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Ryalt’abi Shinkou
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This is something... Empty This is something...

Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:36 am
After finding that tavern the three amigos settled down in a booth just shooting the breeze and occasionally picking up on some interesting rumors. They were always hit or miss so when Ryal was on his own he usually didn't go myth busting, especially when the most believable rumors could turn out to be hazing or just some guy(s) trying to seem cool. The particular rumor of the day that had literally everyone shook was that there was a large group of village shinobi gathering on the borders. The more the rumor spread the harder it got to decipher its credibility. Some were saying they were coming from Kumo, others from Konoha, and even from Hoshi. Shit was getting out of hand and fast, specifically considering how Hoshi was accepting their kind not long ago. Ryal sincerely hoped that this wasn't some colossal joke or people trying to make money by transporting people from the "danger". He tried his best to ignore everything, worst case scenario they'd have to fight some village shinobi or be caught. Hopefully, if there really were enemy forces approaching they didn't have a kill on sight order.

As much as he wanted to yell to stop all the commotion Ryal didn't want all of that attention on him. Much less he didn't want to have to be the one to try to sort all the stories out. There were also the brutes that wished to take leadership with any experience or the semblance of a plan that would try to fight him for command. Sigh, he needed another drink, unfortunately, none of the workers were able to get to any of the tables or back to the bar. So the golden eyed god would have to walk to the bar himself for a refill, he couldn't sit because there was liquor spilled everywhere but it didn't bother him much. When he finally did get his drink the second he turned around it was all but slapped from his hand. His glare quickly found the culprit who looked scared and thus blurted out something about it being a joint attack from two nations. For the love of God! He had to get the hell out of here, normally he would look for his mates but visibility in this place was trash. So alone out of the tavern he went, someone with a drop of sense had to get a handle on this shit. 

There were three things he knew he needed to find out before he could come back and quiet everyone down. One: just how many were there really, Two: are they even planning an attack, and Three: who was in charge. It would be impossible to get an accurate number without being seen but using chakra sensory he would at least be able to get a rough number. Hearing their plan would also be hard as fuck without getting close and he wasn't dumb enough to just walk up to them. This also meant that he wouldn't just go ask to be led to the person in charge although he could pretend to be a local who needs the authorities. If that worked it would be easy to interrogate whoever took the bait, especially if Levi could use that paralysis jutsu that little bitch used on them. He also had his falsified documents and uniform so he could try to blend in but that would be the most risky and the Shinkou was sure they'd have a list of who was supposed to be there. That's when he remembered Taishi's ability to move beneath the earth, shooting the grey-ish man a quick mental message he'd let the brute know that he was going to get to the bottom of this and could use his help. He would also reach out to the Nara, alerting him of his intentions, if that man could rise from shadows he'd definitely prove his worth.

While Ryal silently approached the location of the initial location he thought of what jutsu he knew that could possibly help and how his own bloodline could benefit him. As the shinobi moved around unaware of him and any others he began curing his clan for making mostly defensive jutsu. Of course, that would trigger his unwanted guest, the energy taunting him for being a Chosen One of his age and not having created his own technique. I really don't need this right now. He told it which it simply laughed at in reply. Why don't you make yourself useful and go find out what they're planning? He added and Yuumei replied with, Now you're thinking. Yea it was a good idea but now wasn't the time to test it out plus there were way too many unknown variables to sort out. At least the bastard was staying true to itself and hadn't gotten comfortable in his body. Anyway, there were a fair amount of civilians mingling with the ninja, were they being evacuated? It's possible but if this was a joint attack then the likelihood decreased, the number of caravans also didn't match the disarray they criminals were in.

If the civilians had been notified in advance there was no way none of the criminals wouldn't have found out until today. What's more, he could smell various fruits and vegetables caught in the wind. He also hadn't seen many families, most of the people were single men. Interesting, could they be planning a trojan horse? Before the blue haired male could speculate further he heard an angry man yelling at another, that one was one of the shinobi. I see so he must be in charge then. While it didn't seem like they were planning an attack Ryal wanted to try to get a little closer, if he could maybe he could finally see their headbands. Somehow every single one of them managed to be obscured in some way, by nature or positioning. Hey, I think they're protecting merchants. He thought to his comrades. Whoever started this rumor was so much of a damn coward they couldn't even recognize something so simple. Welp, at least he and his boys could make a come-up, especially since Tengakure had been such a letdown and if the thought of robbing them wasn't already in their minds it would be now, accidentally.

