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Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:40 pm
Snow was given a note by Saizou Uchiha, who still seemed to see Snow as his rival. He wanted to meet in the training grounds because he wanted to have a rematch after the spar they had between Sai, Asahi, and Snow's two clones. Snow hadn't seen Saizou as his rival for quite some time, he felt that to have a rival, the rival needed to be on the same level if not on a higher one. While he didn't see Saizou as a bad shinobi, he just didn't see him at the same level that he himself was at. 

This was almost concreted into Snow's mind during his spar with both him and Asahi, where Sai was practically frozen in place (literally for a while) during the match and didn't do much to contribute. Even to the point that Snow's clones were able to double team on Asahi, which finally brought him down. Sai had great genetics, the Uchiha had a powerful gift in their eyes, but if you don't know how to use them or don't have the strength to weild them, then they were of no use to the user at all. 

Snow walked into the training grounds and noticed that it must have rained earlier that day because the ground was especially wet and covered in puddles, some almost 20 meters wide! Snow walked into the middle of the 50 meter clearing. It was a different spot than he usually trained in. This clearing was a fifty meter circle covered in water in the form of puddles and soaked earth. 20 meter tall walls on the edges due to this being more of an arena style training grounds as compared to the others that were strictly for training. The sky was clear and the sun was shining down upon them.

Snow stood in the middle of the arena and waited for his opponent, having two shadow clones spread out in the east and west direction. Being 15 meters away from Snow, and 10 meters away from the edges. All three were standing on top of deep puddles littering the entire arena. He would then wait for his comrade Sai to enter the arena, so that they may be able to try and tie up the score.



Starting 741
Shadow Clone:-30
Snow:237 rem

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