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Clan Specialty : Weaponry
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 13300

Driving Marco Empty Driving Marco

Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:42 am
D-rank = Guiding the next generation
E-rank = The Daily Mill

The familiar Building that was the Konohagakure Shinobi Academy came into view as Akarui walked around the corner from the missions office courtyard. As both were right next to the Hokage building, it didn’t take long to get here. He had seen this particular mission while perusing the D rank mission section on the board outside. What stood out at once was the fact that he could do it while completing an E-rank mission at the same time but more importantly, The D-rank mission was actually one he had participated in before. Only he had been much younger then.

Guiding the next generation of Shinobi was his task. No, not all at once either. Just three. The mission was a shadowing program for aspiring Shinobi Academy students to follow a full-fledged Shinobi at Genin or higher around for a day. The guiding Shinobi would teach the students about life as a Shinobi at home and their responsibilities as such. They would also answer questions the children had if they could. Akarui remembered his time in the program well. He didn’t know if that Genin back then was still around. He never saw them since.

“Right, I’ll go to the staff room in hopes of running into old Jinzo Sensei.” Akarui made his way there finding Jinzo Sensei on his way out to classes. Sensei was surprised by his sudden visit but when Akarui explained his mission today he just smiled at Akarui with the affection of that of a grandfather watching his grandson grow in his gaze.

“Lad, I’m glad to see you proudly taking on your role as a Shinobi of Konohagakure once more. I was so disheartened when I learnt you quit. I always thought you had such potential.” Jinzo patted Akarui’s shoulder as they made their way to a classroom. Along the way Jinzo explained to him that the students that were to be part of the shadowing program had already been chosen. He gave the names of 3 academy students; A boy Masatake Handa, and two girls Kaminari Tajima and Reira Usui.

Jinzo Sensei introduced Akarui to the three kids when they entered the classroom. They looked to be around 9 or 10. They only had a year or two left before they themselves graduate to become Genins. Masatake was middling height compared to the girls. He had deep red unkempt hair covering his eyes and a simple grey Jacket and matching tracksuit pants. He was the shy unconfident type who stuttered on his greeting and spoke softly when asked anything.

Kaminari was the tallest of the three with brown hair, white long shirt, dark pants and dazzling blue eyes like her namesake with a broad grin. She was loud and hyper when introducing herself and seemed to be able to talk non stop asking questions and the like if not kept on track. She also seemed to take charge naturally. Reira on the other hand didn’t seem to have much interest in talking and after a brief introduction she only spoke when spoken to though she was cold and snappy when she did. She just had a simple light green dress with a white ribbon in Her dark blue shoulder length hair that nearly covered her eyes.

‘Is she a problem child?’ Akarui wondered when he met them all. Jinzo Sensei went over the rules and such with the children again and by the faces they all shared, this definitely wasn’t the second time like he claimed before starting in on them. After about an twenty minutes, Jinzo Sensei sent them on their way.

Akarui took Masatake, Kaminari and Riera to the location of the E rank mission explaining that he planned on taking them to see what a mission was all about. Needless to say, they were excited. The second mission he grabbed to take the students on was a simple one. Their task was to deliver supplies from the mill to their destinations.

Akarui made them wait outside while he entered to talk owner of the mill. Sorting out all the details didn’t take long and he walked out with a list of destinations for deliveries. Getting the confused kids to follow him, Akarui took them around the corner into the mill yard to a cart full of sacks containing flour and other grains. In front was a grey mule to pull the cart along.

Upon seeing that the mission was to be a ‘Silly delivery Man' as Kaminari called it, they weren’t impressed at all.

“Hey mister, you said a mission! What is this?! I’m going to be a Shinobi! Not a silly delivery man! Are you even a real Shinobi?!” Kaminari protested when Akarui tried to explain their task for the day. She may be the only one protesting but the other two had sour faces to match. This made Akarui sigh deeply, he didn’t think they would dislike this mission so much.

“First of all, I may be a Genin but I’m still true Shinobi of Konohagakure. And true Shinobi do their assigned missions to the best of their Abilities no matter the task. This may not seem like it but it’s an important job. We are assigned to protect and deliver these supplies to people who need them. Secondly, Be it a delivery man as you call it, a diplomat to another nation or home security enforcement, you will need to do all types of missions. Not every mission will see action and some will be just benign tasks. But doesn’t underestimate the value of these simple tasks. You can unexpectedly learn things if you just pay attention. You could make contacts in both high and low places like this. Sigh, I’m a purple octopus and you’re not listening to me right now. Okay.” Akarui lectured the 3 kids on the responsibilities of a Shinobi. Half way through he could tell that he was losing them when their eyes started to glaze over making him sigh again. “Lastly... You get a day off the academy.. at least that’s worth it right?”