Whoops. He thought to himself with a smirk, it was likely Yuumei messing with his chakra control but in this case, it was fine. Dashing through the scenery at top speed, which normally wasn't much but the golden eyed god had activated his dojutsu and, his speed was quite formidable. It also let him measure the chakra of the village shinobi and confirm that the man getting yelled at was in fact the leader and not some grunt being abused. Don't be mean that'll make robbing you justifiable. He thought or Yuumei influenced him to say, whatever. They were greatly outnumbered so the three of them would have to locate the caravan with the best goods or blitz rob every civilian. Hm... Or maybe Ryal being the fastest could do the blitzing while someone else caused a distraction and the third fought off any merchants that fought back. Hey, guys... No response. Taishi?... Levi? What the hell was going on? Why weren't they answering? Could it be some jutsu or technology blocking fuuinjutsu?

Damn it! Oh well, there was no time to waste, he would just have to do the blitzing without any backup. However, just as the Shinkou was about to make his attack he could hear voices behind him. There's no way that many of them could be his two friends, although it was probably foolish Ryal looked behind him. His jaw dropped, the drunkards from the tavern were rushing toward the caravans and village ninja. Those fucking idiots are going to get themselves killed... Fuck it. The male sighed and brandished a kunai in each hand, tossing one up to his mouth before refilling the empty hand. These dumbasses would make for one hell of a cover after the blue haired male was done snatch stealing. With that, the Shinkou would indirectly lead a small army of simpletons into battle. Not that he was particularly aiming to kill anyone but he had to protect himself because there was no way in hell these village ninja were gonna go easy on a hoard of vagabonds. Additionally, he didn't want to be caught if they were feeling "generous" for some reason.

It would be a couple of minutes before the merchants and shinobi would hear the roar of bums which allowed Ryal to retain the element of surprise. No one in his direct path had any weapons out so he was able to make a hole, slashing any that threatened to run into him. The few that he could see were cleaning their weapons while seated, so even though they'd have the best chance of hitting him he'd been gone by the time they realized he wasn't one of theirs. And those he left in the dust would be preoccupied with stopping the bleeding before their leader, who magically disappeared, ordered them to defend and prepare projectiles. It was really bad that Ryal had let the commander slip out of his sight. Hopefully, his comrades had heard that skirmish earlier and knew who to be most wary of. It looks like he really did belong to this group with that thoughtless action nevertheless he couldn't beat himself up about it. At least not now, not when the kunai in his mouth had clashed with some body armor was flung to the ground. Damn it. Quickly tossing his one remaining kunai to his mouth he used his newly freed hand to make the seal of confrontation. Rearming himself with dark whip, his range increased significantly.

He was so proud of his little convenience jutsu right now, whatever he couldn't carry on his person he was tossing into his spacial tear. However, it was stationary and thus he had to continuously open and close it which was rather draining and he'd be at his limit pretty soon. Luckily the hoard had arrived and he was able to save his energy for his escape, something he wouldn't be doing until he saw his comrades. He didn't know if he would pick up the brute's chakra signature if he had gone underground so he'd start with Levi, focusing his sensory on his signature alone. Rather than being like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it was more like running in a maze. Turn here, turn there, no go back, it got confusing fast considering the caravans, merchants, and shinobi weren't widely spread. A couple of times the Shinkou found himself headed towards a clearing, a path to freedom, was this Yuumei interfering again? Now this was starting to get annoying, so he'd try again to reach out to them by calling their names with the hope it would work this time. Safe for now he'd stay put and search the caravan near him, maybe if he didn't move they'd come to him instead.

Finding some clothes that would fetch a fair price Ryal used the classic shoplifter basics. Although this time he'd be placing the clothes over top of his outfit seeing as he didn't have nearly enough privacy or time to put them beneath. From here on out he had to make sure not to get any blood on them. Doing so caused him to turn into a bit of a dancer as quick side steps and ducking no longer cut it. He actually had to bend, twirl, and raise his arms awkwardly and that was sure to draw attention to him even in this chaos. Thankfully though the three misfiteers would be reunited shortly after he'd begun his disco and after a few team skull cracks they were, easily enough, able to escape. "I don't think we should ever go back to that bar again." Ryal said with a laugh once they'd stopped running.

