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Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu) Empty Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu)

Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:29 pm
"I'm late!"
Little Midorikawa was panting as her feet carried her through a sea of ​​people, slipping through merchants, children and passersby, making her way through alleys and roads, trying to find her way through the whole village.
"I'm late, I'm late!" She was muttering with a short breath. "At least today I will have a good excuse..." the girl thought. "Or so I think..."
Little by little, her steps were taking her through less crowded streets until she reached a park at the end of the road, bordered by a high fence, through which she could see the numerous and very tall trees that formed one of the many internal forests of the village. The girl, instead of entering the place where the children held hand sings and pretended to throw fireballs, looked left and right to make sure no one saw her, and then went another way, bordering the fence.
Soon, the girl found herself hurrying down an alley, with the wall of a house on her left and the metal fence on her right. She hurried because she didn't want to make her friends wait any longer. Almost immediately, she found a small hole in the fence. She crouched down so she could go under the hole, but in a hurry, her hair got stuck with one of the protrusions of the cut grate. She let out a little scream and took longer than she would have liked to recognize in untangling her disheveled hair without cutting it.
"Well, I never get him to look neat anyway... Argh, I don't know why we keep using this entrance ..." she muttered and kept crawling until she was on the other side of the fence, then she stood up and started running, awkwardly dodging the trees that were coming up and stumbling over some branches, and even bumping into the trunks, but still did not stop.
In the end, with her hair covered with leaves and small twigs, her glasses tilted, her face dirty and sweaty and her breath short, the girl reached a small clearing in the middle of the forest...
"Hello... *pants*... Guys..." the girl put her hands on her knees while trying to catch her breath. "Sorry... for... *pants*… the late..." Too exhausted, the girl took a few steps toward a fallen log that was there and dropped on it.
When the girl finally caught her breath and had removed the branches and leaves of her hair, she could talk to her classmates.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to review Basic Chakra Theory once again, just to be sure that the hand Clone Jutsu's sings are Ram, Snake and Tiger and not Ram, Snake, and Bird... "In her head, that phrase sounded like a very good excuse, but when she said it out loud, it sounded much dumber than she thought. The girl dropped her shoulders and looked down at her lap, looking at her intertwined hands, avoiding the look of her friends. "I just wanted to be sure ..." she murmured, apologizing and feeling her cheeks burn.
After that, she and her friends, Persona and Masahitsu, began their basic training routine. Everyone was their own, concentrating on their own training. Midorikawa, meanwhile, took from her pocket a small scroll that fit perfectly in her hand, unrolled it and set it aside on the trunk in which she sat, observing for a moment the intricate and sinuous seals.
After a moment, the girl laid a hand on one of the seals... A curious tickle ran through her palm, and that brought her a smile; she could feel the flow of the Chakra on the seal she had made herself, and she recognized the simple but fascinating composition... No matter how much she practiced that Jutsu, that sensation was still fascinating... She channeled her Chakra through the seal while exclaiming: "Release!"
A small cloud of smoke covered the seal and she withdrew her hand. When the smoke dissipated, a thick hardcover book, with the title "Basic Chakra Theory" appeared where the seal was a moment before, leaving a blank space in the scroll.
She took the pound on her lap and opened it, searched for the page she wanted and began studying the section referring to "Transformation Jutsu". After reading and rereading the same section about three times, reviewing the theory, the girl concentrated on the last paragraph, referring to practical exercise. The girl formed the hand sings indicated in the book, still without concentrating her Chakra, just practicing and watching her hands together again and again to make sure she was doing well.
At first glance, it might seem that the girl was too insecure, and even though she really was, the real reason for her precautions was that, having been wrong so many times in life, she was used to making sure that she was doing things a thousand times. well.
But still, that didn't always help, and that day would not be the exception...
The girl concentrated her Chakra on her chest, and when her hands came together in a hand sing, she felt as if the piece of a puzzle pressed her Chakra, and that, so malleable and versatile, conformed to the piece without problems, taking a different form… It was almost like playing with modeling clay... And then, once she had done the right hand sings, she released her chakra and sent it to all parts of her body...
A cloud of smoke exploded, covering the girl. Once the smoke dispersed, the girl looked at her classmates, now with her new form...
"How did I...?"
But she could not finish the sentence, because at that moment the cloud of smoke covered her body again. A second later, her companions, who had not had a chance to see even her transformed form, saw the little Midorikawa again, sitting on the log, as normal as ever. The girl blinked a few times and tilted her head, like a confused puppy. She took Basic Chakra Theory and quickly reread the page she had consulted just a moment ago, her frown... A second later, the girl exclaimed:
“Oh, of course!” She raised a hand to her face and slapped her forehead, her eyes wide open, surprised. "I forgot that I had to keep the Chakra flow to keep up the transformation!" She quickly looked down at her book, staring at it in amazement; she looked as if she couldn't believe that it had been there written all the time.
Without losing a second, the girl almost buried her nose between the pages of the book and began to walk her eyes throughout the text while muttering: "I have to keep studying... If this had happened to me in the Genin Exam I would have failed..."
And that's how the three students spent the next couple of hours...
“Transformation Jutsu!”
A cloud of smoke covered Midorikawa for the tenth time, and when it dissipated, the other two boys could see the girl ... Or rather, the boy: the student had managed to change her physical form in an exceptional way, managing to change the color and the texture of his hair from a fluffy light brown to a straight dark blond, his eyes were now blue instead of the usual green, and although the boy's features were still relatively effeminate, he certainly looked masculine enough to convince someone.
The ... Boy, took Basic Chakra Theory in his hands and approached it to his face, avidly reading through Midorikawa's glasses ... Although the transformation had been excellent, the boy's ways were identical to that of the girl who was under the transformation: she still held her knees like a girl, and the stiffness in her shoulders was very much her own, details that on the battlefield would be fatal...
"Hair, eyes, facial features, body complexion... Am I missing something?" Asked the boyish but masculine voice of the blond boy, looking at the other two through Midorikawa's glasses; after saying it, a cloud of smoke covered it, and a second later the girl was in front of them again, watching them...
Then she looked down at her book and said: “Oh! I also forgot the skin color! Did I look more tanned than now? ”She asked, looking desperate, then snorted in frustration and said: “Argh! I have to keep practicing... But I think it will have to be later. I already feel that my arms are heavy, and according to Prevention and Basic Treatment, that is one of the first signs of exhaustion due to lack of Chakra; it is not advisable to use more than sixty-five percent of the Chakra during a workout…”
Midorikawa left the book next to her, on the scroll, formed a hand sing and the book surrounded it with a cloud of smoke, disappearing, then she laid her hands on three other seals and released them: three bottles of water appeared from nowhere. She handed one to each of her classmates and keep the third one, taking a moderate sip from it.
The students decided to take a break. Midorikawa stood there, sitting on the log, watching her ninja sandals brushing the grass from the ground.
That place was incredibly quiet, because it was far from the hustle and bustle of the village, besides it was a private place where you didn't have to worry about making a fool of yourself in public. The clearing was not very big, but it was more than enough for three children to train there; in the center of the clearing there was no longer grass, but only yellowish earth. The surrounding trees had marks of fists and cuts of weapons, the product of numerous trainings... The girl smiled for no particular reason, apart, perhaps, that this place made her feel at home...
"It's amazing that it's been almost four years since we met..." she muttered, not knowing if she really wanted the other two to hear her fantasize. ”So many things have happened..." she whispered, in exactly the same way.
The girl's gaze, which should be fixed on her toes through the sandals, was lost in infinity, and her mind began to dance and flutter like a butterfly, moving away from the present and taking her to another time, one in which such a place, a group like them three, looked like an impossible dream...

