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Saizou Uchiha
Saizou Uchiha
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Timmy stuck in the well (Mission) Empty Timmy stuck in the well (Mission)

Tue Jan 21, 2020 7:11 pm
It was a hot day in konoha, just like most day the heat was balanced out by a nice cool breeze. Sai was sitting on the roof of his house looking at the clouds enjoying the nice day tht was upon him. He couldnt help but to see how the clouds resembled things, he always wandered was it his imagination getting the best of him or did the wind just treat the clouds as a play thing. Sai coudnt help but laugh at the silliness he would see in the clouds. His only wish though is that he could of spent the day with his dad, watching the clouds together. His wish would never come true though, his father as much as he wanted wouldnt be coming back .Sai continued to watch the clouds for about ten more minuets or and got tired of it, he got up and decided to find something to do for the day. As he started to jump down from on top of the building he was on , he heard a dog barking extremely loud and desperate.  He then remembered that he was assaign a mission earlier on in the day to get that dog out of town After a while.Sai finally found the dog, to see that he was just going up to people barking, most people found the dog annoying and basically kick him away. Others thought he was cute and wanted to pet and play with him, but when he didnt play back they grew bored and left it. Sai on the other hand could tell that something was wrong, the normal person probably wouldnt notice it but Sai could. He walked up to the dog who immediately started to bark at Sai.

"Whats wrong boy", Sai said to the dog not knowing the gender but just making an assumption. The dog after barking at Sai for a minute or two finally realize that Sai was trying to help him. The dog stopped barking and took of, a couple of times Sai almost lost the dog, but every time Sai lost him the dog would stop or bark to let Sai know where he was. Finally after running through the whole village after the dog they came to a house on the poorer side of the village.

"Is it in the house boy", Sai said as he began walking up the steps. The dog started to growl at Sai as in telling him to bring his ass on."Okay okay no need to get snappy", Sai said jokingly as he followed the dog behind the house. When they got behind the house they came to a well and the dog immediately started to bark.

"Anyone there", Sai heard come from the well. It kind of started Sai who was beginning to believe it was just a wild goose chase."Im stuck in the well", he heard a kid say. Sai immediately began helping the boy out the river, the boy had thanked Sai and told him to come back for dinner some time as thanks. Sai left, feeling happy to have a job well done.

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Timmy stuck in the well
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Timmy stuck in the well (Mission) Empty Re: Timmy stuck in the well (Mission)

Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:54 am
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