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C is for Completion (IO) Empty C is for Completion (IO)

Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:24 pm
C-Rank: Cleaning Up Hokage Rock

     Persona rushed over to the mission area with excitement. He had already completed his first C-Rank mission and though it proved to be challenging, the task wasn't outside his skill set. Persona was a quick learner when it came to hands on learning so as soon as Yoi had shown him a thing or two about wacking the old hammer, Persona was soon to follow. The construction site had been a fury of people moving about with materials laying everywhere and sharp nails and tools hanging from places or being swung. Persona came out unscathed from the whole thing making his morale to be generally high. He figured if he could dodge that one loose plank that fell from the top of the building they were constructing, that he could dodge pretty much anything. That plank did seemingly fell pretty fast. 

     Koeda was with Persona on his way over to the mission area. The squirrel did his own version of a yawn, not wanting to be up and about in the morning. Koeda used to be extremely energetic, but ever since he spent his time with Persona he had been getting lazier and lazier. 'What this squirrel needs is to face some danger to get his adrenaline running', thought Persona. It was a most cruel tactic to think of to solve the problem, but it was a solution none-the-less. It wasn't like Persona was going to throw Koeda into an alligator pit or anything of the sort, but a little jolt of excitement is what Koeda needs. Koeda's body went limp on the top of Persona's head as if all the chakra had been magically sucked out from him. "Koeda if you don't start moving about more often someone is going to think you are dead and make a trophy out of you", said Persona. Koeda's ears perked up at that, suddenly frightened at the idea. 

     They made it to the outside of the mission area. Persona liked the past experience of the hawk coming to him to bring the letter. It saved himself a lot of time over traveling here to receive his assignment. The only problem with that was the fact that the hawk got stuck in his home last time leaving everything a huge mess. Persona recalled the way the shape of his house got left in from the claustrophobic hawk. If he had left it in the way it was his mother was sure to have killed him. There was food on the table, smudges on the wall, and all the stuff near the fridge had gotten knocked over. 'Yeah, I'll lay off the hawk for a while if I can. I mean the option of having hawks sent to you isn't really avoidable, but....I can at least keep my window shut, I guess.", continued Persona in his thought.

     Persona entered the building to the mission assignment area, heading over to the man at the front desk. He greeted Persona warmly unlike the woman who is usually there to greet him who was mostly formal. It was a change that Persona didn't really know how to feel about it. On one hand the man was nicer, but on the other the same woman being seated there all the time gave him a sense of reassurance. Persona took the scroll for his assignment and bowed to the man. The man waved him off as he exited the building to go outside for some extra sunlight where he could open the scroll under. The scroll read:

     "Dear Persona Hyuga,
     The Hokage Rock is currently in need of cleaning. There should be supplies to clean it located inside of the building attached to the mountain that is closest to the Hokage's faces. If you prefer to use any of your trained techniques to help you clean the Hokage Rock you are free to do so. You may not however, cause any damage whatsoever to any of the property or to the Hokage Rock itself. Additionally, Risako Akara has been assigned to help you in this task. If there is further need of your assistance, a hawk may be flown to your location.

    The Hidden Leaf's Mission Assignment Office"

     Persona rolled the scroll back up once he finished reading it. 'RISAKO IS COMING BACK!', thought Persona who was now pumped up even more. "I wonder if she is already at the specified location, or is running late", he mumbled out loud. Looking around, Persona had no visual on Risako. He resumed with his course in action which was at the moment, heading over to the Hokage Rock. Persona kept to the roofs on his way over there to speed up his process. Koeda held onto Persona's hair to make sure he didn't get flung off while they were being launched ceiling to ceiling. Before making it all the way to Hokage Rock, Persona stopped inside of the house that was told in the scroll he had received. Just like the scroll had said, there were a bucket among other things to help him clean the faces of the Hokages and the rest of the mountain space surrounding it. Persona knew that he didn't really have any techniques to help him out here. It wasn't like he had an affinity to water like certain Shinobi did. Those people could wipe off most of the grime and paint off of the Hokages faces in no time. 'Speaking of Shinobi with an affinity to water, where is Riss?', thought Persona. If Persona saw Risako he would bow to her in eagerness. It had been a while since Persona had went on a mission with her.