TWC: 2,010 [Exit]
Claiming: 10 stats; 28 AP; 6,800 ryo; Mark Seal for 125 (saw Alice use it here*); Summoning Technique for 500 (saw Alice use it here*); Vacuum Sword; remaining 385 toward Blade Cutter

*Even though she only explained the first jutsu both would be in the Jutsu Encyclopedia perchased long before meeting her so it wouldn't be needed for the second.
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This is something... Empty Re: This is something...

Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:25 am
A nice tavern, finally! The large man would be sitting comfortably in the booth, sipping on what looked like a beer mug full of something just a wee bit stronger. The place seemed busy, far busier that the man expected for the area they were in. It was a sharp contrast to the complete silence of the ghost town they were just in prior. The brute would toss a small handful of pretzels into his mouth when Ryal would get up and head to the bar. Part of him wanted to keep watch, making sure that nobody would find their hands lost in the pockets of his comrades, but he also understood that they were probably some of the… more dangerous and capable folk in the establishment. Ryal and Levi both could handle themselves if the need arose, so the brute would just sit back in the padded seat and continue to sip his refreshment.
There was a great deal of buzz going around from patron to patron, each looking more panicked than the last as words were shared. He picked up on a few key words, but didn’t make out anything specific at the moment. Something about village shinobi… and hoarders? What in the hell did those two things have to do with one another? He would take another large gulp of his drink and stand up, his motor function a bit off normal but not enough to truly hinder the grey brute. He would stumble a bit out of the booth and make his way to the bathroom, the drink making its way through him faster than he expected. The line to use the bathroom was WAY too long for Taishi to stand there waiting around for, so he would step outside, walk around back and just take a piss there. It was here that he overheard a couple of people talking, quietly to one another as if sharing some sort of secret. They mention an amassing group of village ninja out here on the borders. What would they be doing way out here? Perhaps there was a high value target or something? Hell, even MN can claim those bounties. The brute would finish with his leak, pick up his drink from where he left it and down it in a rather rapid fashion that would make most people concerned for the life of the imbiber. It would be then that he hears a mental message from Ryal. “Sure thing.” The brute now growing to be a bit on the inebriated side would begin his trek towards where the men whispered they were amassing.
It really wasn’t a huge distance away, but it felt a lot longer than Taishi expected it to. Once he was close enough to see, it was clear that there were far too many of them to reasonably fight off if they were all shinobi. He would have to keep his now limited wits about him, as he had no desire to be captured by these men. Luckily the brute was pretty decent at keeping himself out of site with his earth tunneling technique Hiding Like a Mole. The man would swiftly sink into the ground and rush towards the caravans to assess their numbers and feel out the strength of their chakra. Nothing impressive, beyond numbers. They were compensating for their relative weakness by simply having more men to throw at the enemy. While it was an odd tactic and one likely to get many of them killed in a real fight, it was enough of a deterrent to keep him from rushing in and taking everything by force. There were a lot of people, maybe thirty or forty. Not all of them were shinobi based on the chakra he was feeling, but there were at least fifteen people with chakra significant enough to be low rank ninja. There had to be one in charge of it all. There always was one, someone to take the lead and ensure the others did what needed done. The brute would try and seek out the highest chakra signature, figuring that had to be the one in charge. It took a bit, but he could finally sense the man he thought to be the culprit. There was part of the greying man that thought that it may be best to take this man out quietly from the safety of his earthen hiding spot. You cut the head off the snake and the body dies. There was a lot of risk in this though, as not only was this likely the toughest of the shinobi, but with one call out all of the village shinobi would be on him like flies on a dung heap. The risk just wasn’t worth it, even if he figured that the man probably had a hefty coin purse on him for leading this little expedition into the borders. The more he thought about it, though, the more tempting it was to rob the man blind. Taishi Ishi would begin to follow the man in charge while remaining under the earth, feeling for where the man seemed to be spending the most time. While not able to see directly, he imagined that where the man was most of the time was likely where he kept his valuables. Merchants tend to be on the greedier side by nature, and keeping an eye on ones valuables was important in these lawless lands they find themselves in.
