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Hiroaki Gekko
Hiroaki Gekko
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Relaxation  - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxation

Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:45 pm
Watching Ember trying to perform one pushup had made Hiroaki laugh in return. What kind of puny person would think one pushup was impressive. Hiroaki could lift the size of an armored caravan. He stopped thinking so highly of himself when he remembered Mar Byrd lifting that giant boulder and throwing it like a skipping stone. Maybe he wasn’t all that impressive afterall, but Hiroaki was certainly building a strength of his own. ‘Maybe this training could prove useful’, he thought.

Taichi had asked what Hiroaki’s elements were. “I AM THE GOD OF THE RUM ELEMENT”, he yelled in self proclamation. He got from his lying position, bit his thumb, weaved some signs, and slammed his hand onto the ground. Doing this, he had accidentally summoned Aporo, thinking he would have gotten lucky and have summoned some more rum instead . Hiroaki looked at the huge chameleon he had just summoned out in front of the both of them. Aporo looked at the lot of them dumbly. Then the chameleon got the realization of what was going on or so the chameleon thought. “Ohhh, you’re all my bro’s bros!”, he shouted.

Aporo extended his long tongue and licked everyone at once which Hiroaki didn’t even know was possible. Hiroaki flinched at the tongue that had slithered it’s way towards him. “Ah, no! That’s not rum!”, he shouted. The tongue went up the side of his face and swiped him in an upwards motion that sent Hiroaki flying against the wall inside the house. Hiroaki raised his hands unknowing what was really going on. 

Aporo moved his head to the side. “Rum?”, he asked. He started to head out the door, breaking a good portion of it and the wood outlining it. The chameleon’s eyes twisted this way and that searching. He saw a couple walking out of the tavern with drinks in their hands. He swiped it with his tongue and held it inside his mouth. “HEY!”, screamed the woman in the group. Their screams could be heard from where Taichi, Ember, and Hiroaki were. “Uh oh”, blurted Hiroaki.

More screams can be heard from the outside. Aporo had unleashed his massive tongue inside of the tavern and had begun collected all of the alcohol inside of the establishment. He then pushed all of the drinks inside of his mouth, climbed on the roof of the building before anyone could run outside and slid back into the little clearing Hiroaki’s group were staying at. He walked to the big gaping hole in the building Taichi had made. “Here you go, bros”, he said. He placed at least two dozen mugs, cups, and the like of alcohol on the table Taichi was sitting at.

Hiroaki got up from the side of the house he had been slammed against in surprise. He lifted a mug of what he believed was rum and started to drink it. Aporo’s tail could be seen coherently wagging like a dog. Hiroaki patted the great creature that was the size of a horse. He could get used to this kind of service. If Taichi had ever implored him again of what kind of elements Hiroaki had. Hiroaki would finally answer honestly saying, “Lightning, Water, and Fire”. He re-imagined the kind of fireworks they could make with their combined efforts.

(WC: 551 | TWC: 1529)
Ember Uchiha
Ember Uchiha
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Relaxation  - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxation

Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:06 pm

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Taichi Uchiha
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Relaxation  - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxation

Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:09 pm
Taichi and the group talked for only a few moments about elements before Hiroaki summoned a rather large creature using a summoning technique. Taichi had learned about summonings, but he hadn't actually performed that technique himself. The creature burst through the wall of Taichi's house and ran off to go do whatever a creature that spoke the way it did would do. When it returned it had alcohol that it dived out to the group, which Taichi enthusiastically thanked the creature for. Taichi then placed his hands on the ground once again and he widened the front door to be able to comfortably fit the creature as it would go in or out. He then stood up and told the creature that it was welcome any time.

After that Ember spoke of illusions and that she had a Sharingan just like he did. Taichi was interested in this fact. He hadn't met someone who had the Sharingan like he did. He wondered if she had been able to unlock the level of the Sharingan that he had been able to unlock. He still didn't know what it was called, all he knew was that it wasn't structured in the tomoe system the normal Sharingan consisted of.

Taichi responded to Ember, "That would work fine. You could work on opening the gaps in the opponent's defenses. Making an easier path for Hiroaki and myself to finish off the opponent. I like it. Well then I think it is settled. For now, I am going to go to bed. The alcohol is finally taking affect. Good night guys. You may stay or you may leave, I don't mind either way." Taichi would then walk into a room that he created with a bed and crawl into it.



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Hiroaki Gekko
Hiroaki Gekko
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Relaxation  - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxation

Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:47 pm
Hiroaki would spit out the rum he was drinking. “An Uchiha?”, he asked shocked. He didn’t know he had been hanging out with someone of the Uchiha clan. He then wondered why he was surprised at this. “Eh, whatever”, he muttered. He knew Uchiha had accomplished some amazing things in the past. Their power was known to be no joke. He wondered if Taichi was secretly an Uchiha too. He also wondered where the two of them came from. He knew that the Uchiha originated in the Hidden Leaf village, but they like everyone else seem to travel away from home to find new ones.

It seemed Taichi wanted to work together to make some cash. Hiroaki never turned down an offer for money so far. The three of them went to bed for the night, fatigued from the amount of alcohol and partying they had been doing. Taichi heading off to his own room, while Ember and Hiroaki stayed in the kitchen area to sleep with the huge hole in the wall. While Ember and Hiroaki would be sleeping on opposite sides of the room, Aporo would slowly wrap his tongue around the both of them and drag them to his warmth. “Aporrrrrrrro”, he would whisper over the two sleeping people who were now cradled together.

Hiroaki’s rum had fell from his hand and spilt all over the floor. The house was one big fire trap with all the wood and alcohol. Aporo was on watch for the night to make sure nothing bad had happened to them. Hiroaki would snore in his sleep this night which was abnormal for him, but again the fatigue had been hitting him hard. It was doubtful this would wake Ember who had her own fair share of alcohol however.


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Relaxation  - Page 2 Empty Re: Relaxation

Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:43 pm
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