At the last statement they perked up and seemed to come back to life and chatting among themselves. While they did that, Akarui checked the supplies they had to deliver. Three particular sacks had to be delivered to opposite side of Konohagakure with most of the other sacks being delivered along the way. Akarui decided to try a different tactic.

“Alright squad, we have a few supplies to get to our troops. Each contains important food rations that need to be safely delivered to their respective locations. This mission was selected just for you with your unique skills. The Hokage has shown lots of trust to assign you all on this mission.” Akarui winked and put a bit of twist on the mission in hopes that the kids play along and have fun delivering sacks of grain to houses and stores.

Looking at Each other and smiling at Akarui’s usage squad when talking to them. After catching on while patting the mule named Marco, Masatake asked; “Then if the Hokage is entrusting us with this, it must be important right?”

“Oh, it must be important right? Then, there would be someone shady trying to take them! Quick, we must get it to the secure location!” Kaminari played along much to Akarui’s relief. Riera simply nodded with an intense fist clench. Climbing onto the cart and taking the reins, Akarui beckoned them to get on as well. Flicking the reins the cart drove forward with the cheers of the children to accompany the clip clop of the mules shoes against the road.

Riding the cart down the village streets they kept chatting about the fake assailants along the way to the first location dropping off a couple of flour sacks to a kindly older man who laughed and played along with the kids as they handed it over saying that the kids had saved the day and that it was very important. In truth, they were plain sacks to stock the corner store.

The second main location took them twice as long because since they pretended to have followers after them. The mule Marco seemed to know this route like it regularly travelled this way avoiding ditches in the road with practised steps. Making their way around the village with a few stops here or there along the way all while laughing. They eventually got to a restaurant that was the second major stop on the mission and entered the back kitchen door to hand off the cargo to the chefs. Though the lady that helped didn’t play along, it didn’t dampen the children’s spirits.

The last 5 sacks conveniently was located in the academy and was to be delivered to the Academy kitchens. After a break for late lunch and to water the mule, they continued on though not as enthusiastic as before. The day was coming to an end so all three were rather tired. When the Academy came into view, they quieted completely. Obvious disappointment on their faces.

“Right, this is the last stop. We just need to deliver these supplies to the academy kitchens. After which I’ll take you back to class.” Akarui announced to the group when the cart drew close to the gates. Then drove cart around to drop the off with no obstacles reaching the kitchens. The Older lady who ran the kitchen greeted each kid personally and asked them to carry the sacks inside for her. Thus they completed the delivery mission. After which Akarui took them back outside and gathered them in front of him.

“You all did well today, you got to see what it’s like for a young Shinobi to start out. You won’t be doing just missions like that either. There are several different ways for a young Genin to help the village of Konohagakure. Although it wasn’t as glorious as you’d hoped, it’s vital for the village to run for low level Shinobi to be doing anything they can. Once you move up, you’ll get those missions you’ve been hoping for and much more. Just remember that to be a true Konohagakure Shinobi, one must hold the village sacred. Its our past present and future. Now I’ll stop before I bore you brats.” The pride of being an instructor even only for a day swelled in Akarui’s voice as he tried to teach these fine young Shinobi to be. This time they also seemed much more receptive than the first time he lectured as they were still smiling with bright eyes. Akarui took them back to their classroom to return them to his old Sensei’s care. Didn’t take them long to find it as they knew where to go. Jinzo was waiting for them inside when they arrived.

“Ah, Akarui! How was your day with the Brats? They didn’t act up on you, did they?” He asked Akarui handing him paperwork to fill about the days events and sign.

“Jinzo Sensei, hello. No, they were quite good actually. They worked hard like any other Genin would today. They should be proud.” Akarui replied. Both men chatted for a while about the shadowing program and the kids who shadowed him before Akarui had to leave. He needed to take the mule and cart back after all before heading back to the missions office and handing in the mission reports. The kids were reluctant when Akarui was going to leave and Masatake started to get a little teary. Kaminari and Riera where sad but holding it together better than Masatake was.

As Akarui walked out the door he heard Riera say quietly, “Goodbye, Mr Purple Octopus!” Making him smile and laugh to himself heading back to report to the mill of a completed delivery. Taking the mule and cart back to the mill Akarui thought to himself;
‘Maybe they listened after all.’

5 Health (2000/2000)
D-rank mission 3AP
E-rank mission 1AP
1000 Mission Ryo + 100 Genin Salary
One use 10% Training Discount
500 Mission Ryo + 100 Genin Salary
+1000 Water Release Water Whip (1000/1000)
+500 Lariat (1500/1500)
+500 Temporary Paralysis Technique (500/500)
+6 Chakra Body Clean (142/250)

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Driving Marco Empty Re: Driving Marco

Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:39 pm
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