He took a moment to figure out what to do next when he felt what he imagined a small, localized earthquake must feel like. Tons of drunken idiots were rushing the caravans, and it would seem as if the ninja were moving to defend them from the horde of vagrants. “Well shit this must be our lucky day!” The brute would think to Ryal as he slid his head up underneath one of the wagons and out of sight. Just as expected, the shinobi were completely focused on the drunken bums. Well if this is not the perfect opportunity to make some quick cash he didn’t know what would be. The brute would slide up and investigate the wagon. It was filled with jars of spices from distant lands like saffron, cinnamon and salt, and so the brute would simply toss the jars into his pouch. Their delicate structures would be safely protected by the clothing he had grabbed in Tengakure just a short while ago. These alone would likely fetch a decent price, but there had to be more valuable loot here. You do not become the head of security on something like this without a decent payday. Of course, it may be a job that pays on completion but the brute expected the risk of such a dangerous mission to be deserving of at least a portion of it up front to enjoy should you perish in the line of duty. It was then that an odd but yet familiar sound would be heard as he rummaged through the cart that he thought belonged to the leader. FOOTSTEPS! He started to move more when he heard the rapidly approaching footsteps. The hunter would slink back into the earth watching silently as a merchant rushed towards his cart where he assumed he was safe from the masses. So this was not where the man in charge was stashing his goods, eh? That meant that there was likely still a pretty big score around here somewhere. Then an idea popped into the now pretty drunken brutes head. Taishi could use this opportunity to rough this merchant up a little bit and shake him down for whatever money he had as well. It didn’t take long for his judgement to kick back in though as he shook such a bad idea from his head. All it would take was one quick yell and his cover would be completely blown. Not worth the risk, and so the brute would find himself moving on to another target. The wagon smelled sweet even from a distance and so Taishi thought that it may be more sugar or such, but instead he was pleasantly surprised. This one was filled with various sacks and crates of fruit. Apples, bananas, kiwis. There was likely even more types of fruit hidden in the crates that he could not see from here. It took the brute only an instant to ponder what to do next. Now there was the possibility of these being valuable, but there was a good chance they would spoil before he could get the chance to unload them. With this in mind he would simply dump out a bag of apples, tossing three of each fruit back into the bag to share with the others and then looking around for some loose coins or valuables. There was not much, but fruit spoils quickly and this peddler must have been selling to people along the way. Rummaging about the drunken brute would find what he sought! There was a small lockbox which when shook had the sounds of some coins inside. He did not have time to open it here to investigate so he would just toss it in the sack as well.
The grey man would shift his attention back to the clash between the drunkards and the shinobi. It seemed as though the village ninja were actively trying not to kill the men pressing the assault. Perhaps they were less inclined to kill the men out of the goodness of their hearts, but the brute did not buy it. It was far more likely that the men would let the attackers live because it would ensure that they would stay in work, both for a return trip back to wherever they came from on top of the possibility of future trips. If that was what they were doing the earthen man would have to give them credit. Hell that is something he would do if the chance presented itself. Who knows how deep this may run. Perhaps the shinobi started the rumors at the tavern without giving away too many details simply to create this large scale attack. The merchants are probably terrified of the event, but the shinobi know that most of these drunks are far from any real threat. Half of them are unable to accurately make the toilet in the bar with enough liquor in them, let alone best trained warriors. This was quite a racket they had going on, and the brute was almost jealous that he did not think of something along these lines himself. Get a bunch of wealthy civilians to pay protection money for safe transport? Man that was a profitable gig. Out of his newfound respect for the leader of this whole ordeal, he would refrain from looking for that man’s purse any longer. Of course Taishi had no evidence at all that this was actually the case, but the drunken man had made up his mind that such was the reality of it all and would move on.

