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The Birth of a new Mangekyo (P) Empty The Birth of a new Mangekyo (P)

Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:59 pm
Today was set to be yet another day for Vergil to go through in terms of training, his rest indoors for a few days proving to be just what he needed to recuperate fully, as he put on his jacket from the wardrobe. He would get out his sword, still within it's sheath, as he walked over to the front door of his home. He would stop short of the door as he noticed on the ground an envelope as he picked it up off the ground and put it on the table. He'd take a look at it after he was done with his training but, for now, he had to take every chance he could in order to get stronger. Thus he would walk out of the front door and make his way to the village gates, the streets busy with people going to multiple buildings in order to get a bit of shopping done or maybe get to work on time, as Vergil walked past them all at a slow and relaxed pace as he watched the busy intersections closely to make sure no one ran into him as he walked. Taking the time to make it past the gates he would look up to see a few more guards than usual as he thought it was weird that they had upped security. Did something possibly happen? He wouldn't question it too much as he continued along his way to the training field.

The remainder of his route was the same as ever, leaves swirling around in the air and littering the road leading to the field, as he crossed the usual threshold into the field while walking over to the tree nearby in order to hang his jacket onto one of it's branches. Taking a breath, and his shoes off, he walked out to the river, the clouds above him providing the entire field with shade, as he walked out onto the top of the river for some more chakra training and tempering. He took a deep breath before closing his eyes and concentrating on his inner chakras in order to get ready for some chakra meditation as he brought his hands up and together to form a single hand seal before concentrating. He could feel the water rushing forth beneath his feet as he meditated, his breathing slow and focused on the task at hand, as the water's coolness helped to calm him as he worked. He would spend a few minutes on the water meditating before opening his eyes and use the chakra in his feet to make him surf along the surface rapidly along the length of the river.

He would do this movement for a few more minutes, making certain that his legs kept moving as he did so in order to get some exercise in them, until he hopped over the edge of the river in order to land on the ground a ways away from the training logs that rested under the tree. He rolled his neck around in order to loosen up the muscles within it as he walked over to one of the logs and started to lightly perform combos upon the log with his fists and feet in order to help out his taijutsu. He needed to get as much of his strength up as possible by the end of the next two weeks and this was one of the best ways of doing so as well as improving his knowledge of potential combo openers and counter moves. He would continue to keep doing this until he felt that his hands and feet were toughened up and sore enough as he hopped back from the log onto open ground a few feet away before flipping backwards and landing on his feet.

He hopped up and down quickly as he got a bit of strength into his legs before he began to run around the field as full speed as he kept his breathing at a concentrated level in order to help keep his stamina up. He would run around the field at such a pace for a few minutes before easing his speed down to a slower and easier to keep up with pace as he felt his legs and his lungs burning from it all before stopping by jumping up the cliff and landing on the top ledge in order to look out over the field that rested beneath the cliff. He would then get down on his hands and start to push himself up and down as he closed his eyes and listened to the surrounding sounds of nature in order to focus on anything that could help him focus on something else as he did this monotonous task. It would prove boring after a while due to how strong he was already but after a while he would stop and get back up onto his feet while wondering what to do next for training.

He would look around the ledge he stood on for a little bit before he looked down at the field and noticed something catch his eye. He saw a figure of someone move along the trees and their branches, their silhouette moving at a pace he could barely keep up with, as he saw them disappear in the woods moving in the direction of the Leaf as he couldn't tell what apparel they had on as they moved. This was suspicious to him because he didn't see anyone enter the field but he did notice that he had the feeling of being watched while he was training. Curious he hopped down from the ledge and moved to where he had last seen the figure as he looked up at the tree branches for any clues left behind by them that he could use to find out why they were there or who they were. This clearly was a ninja as he wasn't able to find any clues about the potential stalker and he went back into the field while taking a look back behind him with his Sharingan to see that not even a trail of chakra had been left. This was clearly no amateur as he walked over to the logs once more and pulled out a tag. He'd wait for them to come back and trap them when the time was right.

