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Kiro Uchiha
Kiro Uchiha
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Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:38 pm
Kiro woke up in a strangely white room, or at least it was what he could tell from the blurry sight he had at the moment. His eyes tiredly looked around and spotted a female in a white dress proceeding to open the door to his room and to observe him in a silent manner. He tiredly attempted to get up from the white bed he was resting on and failed, deciding to reset his back against the bed until she explained what was going on. The woman released a sigh of relief and approached him in a friendly manner, bowing her head before saying anything to him. ”Good morning, mister Kiro Uchiha. I was assigned to watch over you until you recovered from the impact that someone had previously dealt to you,” she explained to him in a sad manner and tried to pass the bad news to him as lightly as possible. His eyes suddenly widened from the news and quickly asked her where was the injury, to which she replied that was something related to his mental health and that he was going to be under their control for a few days before being able to leave to continue training and to do other activities. The boy nodded his head once and returned a gentle and calm smile to the female, focusing his eyes on her and noticed that she had left the room for once. He swiftly jumped off his bad without making any sounds and put on his outfit, including his headband that laid on his right leg, looking around in the attempt of finding something that would aid him in his task to leave the hospital now that he didn’t want to be stuck there for a whole week or potentially months. His eyes noticed that there was a widely open window waiting for him to jump through and to escape.

The blue-haired and eyed child charged outside of the room through the window and slid down the roof at an impressive yet manageable pace, allowing him to catch enough momentum to jump a building nearby. What he forgot to think about was his landing, deciding that it was better to crouch down once his legs hit the ground to reduce the pain that his back and feet would receive. He had successfully left the gigantic building and made it far enough from it without breaking any bones, guessing that his training had finally paid off nicely. If he kept going like this in the future, he was surely going to be able to reach the other Genin candidates to Chûnjn and to have more chances to win against them. Kiro turned around and started to walk in the direction of the training grounds without saying anything more. What he didn’t know was that the lovely female that had entered his room to take care of him was counting the time it would actually take him to find an exit and to evaluate his reaction timing, which was certainly superior to the other Genins that had just began to take missions and that had just graduated from the academy after a few years of working hard into the Academy to graduate. For a beginner, he did a great job and even managed to surprise her with her instincts and power to find answers and solutions to his problems without asking for other’s aid. The boy had made it midway to the training grounds, and started to feel hungry. He remembered eating the food before entering the Hospital, even if his memory about what happened previously regarding this event, and rubbed his chin, knowing that he could have to walk a few miles back to go to a shop that sold decent food in Konohagakure and that it would interrupt his training schedule. An empty stomach wouldn’t help someone train, was what the elders always said but he seemed to be as efficient with or without hunger taking over him. ”I can eat once I’m done,”he thought, falling to his knees when he started to move and listening to his stomach grumble loudly as people started to walk past him. This was an uncommon thing to happen to him so it didn’t take him long to think of the possibility that someone was using a Genjutsû against him, most likely to test his capabilities out or for other evil reasons. The boy went through a set of hand seals and freed himself from the technique that was used against him, looking around him with a terrified yet angry look on his face. No one would dare to attack him on a populated place inside of the village unless they were of high status, or knew of the events that took place in his house. The boy shook his head in disbelief and charged forward using his maximum speed to get away from the person hunting him down. He eventually reached a dead end that led to the Aburame clan Forest, the placed that held the training grounds where he went through his first session with a teacher of the Academy. There was no time to get nostalgic because he was on the run and someone out there was hunting him down, or at least attempting to. He jumped down the cliff, finally getting a closer look to how tall it was, blinking twice in disbelief; the boy was floating in the air next to a wall while floor that he was going to crash into if he didn’t do something to stop his speed from continuing to increase and increase as time went by. The boy brought out two pair of kunais that he held in the contrary sense of what the average shinobi would, striking them inside of the rocky wall and sure enough decreasing his speed by a ton. Even so, the pace at which he was running down the hill was just too fast meaning that it would be hard for him to come out without broken bones from the injury.

