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Layne Kruethdale
Layne Kruethdale
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Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard) Empty Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard)

Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:23 am
Kizaru looked at Mochi, his first puppet, and sighed. He loved this puppet but it would not do as his only means of combat. He needed something that could stick close to his side and keep him safe while he fought with Mochi. He sat down at his desk and pulled out a pen and paper. He would have to start from scratch for this one instead of copying a design from his past.

He thought first about what kind of mechanism he needed the puppet to be outfitted with as they were more important than the looks of the design. Kizaru wanted to focus on lockdown of his opponent with this puppet. He started sketching a design for a launching and retracting chain system. If he could hold someone down with chains they would be open to whatever the situation required.

He would need options to move forward with after capturing someone in the chains. One lethal, and one non lethal. He tried to think about the lethal option first. After all this was a cut-throat world.....Cut-throat? He was inspired in that moment to imitate the bats that inspired his first puppet. They would bite their target with sharp fangs and went for instant kills. He would emulate that with his new puppet. He made a bunch of designs for a mouth with sharp fangs. The first couple of drafts involved a two fang approach but he questioned the effective lethality of such few teeth. It would be ideal for poison injection but he already had Mochi for that.

He decided instead to go for a row of sharp teeth on the top and bottom jaw. With that many teeth he would be able to tear out large chunks of flesh at a time. In the neck of an opponent it would cause certain death. A very lethal option indeed.

Next he would need to think of something to use for his non lethal approach. Since he would be fighting shinobi his main target should be their lifeblood, chakra. He would need to design a mechanism that could drain chakra from targets thereby making them effectively useless in combat. He needed the puppet to be able to use this mechanism while his target is trapped in the chains. That would have to come with the actual visual design of the puppet.

Kizaru though about what kind of look he wanted his new creation to have. He looked at himself and saw how thin and unimposing he was. His appearance wouldn't strike fear into an enemy. A scary puppet just might however. He would need the body to be large enough to house the rolls of chain and the retraction mechanism. He also needed a way to make contact with his opponent for the chakra drain mechanism. The teeth would fit with any design, but the choice overall was clear to the young Puppeteer. He would make it in the shape of a human. One taller and bigger than him.

He wanted to make it imposing and scary and so he redrew the chomping mechanism to be like that of a twisted smile. The kind you'd see on the face of a monster. Kizaru drew several different designs, keeping the creepy smile the same each time, before he landed on one he liked. The puppet would look like an adult man with long black hair. The eyes of the puppet would glow blood red from the chakra flowing through the threads. It would be difficult to build but he learned a lot of good techniques on his first time around with puppet crafting.

Now that he had the overall design down he needed to figure out all the inner workings and where all of the threads would link up. A puppet this complex would take 5 threads to operate properly. That would be a whole hand dedicated to this one puppet. Kizaru figured it was worth it. When he sparred with Chuta his opponent was able to rush him quickly and easily win the fight. Protecting himself was half the battle and so he would focus half of his strength to making sure he was covered.

He sketched each piece that would be required for the construction of his new tool, a task which took no small amount of hours. He would need quite a bit more materials than were required for Mochi, but it was manageable. The body would be crafted from a nice hard wood he had found while gathering the parts for Mochi.

Now the final touch to complete his design was a name for the puppet.

"Alucard" Kizaru said proudly as he signed the name he gave his creation below the final draft image. All that was left to do was get the materials and build the finished product.

(WC 808)
Layne Kruethdale
Layne Kruethdale
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Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard) Empty Re: Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard)

Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:33 am
The day had finally come. Kizaru had gathered all of the necessary components for his latest puppet. He spent days carving out each individual piece. His excitement was palpable. He could now start the process of putting it all together. He would need more space than his small desk would provide. He took to the floor as the largest flat surface he had access to. He laid the parts out in a big pile on the ground and began sorting them out. 

He took all the finger joints and placed them with the hands. These were much easier parts to carve than the ribbed wings Mochi required. The body would be compromised of two half chests. They were thick, but when fastened together there would be room enough inside for the chain mechanism. The arms and legs were simple straight pieces with only a couple of joints. They took him no time at all to carve out.

The head however, was much more complex. He needed to carve human features into a block of wood. His own silly aesthetic idea for having glowing red eyes proved to only complicate the process. He needed to link the stones that would react to chakra and create the glow effect to the jaw mechanism, allowing the chakra to flow there as well. The jaws each required several slots for the puppet's teeth which took a lot of steady hand work.

"In the end all the hard work will be worth it." He told himself as he started slotting the bladed teeth into their holes.

With the head fully put together and all teeth in their place he moved on to fitting his chain launcher/retractor in the chest. The front chest piece had holes carved in for the chains to be shot out from, while the back piece was totally solid. The chain mechanism was quite heavy for it's relatively small size. It slotted in place snugly and Kizaru was able to close up the body and seal it shut. He could unfasten it for maintenance if the need arose.

The hands would only take a few minutes as all of the fingers easily snapped in their respective slots. Then the hand need only be connected to its correct arm and they could be fitted with the draining mechanism. He was proud of the seal he wove into a pair of white gloves. They would do nicely and the effect was quite potent. With the gloves fitted to the hands, all of the mechanisms were complete. They all just needed to be pieced into one cohesive unit, but it was getting late.

Kizaru's anticipation was killing him and so he decided to work through the night, no matter how much his body begged him to do otherwise. He could see the finished product on the horizon. It wouldnt be much longer.

The piecing together of all the separate body parts took a couple of hours. Longer than Kizaru expected but he chalked it up to his lack of sleep. But with those hours already gone he could only smile at his new creation. It was functionally complete.

He figured he should wait until after he slept before trying it out but he couldn't resist. He sat the man like puppet up and produced 5 chakra threads. They flicked into place and in a moment Alucard sprang to life. The eyes lit up perfectly and the fingers all moved in their joints with satisfying smoothness. The smile was terrifying and the jaws opened and closed with a sharp hiss of metal clasping shut.

This would be his finest tool yet. Even if it were only his second puppet. He need only paint the details. The exposed "skin" on the face and neck needed to be a pale white. Like that of a bloodless human. Kizaru set right to work on these details so that the paint would dry in time for his next mission.

When it was all said and done he let out a sigh of relief. He had done something to really be proud of. This puppet was in a different league than Mochi and in the field it would surely prove extremely useful.

He leaned down to pick up his new puppet and hang it on the rack in his room when he noticed it was a bit cumbersome to carry. He hadnt thought about how he was going to carry his new puppet with him! It wouldn't do to have the threads always attached. He would need some kind of case.

He began to dig through his closet in search of something to use for a carrying case. It would need to be pretty big to fit an almost 6 foot person in it. In the back of his closet he spotted an old guitar case that his father used to use for a luggage bag. They had picked it up in a thrift store somewhere. This would work nicely. He laid the puppet next to the case and saw that it would fit. Now it was all ready for action.

(WC 851)
(TWC 1659)

Claiming 1600 WC to finish Alucard ( ) on top of the 1158 from

Also claiming +5 speed and +3 stamina

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Hikari Namikaze
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Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard) Empty Re: Kizaru crafts again (Building Alucard)

Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:55 am
Looks good to me!

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