He would take the tag that he had pulled out of his pocket and stick it to one of the logs as the log would become surrounded in light as it transformed and was remade as another version of Vergil stood where it was. It was time for Vergil to practice his taijutsu with someone that could fight back as he hopped away to stand a bit away from the clone while getting into a stance. Balling his hands into fists he would take in a few deep breaths as he activated his Sharingan and watched as his clone got into the same stance that he had gotten into. There would be a tiny moment of pause between the two as they stared at each other and Vergil thought about how best to proceed with his portion of attacks as suddenly the clone began to charge after him at full speed. Vergil would do the same as the two met in the middle and would collide shoulder to shoulder before getting into their fisticuffs mode.

The clone would have a counter for every punch and kick that Vergil tried to hit it with, ducking or dodging in some way that allowed it to quickly deliver a punch or a kick of it's own while doing so, as Vergil would try and counter everything that the clone had before he found himself getting pushed back from the clone's power. The clone would kick Vergil away as Vergil backflipped over through the air and landed upon his feet before getting down into a stance and watched the clone closely to see what it would do next as he got his answer almost immediately. The clone brought it's hands up to quickly form two hand seals before taking a deep breath and blowing out with force to make a ball of fire large enough to completely overtake Vergil's entire body as he saw the ball of fire coming and quickly ran to the side in order to get out of the way of the fireball. It would pass him without consequence as Vergil suddenly saw the clone coming at him full speed once again. Landing on the surface of the river Vergil would jump over the clone's oncoming punch and flip forward to kick the clone in the face with a downward force.

The clone would be kicked down into the depths of the river's water as Vergil dived down after it and used the chakra within his feet to propel him down to meet the clone and give it a punch upon passing it before turning around and delivering another punch as he watched the clone twirl in the water from his hits. He would continue to go after the clone until the clone was able to get it's bearings and caught one of Vergil's oncoming attacks and used the chakra in it's own feet to twirl it's body around and toss Vergil upwards through the water and straight through the river's surface high up in the air. Vergil was surprised at the strength the clone had to do that as the clone suddenly erupted out of the river and flipped around in the air higher than where Vergil was before coming downwards with one of it's arms towards Vergil's head. He would get his arms up in time, his body forced to flip forwards, as the clone would then try to grab his feet but Vergil would see this coming as he twirled and kicked the clone's hands in order to fly towards the ground quicker.

Flipping over to land onto his feet Vergil would skid to a halt a bit of a ways away from the river as the clone would land on it's surface and get back into a fighting stance as Vergil took in a deep breath and crack his knuckles before standing back up. He twisted his torso around in order to get the muscles in his waist loosened up as he then squatted a few times as he watched the clone closely to make sure it didn't do anything as he had this stretching session. He rolled his neck for a bit before he felt a presence to his right as he glanced over his shoulder out to the forest and the trees before looking out to the clone and seeing that the clone had caught something, too. This was upsetting as the clone only ever responded to threats and if it was responding to this new presence that implied that whoever or whatever it was they were both detecting it was a threat of some kind. Vergil would keep his cool, pretending as though he didn't notice anything, before quickly pulling out a shuriken and throwing the shuriken out into the forest in the direction where he detected something.

The shuriken would fly into the leaves of a bush as a shadow would leap from the bush out of the way and zoom back into the forest as Vergil and the clone would give chase after it through the forest as Vergil was able to realize quickly that the shadow was moving faster than he could move though his Sharingan was able to see clearly what the shadow was as it was a figure wrapped in a cloak completely covering their body and making it impossible for him to see who it was from the angle that he was viewing them from. He would wind up having to stop chasing as he realized how fruitless the endeavor of trying to catch this shadow was going to be as he sighed and looked over to the clone that had followed and quickly made his way back in the direction of the training field. The two would go along the trees at full speed back into the open field and face off against each other. The person who was keeping an eye on Vergil had to have been a ninja to be able to go so fast as he got into a fighting stance and would continue to train while the stranger was stuck in the back of his mind.

