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Nekrun Uzumaki
Nekrun Uzumaki
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Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 3610

Halloween mission 2 (HFE) Empty Halloween mission 2 (HFE)

Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:58 pm

Nekrun woke up tired after the mission and having to heal the genin that came to town. He got up off the couch and looked around, unsure what was happening other than the sound of a messenger crow sending a letter through his door. The crow looked to be from halloween town, it didn't have many discerning features, but it did happen to be stop motion and made of clay. Nekrun tried to ignore the crow, but to no avail as it dropped the letter straight onto his face. Nekrun was mad at the crow, for the crow had dropped the letter almost straight into his eye. Nekrun was frustrated and took his rage out on the outside of the letter as he opened it, but didn't harm the contents inside. Nekrun opened the letter and read it, almost skimming it, but going back to reread it to make sure he at least got the general point. The letter read this

"Dear Nekrun Uzumaki,
This is Jack Skellington, King of the Pumkinpatch, I thank you for finding the door for me the other day and I formally invite you to our annual celebration for the month October where all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblinesses put on a parade for the entire town. You can where a costume if you want, but it isn't required. Lastly we hope you have fun at this party. 

Jack Skellington"
Nekrun didn't really feel like going to a party today, he just kinda wanted to relax and sleep all day after using so much chakra healing those genin, but soon another letter arrived at his house. This time it was just a normal crow with it's beautiful shiny blue feathers it flew in and dropped the letter nicely for Nekrun on the table next to him. Nekrun opened the letter thinking it was another one from halloween town, but to his dismay it was from the mission branch and he didn't like the feeling of this. The letter wrote

"Hello Nekrun Uzumaki, it has come to our attention that you have been invited to a party in halloween town, we are trying to build a bond with them, so we order you to attend the party. This will count as a mission on your permanent record and you will be payed a hefty amount for your troubles of going to a party. Remember this is a order so you will go no matter if you like to or not."

Nekrun reread the letter multiple times in full, he couldn't believe what his eyes told him, he was being forced to go to the party, but they were going to pay him for having fun? Nekrun thought that it must be some kind of trick, but he decided he would go to the party just incase it was real. Nekrun got up from his chair and burned both letters just in case so he could get rid of the evidence of where he was going so nobody would follow him. He left the room and went back to where he found the doors to enter the different holiday lands and looked around reluctantly to find the halloween door which had a pumpkin on it that looked to cackle at the very thought of a human entering it. The door was almost fully orange except some black parts for the eyes and mouth, which was painted to look like it was carved into sharp teeth ready to bite anyone that attempted to grab the door handle and jump through. The door was put onto a sakura tree mid fall which looked to be about 20 feet tall and the petals consistently fell down to the ground without fail every second at least one would hit the ground and there were even some that had already started to decompose as they laid there. 

Nekrun opened the door to what looked like an endless void, he had flashbacks to the organ transplant and suddenly saw the silver dragon that was on the statue. It quickly spoke as it knew it wouldn't have long to say anything and it was confused as to where it was. "Where have you brought me!?" It yelled at Nekrun as it looked around and then grabbed him. "Why have you trapped my here?!?, I have no power, where has my power gone?!" It continued to yell, but suddenly Nekrun was back into the real world, still staring into the open door, it looked like it almost asked him to enter as he stared deeper into the abyss. Nekrun finally jumped through, looking back the door closed behind him as he went through it seemed like gravity had deleted itself and nowhere was up and nothing was down, all was just here as he looked around the abyss. Nekrun kept falling in one consistent direction, the exact same one he had jumped through the door in, until he finally hit another door, and came barreling through it into halloween town. 

The town was bustling with life as many different ghosts and ghouls walked the streets Nekrun seemed to notice that he was the only human that was there. Nekrun looked around a few things he saw were blood sucking vampires, they carried around bags like camel packs that had red blood oozing out of the pipe. Another thing he saw was a ghost, which seemed to float it's way straight through any normal object leaving an odd goo behind on the surface of whatever it passed through, from what Nekrun could tell this didn't change the molecule makeup of the object, but the goo was very sticky. One more thing that he saw was a few zombies, these zombies carried around what looked to be limbs on sticks, they ate them like cotton candy off the sticks that they bought at nearby shops that lined the streets. His only guess was that all the other humans were too scared to go and that's why the mission division sent Nekrun. He had always been a devoted ninja who wouldn't decline any mission, and they had always been good to him, giving him fun and nice missions to go on. Take this one as a example, he gets to party as he gets payed for just sitting around while he has fun doing whatever he wants all night. Nekrun watched and stayed for the parade and absolutely loved it as each thing went by. There was a different float for almost each main creature as they all went by, each made by their own respective creature. Nekrun especially liked the spider one as the float actually caught many people that would walk into the street in it's web and you go to see the spiders eat right in front of you as you watched. Nekrun even conversed with many ghouls and ghosts and made great friends with Jack as he was at the party, I mean he invited Nekrun so why wouldn't he be at his own party, but Nekrun finally had to leave for the night and decided now was the time he had to go as the parade was done and he noticed many guests checked out for the night. Nekrun left the party and finally got home the cherry blossoms from the Sakura trees were still falling down onto the ground second after second the cadence didn't stop for a moment, they kept falling even into the lake, the sight was beautiful and Nekrun loved to just sit there and watch as the petals fell, some fell very slow while others happened to fall much faster. It didn't take long before Nekrun was started to get mentally tired from staying up too late. Nekrun didn't even feel exhausted from the great party, he considered going again next year. The committee must have liked what Nekrun did with making friends since he got a congratulations letter along with his pay, which was unusual and he hadn't seen one before or heard of it. It turned out that the congratulations letter was given out to those who did things for the village that could greatly benefit future life in the village and most likely make it prosper easier. Nekrun was very happy that he got the congratulations letter, but still didn't fully understand why what he did was so important, but he went along with it anyways smiling at the letter. Nekrun fell asleep and was so tired it didn't even take a second for him to doze off into a deep deep sleep and he had beautiful dreams of the cherry blossoms.

wc:1440+200 from the reward
1000 ryo
3 ap

(241+1634=1875/1875)(max stat discount) Yin wound healing distruction previous wc here
deleting extra 6 wc

Nekrun Uzumaki
Nekrun Uzumaki
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
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Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 3610

Halloween mission 2 (HFE) Empty Re: Halloween mission 2 (HFE)

Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:59 pm
for some reason there's a giant blank spot, but it didn't have any writing and I can't be bothered to fix it
Stat Page : The Executioner
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Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 58000

Halloween mission 2 (HFE) Empty Re: Halloween mission 2 (HFE)

Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:17 pm
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