Although she could not see the symbol of Konohagakure above the entrance door, because of her gaze was fixed on the ground in front of her feet, she knew where she was. Her ears were filled with the hustle and bustle of children who greeted each other, played and laughed or simply talked happily, as well as parents asking the uniformed ninjas about procedures and requirements.
It overwhelmed her. She felt trapped, suffocated by noise and people. She didn't like being there, and the simple thought that she was going to have to invest the next five years of her life in that place filled her with sadness and fear in equal parts... Of course, the girl was too shy to express her insecurities in loudly, much less to refuse her father's wishes.
A hand, full of scars and bruises, appeared on the periphery of her gaze. She raised her small hand and took her father's. Both began to walk, entering the terrain of the Ninja Academy.
The place seemed very, very small, especially because it was full of people. Maybe if the little girl had not been so scared, she would have noticed that playground was not the only training area of ​​the Academy... At one point, defeated by that distressing feeling of having all eyes fixed on her, the girl looked up. Indeed, everyone in the place, children and adults, looked at her... Or rather, looked at her father.
The man who walked beside her wore a face of repressed pain, tiredness and anger. Everyone covered their mouths while pointing at him, and he could do nothing but keep silent. The girl knew that he hated going out in public, because she felt it was an attraction for the entertainment of others: she had heard him whisper it on those rare nights when, unable to reconcile the sleep, she had escaped to his room to try to ask for his father's comfort, although she always ended up freezing at the door when she heard the murmurs of pain and the crying of her father.
"Give me the papers" she heard her father say in a tired and annoyed voice. With her other arm, the one she was using to hold a folder with all her documents, she held out her paper to her father, but her hand shook so much and was so clumsy that the folder slipped from her fingers and fell on the ground, scattering in piles of papers. If it was not enough to have drawn more attention, the girl felt that she was about to burst into tears when she heard the disappointed and annoying sigh of her father.
The man bent down to pick up the papers awkwardly, using his only arm. The girl, who had not yet finished getting used to her father's condition, looked at his shoulder, remembering how only a few months ago there had been an arm there that usually used to tear her already messy hair out and hug her.
"Wait for me here" said the man. She simply lowered her face, embarrassed, and stood there while her father walked away, now feeling all eyes on her, feeling that every word the others murmured was directed at her clumsiness, at the oddity of her…
Someone tripped over her, because she had stayed too long there, looking at nothing. The girl babbled an apology that the other person did not hear and escaped to a nearby bench, on which she dropped.
That would be her life during what for her young age, she looked like an eternity ... She wanted to run away, run away from everything, because she didn't want to be part of the world that had taken her mother away from her and had taken the happiness of her father ... But at the same time, the little girl was too shy and insecure, too cowardly, even to escape...
The murmurs continued, and she felt suddenly abandoned, alone in that place, almost as if she were enclosed in a bubble that would isolate her from everyone else, unable to even look up from her feet, exactly like she was in the present... The difference, of course, was the company...