The clone would once again be the first to engage in charging at Vergil to start their spar as Vergil saw this coming and got into a defensive stance while rolling his neck and keeping his Sharingan upon the clone to make certain he could see every movement the clone made. Vergil would duck down to avoid the punch that the clone would try and hit him with as Vergil would then jump back and away from the clone while the clone was righting itself from the punch and charged towards Vergil once again while hopping up and spinning around like a top to try and kick Vergil this time from above. Vergil would see this coming and using all the extra time he had to react devise a counter that would prove to be brutal for the clone as Vergil would side step the incoming kick and direct his fist directly into it's gut.

The clone would be launched away from the fist and flip around to land on it's feet before quickly regaining it's balance and it began to run in a circle around Vergil at full speed. Vergil stood there as the clone did this as he watched the clone closely with his Sharingan eyes and quickly went to a spot that the clone was going to be and directed a kick right where it's head would be. The clone would duck as the kick zoomed right past the top of it's head and would stop running in order to direct it's own kick to Vergil face. Catching the sole of the clone's foot with the palm of his hand he would then toss the clone up into the air before forming a few hand seals and taking a deep breath only to blow out his own large fireball towards the clone as it was suspended high in the air watching the ball of fire coming after it. It would immediately form it's own hand seals and blow out towards the ball of fire and the two would collide in the air and explode in a blazing hot show of light and embers.

Vergil watched the embers disappear as the clone made his slow descent towards him with a kunai pulled from it's pouch as Vergil pulled his own pouch and waited for the clone to get close. Taking a deep breath he would catch the clone's descending kunai with his own as sparks would fly from the collision of steel before Vergil would twirl around and force the clone to fall with his kunai as it got stuck into the ground. As the clone realized it was unable to pull the kunai out Vergil would already be ready for his next and intended final strike as he would quickly drive the kunai down into the clone's back. The clone would fall down onto the ground with kunai sticking out of it's back as Vergil then would drive the palm of his hand down onto the clone's head. The ground would shatter and sand would erupt from the ground, causing smoke to billow outwards from all directions, as the clone was transformed back into a log due to being defeated by Vergil's last strike. Vergil took in another breath as he pulled the kunai stuck in the stump of the log and placed it back into his pouch while picking the log up and placing it over his shoulder.

He walked over to the spot where the stump once was and slammed it down back into it's spot as he walked over to the tree his jacket hung from the tree as he slung it on over his shoulders and sat on the ground in order to put on his boots. He would put all the clothes he had come to the field on before picking up the sheathed sword that he had brought with him and made his way towards the exit of the field to walk along the familiar road back in the direction of the leaf village. All in all not a bad day of training, despite a disturbance or two here and there, as he wondered what he was going to do for his next training session. Would he train as he had today for that session or possibly train a few high level techs which he knew he was in serious need of to prepare for his upcoming exams. It wouldn't be long before his mind went back to the stranger he had encountered in the forest near the field. Who were they and why were they so interested in him? An enemy ninja scouting out the village and it's ninja?

As he walked and thought this he suddenly heard a twig snap nearby as he stopped walking and stood in the middle of the road. He could feel the familiar feeling that he was being watched yet again as he thought about how best to proceed. He knew that if it was the ninja from earlier there was no way he was going to be able to chase and catch them and he hadn't taken the time to set up any traps for this situation either. However he considered the fact that if this person had the intent to harm Vergil they would have done so already due to having multiple chances to do so. This possibly meant that their intention wasn't to harm Vergil but monitor him even though they were doing a very bad job of keeping hidden to do so. Taking a moment to take in a deep breath Vergil would close his eyes before speaking out to nothing in particular yet in a way the person watching him could definitely hear.

