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Taking Action (P) Empty Taking Action (P)

Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:07 am
Mission Details:

     Persona took upon his very first D-Rank mission. 'This will inevitably be a piece of cake. I don't need Risako to catch a punk kid who is throwing paint around.', thought Persona. That was what Persona was supposed to do, find the boy who had been putting graffiti on the walls of buildings. Persona left the mission assignment center fast. Koeda was with him like always of course. The squirrel was on Persona's shoulder, eating it's way through an acorn while Persona was running down the streets of the Leaf Village. The whole area around him was covered in paint and the more he went down the path seeing buildings covered the more he thought how any of the Shinobi around could let it get this far. 

     Persona didn't know where to start with finding this kid. He didn't want to use his Byakugan because the task was simple enough and he didn't want to finish it instantly. Persona would be bored if he finished the task in two seconds due to his Kekkei Genkai. Koeda sniffed from the perch of Persona's shoulder for a good five seconds. Koeda then went to open his mouth, but Persona closed it with two fingers telling him to shush. He didn't want Koeda's help either. Again it would be too boring if Koeda went and ruined all of the fun for them. Persona looked around normally searching for any signs of the kid. That's when he spotted a large arrow in paint pointing down an alleyway. 

    Persona took off towards the direction of the arrow, turning the corner. There lead another arrow, and another. Persona followed along for a good portion of time before he reached a dead end. At the dead end there was a painting of a face sticking it's tongue out. Persona slammed his fist at the wall angrily. The kid had set him off on a wild goose chase and he completely fell for it. How foolish of him to fall for a kid's trick like that. Persona looked around him if there were footprints, but there were none. He turned his attention to the sky. He saw a shadow of a figure above on the roof. It moved once he spotted it, disappearing over his line of sight.

     Persona climbed the wall up to the roof. Reaching the top he saw the shadowy figure reach the end of the other side. Rushing to the shadowy figure on the other side of the roof, he slammed his finger on a pressure point that wasn't vital, but would normally cause the opponent to go to sleep around the neck area. Nothing happened which caused Persona to become skeptical. He turned the shadowy figure around to reveal that it was not a person at all. It was a scarecrow with a cloak over it to hide its straw body from him. There were strings attached to the scarecrow in a line. Persona followed the line of string with his eyes to see where it lead.

     The string lead to a window of a house across from the one he was standing on. Holding the end of the string was a boy with a hat on. He stuck his tongue out at Persona before he popped his head back inside and slammed the window shut. Persona could see him running through the house from where he stood. 'Wow, that actually was pretty clever. Except for the fact that he revealed his position to me just to gloat.', thought Persona. While Persona stood there thinking, Koeda raised his fist angrily cursing the boy in chitters. Persona ignored Koeda's threats of violence and jumped across to the roof of the house the boy was in.

     Running along the top of the roof, he reached the end and dropped down. He suspected the boy to be at the other side at the doorway trying to exit. As Persona waited there he realized that the boy would not come and would not open the door there. Persona was pretty sure he wasn't allowed to simply enter people's homes at his beck and call. Plus... "The door is locked", spoke Persona in annoyance. He tried to open the door, but it only slightly wiggled in its place. There was a cracked window above. Persona nodded Koeda to the window there. The squirrel scurried off into the small opening and entered the home.

     Koeda noticed he was on the floor above, inside someone's bedroom. The squirrel jumped from the window to the bed and then landed on the floor. He scurried across the floorboards to go find the stairs. The clicking of his claws could be heard as he moved about in the house. "Whose there?", asked the boy, paranoid. Koeda kept to his task and went to unlock the door that Persona was trying to get into. The squirrel only chittered quiet curses along the way.

     Click. Persona slid the door open and entered the home. He really shouldn't be doing this, but at the same time it wasn't strictly un-allowed. Persona walked in calmly, heading towards the whimpering sound in the room above. He climbed the stairs until he stood at the doorway to the room where the boy was. He saw the boy sitting on the floor crying, his back was facing Persona. Persona entered the room, reaching a hand out to the boy. The boy stopped crying and turned around with a big smirk on his face. "Heheh", he laughed evily. Persona felt a piece of string snap around his torso and paint fell down from above the doorway. It splashed and leaked all over Persona's body, starting from the head. Koeda was behind Persona's leg sniffing down at the paint. He was left untouched by the liquid.