     Persona would jump from the stairs attached to the building onto the mountain where the Hokage's faces protruded from. He would beckon Risako to follow him to continue with their duty. "Risako, where have you been? You know you're supposed to help me with my training! Don't tell me you forgot about our deal. You know, the deal that I would be your student and you would be my sensei?", Persona went on a tangent. 

     If Risako had explicit instructions for Persona to do, he would follow them. Otherwise, Persona would get to scrubbing the way he always did, with his back. While they worked, Persona would crack jokes at the way Risako would clean just because he could and it helped pass the time. Persona would also ask Risako questions such as, "So how does that fox appearing thing work?" and "I hope this doesn't come out bad, but do you have any family?" Persona was quite interested in Risako since she was his prime role model. Not many adults had taken an interest in him before. He was mostly surrounded by kids his age, or by a squirrel, or well by himself. 

[WC: 1,139]

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Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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C is for Completion (IO) Empty Re: C is for Completion (IO)

Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:08 pm
Self reflection was never Risako’s strong suit. In the philosophy of banditos and rogues, a commonly shared thought was that attachments kept you from truly becoming strong. That some emotional bond might make for a lapse in judgement, which could lead to your downfall. This thought was almost always dismissed by her one track mind by the simple existence of the villages and their inhabitants. Look at any of her leaders, her own role models, and she could show you soft spots they had for others. Jason for herself, Kasai, Tatsuya. Kurisu for his family, and to some extent his village. Kinzoku was an oddity among them, for as far as she knew they could be considered friends but she couldn’t make the claim that he actually had any. But when it came to Xyxer, the male never seemed to have anyone particularly close at hand. The Mizukage was perhaps the first powerful person in her life that, to the extent of her knowledge, held none in a high regard. Perhaps this was a facade, and he did have someone he considered a friend. Surely one person, at least at some point.

It must be lonely sitting on a pedestal like that. The longer she thought about it, the more she regretted sending the letter to Kiri that she was arriving. After all, what if he just killed her? Her usefulness was outlived, Kinzoku was now the leader and he seemed to be doing a good enough job. What if she was even needed at all anymore? The seed was planted that, maybe her inclusion as ANBU Captain was a mistake. Can’t be having mental breakdowns on that job, deleting people’s stat pages and such. That’s why she had to go to Kiri though, because if Xyxer could answer questions, enlighten her on how, then maybe she could do what was required of her.

Speaking of, for now she was required to go clean the Hokage Rock with Persona. One might ask how she learned that she was supposed to partake in his mission if she hadn’t actually visited the assignment office. One might like to know that being such a high ranking official gives you the ability to assign missions. Currently she sat on the stairs that led down to , waiting for the young student to arrive. Her hands joined together between her knees while she thought about how she should, IF she should continue to work for the village. Times have changed, and unfortunately at the age of twenty three it seemed as if she was already on her way out the door.

Once Persona finally arrived, Risako raised a hand in greeting before standing to descend down the steps. Utilizing chakra in the soles of her feet, she’d begin walking along the surface of the rock, allowing the boy to take the lead. Straight away he went blabbering about how she was supposed to train him, and this and that. Annoying was not the word she would use to describe his nagging. “Oh settle down, training takes time and you know it.” Some sort of cover was needed, she couldn’t just tell the boy about her mission after all. “I’m writing up a report that you can read while I’m away, it’ll detail the training regiment I used when I was your age,” she said.

“Now are you gonna stand around and nag or are you going to clean?” As per usual her tone with the boy was light hearted, meaning to imply a bit of sarcasm. Risako started her duty by retrieving a sponge from the objects that Persona carried. She would dip the sponge in water and begin washing the rock from top to bottom. Obviously there was something strange about the way she did so otherwise someone wouldn’t be cracking jokes the entire time. For the most part she ignored them, opting to reply with nothing more than a chuckle where appropriate. Until the boy asked about her foxes, she remained focused on the task at hand.