"Come out from hiding. This is the third time you've made sure I notice you. Might as well come out and tell me why you're so keen in getting my attention." From behind him he heard the leaves crunch slowly as he turned to see a person in a cloak while wearing a wolf mask walk out of the woods and stand a few meters away from him in the road. The cloak covered their torso and legs but did nothing to hide their feet which were covered by regular ninja shoes and showed toes that were painted black. Turning fully to face this person he would grip his sword tightly as he realized that this person was a member of the Anbu of the Leaf which meant that he was face to face with someone potentially vastly more experienced and more powerful than he was. He could even tell from the aura this ninja gave that if he was to get into a fight with them their was a near 100% probability he would be defeated in a flash. Taking a moment to breathe he would calmly ask "Who are you?" as he soon heard a feminine voice respond.

"My name is Saori. Are you Vergil; son of Masune and Kaito?" This was a surprise. Out of all ninja who had ever asked Vergil for his name they never included the distinction of his mother and father into the question. "I am." He would watch as the kunoichi brought up a hand from under her cloak and gripped her mask in order to take it off as Vergil couldn't help but raise an eyebrow by how strange this all was. The mannerisms in which the kunoichi was stalking him, the odd inclusion of his family into an identity question when the Anbu were supposed to have all the information on him already, and now the mask removal which was something he had never heard any Anbu doing in front of anyone lower ranked than them. He would see from the face reveal that this woman had to be in her mid thirties and was quite easy on the eyes in terms of beauty. She looked at him with eyes that peered green, at first, before quickly turning red as three notches appeared in the irises showing that she possessed a proficiently trained Sharingan.

Finding out that she was an Uchiha wasn't all that surprising for Vergil as he allowed his own Sharingan to show and the two stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds before Saori let a smile slip and she bowed to Vergil. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. I've heard much about you from my mistress from back when you were much younger and now to see that you have grown into quite the strong man and already have a well trained eye at your age fills me with joy. I'm certain my mistress will be even more overjoyed once she sees you." Now Vergil was confused as he watched Saori stand back up straight upon finishing her talk as he saw her Sharingan vanish. He kept his up, however, as he had no reason to trust this woman. Definitely not after the nonsense she was spilling out. "Is there a reason you've been stalking me and bothering me while I was training? I have no reason to care about anything that a stranger has to say based on what another stranger may or may not have said about me of the past. If you don't have any important business with me I'd rather be on my way."

This would cause Saori's smile to vanish as she sighed. "It would seem you've grown quite surly along with your body's maturity. I can assure you everything I have to say to you is quite important to you. Just as much as the identity of my mistress is." Vergil shook his head as he turned to walk away. "Everyone I once held important to me died long ago. Go bother someone else with whatever scam you're trying to pull here." He couldn't believe it. Were all the Anbu this dense? He had heard so many stories about how skilled and tempered Anbu were. Ninjas who could rival Jounin in prowess yet this pitiful display of mediocre stealth and disregard for the Anbu's traditions was supposed to be an Anbu herself? The thought made him scoff as he walked along the road away from her, leaves crunching from underneath his feet as he walked, before he heard the sound of smoke puffing from all around him and he froze as mist surrounded him. His Sharingan was unable to see anything clearly through the mist as it was all produced from chakra as he could suddenly sense that he was surrounded.

"Well I tried the nice approach. I really didn't want to have to resort to force but I will if you try my hand, Vergil. I must apologize but I have my orders to deliver you to my mistress and you will come with me whether you like it or not. Fight back at your own peril even though I'm certain you already know how a fight with me would end." Vergil was indeed hesitant to retaliate. Even if she was a bit annoying he had no reason to doubt that she had been made an Anbu for a reason and the fact that he was feeling multiple presences through the mist instead of just her had to have meant she was possibly using some kind of cloning jutsu. He looked all around the mist for her, unable to see more than three feet in front of him, as he kept still thinking that the mist had to have been affecting her eyesight as well. "Just so you know I can see you." Suddenly the mist disappeared as the woods he had just been standing in had disappeared along with it and he was in nothing but darkness.

