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Snjor Yuki
Snjor Yuki
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 20100

Snow cleans the orphanage Empty Snow cleans the orphanage

Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:58 pm
Mission Details

Snow was coming off a fresh half a day worth of training when he decided to go for a run around the village to get some exercise in. When he first began his run from the training grounds, he decided to take the long way around the village. The sun was halfway through its trip across the sky and the heat was intense through the land of Fire. While Snow was not the biggest fan of the heat, he did know that it was pretty helpful when the goal was to get a good sweat going.

About two thirds of the way through his trip around the village, he began passing by the orphanage, where there was a quite angry woman storming out of the building. Snow stopped and asked the woman if she was okay and asked her what was wrong. She threw her hands up in the air and began yelling how she was done with that place and she didn't want to ever go back in there again. Snow was very confused, but based on the attire the woman was wearing, he assumed she was the cleaning lady for the place.

Snow, being the ever kind soul, decided to walk into the orphanage and asked the first person he saw inside what had happened to the cleaning lady. Turned out there was not enough money in the budget for her to be paid, so she decided that that was not going to work for her, which Snow understood. Money was a necessary thing when living in a society that did indeed have a currency based economy.

He saw the cleaning cart the woman would use to go through the halls and clean all of the rooms just sitting there in the front room. He had an idea, "What if I went through and cleaned all the rooms for you guys? I have nothing better to do than to help you guys right now and I have a great attention to detail. I think I will do a great job, then you guys can give me whatever you can afford, if anything at all!"

The person he was talking ended up being the one in charge of the orphanage and she quickly accepted the offer that Snow had proposed. Snow smiled and he got straight to work. He grabbed the cart and he began going room to room, picking up all the trash and making all of the beds in the place. Picking up the odd thing here and there and placing it on the bed with a note on it asking the orphan who lived in the room to clean up his mess. Snow worked in the orphanage for a few hours and when he finally finished the final room, he walked up to the woman in charge and reported his work. She smiled and thanked him again for all the work that he had done for them. Snow did nothing more than smile, tell her that it was his pleasure, and went on his way.

Just before he left the building, the woman stopped him and handed him a small envelope, thanking him one last time. Snow opened up the envelope and saw it was 500 Ryo. Snow smiled wide and thanked the woman again. Snow then ran over to Ichiraku's ramen to celebrate a job well done.

Claims: +500 Ryo & 1 AP & 1 stat
+564 towards Weapons of Ice (B-Rank) (1695/3000) (Previous Progress)
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