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Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu) Empty Re: Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu)

Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:16 pm
Persona looked over to Midorikawa who had kept mumbling the seals to the clone jutsu that was being talked about prior today in class. "Ram, snake..., Persona trailed off. He was unable to keep track of all the signs that was required in order to cast the jutsu. He followed Midorikawa along with Masahitsu to the log and sat beside her. She always looked lost in thought like that. 'It must hurt to think so much all the time', thought Persona. Koeda was squirming around underneath Persona's hoodie. He hadn't shown his two friends yet that he had Koeda.
   The thought of the clone technique could not escape Persona's mind. It was hard when Midorikawa had said it about 1,000 times. It got to the point that Persona got spooked when Midorikawa changed the subject. Her saying, "It's amazing on how it's been four years since we met." Persona thought about that too now as he continued to cast signs. 'Has it really been that long?', he thought to himself. 
   Persona recalled the day he had broken father's rules and interrupted his brothers during their spar. He was told explicitly to leave the house that day and to not comeback unless he was enrolled into the academy. Persona had walked to the academy alone, not even his kind-hearted mother beside him. When he finally made it over to the front of the school he saw a little girl along by the trees. What seemed to be her father was nearby, definitely battle-worn. Her father left the girl's side and the girl seemed to space out.
   Spacing out... Persona knew what that look the girl was giving off meant, what it felt. He would always space out; doing chores, watching his brother's spar, even when he snuck out to watch the stars. It was a lonely experience. An experience of someone who did not feel fulfilled. Persona did not want anyone to be able to relate with him in that way, but it seems this young girl did.
   Persona walked over to the young girl, hovering over her. The girl did not look up at Persona. She instead pretended he did not exist, maybe even pretended that she herself was not there. "I know what it is like", said Persona. The girl continued to look down at her feet. Persona continued, "Listen, as long as you live you can fight for change. If you don't want to be here at this academy that is for you to decide and if you want to stay...well...I'd be honored for you to have my back here." Persona smiled at the young girl.  

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Masahitsu Kuraen
Masahitsu Kuraen
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Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu) Empty Re: Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu)

Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:44 am
Masahitsu was leaning against the tree with hands behind his head and staring at the sky, as he always used to.
His patrol in the sky has been paused by boyish, familiar voice.
"Ram, snake..." He hears.
He lowers his head a little as he raises his left hand next to his face, to look at it.
"Ram? Snake? Which one are they...?" He thought to himself and tries to answer this question to himself as he frowns and bites his lower lip. He gave up after few minutes though.
Another voice approached his ears. A girl's voice. "It's amazing that it's been almost four years since we met...". Matsu raises his eyebrows and looks forward as he hears that sentence. Then he looks at his friends sitting on the log, on his left side.
Finally, he takes a few steps to stand in front of his friends, even though he was facing sideways to them, with hands in pockets.
Once again, he raises his eyebrows and stares at them. He looked almost like he was surprised of something, or saw something odd. His mind made a trip to the past years as he kept starring at them.

