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A Vandal's Welcome Empty A Vandal's Welcome

Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:24 pm

It was yet another day in the Leaf village, the sun high in the sky lightly cooking everything underneath with it's heat, as everyone was on their way to enjoy some lunch and afterwards some dessert to cool off the summer heat. It was also a day that Vergil had been given the ok to undertake a bit more difficult mission compared to what he was used to taking. He had been told that there was an individual that liked to defile and vandalize in the village, going around and spreading graffiti along billboards as well as signs that hung over shops and restaurants, and it was his job to catch him and bring him to the Hokage. Not a bad D rank mission to start off with, all things considered, as it allowed Vergil the opportunity to apply force if this prankster didn't come quietly. He would have to find this person fast, though, considering how hot it was. He thus knew that, if the person was wanting to spread their graffiti during the day they'd probably be doing so in the comfort of shade and privacy. Which also meant he could possibly find them in alleyways or underneath bridges and even inside the more abandoned buildings of the village. Looking around the village he thought of the perfect spots for such antics and walked through the village towards his first target location.

He walked over to a small alley that was behind a few buildings and hidden by wooden fences as he hopped over the fence to find that the prankster had indeed struck here. There were... "colorful" words sprayed along the walls as well as crude pictures depicting unknown people in comical positions. He blinked a few times as his eyes went from blue to a crimson hue with a bit of black as he tried to find any traces of someone having been there recently. He saw the smallest traces of chakra along the walls as he nodded in understanding while his eyes took back their usual blue color. It was clear that the prankster in question was a ninja themselves as the small traces of chakra showed they had been there recently and there weren't a whole lot of exits in the alley they could have used without leaving behind a better trace. They might've ran up one of the buildings to get away which explained the traces he saw along the walls from them having used the surface walking technique. Taking that into account he thus ran up the wall himself and hopped onto the roof as he looked around for a possible trail to follow.

Taking a look down into the streets and other buildings located near alleys he could indeed see more graffiti in a straight line as it headed in the direction of the Hokage's mansion. More than likely this person was going to launch a graffiti attack on either the mansion of the hallowed stone faces that loomed over it. If that was the case he had to catch them quickly before the village was overtaken by the night as that would be their perfect opportunity to make a move upon the mansion. Thusly Vergil hopped along the rooftops of the buildings that had been painted on, his feet keeping his pace steady while his boots clapped along them, before he stopped himself along a building about 3/4 of a way towards the mansion as he saw a hooded individual below him checking around corners in a manner that made Vergil believe they were checking to see if they were clear of any wandering eyes. Vergil noticed them holding a toolbox of some kind before they walked over to a wall and took out a spray paint can. Vergil nodded as he knew he'd found who he'd been looking for as he hopped down off the rooftop and landed quietly behind the vandal just as they began to spray paint along the wall.

They hadn't noticed Vergil behind him as he picked up a rock and tossed it at the wall just on the right side of the vandal's head as it bounced off the wall just beside them and startled them enough to turn quickly to see who'd thrown it. Vergil was already upon them, his arm around their neck, as he wrestled them to the ground and forced their hands behind their back. Taking a few wires he had brought along with him he wrapped them around the vandal's wrist as he suddenly heard the sounds of feet running and he looked to see another hooded figure charging at them. This one's build looked bulky as Vergil had no choice but to let go of the individual he had just tied up in order to hop up and avoid the large person's charge. He would quickly brandish himself some kunai as he flipped over the large one and kicked him from behind his neck as this caused the large dude to fall right next to the much smaller one. While still in the air Vergil then tossed two kunai at the sleeves of the one he'd just kicked as they became momentarily pinned long enough for Vergil to tie more wires around their wrists as well.

He'd done it, taking down not one but two guilty parties, as he stretched his limbs out and flipped the smaller ones hood off to show it was actually a girl while the other one was a male Akimichi. He hopped over the fence in order to call for the nearest high ranked ninja around so that he could report his success as well as get help in transporting the captured individuals to the Hokage's mansion. Upon bringing them to the doors two more ninja would come to greet the two as one of them would tell Vergil "Good job." before handing him his payment and leaving to go inside with the captured ninja vandalizers. Stretching his body out afterwards, due to having had the sole responsibility of carrying the heavy Akimichi, Vergil decided that now was a good time for some supper before going back home to call it a day.

(WC 1,031)

(Claims: 2 stats, mission and bonus rewards, Mark Seal, Inside to Outside Block, Storage Displacement, and 3 AP.)
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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A Vandal's Welcome Empty Re: A Vandal's Welcome

Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:38 am
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