Still scrubbing, she would look to him to say “They’re summons.” Risako stopped her work, originally intending to summon one to show him. She opted not to, however. Surely he’d heard of summons before, and he’s even seen her utilize the technique. His questions, while endearing, were incessant. Most of them would be replied to in a fast manner, with the answer usually being non specific.

Save for the question about her family. “Depends on what you mean by family.” Once more she stopped working to answer this question. “If you mean blood relatives, then I’m sure I have one. I don’t think I was made in a lab or anything like that,” she said as she wiped the sweat off her brow. “I never knew my biological parents, for some reason or another I was put up for adoption. They could have been killed, they could have just not wanted to have a girl.” Her eyes drifted out to the village, “As for any I’d consider close enough to be family, I can’t say that either. An old student of mine, Mako, I would consider him a brother if he were alive. Kasai was my own teacher, and if he were alive I might look to him as a father type figure. Any who I’d consider family are no longer with me however.” She paused, thinking about any from the orphanage who might be offended by their exclusion. “The orphanage caretaker and the kids there are all good folks, but thinking back on it they never got as close as either of those two did.” Jason was being purposefully excluded from this list, and Maloren was more of a fling than family, at least as far she knew.

“I guess the short answer would be no. Anyone I’ve held that close is now dead.”

[979 TWC]
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C is for Completion (IO) Empty Re: C is for Completion (IO)

Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:17 am
Mission: C: Stop the Riot

     When Risako had said that the foxes were summons, Persona nodded in understanding as he continued to scrub the Hokage Rock too. 'That's how they were able to appear out of thin air', thought Persona. He wanted to be able to summon like Risako. He didn't know which animal would appear or how to even determine that. "Riss-Sensei is there anyway you could tell me the method to this summoning?", asked Persona. 'It must be quite useful to be able to build up that amount of chakra that was displayed during our ball training', he thought.

     A good moment later, Persona had finished cleaning up the last remainder of dirt and graffiti from the Hokage Rock when Risako had made her statement about having no family left. He looked down to his feet trying to grasp what that must be like for someone. Persona had a family even though he didn't get along with his father and at times his eldest brother. He had those people to go back home to everyday, to eat alongside with, to go to events. Risako did not have any of that. 'No. That's wrong', thought Persona. 

     Persona looked straight into Risako's eyes. "Riss, you do still have a family. You have got me now and that is all that matters. I know that I can be a drag sometimes, but I have decided -- decided that I no longer fight for myself! I fight for you too. I can't say much for those you once knew, but I'm very much alive, Riss.", insisted Persona. In Persona's eyes, Risako was actually family to him. She was the one who taught him most of what he knew and at that made him a Genin. He was very indebted to her. But their relationship was far beyond that, felt Persona. He would lay down his life for her if it came down for it.

     A scream erupted out in the distance. It was a high pitched scream, that of a woman of middle age for sure. Persona perked his head over at the same time as Koeda did from on top of his head still. Koeda chittered to Persona, facing the direction of where to go. Persona was already on it, getting up from where he crouched. "I'm sure another person can put back the supplies we have left out. It looks like we got a new mission on us.", declared Persona. He beckoned Risako to follow and jumped off the side of the mountain. He quickly placed his feet onto the side of the wall of the mountain, scaling down it.

     Persona had spotted the woman and moved up on her. She was pointing towards the gates of the village. Persona stopped in his tracks and changed direction towards the gate where he could see a mob of rowdy teenagers crowding up with weapons in hands. 'They are armed, but they aren't hurting anyone. It would be best to bring them back unharmed....or well the closest thing to it', thought Persona. He pointed towards the gate so Risako could see what was going on. He didn't know if she was using her weird sensory abilities or not and he didn't feel like using his Byakugan to check. 

     "Hey, you wouldn't by chance have any rope on you?", he asked the lady. She nodded a no to Persona. He looked down at the lengthy rope around her waist used for fashion. "I promise this will be returned to you after. Trust me, this is the best route for your safety", stated Persona. He grabbed the rope and took off towards the gate. The lady screamed, "Hey!" before submitting with an "Aw, alright". Persona gave her a thumbs up in approval as he continued his advance.