This had to be Genjutsu as he tried to deactivate it by forming the necessary seal but he was unable to break free as he soon realized her chakra was too strong. "Unfortunately, Vergil, the moment you looked into my eyes earlier you were already caught in my Genjutsu. You think I showed you my Sharingan just to show you I was also a member of the Uchiha? I was merely setting the bait of this trap and you fell for it." Well this was a predicament. This kunoichi certainly wasn't someone that he could mess with nor defy as she was able to win a potential fight before it even had a chance to start. He wallowed for a bit in frustration as he heard her speak once more. "Don't feel bad for yourself, Vergil. You may still have much to learn but that doesn't mean you're not strong as you are now. And while I don't intend to allow you to leave I don't have any intention of harming you. Just agree to come with me and I'll let you out. I promise you're going to want to see what I have to show you."

He had heard of Genjutsu that could be initiated through an Uchiha's eyes but he had never read of Genjutsu being this strong. It was as though his chakra was completely at the mercy of his captor. Was this really the power that a Sharingan could possess? He would take a moment to collect a breath before sighing. "Very well. I have no choice but to agree to follow you." In an instant his mind snapped back to reality as he was back on the road of the surrounding forest as he caught himself staring into her eyes again, her Sharingan clearly activated, though this time her eyes were... different. A different pattern from what he was familiar with in most Sharingan was present within her eyes as the tomoe had been replaced with black spirals coming from the edges of her eyes that met at the center where her pupil was. Her pupil was white yet held a black pattern inside of it that slowly spun not unlike how a shuriken spun as she smirked and deactivated this strange looking Sharingan. Her eyes slowly took back their overall green color as Vergil stood there stunned.

"What? Never seen a Mangekyo Sharingan before? I must say I'm surprised I had to resort to using it on you. If your chakra was just a teensy bit higher you could've actually broken through my Genjutsu." Add yet another mystery onto the pile of questions Vergil now had: What was a Mangekyo Sharingan. He had always heard his parents talk of the Sharingan that he had and what most all Uchiha had but never did the topic of Mangekyo come up. He would have to wonder about it later, however, as Saori put her mask back on she was carrying underneath her cloak and pointed Westward. "Follow me. Our destination is about ten miles from here." She would start walking in the direction she had pointed towards as Vergil reluctantly followed as he passed and swerved around the tall trees. This may have been something of benefit for Vergil, however, for if there was another level of the Sharingan, one of great power that she had displayed, surely he could attain it too. Maybe he would learn how to attain it from her during this walk to their unknown, to him, destination.

As they walked past tree upon tree for about five minutes Vergil couldn't help keep his curiosity at bay as he looked over to her. "What is the Mangekyo and how did you attain such power?" He was expecting that she was going to stay quiet upon hearing such a question. After all she didn't have to tell him anything due to proving herself his superior both in rank and skill. He was mainly hoping that her generally talkative nature would win out, however, and cause her to spill the beans on what he wanted to know. Turned out he was right. "I'm not really all too privy on the details myself but basically it's an advanced version of the Sharingan that takes the abilities of an Uchiha and amplifies them incredibly. It gives an Uchiha abilities no normal Sharingan could ever give though I don't often use it all that much because it has a toll if used over and over again. Using it's power too much can result in the slow and gradual loss of eyesight until eventually the user is no longer able to see at all. It's why I use it for more drastic measures though I was ordered specifically by my mistress to show it to you and let you experience a taste of it's power."

So that's why she was being so talkative of it. Because she possibly was told to relay information about it to him as she looked around to him. "That's all I'm going to tell you about it, though. I'm not allowed to tell you how to unlock it just yet. My mistress was clear that any information related to it's unlocking she would make certain you yourself found out about when the time was right." Well that made a bunch of sense. Just who was this person anyway, this mistress as she kept calling her, and why were they so interested in Vergil to begin with. She had let slip that they had known Vergil ever since he was a child. A neighbor who he often met perhaps? A long lost relative that he had no memory of? And this woman he was sure he had never met before yet somehow she seemed to know a lot about his past self personally. Even if she had been told all about Vergil by this stranger he was about to meet the fact that she could see he had become "surly" with age was a giveaway that she was withholding more information than she was letting on.