     Persona stared at the boy who had a foot out the window. "Oh, no you don't", he snapped. Persona lunged for the boy and caught a piece of his shirt. He reeled the boy in and made sure he got some of the paint on him. "Let me go! Let me g-", the boy was cut off. Persona covered his mouth with his hand. The fumes from the paint on his hand knocked the boy unconscious. "It does that?", asked Persona to Koeda. Koeda scratched his head. "I'm sure he is fine", said Persona, pulling the boy from the shirt. He dragged him down the stairs and outside of the house all the way to the designated drop off area. 

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Taking Action (P) Empty Re: Taking Action (P)

Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:52 am
Mission Details:

    Persona cleaned up all of the paint that he was covered in. This gave Koeda motivation enough to perch himself back onto Persona's shoulder for a free ride. After dropping off the boy, he had already gotten his next mission to complete. Persona was to save a boy who had climbed a large tree in the forest. 'This mission is good I guess. It's a lucky task to receive for Koeda. He loves the forest and he can hang out with some of his buddies there', he thought. Koeda must had been thinking the same thing when the mission person disclosed this information to them because he was rubbing his hands like a maniac who had discovered a pot of gold. 

     Persona set off to the forest area, cutting through the shortest alleys in the village and the random people along the way to get there. He didn't want to leave the kid hanging there all by his lonesome for too long. Persona knew there was no one there other than the kid because the one person that had discovered him was the one to go make the report of the boy being stuck on the tree. 'The kid must be scared out of his mind, stuck in a place surrounded by a hornets.', thought Persona.

    When Persona got closer to the scene he saw the boy on the branch curled up. His knees were close to his chest and his arms were cradling them. The report was right, there was no longer a branch directly below the one he was on, only a snapped stub remained on the tree in its place. Further below, however was indeed a branch with a wasp nest hanging from it. The pests were swarming about like the brutes they were compared to their counterparts of that of a bee. "They should have sent for an Aburame clan member, not a Hyuga. Ah, well. What can be done on such short notice.", said Persona to himself. He walked up to the tree, in field of view of the boys eyes.

     "M-Mister. Please help me. I-I can't get down.", he said. He started to hug the tree, letting his panic take over him. Persona nodded at the boy and took his march towards him. The wasps sped at him like darts, attempting to sink themselves deep into Persona's skin. Persona ripped them to shreds as soon as they got into proximity to him. He lifted his fingers, shooting chakra out of the tips of them that would cut the insects to pieces. Two...six...eleven...fourteen. Persona did not stop, even as he placed his first foot on the tree, walking up. As he ascended up the tree, the wasps descended down it. Soon Persona would reach the boy.

     "Don't be afraid. Get on.", he said gesturing to his back with his head. The boy jumped onto Persona's back. Persona went down the tree and did a frontal kick to the wasps nest, shattering its structure and causing it to plummet to the ground off in a distance. Persona made a run for the village, hoping not to have any of the wasps on his tail. It was harder to fight people as he ran at his current level. He would have to make sure to practice that later on for when he gets into more serious fights. 

     Koeda jumped onto Persona's leg which surprised him. "I didn't even see you go buddy. I mean I figured you would go visit your pals, but I never took notice. Huh, weird.", he said. Persona made sure to never not know when Koeda was missing, but sometimes even the pesky squirrel could allude him. Persona would have to make sure that doesn't happen again either. There is always something that Persona can work on when it comes to his skills. Koeda chittered back a more positive response. He apparently had a great time while he was fighting off the wasps. 

     "Thank you so much, Mister. Who knows what would have happened to me if no one came to my rescue.", the boy said. Persona didn't want to think about that, but he did. He pictured the boy's body on the ground at the base of the tree with points of red surrounding his body. He would be laying there, his body numb and cold. Only a short spasm of one of his fingers could be seen at the sight as the light in his eyes got more distant by the second. Persona shook himself out of that thought process as it got too morbid. 

