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Training Alone (Private, Solo) Empty Training Alone (Private, Solo)

Wed Apr 22, 2020 11:40 am
Alright then... It was time to begin a new type of training! As much fun as it was learning the basics of ninjutsu from teachers and acquiring the knowledge of simple techniques, she felt it was time to rev-it-up a bit! Yamakura left home with a smile on her lips, a full stomach and a new scroll her older brothers had gifted her this day, a Fire-style jutsu and a few more stored within the rolled-up cylinder of paper! She always found it so interesting... that such power could be contained in these little things! Sometimes, it was a massive summon brought forth by the correct symbols and a pact of blood! Other times it was a jutsu in it of itself, a pre-cast technique activated remotely by the user with even less cost to themselves than if they had used it themselves! In this case, it was the fundamentals, the knowledge to use such power, making Yamakura supply the power! It was the best way to learn, after all, by using the technique practically!

With her scroll in hand and a spring in her step, Yamakura went back to the training grounds, her haunt, seemingly, for the remainder of her school years! She couldn't help but think back to class the other day, a kind of field-trip to the grounds where other, more experienced ninja were practicing their arts. Some were throwing fire and lighting at wooden poles, obliterating them and singing their shards to ash! Others appeared to warp space with their sheer chakra, at least how the teacher described it, splitting the dummies with the contortion of its shape! And still, perhaps even more impressive, there were ninja crushing stone and bending solid sheets of metal with their raw fighting force! There was no chakra involved in the execution, nothing enhancing their power, just pure muscle and determination cracking some of the hardest objects in the Leaf!

...Yamakura just knew she would never be able to do something that impressive... But she might be able to make herself useful. It was the point of this training after all, to make herself useful. This was her whole goal when it came to becoming a ninja: to be useful. Others in the village had dreams of grandure from being the leader of the village to being the true champion of it or attain a similar title of status and power. These people wanted to make themselves known to the village and its people as someone to truly admire and respect, a being of such unprecedented worth that they would forever go down in history as landmarks in the passages of time!

...Yamakura had no such dreams. She knew she just wasn't that special, despite what others in her clan might assert! Sure, NOW she was starting to pick up on things faster but, compared to her siblings, she was always the youngest, weakest Uchiha by a remarkable margin! If she couldn't even tackle them... what hope did she have when it comes to surpassing her fellow ninja within the village? Forever behind her siblings, she could only imagine merely making herself worth-while to the very people spending their time and resources to bring her up, to really be a ninja...

This was her goal. She would not bring other people down with her uselessness... She wouldn't allow it! She would make something of herself or die trying!

...But hopefully, she wouldn't have to explore the alternative option...

Having reached the grounds, Yamakura would quickly unroll her scroll at such a pace, with such excitement and lack of overall dexterity, she nearly got tangled up in the thin, broad paper as it came out! Fumbling with it, she glanced around quickly, her face starting to burn with blush, thankful that nobody was around at this time of day.... Oh, she'd have RUN if someone saw just how stupid she had been just then, how idiotic would have looked to them... Luckily, she only had herself, the rustling of the tress and soon FIRE to surround her as the first technique Yamakura spotted...

"Flickering Lanturn...?" She whispered, reading the technique... And an interesting one it was! It usage...? Who could say? But if she could use this technique to harness her control over her natural element (that being the Uchiha's affinity for Fire), then she should learn it too! ...And besides, what were the odds that she'd be walking home late at night and would need some extra light to see? After all, walking home with her face red from having slammed face-first into a dozen walls sounds less than enthralling!

Yamakura whispered, her hands folding together into the first symbol. It was just like the other jutsu, right? She just had to channel her Chakra and create the correct symbols in order to use her jutsu... That's how it worked for transformation... Maybe it'd work the same here? "Lets try this!"



Suddenly, Yamakura felt a warmth begin to build in her chest, a tender heat almost like that of a campfire billowing up within her lungs! Steadily it would creep up her throat and rest within her cheeks, bulging ever so slightly as if her mouth were full!

Fire Style: Flickering Lantern Jutsu!

Almost reflexively, Yamakura blue out the heat building in her face, eyes clenched shut with effort... and when she opened them... a small ball of flame hovered before her face!

"EEP!" She cried out in shock, recoiling quickly, her feet snagging on the ground as she fell upon her rear! She winced... but when she opened her eyes, the flame still hovered only a short distance from her face, lighting up the world around her just a tad brighter! Slowly, she would reach up with her hand, and quickly withdrawing it once the ravenous heat of the flames nipped her finger, but the fire would only follow her hand, gently resting in the air above her palm! Yamakura could only stare at it, enthralled by her creation, amazed... that she had created something.... something slightly less basic! What was even more interesting... was that she could feel the drain upon herself! It was as if her energy were the kindling for this fire and slowly it was consuming all she had to offer to it.... What a cool technique, for lack of a better word!

...And like the owner of that kindling, the moment Yamakura shut off the flow of her chakra, the flame would POOF out of existence, Yama gently touching the air where it used to burn, a warm spot left behind.

"Heehee... What else can I learn in here?" She mused giddily, moving down to the next technique! She knew it needed work, this technique, but now that she knew she could cast it, she could learn how to use something else now! That way, she could train these techniques together... rather than coming back here every time to learn a new technique! She was going to be useful fast if this next one went over just as well as the last!

"Vandalism by Fire..."
She murmured, her ecstatic grin turning southward at the name... THE LAST THING she wanted to be was a vandal... but there could be uses for this technique! Symbols, for example, signals to her fellow ninja, perhaps necessary for telling them she's hurt or in danger or something and perhaps it could save her in the future!

...The name was off-putting, but it mattered not in the end... She would have to learn this!

Just one symbol and some focus... Okay, she could do this....

"Ha!" She cried, her fingers forming into the symbol of confrontation!

Fire-Style: Vandalism by Fire!

Suddenly, her pointer-finger caught ablaze!

Yamakura cried, again recoiling in shock, waving her hand wildly as the flames burned... but to her surprise, it didn't hurt! Quite the contrary, they were... pleasantly warm! Once she realized this, Yamakura would stop flailing and instead hold her flaming finger up, intrigued! Like before, to the non-inflamed skin, it bit at hungrily.... She would have to try this the way it was intended! Getting up slowly, carefully keeping her burning had from the grass that could catch fire, Yama would walk over to one of the wooden dummies, gently drawing a stick-figure upon it's face... which stayed where her finger had touched!

"Wow..." She whispered, shutting off her chakra! Soon after, her flaming finger would quench as would the image before her, leaving merely a scorched mark where her flames had rested! "This is cool! I gotta tell my brother!


TWC: 1438

14 Stats
Vandalism by Fire
Flickering Lantern Jutsu
Primrose Uchiha
Primrose Uchiha
Stat Page : Primmys Stats
Genjutsu Fūinjutsu Ninjutsu Remove Default
Wind Remove Remove Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : EMS
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 12000

Training Alone (Private, Solo) Empty Re: Training Alone (Private, Solo)

Thu Apr 23, 2020 12:21 am
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