That day he was looking for the Academy. He didn't want to go there, but at was the only path for him... At least he didn't know any other way.

His attitude wasn't helping him in finding his destination. He was looking forward, but more than actual things, he saw a projections of his imagination. It paid back, but luckily, it wasn't so expensive.

He kept walking until something... wait - someone - was standing on his directory. Of course, the boy didn't notice it in time, so he collided with this person. Masahitsu bounced off him and fell to the ground.

"Ouch!" He groaned as he grabbed his head and looked at this person. "S-sorry" he said with lethargic voice as he slowly stands up.

The mature man completely ignored him, as if they never collided. He was only staring at something with folded hands and face full of annoy. Matsu took a look at the same directory, and he found his goal: the Academy.

The boy only took a quick look at this man and went towards building without a word, as it was indifferent for the tall man. He approached the small crowd, but moment later he decided to stay on its side. In other hand it felt kind of weird, so he started to look around randomly.

Finally, he noticed a girl with kind of absent written on her face, sitting on the bench, and a boy hovering over and smiling at her.

For the lack of any other alternatives, he decided to approach them. He stood next to the boy. He was looking at the boy, then at the girl and so on embarrassed, as he was wondering, what should he do now.

Finally, he raised his left hand as a greeting along with quiet, lethargic "H-hi..." towards them.

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Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu) Empty Re: Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu)

Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:24 pm
Midorikawa looked at her Hyuuga friend, and from her lips escaped a brief but sweet giggle. Even so, her tone was a mixture of fun and seriousness when she said: "Actually, sometimes I get dizzy when I read too much or I don't understand a Jutsu or the functioning of some part of the body, but over time I think it doesn't affect me anymore so much...” She paused briefly, her smile widened and then she said… “Maybe you should train your brain too, you can't solve everything with Taijutsu!" she finished her sentence with another giggle.
With them, and only with them both, she was able to talk like that. After so many years together, the girl already felt comfortable enough beside them to joke or chat about anything, something that seemed impossible with others. The mere fact of being in the presence of her only and best friends was already more than enough justification for her smile and her easy laugh.
"I really thank you for approaching me on the admission day to the Academy... I still remember how nervous I was..." The girl kept focusing her gaze on her feet, with her mind in one place, very far from there. "If you had not appeared, I have no idea what would have happened... Nothing good, that’s for sure..." Midorikawa finished; ironically, she smiled as she said it, because the only feelings she had treasured from that first day at the Academy were all positive and joyful, what else could she do but smile?
Unconsciously, the girl's mind consumed all her attention once again, taking her out of the real world, taking her to a dimension made of imagination and memories...
She felt like someone was taking a seat next to her. She began to tremble and even held her breath: people scared her, she felt even more clumsy than she already was in the presence of someone else, and the proximity only made her more nervous... Then the boy spoke.
She felt her heart pound harder inside her chest. The boy's words brought her an enormous comfort, gave her something to hold on to and she felt as if her whole body was relaxing, as if a bucket of warm water had been thrown on her in the middle of a snowy mountain… She wondered how that boy had understood her situation and her thoughts so perfectly, but she didn't give it much importance either.
"While you live you can fight for a change ..." She clung to that phrase, and felt that everything was not so bad anymore... Or rather, that she had the power to make it better... Anyway, the girl was too shy to even thank him in a whisper. She felt terrible about her lack of courtesy, and thought that one of the first things she would have to fight for would be to change her shyness...
At present, the young Midorikawa gave a weak smile, still looking at her feet. It had been almost five years since that day, and she still had a hard time even greeting people. She had progressed, of course, at least she was no longer (so) afraid of raising her hand in class, although no one could still hear her voice: her words were never louder than a whisper, and the way she spoke made them easily forgettable, too meaningless to capture the attention of others.
She was glad to have two people with whom, perhaps because of the years of adventures or the twists of fate, she could be a little less shy girl...
... But while the girl tried to gather courage to turn around and at least look at the boy next to her, she saw a shadow perch on her feet. All the muscles in her body froze, again intimidated by the presence of someone else. A babbling and insecure voice greeted her, or perhaps greeted the boy she had next to her.
The girl wanted to look up and see the boy in front of her, but ... What if the boy wasn't greeting her? Then she would seem like a meddler; It would be incredibly embarrassing to cross glances for a second and say nothing, what if they looked at each other awkwardly for a long time, not knowing either what to say or how to act? Even if he (he? Sounded like a boy, but his voice was too childish to know for sure, he had not spoken too loudly either...) had greeted her, what would she say?...
Anything! She just had to talk, even if it was just looking... Yes, she was going to look up, even if it was embarrassing... At three... One, two... But what if the boy wasn't even looking at her? What if he was greeting another person? The boy next to her had not responded to the greeting anyway...
... But while she was still made a mess, another shadow, even taller, completely covered her sandals, the only thing the girl had focused on her gaze. The girl felt a chill going up to her back ... More people, why so many people?...
A loud and rude voice spoke first, much louder than the first two, something that bothered the girl a little: "You must be the new waste ones... Tsuh" the boy in front of her made a sound with his mouth, half tongue click and half a throaty sound; the sound transmitted to the girl disdain and disappointment. "It seems like if very year they come more tadpoles and weaklings... Tsuh, what a waste of time… And do you think, weaklings, that you will be able to enter here? Tsuh, this place is not made for tadpoles like you. Tsuh-huh"
Midorikawa felt that her soul fell to the floor. The words of the boy who sat next to her had filled her with courage, but upon hearing from someone else the things she had been saying herself throughout the week, in addition to that tone and voice so rude and intimidating, she ended for believing every word of the boy.
The Academy was not a place for her, she was not going to resist a day there... But on the other hand, her father had confessed that the only way to make him happy was that she graduated from the Academy... She wanted to make her father happy, return the smile he had seemed to lose when her mother died... But she...
"Hey, you are that Hyuuga waste, huh? I hear that not even your family want you, they say that you are a waste… Tsuh, why do you want to be a Ninja? You should stay home and keep cleaning floors, third-born... Tsuh"
After that comment, a chorus of laughter erupted in front of her, and the girl almost fell on her back on the bench when she did a little jump, scared. She even ignore the fact that a Hyuuga was sit next to here; there were too many people, she felt that she was suffocating... She wanted to run away, hide from the everyone’s looks, stop hearing that hurtful words of that loud voice, but her legs didn't react, just trembled without her permission... She did not even had the will to control her own body, but to surrender to the fear and other’s words…
"And you look like a simple weakling, Tsuh" she heard the voice said to the other timid boy, so loud and annoying that it was causing a buzz settle in her ears. "What a waste, Tsuh... And what about you, four eyes?" She heard that voice much more clearly. She had a hard time understanding that were words between all that noise, and when she deciphered what they meant, she felt that the blood leave her face...
"You seem like the biggest waste of all here, Tsuh… You're just a weak girl, right? I'm sure your parents should also be a pair of weaklings too, and you want to be someone so they can be proud, right? Tsuh... You're just a waste... Hey, weird, are you hearing me?"
The girl had not raised her face at any time. Her gaze was still fixed on her shoes, which she saw clearly through her glasses... Until her vision began to blur and her eyes began to burn: every word of the boy hurt more than any blow, because she knew that everything he said was true, the pure truth... And understanding that made her feel useless, just a victim of her fate, unable to do anything for herself...
The words of the Hyuuga came back to her: "While you live you can fight for a change ..." She tried to encourage herself with that words, but… To fight, you have to at least want to fight… In that moment, she just want to run, escape from everything… She was not a fight, she was a… Waste…
"Hey, waste!" bellowed that loud voice. "I'm talking to you, Tsuh!"
And then she felt someone take off her glasses from her face. In the struggle her tears leapt from her eyes, but her vision was even more blurred anyway. Finally she had lifted her face (the boy had forced her to do it when he took her glasses off), and now she was moving her arms in front of her, looking blindly for her glasses, her eyes moving from here to there, lost, only perceiving blurs and colored spots.
"You can't even see me without your glasses... What a waste, Tsuh... I'm going to tell you something, Tsuh" the voice became even louder. The girl could feel, with her heart pounding inside her chest, several steps approaching, some giggles; the noisy boy was talking now for the whole yard, for everyone who wanted to hear it.
"The Ninja world is not made for losers like you, Tsuh. I have spent six years in this Academy, and you want to know which is the only reason I don't leave? It is because I am NOT a waste, I’m not like you. I have talent, I’m a true Ninja!... But they don't want to give me my protector, Tsuh… And you weaklings know why? Because they say I'm a bully, but I don't think that is so..."
Several "That, boss, that's it!" Flooded the air when the boy paused. When he spoke again, his voice had a bit of rage and anger, which only made his already loud voice even more annoying.
"I just try to make our Senseis, the true Ninjas, don't waste the time with a bunch of waste like you, Tsuh... I'm doing you a favor!" He shouted. Midorikawa shuddered and pulled her hands away, hugging herself, as if his screams could hurt her; more tears slid down her cheek, she starts to tremble uncontrollably, feeling all her fears going out from her eyes and rolling down by her cheeks...
“You will never be Ninjas! Never! It is not worth wasting time with waste, Tsuh! Only the best can be Ninjas, and you are waste, and let tell you something more… If you are born as a waste, Tush, you will always be a waste, Tsuh-huh!...” He paused, and a sudden calm reigned in the yard, full of people… “Go now and dedicate your time to something that is not a waste..."
There was a long pause, and Midorikawa heard how something fell to the ground. The sound reminded her all those times that she had dropped her glasses after stumbling awkwardly.
With all the contempt he was able to muster, the loud voice said, this time in a sudden murmur: "I hate waste, Tsuh..."
Something broke in front of the girl, and she knew, from the sound of the glass breaking it, that her glasses had been. She could only try to see, through blurred forms, an indefinite figure in front of her feet, slightly resembling her glasses... Her vision cleared a little when more tears left her eyes in abundance, running along her cheeks like a pair of small waterfalls.
The boy was right. She was a waste, she was not worth the time of others, and it would always be like that: "Those born as a waste will always be a waste..."
In the present, the girl was still looking at her feet through the clarity of her glasses.
And she was smiling, because she remembered perfectly what had happened just after...
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Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu) Empty Re: Childhood memories (Private: Persona & Masahitsu)

Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:26 pm
By this time Persona had gotten off of the log he was sitting on. He brought his leg down hard to the left of the part of the log he was sitting on, right of where Midorikawa was sitting. His leg snapped the piece of the log off of the whole. With this piece of the log he practiced his juggling with it. The log seemingly hopped from the side of his right foot up to his right knee to his other knee and back down to his other foot. In the process he was able to flip the log in the air too a couple of times. It was perfect training for reaction time and force. He pretty much played with it with the same ease as a kid would do with a ball.
   Persona continued to listen to Midorikawa’s statements. ‘Using books to train my brain over taijutsu, that was funny. It’s way harder to beat an enemy by smacking them with a book over with his fists, palms and feet.’, thought Persona. The real idea of studying that Midorikawa was trying to suggest to Persona flew over his head obviously. It wasn’t that Persona didn’t ever study or was all brawn over brain, it was that Persona simply learned better through experiencing things for himself and one thing he did know was that books didn’t hurt his enemies in a fight. 
   A smile began to creep slowly across Persona’s face. Midorikawa had just thanked him for him helping her back when they were registering for the academy. Many people would think Persona’s smile there was that of the devil himself. Persona recalled the battle that had taken place on that day, how wounded he left those punks. ‘If only the teacher hadn’t interrupted at the end', he thought. Persona took an arm and wiped his cheek where he remembered a line of blood had appeared during that fight. It was stimulating to remember.
   Persona, finishing wiping his already clean face, responded to Midorikawa. “Don’t mention it Mid. Afterall, it was my pleasure.”, he said. He then pointed a thumb at Masahitsu and added, “Don’t forget about Masahitsu though. He helped out too.” Persona gave a slight smirk at Masahitsu, recalling the turn of events that had taken place. The outside air, the shadows of the trees, them, the bullies, and the great great fight. 