     "Don't mention it. If anything I hoped to get you down faster than what I managed. It took me a while to get from the mission office in the village, all the way to the forest.", he said. Persona was hoping the boy would understand this and forgive him for his slow pace. He was sure the boy would realize it since they had to make the same journey back. The person who had requested help was actually the boy's parent. 'She would be happy to see that her boy was safe with not a scratch on him', he assumed.
     "Your pace was perfect, Mister! Look I'm all fine. See? If you were too slow than I would be covered in those wasps!", the boy said. Persona smiled. The boy was not incorrect, but Persona still found it unusual to meet a person with low expectations when it came to their own safety. Usually a person would shout at the person even if they were the one's helping them if they did one tiny error when it came to their safety. Persona was re-assured by the boys words and left it at that, however. He saw no use in letting it get stuck in his head for him to roll around at night thinking about it.

     Persona arrived at the mission area and bent down to his knees. The boy crawled off of his back and ran to his mother. "Mommy!", he giggled. The mother wrapped her arms around the boy in delight, happy to have him back safe. "Thank you so much. I left a reward at the desk", she said taking her leave. "Bye, Mister! Thanks again!", shouted the boy. Persona waved at the two, putting a smile on his face. He went to turn in his mission papers and to get new ones.

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Taking Action (P) Empty Re: Taking Action (P)

Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:39 am
Mission Details:

     Persona left the mission assignment area, heading outside. He wasn't told verbally what his mission was. He only got the paper shrugged into his general direction as the lady at the desk was busy. Persona squinted at the paper, reading over his assignment word by word. He shook his head knowing that this mission was not a good one for Koeda in particular. Koeda had recently told him of the wars that he had been having with the alley cats near his home, explaining why he was captured at one point, forcing Persona to come and rescue him.

    'Should I tell him?', thought Persona. If he had told Koeda, he could refuse to partake in this mission, ruining their chances of looking good in the eyes of the Hokage and those close to him. At the same time, Koeda was Persona's closest friend that does everything with him on a daily routine. 'I know I will end up regretting doing this, but he has the right to know.', he thought. Persona turned to Koeda, telling him to listen up. Persona read the assignment that they were to complete out loud so that the squirrel could understand.

     Koeda smacked Persona with an acorn he had picked up. He then chittered, and pointed his sharp claw at Persona's face. Persona was expecting that kind of response from his furry companion. Those cats did kidnap him and planned on toying around with him until he had died. If Persona was in Koeda's paws he would want nothing to do with those cats as well. Persona took a moment to think about the course of action he should pursue. That's when a fantastic idea struck him. 

     "Listen, Koeda! It says right here on this paper that the lady wants them back to her, correct? This must mean that the cats had originally ran away from her. There was no one with them last time that could have possibly have taken them away from her.", trailed Persona with his idea.

Koeda scratched his head in confusion.

"Isn't it obvious, Koeda? If we go bring back all of those cats to this lady, they will be miserable and furthermore, unable to sneak into our house and grab you again. This mission is actually a blessing in disguise!", he shouted.

     Koeda put his hands together in that greedy fashion, plotting out his revenge. He turned to Persona and nodded at him in agreement. With that, Persona took off in search of the cats in the Hyuga district, where he knew they lurked in the alleyways. A mission that was close to home felt good to Persona. That was only because it didn't involve any serious threats to the lives of his family or his friends nearby. Persona, going at full speed, would come to the alleyway with the dumpster and the cats surrounding it in a short amount of time.

     The cats were all lounging around the dumpster, not really active at all. For the most part, the majority of the felines were sleeping. 'They certainly like to live their own definition of a good life', thought Persona. Persona knew he could not hurt a single one of the cats, or the village will be marked down as a failure. He certainly didn't want a mission failure in his records. This was aggravating as not hurting them made it that much harder for Persona to complete this assignment. Persona crept up next to the closest cat who laid there asleep.