After a while of walking, the trees slowly thinning out as they moved past them, until suddenly Saori held up her hand in a motion that was meant to tell him to stop. Vergil did as told while looking over to her as Saori was looking around with a bit of caution before giving the motion to get down. Crouching Vergil looked around as well as soon he could hear distant footsteps as he looked over to Saori and spoke in a whisper. "Is it uncommon for people to be out here?" Saori kept her attention in the direction of the footsteps while whispering back. "Out here? No. But they're coming from the direction we're heading in." Vergil was confused by that statement as he whispered once again. "Why is that a bad thing?" Her mask turned in his direction before whispering. "We've made certain to be within an area that's well hidden and out of the way for possible travelers to stumble across. We may still have five miles left to go but if they're coming from our hideout's direction they could have staked the hideout and, therefore, could be potential enemies."

Vergil was unclear if that was really the case for this situation as they would stay crouched and quiet until the sounds of the footsteps disappeared in the opposite direction of where they were going as Saori stood up. "We should get going. I don't want to keep my mistress any longer." Vergil stood up as she began to continue to walk in the direction they'd been heading once more as Vergil followed her through the woods. "You keep mentioning this "mistress" of yours. Just who is she? Obviously it must be someone I know for them to know so much about me?" Saori giggled at that as they continued to walk before she took a glancing look over her shoulder to him. "Of that you have no idea how right you are. You'll find out who it is all in good time. We have a little bit more of a walk before we get there. Once we get about a mile away we'll be safe from prying eyes." Vergil was starting to get tired of the runaround but he had no choice but to accept what she had to say as he continued to follow her and noticed that the trees were thinning out as they walked.

As they walked he looked up to see birds soaring by from the west as Saori's voice suddenly caught him off guard. "Did you see the letter that I left at your door?" He would look down from the sky to see Saori glancing back to him from over her shoulder once more as he nodded. "I did but I didn't read it. I was going to wait to do that after I had finished my training." She shook her head as he heard her sigh which caused him to give a soft tsk under his tongue. "What's in it? Something of actual importance." She kept quiet for a little bit before speaking once more with a hint of annoyance for the first time since he met her. "I don't know. It was a letter from my mistress who was really hoping you'd read it as soon as you got it. The news that you haven't will upset her." Vergil couldn't help but let out a cold chuckle at that. Why should he care about what some stranger had to say in a letter?

It wouldn't be a few more miles of walking until Vergil suddenly felt a light wave of cold air pass through him as Saori sighed in relief and took off her mask from underneath her cloak as she looked to me with a stern look. "Why are you acting so arrogantly? I've tried being nothing but nice to you here and all you've been is uncooperative and uncaring. Is it really so awful for me to ask you to come with me to meet someone who genuinely cares about you? Who has been worried about you for many years?" This made Vergil walk up to her, glaring into her eyes with his Sharingan as she stared into his with her regular ones, as he spoke low and quiet yet full of anger. "Let's get one thing straight here: I have no desire to be here yet I find myself having no choice but to be here because you're forcing me to be here. You're already putting yourself on my bad side by doing that. You interrupted me from enjoying the rest of my day in order to get rest from a training session I had just finished not too long ago for this. Again that doesn't make us the best of friends. And all I've heard come out of your mouth is nothing but mystery after mystery of some random stranger who wished to see me so much she gave you the direct order to kidnap me so that she could meet me. I'm wondering why she didn't have the balls to do that herself and why I should give any sort of care as to who she is and what she wants. And here you stand with all the answers yet have done nothing but present to me more questions that have been left unanswered. You haven't given me any sort of clue as to what you people want with me no matter how "friendly" you've been. Why should I be "friendly" with you when all you and your "mistress" have done is show me that you're clearly my enemies?" She remained silent as he spoke, her stern look breaking down into a worried stare with his every word, until he calmed down enough to allow his Sharingan to recede back and give his eyes their blue color once more before he shoved past her walking in the direction she wanted him to go before she called out to him.

