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Playing with Fire (NK) Empty Playing with Fire (NK)

Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:00 pm
The day was just like any other, the sun shining up high in the sky and heat raining down on the Leaf and everything within it's radius for miles, as a soft breeze would give relief to all suffering from the heat. Many children and their parents were beating the heat in some way by going to dessert shops or smoothie parlors as ninja kids were using water style skills to play and have fun. One ninja was all business, however, as he walked through the village gates of the Leaf and heading to his usual destination when he wasn't busy with missions: the training field. His dark blue coat flapped at the tails as he walked past the many trees that provided shade for the road to the field while littering the ground with leaves rich in chlorophyll giving them their healthy green color. The sun's rays passing through the thin texture of each leaf above him always provided a calming beauty to the road though Vergil never really took much notice of that. His eyes kept his vision forward to his target which was the gated entrance that led to a separate segment of the training field as he calmly opened the chain linked gate and took a few steps into the field.

This segment was known for being one of the more beautiful parts as it contained plenty of trees for ninjas to practice their surface walking chakra training along with a large cliff to walk along and practice earth style with, a wide river that flowed through the center of the field to practice water style and the harder level of surface walking with, three logs that were positioned under a large tree so they were always in a shade for ninjas to practice either taijutsu or shuriken throwing with, and the rest of the field was open land with splotches of grass here and there for ninja to do calisthenics and exercise comfortably in. Looking around Vergil could see he was the only one who was crazy enough to train here on such a hot day as he gripped the sheath of his katana he always carried in his left hand and walked over to the river.

The heat never really had bothered Vergil all that much though he wasn't oblivious, albeit non caring, of the stares he often got when wearing a jacket on a day reaching 85-90 degrees in temperature. Though he did make sure to bring with him a chilled bottle of water that he kept in his jacket pocket as he took it out and took a small sip. Thinking about how best to proceed with today's training he would look into his reflection the water provided while placing the water back into his jacket pocket.

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