     Persona picked the cat up and threw him into the dumpster. The idea was that the dumpster would be able to cushion the cat's descent into it while also being able to be sealed off for transportation. Once Persona threw the first cat into the dumpster, however, the rest of the cats got up and hissed at Persona. Koeda copied their hiss and gave it back at them, mocking them all. This caused the cats to give out a meow that sounded like it came off of something that was dead. Persona didn't stop doing what he was doing. He chased the cats, throwing them in one by one. The cats were fast, but not as fast as Persona was. 

    One...two...three...four. Persona got down to the last cat who refused to let himself be taken by him. The cat hissed before jumping onto Persona and scratching his forearm. Persona found it hard not to attack the cat. It was the leader of the group that had ordered the rest of them to take Koeda away to an abandoned house. Persona grabbed the cat by the neck and smashed him into the dumpster with both of his hands in unison. If not for the bags, the cat would surely be licking its wounds for a solid week. 

     Persona slammed the lid to the dumpster shut. No cat would get out of that container as it was all metal. Persona took out his piece of paper, reading over it. He wanted to make sure that he had to bring them back instead of them being picked up from this location by another person. The task was clear, he was supposed to bring them. He groaned at the task before him. He didn't want to drag this whole dumpster back to the mission office. "Well, at least this thing has a set of wheels on it", he said, banging the side of it. The cats low, threatening meows could be heard in response to his banging against the metal. Koeda hissed in the cats tone back at them.

     Persona whistled as he pushed the dumpster back to the mission office. It normally wouldn't be possible for an individual to push a dumpster along the street, but of course this dumpster really wasn't that big. That didn't mean it wasn't heavy at all either. Persona had strained himself in pushing the container, but he did train himself for tasks such as these. In short, it was an extraneous task, but a possible one. Coming up to the mission office, the lady shrieked at the sight of Persona and Koeda with the dumpster. 'You asked for trash and you got it', thought Persona.

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Taking Action (P) Empty Re: Taking Action (P)

Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:06 pm
Mission Details:

     A dog came to the mission area barking. Persona was supposed to follow the dog and find out what it wants. Koeda decided to laze about in Persona's hoodie for this mission. Persona nodded to the dog and they took off. They went down through the village's streets, he was sniffing the ground as if he was trying to find something. "What are you looking for boy? I can only help you find what you are looking for if I know what it is.", said Persona. The dog barked in response to Persona, taking off in a sprint.

     Persona followed close behind until they reached an old well. The dog jumped on the edge of the well's wall looking down. He barked into the void of the well below. Persona looked down and activated his Byakugan to get a better look inside of it for it was dark down there. Before he even saw the boy crawled up to the side of the well he could hear the boy's whimpering echo all the way up. Persona patted the dog. "Good job, boy. Now we just need to bring him up.", he said.

     Persona looked for the rope and bucket that were usually attached to the well. It was on the outside of the well rather than the inside. He lifted it up and retied the rope to the bucket suspecting that it was too loose at the moment. If the rope was too loose it could come undone while trying to bring the boy up. The boy could potentially fall from the bucket and fall to his death which I'm sure would not look good on him. Persona triple knotted the rope onto the bucket. 

     Persona threw the rope and bucket down the well. "Grab onto this and I will pull you up.", said Persona. The bucket landed right in front of the boy, dangling from the rope above. The boy grabbed onto the bucket and Persona heaved the boy up, putting his back into it. Eventually the boy's head was above the well's wall and he came out of the hole. The dog barked and licked the boy's face in excitement. The boy laughed and patted the dog.

     Persona crossed his arms, smiling down at the boy. "Well, well, well. Thanks for joining us, but it's time to go back to the mission area to check you out now.", he said. Persona picked the boy onto his back and ran back to the mission area at full speed. The dog followed behind, his tongue and tail wagging. Persona would drop the boy off, collect his rewards and leave. "Best of wishes.", he would shout to the boy as he headed home for the day. Persona would arrive at his house, going to his bedroom. Persona wanted to do nothing else, but to go to bed at this point. He worked harder than ever today. Hopefully, he could find a squad to do even harder missions as was required of him to do.

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Taking Action (P) Empty Re: Taking Action (P)

Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:19 pm
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