The Uchiha grit his teeth and dropped his kunais, performing a single seal with his hands and harnessing his chakra inside of his body! He eventually disappeared in a flash and appeared on top of the ground without a single scratch. ”The Shunshin technique saved my life,” he mumbled to himself, revealing a gentle smile on his face and rubbed the back of his head, surprisedly. Everything happened in a single moment that everything was hard to process, but the child basically went through some sort of tunnel vision that eventually allowed him to increase his speed even more and to reach the ground faster, jumping off the wall in time to hop on his feet. ”I didn’t think I would make it,” he added in a convenient manner, suddenly grabbing his two kunais and turning to enter a defensive pose with his weapons that managed to block the attack of his opponent. ”Enjoy your glory while you still can, kid,” was the only thing that the mysterious and scary man said in reply to his comment, going through a combination of hand seals and opened a gate that eventually teleported him somewhere else. His feet were shaking in fear and so were his arms because of the lethal actions that the male performed against him. He paused to think about it for a moment, rubbing his chin, figuring out that it had something to do with the Hospital that he rested within for a while until he escaped. Perhaps they wanted to experiment on him, yet he was too smart to fall on their webs. The boy slowly gulped and turned his body around in the attempt of walking across the gigantic forest and going somewhere where he could train like he initially wanted to and to not be hunted by an unknown person stating that he wouldn’t be safe for any longer. People like him made him wonder what would happen to the world if there was no difference in rank and if no one knew what fear is. This was when the initial thought of letting people experiment sorrow and them make them succumb to happiness and the feel of safety in which no one would ever perform evil actions. He was not sure if his thoughts were right or not, but what he knew he had to do is to get strong enough to defend himself and then think about others, because his safety almost always came before everyone else in this point of time. He would never think about harming someone like the village council did to his older sister, expelling her from her natal village and threatening to hurt her family if she decided to come back.

Kiro waved off his train of thoughts and proceeded to walk in the direction of his training spot, feeling rather refreshed after the long walk and other things included which made it the perfect timing for a moment to read a book that he had gotten in the local library of Konohagakure which explained in detail how to use chakra to increase the power of multiple weapon supplies. He was interested in learned new Jutsû, and this one was no exception. He slowly walked in the direction of the training grounds and sat down on the floor, resting his back against a tree. It was not the best place he could!d use to rest and to sit down and read books for more knowledge about Ninjutsu, the subject that mostly interested him out of the bunch. He suddenly reached out to the last place where he hid it in and that was obviously his pocket, though what was not as obvious is where it had gotten to. The child nervously jumped to his feet, starting to look around the floor and hoping to be able to find the precious book that he was told to result once he was over reading. A girlish voice reached out to him, asking him if he was looking for the item she was holding between her palms; he recognized it at first glance because of the red cover that it had, bowing his head to her. ”Thank you very much for helping me, miss,” he said in a respectful and nice tone tone of voice, slightly raising his head to take a glance at the person holding it. The female was certainly the nurse that took care of him in the hospital, clearing all his doubts about what was going on. ”I’m sorry for what happened to you. I was told to put you through a test,” she replied to him, sighing in disbelief. She didn’t think that the village would actually send a real hunter after him just to test his skill, all things considered. Kiro shook his head and stated that it was all right, questioning her nicely to return the book so he could read it and so he could practice the technique that he had heard about from others but that he had yet to start learning to use and to add-up to his arsenal. The female nodded her head, bringing forward a single finger and raising it to her mouth. ”Just if you let me read it and help you with it,” was the only request she made to him, even after sending an actual assassin after him and without asking for forgiveness. He released a sigh of disbelief and agreed to her terms, making his way back to the tree log where he would sit down next to the female and start to learn about this new technique. From what he could understand, it was a jutsu where the user would gather chakra in front of him and use it to propulse his ninja supplies forward at an impressive pace allowing them to get even more chances of hitting their opponent or opponents. It would be a handy one, for sure!

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Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:36 am
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