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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:43 pm
Date: 57 Summer, 419

The rays of sunlight beat down through Chuta's window. When they hit his closed eyes he opened them quickly. It was already noon time. He had slept for almost fourteen hours. Looking at his clock he was amazed. It had been more than year since he had slept for so long and so deep. He couldn't remember one thing about his rest, it was like he closed his eyes and it was morning.

Exercise, practice, and study all cumulated over time and caused his body to be exhausted. It was understandable that he needed so much rest. Pulling the covers back over his head he could remember the forecast of the day, though around noon it was supposed to be sunny, later rain would be scattered. He quickly got up and put a pair of shorts and a T-shirt on. Reluctantly, he decided that he would not stop for breakfast today, he would just go for a run and come back home. Maybe see what his uncle has on the shelves downstairs.

The cool breeze had a pungent rain sent as he trotted around the city. His breathing was slow and deep, in through his nose, out through his mouth, it created a nice circular rhythm that he enjoyed. It reminded him of practicing jutus. Though the burning came next, he picked up his speed as he moved to the thicker parts of the city. Then sprinted past his favorite restaurant place as to not be tempted with breakfast. He slowed up on his run back home. It was a small house with a basement. Chuta couldn't wait to shower and lounge around in it. As soon as his feet hit the rug he ran for the spritzing hot water, rinsed himself off and put on comfortable clothes.


The scroll was titled, "Mark Family Tree, Volume I, Constructed by "The Mark"". Chuta pulled it off the dusty bookshelf. It was pilled underneath several other scrolls that looked beaten by age and smelled of mold. Part of him was surprised they were still holding together, though he didn't know their exact age, he could tell they were extremely old. All of them he could open freely, except the one he pulled, it had some kind of seal on the pages. He attempted to break it but failed. Uncle isn't a ninja though. He thought, What is he doing with a sealed scroll? Maybe it was given to him by his parents, and it was labeled 'Family Tree'. Surely they were not the only ninja in the family.

Chuta tried to dig into his past. He couldn't remember the last time he heard anything about his families lineage. He knew they were from Konoha originally, but where his grand parents were from, or even their parents? It all alluded his thought, like a serpent dodging stones in its path. He took the scroll upstairs and waited for his uncle to get home. He would have answers, after all he did have possession of such a scroll.

He could hear his uncle at the door...

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Re: Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:56 am
His uncles key twisted in the lock, Chuta could hear the tumblers of the door fall in place and the turning of the handle. It felt almost suspenseful, though Chuta was in no hurry, the feeling came from just watching in general, like waiting for a drop to fall from the fossette, mundane and exciting at the same time.

"What are you doing there?" His uncle asked. Chuta was sitting at the table with the scroll sitting next to him. It was uncommon for him to be there, he is usually studying or practicing in some way, not waiting to have a conversation.
"I was just waiting for you to get home. Thought we could talk. I feel like he haven't seen each other in a while." It was all true. It had been a while and Chuta desperately wanted to talk about what was inside the scroll, he felt like a lone person holding back a flood. The questions were building up.
"Oh, alright then." With that his uncle closed the door behind him and walked in. He was a shorter man. Gray freckled his brown hair. His eyes were a grayish color. He had the muscular build of a sailor who knew what true work had been. He took off his jacket and went to the refrigerator, pulled out a thing of milk and two glasses. They clanged together as he sat them on the table and filled them.
"I was wondering if we could talk about this." Chuta gestured to the scroll sitting horizontally on the table.
"Oh... I see."
"Have you ever read it?"
"When I was young, yes. Though I never had a thing for fairy tails." His uncle giggled.
"Fairy tail?"
"Well, I guess I should let you read it. After all, your a shinobi now. And you have read everything else." His chuckle got louder. Chuta couldn't help but join him. It was true, he had read most of the scrolls on his uncles shelf and was bound to find and ask about this one eventually.
"The sealing jutsu is about the only ninja art I know. It was taught to me and your father at a very young age. Specifically to open these scrolls." He preformed the hand seals and placed his fingers on the scroll.

When it unrivalled it showed a list of names. Some of them had long paragraphs after their title. Titles seemed to diminish as you got to the end of the scroll, but more elaborate the further back you went. Names like, "Green Leaf" turned to "Dragon of the west, holder of the golden Claw, One of Twelve." Chuta set it down.
"Why do you call this fairy tails?" Chuta asked. His uncle was sipping his milk.
"Well... I think I'll let you decide for yourself. Your father was more into our families past than me and he swore by it. But It was just too much for me to grasp, let alone believe whole heartedly. It couldn't be true. Weapon masters and special abelites. I don't think I have anything like that. Though, that is the only volume I really read."
"How many are there?" Chuta remembered only seeing three volumes on the shelf downstairs.
"Twelve. At least that is what your father had always said." Chuta's mouth dropped open.
"Twelve?! You only have three!" He said.
"The others were taken by your father. I am not sure where he put them."