     Running up from behind two of the teenagers, Persona kicked the back of both of their knees forcing them to collapse to the ground. He then quickly wrapped the rope around their arms, behind their backs. He placed one leg on the right most one's back, pulling the string tight so they couldn't get out of it. "That's what you get when you start vandalizing things", shouted Persona. The two of them were sweating profusely. Soon they began to beg for them to be release, that they didn't want any trouble, that they didn't mean what they had done. Persona knew that they were no real danger to anyone, but you couldn't go around destroying the village like that either. Persona placed both of his feet on the ground and pushed their heads to follow suit. "Stay there while the rest of this gets sorted out", he said.

 The rest of the teens would stare back at him. They saw the whole encounter of what Persona had down as soon as he had started his shouting. Most of them were afraid of what could happen to them if they approached Persona. That didn't last long, when one more burly of a teen pushed his way past the rest of the group. "He's just one kid, come on damn it.", he yelled. The rest of them, with their miscellaneous weapons in hand looked at him. "Right.", said one. "Yeah!", shouted another. Slowly their courage grew from the words of the bulkier teen alone. 

     "RISS?", shouted Persona. He was stronger than any one of them, hell even any 2 of them, that was for sure, but this was an army of them. Persona could not face them all on his lonesome. In fact, he didn't even have a rope to work with any longer. The rope was wrapped around tightly on the wrists of the two he stood beside. If he could knock out the rest of them, it would be enough to bind them all together however. Persona let himself stand tall in face of the enemy. He then slowly made his way back, all the while still facing the enemy, hoping Risako was right behind him ready to jump in front to take them on. 

(WC: 1007 | TWC: 2146)
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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C is for Completion (IO) Empty Re: C is for Completion (IO)

Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:19 pm
Of course he’d ask more about summons after such a vague answer. An in depth explanation of how to summon was needed. “You start by finding one of many elusive clans of creatures. They’re different from most animals in that they’ll talk and can utilize chakra, and before you ask for a history lesson I’ll stop you there,” she said. “Once you find one, you’ll have to earn the respect of the animal in question. If you do, they’ll agree to be your partner and from there they’ll teach you how to summon them.” She shook her head, before finishing the little rant. “It’s not something I can teach unfortunately.” This was mostly true, about the only thing she could really do for him as far as her own summons went was recommend him and see if they agreed. Maybe she'd look into seeking the approval of her summons to allow the boy access to the coveted Sage Mode technique. Well, to her it was coveted anyway.

Once they finished up the job and she discussed her family situation, Risako took note of the lad’s sudden gloomy demeanor. As if in some train of thought, he looked to his feet. Maybe his exclusion in her discussion was the cause of the feelings? He made eye contact with her and began to insist that she did indeed have a family. Certainly he wasn’t wrong, the village was home to her and those within could be considered family, but even then there were certain individuals that left a greater impression upon her life than the majority. Maybe her understanding of the question was flawed, as most of those she felt attachment to had been long gone. Given time, she might learn to rethink what family meant. That or Xyxer would seal the deal and help her rid herself of the word that seemed to be her biggest shackle.

After the boy finished, she began to speak. “Yeah bu-”

Her ears twitched at the sound of a woman screaming. “Let’s go,” she said with an unusually serious tone. Hair raising screams were never a good sign, especially not in the village. Following shortly behind her student, she took note of his change in direction. His gesture toward the gate seemed to imply that the problem was in that direction. Indeed, it seemed that some sort of riot was taking place in the direction he indicated.

A thought occurred, one that she had been intending to act on sooner or later. Now seemed an ample opportunity to test Persona’s abilities in an environment that wasn’t controlled. Risako followed close behind the boy as he went about apprehending the first two rioters he could find. She hesitated to join in and help right away, opting to hang back and watch him work. After stealing the woman’s belt he used it to detain two individuals, and this instance told her what she needed to know. In his time spent doing missions his personal ability had grown significantly, and she was beginning to wonder if he might just pass the ball test for once if she didn’t cheat and use barriers.