   “Every year there seems to be more tadpoles and weaklings coming to attend the academy”, the boy said. The boy wore a black bandanna on his head and had his arms crossed as he talked down to the three of them. Soon the boy was accompanied by what Persona assumed to be his delinquent friends. These kids all must be already attending the academy. Persona blew some air out of his mouth in annoyance at the appearance of this gang of kids. ‘I hate people who cause a disturbance for no reason.’, he thought. Persona was annoyed with the kids, but he assumed that their comments were only directed at the lonely girl and perhaps the stuttering boy that were already by him. 
   The gang of kids slowly gravitated closer, even beginning to surround Persona, the lonely girl and the stuttering boy. That’s when Persona began to connect the dots that maybe he was becoming a target. One of the kids stepped up, out of the group. It was a different kid this time. "Hey, you are that Hyuuga waste, huh? I hear that not even your family want you, they say that you are a waste… Tsuh, why do you want to be a Ninja? You should stay home and keep cleaning floors, third-born... Tsuh", the kid said. Persona’s left eye twitched at that statement.
   Persona was extremely quiet at that moment. 
‘Did sh-’  
“And you look like a simple weakling, tsuh”
‘A waste? me?’
"You seem like the biggest waste of all here, Tsuh… You're just a weak girl, right? I'm sure your parents should also be a pair of weaklings too, and you want to be someone so they can be proud, right? Tsuh... You're just a waste... Hey, weird, are you hearing me?"
‘Called m-’
"Hey, waste!" Bellowed that loud voice. "I'm talking to you, Tsuh!"
‘Third born. Third Born. THIRD. BORN. THIRD’
   Excuses. The crowd around them, the gang. Now they were just spitting out excuses for why they are still here in the academy. Excuses for why they sucked at their ninja arts. Excuses for why they had no teamwork. Excuses for why they had no reason to even say the name Shinobi. They could never wear the headband of a true Shinobi. That headband was only for him to ever claim. Him and perhaps -- just maybe… these two alongside him! Persona broke out into hysterical laughter. The whole mood of the gang shifted. Their laughter sinking underneath Persona’s own. 
   “AhaHhAHAHahah”, laughed Persona.
   The leader of the group was the only one who didn’t show fear towards Persona at this point. He looked at Persona. *SNAP* He had done it. He had broken the little girls glasses -- no. His friend’s glasses. And no one -- not ANYONE -- can break Persona’s friend’s things. Persona, moving at the speed of light, in the eyes of the crowd disappeared. A skilled ninja would know however, that Persona simply used speed alone. One second he was there laughing, the next he jabbed the leader’s throat. 
   The boy held his hands to his jugular. Tears bubbled from his eyes at the amount of pain that was caused to him. He searched and searched for air. None came to him. He fell to the ground squirming for his life, hoping a miracle would be bestowed onto him. Persona picked up the pieces of the glasses that were now on the ground. He wiped them against his shirt, making it a point that whatever had touched that boy was dirty. Persona turned his head slowly towards the other kids. A good amount of them ran in total fear. The rest got to see the shining white eyes of Persona’s activated Byakugan. 
   Two charged at him, fists were raised aiming for his face. “THIRD BORN TRASH”, one of them screamed. Persona redirected both fists with the open end of his palm. The force of their own punches carried them away towards the ground. A third kid jumped in the air, attempting to kick Persona in the shoulder. Persona saw this attack too. He saw everything. He blocked the kick with one arm raised in the air while his other supporting it. This deflect, caused the kid to land back on his feet. Persona palm bottomed the kid in the stomach making him curl up into a ball. 
   The stuttering boy was fighting enemies of his own, but it seemed he had it under control. Persona was right. These two beside him were capable Shinobi that deserved to be in this academy more than these bullies. One kid tried to sneak up behind Persona whom that had no affect on. Persona slammed his elbows behind him, jamming the kid in the ribs. Doing a 180, he faced the kid. He punched the kid once, “I”, twice “AM”, three times, “THIRD BORN”. On the last hit the kid’s back slammed against the tree. The air came out of his lungs. He was knocked out.
   The fight to them felt like an eternity, but in reality the whole thing went down in a minute tops. The Jonin near the academy came and grabbed Persona’s swinging arm. He was in a frenzy, ready to beat the already beaten bullies. Persona kept screaming, “I’LL PROVE YOU WRONG, I’LL PROVE EVERYONE WRONG.”

   Persona was lucky he didn’t get kicked out that day...

(W.C 1,294; TWC 1,729)

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Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:58 pm
Masahitsu kept starring at them for a few minutes. For some reason, he felt like he should do something. He should break his starring at friends. Most likely he assumed, that it may be uncomfortable for them.
He took his hand into his pouch on his back. He was searching something for sure. The frown and frequent eyes movement along with blinks were a sign of it. He found his object of search few moments later.
It was a kunai. He moved this deadly weapon and turned his head forward. Then he setted its edge upright and was balancing it on his finger, without taking the knife out of sight. A slight wind wasn't helping him in that, but Matsu got the practice in balancing. It was his most recent hobby. Masa saw it as a way out from boredom, embarassment, clear sky, the drag of slowly passing time and so on.
He kept playing his own game. His sight was focused not really on kunai, but on his reflection on it. Eventually slight smirk came to his face as he listens to his friend that loves books. He likes to listen to her, even though he doesn't really know why. Books and theory doesn't sound like the most interesting topic for him.
The smirk on his face has been replaced by raised and slightly surprised expression on his face, as he hears his another friend. He takes a look at him back, right after he said "Don’t forget about Masahitsu though. He helped out too.". Apparently, it awakened mirror smiley to the one on his friend's face. He knew what he was talking about. His thoughts went back to that event again.