"It's your mother!" This made him stop in his tracks, a look of shock creeping into his face slowly, as he turned around to her to see her walking towards him briskly and with a mixture of sadness and anger. "My mistress is your mother. I've been caring for her for many years after the war and she's been wanting to see you again ever since it ended but never had the chance to." She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes a bit as Vergil was frozen still by her words while immense amounts of disbelief and confusion flooded into his mind. She started to walk away but he grabbed her wrist through her cloak before she could. "You drop a bomb like that on me and expect to continue on without clarifying it to me. What has she been doing all this time? Why did she leave me all alone for years? Why did she make me have to bury him alone and live without any help? I've had to keep our home, our memories, alive all by myself. I..."

A whole array of emotions travelled through his heart, his mind, his body as he was afraid he was going crazy before she turned to him and took his wrist gently and tugged it in order to snap him back into reality. "Come with me. I promise you all your questions will be answered. You have my word." She let him go and walked away from him as he stood there for a few more moments, taking in deep breaths to try and calm himself, before he gripped his sheath he still was carrying in his left hand and followed behind her. They would both remain quiet as they walked along the route she led for him to follow as soon they were walking in a road that led deeper into the woods as she glanced over to him once more. "You no doubt noticed that we are currently within a barrier. I made it. It's meant to serve as an alert to us if anybody passes it." So that's what the cold air he felt was while he was walking. She would remain quiet after that as they both continued to walk the road until, soon, they were upon a doored entrance with a padlock over it that led underground.

She walked over to the entrance as she pulled out a key and placed it into the padlock before quickly taking it off and tossing it into one of his pockets before opening the heavy door for them to enter. She motioned for him to follow her as they walked downstairs and she did a few hand seals as balls of fire formed around her body over her head that provided light for the dark corridor that they walked along. "Just a little further. I will say right now, though, you must brace yourself for what you're about to see. I know you've had to deal with the pain of thinking that both your parents were dead... I promised her I'd do everything I could to help you through that pain when you must go through it once again." This made him incredibly confused as she made her way to a door on the end of the corridor and unlocked it with a second key she had before opening it and standing aside to allow him to enter first. He would walk cautiously past her, fear of what he was about to see coursing through his body, as he entered the room and saw what she was talking about.

In the room was a lone bed with one person Vergil was barely able to recognize as his mother laying under it's covers as the sight made him activate his Sharingan in disbelief to see if he was in another Genjutsu of some kind. He quickly realized this was 100% real as Saori walked past him to his mother's bedside before kneeling beside her and forming a few hand seals. Her hands would become wrapped in green chakra as she caressed Masune's chest just over her heart as well as her forehead. "Madame? I've brought you your son as I promised." Slowly Vergil would see his mother's eyes open, a look of hazy sheen gleaming over her irises, as he shook his head in disbelief that this was his mother. She looked highly malnourished and dehydrated everywhere around her body he looked. There was no way this was his mother. She was so beautiful and strong and confident. There was just no way...

"Vergil?" The voice he heard coming from his mother made him drop his sword as he walked deeper into the room looking at her every feature with his Sharingan. There was no replicating that voice for a jutsu. It was her... It was really his mother... Saori looked over to him as she continued to wave her hands over Masune, her chakra glowing against the darkness of the entire room, as she took in a deep breath to fight past tears falling down her face. "She doesn't have much time left... She's mainly been fighting all this time to see you once more... I have enough chakra to keep her awake for one last goodbye but... afterwards..." She trailed off as Masune looked to her than back to him. "Vergil sweetie? Come here and let me see how much you've grown." Her voice was the same soothing voice he was so used to hearing in the past as he made his way slowly to the other beside and knelt down beside it to take her hand in his. Her hand felt so cold yet still had strength in it as she weakly gripped his hand back. He looked back into her eyes, his Sharingan vanishing as he now knew he no longer needed it anymore, and tried to hold back tears of his own as he spoke. "What's happening, mom? What's wrong?"

