"Wake up, boy." Taichi's father said spitefully as he pulled on the child's leg, dragging him out of bed. Taichi woke up quickly before his head had fallen to the stone floor from the side of his bed. Taichi's father dropped his foot and turned to face his son, who was bleeding slightly from the back of his head and in a slight daze. 

"You're a disappointment, put some clothes on. It's time for you to start earning your own keep around this house, boy." Taichi's father walked out of the bedroom and Taichi was immediately confused. "What do you mean?" Taichi thought to himself, he had no intention of questioning his father out loud, he knew what would happen if he did that. 

Taichi quickly stopped the bleeding from the back of his head and began throwing his clothes on. After dressing his wound, and his body he ran out of the bedroom and looked through the house for his father. After not finding him, he decided to go into the kitchen and wait for him. 

After only a few moments, he heard stomping coming from the hallway, heading for the kitchen. "You worthless piece of shit!" Taichi's father yelled as he threw a left cross to Taichi's chin, knocking him down to the floor. Still being confused, but knowing what would happen if he stayed on the ground, he leapt back to his feet and kept his hands to his side, as to not come off as trying to fight back. Taichi's father did not care that his son was not fighting back, he sent a right knee directly into Taichi's stomach, causing a slight amount of blood to slip out of Taichi's mouth.

Taichi struggled to stay on his feet, but he kept his stance as best he could. Taichi's father yelled out in anger once again as he threw his right elbow into Taichi's head. Taichi, already in a daze from the first two strikes, finally fell to the floor, feeling the blood spill over his forehead. The strikes from his father's feet at first stung, but not long after, he lost consciousness and he could no longer feel them. 

Taichi's eyes shot open when he finally gained his consciousness back. Still lying in the kitchen in a small puddle of his own blood he stood, checking his surroundings, ensuring that his father was gone. He attempted to get up, but the pain radiating from his abdomen was far too substantial for him to lift himself up. "I think he broke another rib." Taichi said to himself quietly as he tried to stop the bleeding over his left eye. 

His father was nowhere to be seen and he heard nothing coming from the TV. No beer cans on the counter nor surrounding his chair. "Where did he go?" Taichi slowly and painfully got to his feet and realized he was going to have think of another reason as to how he got these injuries when the doctor asked him. "Fell during training?" Taichi thought to himself. He realized that that would work well enough so he began heading towards the front door to get himself to the hospital before his father came back. 

Each step taken was excruciating, but they needed to be swift before he was forced to endure another beating from his father. He got to the front door when suddenly he heard a pounding from within his father's bedroom, almost as if he was nailing something into the wall. Taichi heard the bedroom door open and he scurried as quickly as he could before his father would be able to see him. 

Quietly closing the door behind him, he heard his father stomping in the kitchen, swearing at the top of his lungs asking where that "Worthless piece of shit" was. Letting out a relieved sigh he began hobbling towards the hospital so he could get treated for the injuries he had incurred during his "training" session. At least he was, before he heard the front door open behind him and a all too familiar voice yell out to him. "Where the fuck do you think you're going? We still have work to do!" Taichi's father had his rod in his hand and Taichi knew exactly what that meant. 

Taichi slowly turned back around and he began walking towards the house once again, knowing that if he was going to go to the hospital, he might as well have all of the injuries done to him before going. He entered his "home" and immediately was struck by the rod, directly to the back of his head. Falling to the floor due to his lack of structural integrity due to the broken ribs, he began feeling the rod coming down onto him again and again, and again, and again. 

Taichi looked up at his father and saw a tear building up in his eye. He couldn't remember the last time that he saw his father have a tear in his eye. Taichi tried to protect his vital organs, but in his delerious state, he could only do so much before the rod struck him directly in his mouth, cutting a decent gash into his face. The blood began spilling out of his mouth once again, but this time, the beating was cut short by a knocking on the door. 

Taichi's father's eyes quickly shot wide as he whipped his attention to the front door. He walked toward the front door and immediately grinned as he opened it. Another man that Taichi knew far too well walked into the house and both Taichi's father and himself began to talk about Taichi and how much of a piece of filth he was. Taichi tried to get back to his feet, asking if he could go to hospital, but he was interrupted by a swift kick to his chin.

Taichi fell to the floor once again, trying his best to stay conscious. But soon after, he had wished he just let himself go back to sleep. The man picked Taichi up, and all he could do was scream after feeling his ribs press against the man's shoulder. Both men just laughed as they brought Taichi into his father's bedroom. 

Taichi was then stripped naked and tied up to what his father had been nailing together from within his room. It was a crudely built wooden cross, but instead of a t, it formed an X. Taichi's hands and ankles were bound and he was facing the X when soon after, e heard small bits of metal clinking together. Taichi was unsure what was happening, but he was unable to move and to look behind him. Standing there with accelerated breath, he prayed that he would just be let go. With the amount of blood that he already lost, he was getting into a dangerous territory and he wasn't sure how much more he could lose before he would face irreparable damage. 

The man that entered the house earlier handed the tool to his father, who then shook it in his hand for a moment. They talked for a moment about how properly use it, and that is when the training began. Taichi's father faced Taichi, being only a few meters away from his bare and bound body, before letting out a quick motion with the tool. 

Taichi felt what had to have been claws made of metal dig into his body, and ripping at his flesh, taking some with it. Taichi's screams echoed through the halls of his home as he felt the blood begin to pour out of his back and down to his feet. Another motion with the tool, another scream, more blood. Taichi could hold on no longer, he felt his body go limp, and his mind began to fade away. Taichi knew that today was the day, his father was finally going to do it. Today was the day he would die. He let go and finally faded away completely, no longer being conscious.

As he faded away, he remembered his mother. She was a beautiful woman, all the way to the day of her death. She was kind and she was sweet. She was timid, but that was mainly because of his father. Her voice was one that could soothe the most miserable man, and finally Taichi had something to smile about, he was going home to her.

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Taichi's scars (pt. 1) Empty Re: Taichi's scars (pt. 1)

Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:50 pm

[Side note here... are you ok-fucking-kay??]
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