He was not pleased with his greeting. He didn't get any response, as in his recipients didn't even hear him. He bit his lower lip with facial expression suggesting confusion. He was about to try again, but a bunch of older boys approached them. From their look at faces Matsu concluded, that they didn't come here to say "hello".
"You must be the new waste ones.. Tsuh" made him nothing more, but raising his eyebrows. In that moment he knew, that they faced just a bunch of bullies. It was too weak provocation, to force his bigger reaction. Their another saying "And you look like a simple weakling. Tsuh" also didn't affect him.
He kept observing the situation with a face full of annoy and disappointment. This state has been changed by laughing of the second boy. For some reason, it made him really surprised and his whole attention was focused on young Hyuuga.
He was observing him fighting older boys. His attention has been brought just for a second, by running two bullies. His new "friend" was doing fine. There was no need to help him.
However, these two who ran away decided to come back. Matsu noticed them behind him. One was charging near him towards combative boy. It was time to react.
Masa stuck out his right leg, right before the aggressor passed him. That made older boy fell on his stomach. Masahitsu came up to him and pressed him to the ground, by putting his right foot on his back and leaning his elbow on his knee.
"Oi, do not disturb them" said Matsu to desperately trying to get up boy. He kept watching the fight until he heard another screamer, this time charging towards him. Masa shook his head, then he stretched and patched his right leg back. That made him kick the second guy in the chest and push him back. The kicked guy was curling in pain on the ground. Matsu only took a quick look back and put his right foot back on the lying boy.
He kept observing the fight until some teacher approached him with folded hands and serious face. Matsu took a look at the adult, smiled embarassed towards him as he scratched the back of his head. Then he slowly took his foot out of his older "school mate's" back. When teacher and bully left him, he looked at sitting girl without taking a single step. He was thinking about what he should say, but in the end, he decided to remain silent. He just kept looking at her with a friendly smile.

(WC: 718)
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Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:49 am
Persona kicked the log he had been juggling into the air with his right foot and with a flip, he kicked the log further into the woods with his left. He watched the log disappear from his line of sight. Koeda wiggled out of his hoodie sniffing about. The squirrel must have gotten too hot from being in his hoodie for such a long period of time. He chittered at Persona. Persona knew what the squirrel wanted from him. Persona petted Koeda to satisfy his need for love and attention. The squirrel nuzzled into his fingers expressing his own love. 
   At this moment Persona could be seen staring off into the distance. Based off of his past, he knew he was a loose canon, but he craved to be better than his predecessors. Those words he had said back on the first day of the academy, they were the same words he would tell himself all the time. It was his own way of cheering himself up. How could people keep on living miserably as a servant without ever having the hope for change? Most people saw Persona as a cheerful person, but this is mostly a mask to the pain in his heart. There are times when events, people, even words get to him and people see his dark side.
   Persona's arms rested behind his head as he stood there staring off. He snapped back to reality, taking in the things around him. Midorikawa. Masahitsu. They were his childhood friends and always would be. Persona's academy days were getting rougher for him, not that he was unworthy of being a shinobi, but that he needed a guide. He was this close to receiving that headband of his. This close to having the authority to carry out missions and improve himself. If he was to grow, he needed to act now. 'I..I'll see them again.', thought Persona.
   Persona turned his head to his comrades. "I've got important business to take care of. You both understand right? Don't worry...we'll meet up again after I take care of this important task. I promise.", stated Persona. He left down the path they had walked down from in a jog. All of his memories of them together flashed by in his mind. The day at the academy, the after school noodles, the training...everything.
   When Persona reached the end of the path he looked back the way he came. Did he make the right choice? They probably wouldn't think so. Persona let out a sigh at the thought of them not being able to understand where he is coming from. His squirrel, Koeda, climbed his way to Persona's shoulder and chittered. Koeda was right, they had made a bond and a bond like that was unbreakable. They would see each other again. If anything, it could be sooner rather than later. Persona scratched Koeda's little puffed up chest. He was a good companion to have a long -- always was able to brighten up Persona's day.


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