She took a deep breath as she looked back at him with a soft smile before speaking. "During our fight in the war your father was fatally wounded and I took a blow that paralyzed me from the waist down. Saori saved me from dying on that battlefield and I owe my life to her for that. She hasn't had to stay with me and protect me for so long but I'm certainly grateful that she did." Saori sniffled at that as she continued to provide a healing hand all along her body. "I'm sorry, my child, that I haven't been able to be with you as you grew into the handsome young man that you are now. But from reports that Saori have constantly given me I haven't had much to worry about as you matured with your age greatly. I'm even told you recently became a Genin all while taking great care of our house and ancestry all on your own. You have no idea how proud of you I am."

She would give a small cough upon saying this as Saori whimpered which made Vergil afraid as that was a sign there wasn't at all much time left to talk as Masune looked to him. "Vergil listen to me. Do not ever lose yourself to despair. There will be many hardships ahead of you that you will feel as though you have no chance to overcome. Being a ninja is hard and it will take a strong will to walk a path full of evil, strife, and hefty losses. Don't walk down such a dangerous path alone. Make friends. Allies. You don't need a lot but you will need them." Vergil couldn't believe what he was hearing as he gripped her hand tightly. "You can't leave me again, mom. Please. You can't." She looked sad at that as she gripped his hand tighter. "I have to, my child. Sickness will take me away from this world and reunite me with your father at last. It pains me to have to leave you but after seeing you for one last time I won't be leaving with any worries... There is one thing, though, that I will give you upon my death." Vergil was at a loss for words as he focused on the last words of his mother.

"The Mangekyo Sharingan. No doubt Saori has told you about it but she hasn't told you how it's attained. The Sharingan is a dangerous cursed power we Uchiha are born to possess yet, in order to improve it's power, sacrifices are required. For the Mangekyo a sacrifice of immense pain must be made and that is usually given through just one way: the death of the one closest to us." This gave Vergil such a shock he didn't know how to respond as her grip weakened and he watched her eyes flutter and Saori's chakra flickered. "You have thirty seconds at most, Vergil. If you have any last things to say now's the time." Vergil's mind was ablaze in confusion as he sat there beside his mother staring at her dying form in sadness. What could he have said in that moment? He didn't know what to say. He was going to be all alone once again, truly alone, but a cough from his mother brought his senses back in high gear as he put his emotions to words.

"I love you, mom, and I promise I will not fail you nor father. I will follow my dreams and make certain they all come to fruition. I will make the both of you proud... I swear it." She smiled softly in the same way she used to always smile before Saori's chakra dwindled to nothing and she had one last thing to say. "I love you... too... my baby boy... and you... already... have..." And just like that she was gone as what little light that was remaining in her eyes vanished and Saori pulled away to sink her face into her hands as she succumbed to her sobs. It was now reality for Vergil. He was truly alone again. Motherless. Fatherless. Powerless to have saved just one of them yet again. He sat there for a minute, his sadness flowing through him, before he felt a twinge of pain deep within his mind and he felt his Sharingan automatically activate. Their usual crimson hue with three tomoe pattern showed clear as day in the darkness before a fourth tomoe appeared, surrounding the pupil with four evenly spaced circles that grew big and round, before out of the black of his pupils came four spikes that stabbed through each tomoe as his eyes now contained an X pattern before he closed them and tried to get his Sharingan to relax.

He got up from his position, rubbing his eyes from the pain and the tears, he got up and walked out of the room, picking up his sword as he went, and ran. He ran as fast as he could out of there, away from all that depression and sadness, so that he could retire once again into loneliness. This was all a bad dream, he thought, it all had to be just a very bad dream. Everything would be back to normal tomorrow! In hardly any time at all he crossed the threshold of the Leaf village gates and made his way through the door of his home before locking it behind him and taking in deep breaths due to exhaustion and the pain in his chest that was slowly growing more and more intense. He went to his bedroom and fell onto his knees near the bed as he gripped his head in pain and sadness. For the next few hours he would sit there next to his bed like that, trying hard to get everything that he had just experienced out of his mind.

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