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The Last Party  Empty The Last Party

Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:49 pm
"Looks like we are finally back home. Just as we left it...Ruins and shit everywhere." Mo-ri sounded almost remorseful as he slid down the slope into the main area where the lab and cult church had been. As he feet touched the ground flashes of his past took over the front, the sound of children running and being escorted by fanatical priests to the chapel or to the testing areas. As he touched the staff to the ground he began to walk through the area, he had to in order to get to where he wanted. The main lab was where he had once came with Shiroi before their trip to some bar near Kiri at least that what he remembered it as. Though the two did not explore the area fully and that was better on his part, Mo-ri continued walking as if he was reliving the past. Broken down and rusted metal jutted out of the ground as he passed it, the brown color of decay only showed how much time had truly went past since his liberation from this place.

After taking a right turn he found himself in an area he didn't actually remember. That or he had blocked it from his mind for some reason. As he stepped into the faint traces of the power began to turn on, his eyes adjusting to the dim lighting before seeing what it truly was. It had been a small lab, maybe no more than a thirty meter space. While that wasn't small by no comparison it had been smaller than majority of the complex. Slow steps were taken to assure that he did not step onto something that could have been important, but what he did find were books, half destroyed papers and caches that were untouched by the time that they had spent here. His first and only thought were to go through them as quickly as possible, maybe even slowly as he touched one of them and ran a hand over them. They didn't require any chakra to open nor were they locked by any fuuinjutsu, at least that he could see. They were just simply containers.

With a small pop of the locks he began to go through them, his eyes scanning over books, lab notes and other things before one caught his eye. It had been different in the sense that while the others had been a dark green, this was a black with a strange design...a design that he had known all too well . Opening the box he laid eyes on its contents. A single circlet, probably or more accurately worn on the head of someone or something. However, what had caught his attention was the fact that it had started to glow once he had put his staff, Yeoui, onto its side. The staff and circlet began to glow in a faint white color before stopping altogether and leaving the male puzzled. Had they been connected to one another? Were they apart of the of same experiment and this was a failure? There had been so many questions, but this was not what he came here for. He grabbed the circlet and stuffed it into his bag, before walking off and out of the smallish lab. On his way back onto where he had came to go, he couldn't help but wonder how much of this place had he not seen? More importantly, has anyone been here since his last time here?

Moments turned into hours as he walked through the area only to arrive in a caged off area that held their training ground- A place that would of course be used to test the candidates for their experiments. The trees that had once been growing here had been twisted and malformed due to no longer being cared for, the waterfall that was shinobi made caused a small lake to form in the area where it sat. Luckily it had not spread to the rest of the complex yet, but with time it would he thought. To the right in a small clearing where the special flowers of Tenga had grown, or rather been planted sat three tombstones. Each riddled in vines from the flower he smiled and went over to them. Sitting down in front of them, he removed the vines carefully to reveal the three names of the stones and gave a small sitting bow to them all,"  Its been a minute hasn't it...My family? Things have become rather weird in this world since you've last been in it. Would you believe I'm actually a shinobi of a village? A chuunin at that?," the male chuckled to himself as he sat the flowers he had brought onto each of them followed by some more...personal items on them as well.

Sitting back down he pulled out some sake and poured himself a cup and drunk it slowly," It feels like its been an eternity since i've been here...To this place and to see you. But I couldn't resist leaving the village and making the trek here just to see you all on it all happened. Weird to have an anniversary for when you lost the only family you've ever known, but its a good feeling. So. I wish you three could talk back to me just to let me know how you all have been, but we all know the dead can't talk," a somber sigh left his lips as he began to drink from the bottle, his eyes slowly closing and looking to the sky. He could hear the laughter of the ground as they trained and ran through this very location, having fun. The big sister, the second brother, the annoying brother...and the youngest sister. His eyes slowly began to open as he looked to the sky and sighed," This sucks...This crippling sadness and loneliness i feel but hide under a smile. Why couldn't I have just died with you all and been happy...But no. I'm stuck living forever, or what seems like forever. How many decades will pass me by before I can finally know rest? Probably enough to see villages rise and fall ten times over," his eyes slowly began to close once more as he dared not to think about it any longer.

As he closed his eyes time passed him by before the somber tones of the rain began to touch his face, waking him up from what he thought was his last breathes. Looking up into the sky he felt as if they were weeping for him, telling him that he was never alone and to keep moving. The heavens felt something differently about this man and he...felt the same. Something about being here made him feel human, but he needed to move on. Looking to the tombstones he knelt before them and began a small prayer before smiling," For you three....My big sister, My annoying brother....and to my youngest. Live through me. We'll see the ends of this world and when i can finally rest? I'll see you all again. This curse...No. Its better not to think about it. Until next time my family," the rain had hid his tears as he slowly began to cry and as he turned to the water fall he gave one command of his staff," Extend Yeoui," the staff began to grow on command until it reached his full length and he slowly began to swing it with all of his strength before slamming it into the waterfall and letting the water take the entire complex...and him with it.

Water rushed into every crevice, every room taking and destroying all in its path. His body was pulled under as he let go of his staff, the erect weapon standing tall among the water and with its weight creating a new crater in its own right. Within moments the entire compound or what was left of it began to flood and be destroyed by the water's pressure. Anything that could have been used to let him know of his past, gone. Experiment folders, files, data. Gone. Anything and everything...finally it was all gone. As the water began to fill and finally rise to the top, only his body and staff could be seen as he floated to the surface. Eyes closed he floated there as a small white flower began to float beside him, before touching his hand and he slowly woke. His staring into the sky as he sighed and used his chakra to slowly pull himself from the water and stand on it. A lake within the land of the Moon and Skyscrapers, he looked up to his staff and walked over to it.

As he slowly touched the surface of his staff it began to turn to normal, and his eyes looked down into the depths of the water. What would he do now? Turning on his heels he would begin to head into the direction of Hoshi, and when he returned?  He would live life as he saw fit. Not as this crater...But as a renewed person.

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The Last Party  Empty Re: The Last Party

Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:05 am
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