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A Nice Mouse Trap Empty A Nice Mouse Trap

Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:00 am

Yet another mission was on Vergil's plate, one that was highly requested for him to do since he had previously caught a couple of village pranksters in an earlier time, as this time he was supposed to find himself a thief that was roaming around the village and stealing for various villagers. This was a surprising revelation to Vergil since it was the Leaf village, a place where the streets were bustling nearly 24/7, as he couldn't help but let thoughts of how this thief also had to be a ninja. This allowed him the thought that the thief had to have some kind of quick way of getting rid of the items and out of other people's eyes. Taking that into account His first order of business was to see if he could find a storage unit somewhere in the village that might've been holding the items and was out of the way that the thief trusted to put their stolen goods in. He hopped up onto the rooftops once more, which had become his go to strategy of tracking down things he had to find which seemed to be working so far, as he began to hop upon rooftop to rooftop while using his Sharingan to track each building he passed closely.

After looking for a good minute through all the back alley warehouses and garages that he knew about he saw one that seemed to have the tiniest hint of chakra around it, as though, it was frequently visited every now and then, as he hopped down to the large door that sat along the front of the building and he tried to find some way of looking inside possibly through a window or opening as it could've been just an innocent warehouse and he didn't want to get his superiors in trouble in case he broke in without reason. He thus looked around the building with his excellent eyes as soon he noticed a window that was next to the roof at the top of the building as he walked up it quietly, not knowing if anyone was inside, as he crouched next to the window and looked inside the building to see no one in it but plenty of boxes with tarps over some of them. This was suspicious as Vergil knew that this warehouse hadn't been used a leased by anyone for a long time. This caused Vergil suspicion enough to believe he would be right to break in and do a thorough enough search to confirm his suspicions as he pressed his palm against the glass and realized the window wasn't locked. He felt this was great as it minimized damage and he hopped into the warehouse and landed on his feet next to a box.

He pulled the tarp covering the top as the box the tarp covered didn't have a top portion which gave Vergil a perfect look into the box's contents as all he saw was glittering from all the expensive looking things that occupied the box's contents. He reached in to find two heirlooms that belonged to two different fantasies and looked to hold sentimental value by the amount of care and embroidery they all held. There was no doubt about it. This warehouse was being used as a storage facility for the thief as Vergil wrapped the box back in a tarp and decided to wait for the thief to come back so that he could catch him in the act. That was going to be the best way of reporting the mission's success anyway as the higher ups were looking mainly for the thief responsible for all the missing items instead of the missing items themselves.

He would wait for a good long while within the warehouse, hiding himself from the entrance of the warehouse behind a few boxes, as he planned to take the thief by surprise once they got to the warehouse to possibly turn in any items that they had stolen. It would be a few hours, the sun slowly falling along the sky to the horizon, before he heard the lock on the door rattling and a key turning as he crouched down behind a box and waited for the suspect to enter. He would have to wait a bit to see if they came in with any stolen items before he charged to make sure this was the thief and not some innocent passerby or possibly the owner of the warehouse finally checking the warehouse after so many years. A cloaked person entered with their arms wrapped around something as Vergil watched from the shadows and saw them walk over to a box and remove a tarp to dump something that clattered inside the box. This was all the proof Vergil needed as he launched himself by placing a hand atop the box he was beside and pushing himself upward into the air before pulling out a few wires and tossing them in the thief's direction as they wrapped themselves around the thief and made them topple over onto the ground.

The thief squirmed as Vergil landed next to them and pulled their hood back to reveal a dude he didn't recognize. They didn't have any headbands on them which meant this guy was not a ninja. Thus he picked the guy up and walked out through the entrance of the warehouse towards the Hokage mansion in order to turn in the thief and tell them where the stuff he had stolen was being stored. They thanked Vergil for the information and gave him his payment as Vergil nodded and walked away with the knowledge of having completed another pretty high ranked mission completed was now within his belt. He thus returned to his home, passing the warehouse along the way and looking towards it to see Jounin were already investigating it and recovering everything that had been stolen and brining all of it back to their owners, as he went straight to bed from how long of a day it had been.

(WC 1,012)

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A Nice Mouse Trap Empty Re: A Nice Mouse Trap

Wed Sep 18, 2019 2:32 pm
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enjoyed the read my dude.
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