However, two men were nothing compared to the mob and this was a challenge he thought he couldn’t handle himself. At first, when he called her name, she thought once more to throw him into a situation beyond her control and give him a test that could prove fatal. That wasn’t any way to inspire someone to new heights however, at least not in her book. Her arms were crossed, as she said, “You should never jump into a situation you don’t have a way out of bud, if I was a good teacher I’d probably leave you on your own.”

Relaxing her arms, she reached into a pouch that contained one of her kunai. She held the weapon in her hand and began to stride forwards past Persona. While walking, she used the tool to poke her finger. Once a drop of blood was produced, she smeared it across her neck like she did during their old training days. Black scripture spread from the offering, and following in the wake of a poof of smoke Yu would be sitting atop her shoulder. They’d come to an understanding that when he was summoned in a manner that involved her shoulder, he was to begin channelling the natural energy around them into her body. This was precautionary more than necessary, just in case one of the rioters proved to be a shinobi.

Chakra was channelled into the handle of the kunai, and scripture similar to the one from the summon appeared along its length. Once she was between the crowd and Persona, some halfwit with a sword charged her. Both of the man's arms were above his head, his weapon held high for an overhead strike. Not only was this telegraphed, but he began the charge from a distance that made it easy for to throw her kunai at the man. Her own weapon would glide past him, since her aim was off to the right of his torso.

Risako disappeared in the same flash of light that that marked her new location, exactly behind the man. Her kunai was once more in her hand, and from her position she used the handle to strike the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. From there, she performed a few hand signs and all around her the ground would begin to liquify. The rioters would be sucked into the ground rather quickly, seeing as most of them weren't fast enough to escape. Before they would be submitted to their fate, she deactivated the technique. Most of the protesters would find themselves stuck neck deep in mud.

Risako would motion for Persona to come, "let's go notify some of the other shinobi, I've got better things to do than haul these guys around," she said. This was true, she still had her mission to go about doing. It was hard to think a month had passed and still no clues were found, but in all likelihood she'd continue training with him. She thought too use him for the investigation, but the ANBU she was after would probably eat him. Persona snacks didn't sound particularly great. "I've got some business to attend to, I'll assign you to a team to keep you occupied until we can continue our deal once more." If inquired as to the status of the team, she'd simply say "They'll be pretty elite, highly trained, I think." Of course, her intention was to go snag a couple random genin names out of a hat and let them go at it.

[2053 WC
995 WC towards Kioshi which will be updated soon.
Remaining WC towards Taro which will also be updated soon.
5 stats

Claiming 2 C-rank missions complete, and the accompanying rewards.]

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Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:41 am
   C-Rank: Ghost District

     Using his forearm, Persona wiped the sweat from his brow. Risako had suggested that they went to go notify a couple of Shinobi to collect these delinquents. He agreed that was the best course of action to take. It would be really awkward to try to parade the group of teenagers through town to the designated holding location with just the two of them. While Risako stood over the teenagers bodies, Persona went to go fetch a hawk. He would write a letter describing the completion of their mission and the situation the teenagers were in with the given location. He also mentioned to bring a long piece of rope to replace their restraints with. Soon enough the Shinobi would arrive to take the teenagers from their hands.
    The Shinobi would lift the teenagers up from their feet. "Up and at 'em", said a Shinobi. The Shinobi had his arm wrapped around the armpits of one of the teenagers bringing him off the ground. Persona would help the Shinobi there rebind the teenagers, taking the rope he had borrowed from the lady earlier back into his hands. He went to greet the lady who was standing there watching the whole predicament from the beginning to the end. She nodded in thanks to Persona who laid the length of the rope across her two hands. "Thank you for letting me borrow this. I wouldn't have asked for it if it wasn't important", said Persona. The woman nodded once more in understanding. "My name is Miki. I actually feel more bad about being so reluctant so don't worry about it. If you ever see me walking around feel free to come talk to me.", she replied smiling. 
     Persona stared deep into the woman's eyes. She was quite an attractive woman. She wore a pink blouse with a black skirt and soon she once again had the white rope laced around her waist. Persona blinked his eyes trying to regain his focus. 'Ah, right. The mission.', he thought. Persona turned around seeing the Shinobi now starting to take their leave. There were about 5 of them escorting the teenagers. One of the teenagers walking close by spit at the ground next to Persona's feet. Persona sneered at the teenager in return. 