Dread washed over Chuta. He felt a lose in himself, he wasn't sure why, be he knew that it was important. special abelites. His mind wandered. What could they be?

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Re: Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:45 am
Chuta delve into his new study subject with hast. He ate a quick lunch and poured over the new scrolls. It was a detailed outline of the Mark branch of another sir name called, "Pendragon". Apparently swords and other weapons held "Marks" or inscriptions on the hilt or blade of a sword. Like groups that took, "Smith" or "Miller" because of their occupation as a Blacksmith or Wood Miller, Marks did the same.

After the volcano hundreds of years ago the family was scattered. Some were rescued or evacuated Tengakure were they thrived. Others were moved further away and all around. This clan had an affinity with the sword that no one else had. They could build and create things by just using their chakra and mind. Though the details on how to do so were not in the first three scrolls. The things that were outlined were the rules of the Pedragon and clues to where they came from. They did not look like the original and my have been altered by The Mark

"A knight never lies. A knight never hurts the innocent or the weak. A knight defends the helpless, even those not of his kin. A knight is an example. A knight is not greedy or lustful. A knight is compassionate. A knight fixes wrongs. A knight punishes injustice. A knight always keeps his oaths. REMEMBER THE ANCESTORS." Mark Family Tree, Volume I, Constructed by "The Mark.

Once Chuta read those words, it was like flipping on a switch or reading a horoscope about his personality. It rang so true to his heart he wasn't sure how he had missed it. Those years on the ship, always serving, the anger he had for the injustice that the pirates preformed on the shore, that he wanted to help. Needed to help and couldn't. His willingness to be tortured to save the crew of the Eversear. How could he have been so blind? Why didn't anyone tell him? Why doesn't his uncle except this, it seems to clearly cut and detailed?

Chuta smiled. It was like finding a piece of himself hidden way deep inside him. His heart jumped at the chance of becoming something greater, a Knight to the people around him, an example. He wanted to tell his uncle all about what he had found, who they were, but Chuta knew, his father had already told him once before, maybe a dozen times. But did he show him? Chuta thought. At that moment he decided to learn this new technique, this "Projection". He needed to find those other scrolls They held the key to all he needed to learn.

The genin exams were right around the corner. He thought maybe he should focus on training, on honing his body more, become a full-fledged ninja, then he can start to travel the world and unlock the secrets his father had hidden away, and who knows, he might find someone who could teach him how to better uphold the standards of the knight. The standards that are ingrained into his person. The standards he had forgotten...

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Re: Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:58 pm
It was a rough night. Chuta kept thinking about what he needed to do. Focus on the exam, then worry about life... he kept telling himself. His heart continued to pump hard till he finally fell asleep.

The next morning Chuta woke up as soon as his eyes opened, there was no sleepiness present. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his workout clothes and threw them on, then went off to the training grounds to knockout his morning routine. Today's focus was on strength and speed. They both assisted with chakra building as well but he did it more so for the benefited stress relief. It was a long couple of days. He had a suspicion that he was part of a new clan, a new life, a new path he could stick his teeth into and run with.

Apparently, this new clan of his, the Pendragon Clan, had a proficiency with the sword. There was no wonder Chuta had felt drawn to them from a young age. He always trained with his uncles sword while on the ship, and even a little bit with the tanto in the academy. He knew now that this was going to be his focus, weapons and the use of his ninjutsu. It had to be the path, it was like it was carved into stone now, everything was so straight and clean cut.

Breakfast felt like a feast. School was starting and Chuta found himself looking into scrolls titled things like, "The Lost Ninja Clans" and "Perfecting Your Clan's Ninjutsu: Three easy steps". The scrolls were long and tedious but he picked them up and began to pour over them. They seemed a little too easy to grasp. Scrolls and books nowadays weren't what they used to be, people just don't take the pride in things anymore. The authors seemed to have legitimate credentials and note worthy achievements, but Chuta couldn't help but find it a little unsettling. Who knows, maybe everything in life will be this easy. He thought as the door began to squeak, as his classmates walked in for the lessons.

He found it a little difficult to focus on the days training. His mind kept wandering off to the ancient days of the Pendragon. Who exactly were they? Other than skilled in combat and specific arts, he still had much to learn about his linage.

((((( Exit )))))

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[Claiming Pendragon Bloodline (2000)]

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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Re: Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:45 am
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)  Empty Re: Finding Hidden Pieces (Invite Only)

Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:56 am
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