The brute was certain that the other misfiteers would be able to get some loot safely, but he would still sense for their chakra all the same and try to run towards them so that the trio can flee the scene without anyone getting left behind. Once far from the scene and certain they weren’t followed they would all find themselves with pockets full and relax for a moment. “I agree, that place was full of drunken idiots!” he would say with a laugh of his own as he tossed an apple to each of his comrades before finding a secure spot to tally up their scores. The brute would pull out his knife and pry open the small lockbox without too much effort, it opening with a satisfying POP. Inside was a small handful of loose change, a decent stack of paper money, and a single ring that looked like it was being saved for a special occasion. “Well, someone’s gonna miss this thing!” He would toss in as he inspected it. It wasn’t some priceless piece of jewelry, but it could fetch a decent price to the right buyer. 


Mission Complete

Both Mission Rewards
10 stats
1000 WC towards Rock Dome
500 WC Towards JUDO CHOP!
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This is something... Empty Re: This is something...

Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:34 am
After their complete bust in the abandoned village of Tengakure no Sato the three rogue ninjas had finally found themselves a tavern where they could figure out their next course of action. Levi would gladly take this opportunity to try out some of the local specialties but it would be nothing compared to the ecstatic state Taishi was in. There was no way the Nara and Ryal would be able to hold the grey brute back for much longer as he was now expressing overwhelming happiness and joyful excitement caused by the sight and thought of alcohol. After he sat down Levi ordered the same as the others as he was chewing on some salty nuts.

Enjoying his refreshment Levi noticed there was quite the atmosphere going around. Wondering what all the fuss was about he tried to pick up some of the things that were said but it was quite difficult with all the noise. From the corner of his eye he could see Ryal standing up before he would walk to the bar. He didn't take the Shinkou for a heavy drinker so maybe there was a different reason as to why he was headed towards where he was making his way. Just when Levi was about to ask if Taishi knew what was going on the grey brute suddenly stood up explaining he had to take a piss. 

Just what he needed, to be left alone by his two companions in a place where all of the scum seemed to have gathered. As short he might be Levi would be ready to act whenever the situation would require him to do so. Taking another sip of his drink he once again tried to focus in case he was able to pick up some of the things that were being said amongst those present. Wondering what was taking Taishi and Ryal so long before they came back he remained wary of his surroundings. It was then that the Shinkou's voice came in similar to when they were searching for treasures in the buildings. He would listen closely as his partner explained everything. From what the Shinkou told him there were a couple of things they had to find out first.

Ryal informed them about a possible attack, which meant they needed to know just how many ninja there were. Did it involve any major villages, were they acting in secret? What exactly their goal could be, which would lead Levi to his next point. Were they planning an attack or did they have another reason for their forces to gather? And last but not least: who was the brains of the operation? Did they act on their own or was it orchestrated by someone else who would be pulling the strings. If it involved one or more villages it could turn out to be quite the mess. On the other hand this could be an interesting opportunity for the three rogues as well. A lot of people could also mean a lot of valuables. 

Now completely up to speed with what was going on the Nara would made his way to the aforementioned location to confirm everything with his own eyes. Upon his arrival he could witness quite the amount of gathered people, too much to take care of by himself. His sensory activated he was able to sense their rather low chakra levels which could only mean one thing: their strength was only in numbers. In an attempt to come up with a way to get even closer the Nara suddenly remembered something he learned from the grey brute. The Nara would swiftly sink into the ground using the Hiding like a Mole technique and rush towards the caravans to assess their numbers and confirm the strength of their chakra.

Still checking his surroundings to make sure he didn't miss anything crucial he could hear Ryal's voice coming in once again. "Roger that." From what it looked like it seemed that the mass of people were protecting merchants. There seemed to be around thirty or forty of them and it didn't take Levi long to find out who was the leader. There was one chakra signature standing out so it would make complete sense for him to be the leader of the bunch. Just as he was about to make his way closer he could hear and feel a larger group of people making their way over.

Sticking his head out of the ground he noticed the drunkards from the tavern were rushing toward the caravans and village ninja. "Hm, I wonder if Taishi is amongst them" his thinking out loud would cause him to smile. The Nara would then sink into the ground once more as he would make his way closer to the caravan. Using the confusion caused by the drunk bunch Levi had no trouble arriving underneath one of the wagons and out of sight. He felt a chakra signature close by, almost next to him. He figured it had to be one of the shinobi guarding the caravan while the others were caught in the skirmish between the drunkards and the ninja.

Using the Headhunter technique it allowed the short rogue to grab the guard from his position under the ground and pull them down underground. The victim’s head was now completely below surface since Levi wanted to avoid that the guard would warn and call out to the other shinobi. Because the technique put his target underground, he would now be completely immobile. The Nara would crawl out of the hole in the ground before climbing in one of the wagons to inspect if the vehicle was carrying anything valuable. Luckily for him the shinobi were completely focused on the drunken bums.

Jumping inside one of the caravans he started to investigate all of the different goods. As he was going through all of the stuff the only things he could find were some fancy clothes that looked to be foreign. "Quite the peculiar taste these merchants have" he would mumble as he continued his search for anything valuable. Not expecting anyone else to turn up he was surprised when he heard an unfamiliar voice. It seemed that another guard had shown up after not hearing from his companion who got buried by Levi. The short Nara would hide under some of the clothes before he would make a move.