     "I've got some business to attend to", said Risako. Persona turned to face Risako who had just spoken. 'Leaving already? She must be doing something serious', thought Persona. She went on to say that she would assign a new individual to take her place to continue helping him out with his missions. Persona scratched his head trying to think of anyway to reason with her, to keep her here a bit longer. He couldn't think of anything at the moment so his shoulders slugged down along with the air that came out of his mouth in a deep sigh. 

     "Riss-Sensei, I -- just get back safe, okay?", he said in a sudden burst of melancholy. To cover his sadness and worry up he quickly added, "I wouldn't want to have Koeda sniff for your giant acorn head, ya know?" Persona smiled at Risako trying to convince her that everything was okay. 'If anything were to happen to her or even if she went missing for too long -- well I'd have to know', he thought to himself. Risako started to make a habit of disappearing at weird moments. Persona had thought that this could be because of her possibly being a high ranking Shinobi, but even then Persona had his doubts. The fact that Risako had shown how lonely she felt before had given Persona a reason to believe that her disappearing might have some kind of connection to it. That being said, Persona could not pry too much. 

     Persona waved at Risako as he departed back home. The next mission would take place tomorrow so he went to go get some rest. Koeda for the most part of their journey staid within his hoodie where it was warm enough to feel like you HAD to sleep. In the morning Persona would unravel a scroll that Risako had left with him. It contained the mission details that he would operate on with his new companion. The location of the mission was at an abandoned district within the Leaf village. Persona opened his window and departed.

     When Persona would see his new companion he would greet them with respect, but not with any enthusiasm. He was still kind of grouchy from Risako having to leave for a mysterious unknown reason. He wished he could join her on her travels or at least be let in on whatever she was going to do. 'She is my Sensei afterall.', he thought. Looking over he would take in his new companions appearance taking note of anything unusual. "Hello, in case Riss hasn't filled you in, I'm Persona.", he said. 

     Persona would turn his head to his surroundings. "The Ghost-District, huh", he said outloud. Persona chuckled at this. "There can't be any ghosts", he continued. Persona was told that people have been hearing screams and wails down here, but the place was completely abandoned. 'If there were any screams or wails it would have to be from something logical, like a lost lady or a group of abandoned animals', he thought. 

     "We should start looking, eh?", said Persona. He didn't know if his companion wanted to split up or not, but he was open to suggestions and would go with whatever theu thought best. Koeda peaked out of his hoodie at the suggestion of splitting up. Koeda didn't like the idea of ghosts coming to get him apparently. Persona had forgotten that he didn't introduce Koeda to his companion. He hoped that he didn't scare them at all and would apologize if he did. If the other person was startled, however he would think inside his head, 'Scaredy cat.' and would proceed to smirk for the duration of the mission. He was doubtful that he would find anything particularly spooky and would walk with both his arms behind his head.

(WC: 1011 | TWC: 3157)
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Hikari Namikaze
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C is for Completion (IO) Empty Re: C is for Completion (IO)

Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:02 pm
Approved for Charlie
Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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C is for Completion (IO) Empty Re: C is for Completion (IO)

Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:00 pm
The letter told him to meet Persona Hyuuga at an abandoned district of the village. Why it was abandoned he wasn’t exactly sure, nor did he care. The mission included with the letter explained that the villagers had been hearing screams and strange noises near the district. The thought of hearing gushing viscera or the breath of some creepy serial killer was all his imagination could muster. Even if the letter contained a note from the writer that stated the last time this was an issue it was just some kids pulling pranks, he couldn’t help but feel this mission may very well be his end.

Okuyama’s head hung low, his cerulean eyes locked on the ground as he strolled up to the aforementioned district. The color of his skin was as white as his shirt, mostly due to his anxiety revolving around the task at hand. He also wore black pants and grey shoes. Wrapped around his right bicep was his headband, the metal plate being faced outward from his body to indicate that he was a part of the village. In an effort to ease his nerves, he mumbled under his breath “Just some kids right? Nothing to worry about.” Apparently one too many nights were spent consuming horror based media.

