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Familiar : Archie the Bear
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Bringing home the wood Empty Bringing home the wood

Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:11 am

Fu arrived at the mission headquarters by 7AM. She couldn’t sleep last night so she figured she would head out early and see if there was anything that needed doing. She entered the building and saw a familiar face sitting behind the desk. 

“It’s good to see you again. You’re just in time, the village is low on wood and with summer coming to an end, it’s best we stock up now.” The woman would say.
Fu grabbed the mission paperwork from the woman and placed it in her ninja weapon pouch. Fu would then proceed to exiting the building. She stepped out of the building and into the light.
Another E-Rank? Cutting wood doesn’t seem like much fun… but I guess I could use the work out!
The eager kunoichi thought to herself in a positive manner. She headed towards her apartment to change, if she was going to be slinging an axe all day she might as well wear something suited for the task at hand. She would enter her tiny apartment only to emerge shortly again afterwards. She was now wearing a pair of overalls and work boots. She would then head towards the forest to get the job done.
Whistling as she strolled along, she would arrive at a circular clearing in the middle the villages forest. There were several tree stumps through the clearing, one of which with an axe sticking out of it. Fu would approach the axe and grip it tightly with her right hand, pulling it from the wood and raising it up to rest upon her shoulder. Approaching the tree nearest her, she would now lower the axe and grip the handle with both hands. In one swing, she would pry her axe head into the base of the tree making quite dent. Several more chops later and the tree would begin to lean. She would wind up the axe once more and then let it rip, the axe head severing the tree at the base causing it to make a ‘creaking’ noise. The tree would make its decent towards the ground, making a loud ‘thud’ as it landed. Once the dust from the fallen tree had cleared, Fu would then proceed to the next phase of the process. She would raise the axe above her head and maneuver towards the fallen tree in an attempt to split it once more. Two more sings and then the tree was severed again. Fu continued this process until the tree was divided into multiple pieces. Next to her pile of thick logs and the stump of the tree, she would begin placing the chunks onto the stump and splitting them in half to create smaller logs that were a size more manageable for a stove or oven.
This process went on for about 8 hours. Once done she had produced enough wood for the whole village. Now that the deed had been done, she returned to the mission HQ for her mission reward.


TWC: 500
500 towards Wep 1,001/2k
600 Ryo + 1,200 current = 1,800
1 Stat - Chakra
1 bonus AP
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