He would allow the guard to come closer until the distance between the two of them was enough for Levi to activate one of his techniques. Using the sunlight that shined in from the outside he formed the hand seal of the Rat before he extended his own shadow towards the desired target. Both of their shadows would merge, forcing his target to become captured. Once the guard was unable to move, Levi started walking towards him, his target mirroring the Nara's movements thus walking closer as well. The moment he got into reach he would knock his opponent out cold. Checking his pockets to see if the unconscious individual was carrying some cash he was able to find some jewelry which might fetch a nice price on the black market. 

The short rogue would shift his attention back to the clash between the drunkards and the shinobi. Careful not to make any sound he jumped into one of the other wagons in hope of finding some more valuable goods. Upon entering the vehicle he immediately noticed the smell of tropical fruit. Some of which he had never seen before, but luckily for him there were also apples, bananas and grapes. All of which looked fresh, so he had to at least try out some of them to test out their taste. Taking a bite of a red apple first he was able to witness the rich taste it held. He would then peel the banana and throw the peel on the ground, remembering to be careful not to slip. He was already starting to feel his energy reaching its peak due to the sugar and calories from the fruits. 

Grabbing his share of fruit he would jump out of the wagon, watching his landing. Things had to go fast if he didn't want to get caught by the shinobi outside. If only it wasn't for a small group of shinobi who had noticed Levi jumping out of one of the wagons. They would have to pretty dumb not to understand why he was in there and what he was doing. Now shifting their attention towards the Nara they drew their weapons and rushed to his position. He would quickly put on some of the jewelry in a means to make his hand free so he was able to form hand seals. Five enemies coming from every direction in an attempt to surround him. Recently he had been working on some of his Nara techniques so now would be a good time to use them. 

After performing the Hare hand seal, Levi's shadow expanded into a circle with the rogue standing at the center. The circle reached 5 meters away from him in every direction. Anyone caught inside the circle was rendered immobile. Just when he was able to catch the approaching enemies inside his shadow field he heard the Shinkou's voice coming in again. "Now is really not the best time Ryal, I'm pretty busy. I'll get back to you later." For now he had to deal with something more important since his life was in danger. Still using the Shadow Imitation Field to his advantage he would combine it with another one of his techniques. Forming tendrils from the shadows around him he created eight of them, each one being three meters in length, and roughly three inches wide. Manipulating his tendrils in a way that each one of them would pierce and constrict them in a manner similar to a sewing thread. 

Leaving his targets in excruciating pain, yet alive. Inflicting piercing wounds that would cause them to pass out, only those with a will strong enough would be able to remain their consciousness but even then they would still be unable to move. The screams of those caught in Levi's techniques had warned some of the others who by now were making their way over to his position as well. Acting fast the Nara formed the Bird hand seal before touching the ground. Creating a few rock pillars that would protrude from the ground to skewer the incoming threats. He wanted to avoid killing them so he made it so only their legs and lower bodies were skewered, missing any vital organs or body parts. Being the missing nin he was, he would then empty the pockets of those unable to move or who had passed out from the pain. There wasn't much but he would take everything he could get.

Using his sensory he would then search for his two comrades so they could meet up and be reunited again. He would share everything he got but he would keep quiet about what he had done to get them. Sensing both Ryal and Taishi their chakra signatures he ran into the direction it was coming from. To his relief he saw that the two of them were fine and had picked up some treasure as well. "That was quite the adventure I'll say that." He would take another bite from the apple while showing off the jewelry he found. Emptying his pockets he would throw in all of the stuff he found and could carry with him. There were some clothes, jewelry as well as a bit of fruit. 

"Next time you're thirsty I suggest we go to a different tavern than this one" he would say while laughing out loud. Usually he would mind his own business but this time he was glad they decided to check out those rumors as they would surely be able to fetch a decent price for most of their stuff. They wouldn't get rich out of it but at least it made for a nice penny. 

(Exit, missions complete)

(TWC: 2016)
- 1000/1000 to go from D --> B-rank Bull Rush (Clanless can learn up to B-rank in specs they don't have)
- 1000/1000 Manipulating Attack Blades
- 10 stats to strength
- both missions rewards
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Clan Specialty : EMS
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 12000

This is something... Empty Re: This is something...

Sat Apr 04, 2020 1:56 am
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