It seemed as if the reaper had came for him, since no sooner than he stepped into the district was he frozen by the haunting words coming from his predator. “Hello,” was all it took to spook him out of his own skin. His hands covered his face instinctively and the nineteen year old man nearly crumpled to the ground to whimper until whatever sought his fate had consumed him. Or that's would have happened.

Fortunately for this cry baby, it was nothing more than his partner. Realizing this, he stopped himself from jumping and swallowed his fears. “H-hey, I’m Okuyama,” he said. The boy went on to look around his surroundings before claiming that there couldn’t be any ghosts. “Yeah,” he exhaled. “Yeah, I don’t think ghosts are real. We’ll probably just find something totally not scary, right?” His eyes were peeled for the ghosts he spoke of.

Regardless if his comrade commented on it or not, he’d press on with Persona into the district. Now that he thought about it, why was an eight year old braver than him? Life was cruel. In an effort to man up, Okuyama found himself straying from his partner’s vicinity to check out some weird marking that was crudely painted on the front of a door. It was a red circle with a small black dot in the center. As he approached, he could make out a small, hand painted symbol in the center of the dot. Once he leaned closer for a better inspection, it appeared to be a rough sketch of a middle finger being pointed at the viewer. Stay classy, vandals of Konoha.

If Persona didn’t follow him to the graffiti Okuyama would call to the boy. “Hey, you think this might have anything to do with the activity in this area?” Already his nerves were beginning to ease, “If so it seems like it’s just a few vandals.”

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Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:36 pm
     Persona eyed Okuyama. Looking around, Persona saw nothing out of the ordinary for an abandoned district. It looked grim and trashed up from night dwellers who certainly were never up to any good, but other than that there was no scary ghosts or anything. "My mother told me my Byakugan would be able to detect any ghosts if there were such a thing.", responded Persona. He activated his Byakugan taking an even more far out and detailed search than before. "A GHOST!", screamed Persona pointing towards the alley next to the graffiti they were walking towards.

     Of course, Persona was only joking about the ghosts. Ghosts would never be permitted inside of the village and if there were some unique jutsu to summon ghosts like how Risako-Sensei does with her foxes there would be a person behind them. In which case, Persona was itching for a fight to test out his new skills. He looked at the frightened pale faced boy whom of which Persona couldn't tell was pale out of fear or out of simply being born that way. 'He did look like that when I first arrived', thought Persona.  

     Persona would smirk at himself for teasing the boy. It was cruel, but Persona couldn't pass up such a great opportunity. Cracking jokes was one of the few things that truly entertained him other than training and feasting on sweets. Koeda's chittering laugh could be heard from inside of his hoodie. The squirrel was always listening in on what was going on. "Nah, but I think you may be right about the graffiti. It's still wet from the looks of it and I'm picking up a group of people in the building inside. There are graffiti cans and sake bottles scattered along the ground. One person is at the far end of the wall on the other side of us. He is passed out against the wall sitting on the floor, to the right of him is a man sitting in a chair with a --", Persona stops, blushing, "an artistic book, and one next to him standing up looking over his shoulder with a cigarette in his mouth." By the looks of it, the men didn't hear us making any noise.

     Before Okuyama proceeded any closer to the house, Persona put his hand up against him. "Wait", said Persona. He looked around the room trying to confirm what he was seeing. It looked like a woman was hiding behind the cash register in there. The three men must not have noticed her either from the look of things. "Koeda, anything?", asked Persona. The squirrel chittered his findings to him confirming he was right. There was only the four of them inside and only the woman was frightened and on alert. "There seems to be a startled woman in there behind the cash register along the right most wall. She is close to the two conscious men, but they aren't aware of her presence. Who knows what she was doing. Hell, I doubt it was anything good, being this is a deserted district, but they clearly aren't together. Any thoughts?", asked Persona. He was ready to take action and was more than willing to let Okuyama take the lead now that he was given the proper information.

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