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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 17560

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Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:59 am
In a secluded part of the training grounds, there sat a girl by a large tree, hiding away from the angry rays of the sun by taking recluse in the tree’s shadows. As if following a timed schedule, a soft breeze would sweep past the training grounds every so often, bringing about a familiar albeit faint odor of the forest—the musky, earthy smell which would often remind her of home. Closing her eyes for a moment, the female would take a deep breath of the air as the breeze sweep her hair across her face. Enveloping herself in the sounds of nature, her body was starting to relax, releasing itself from its prior tense state. Letting the entangled mess of hair brush her cheeks, Ayumi slowly opened her eyes as a ray of sun penetrate through the leaves, leaving a streak of light across her face. Quickly fixing her dark hair, she paused for a moment before pulling out a small hand mirror from her pouch. Bringing the mirror up across her forehead, she swept her slightly curled bangs aside. Studying her forehead, the girl would gently touch the faint diamond shaped seal placed in the center of it; usually hidden behind her bangs, the seal would usually only be noticeable to those with a keen eye.

After an experiment gone wrong, most of the chakra stored within it has been released, a response triggered in order to save her from the grips of death. Sighing, the kunoichi gently leaned against the tree behind her and stared at the clear sky, leaving her forehead open for the world to see the seal which she had usually kept somewhat hidden. It had taken her years to store such a vast amount of chakra; it was hard to believe that most of it would be gone in a matter of minutes. On the bright side, she was able to avoid death by pumping the chakra reserves back into her body so losing all that chakra wasn’t such a bad thing.

As her chakra reserves start to slowly replenish, she would readjust her body posture before shifting her gaze towards the empty field; as she has been directing most of her chakra into the seal, often times, she wouldn’t have enough chakra to perform a number of jutsu, partake in a spar or anything of the like, thus making her a vulnerable target. The small amount of chakra that she has been diverting back into her reserves was simply not enough to sustain her usual chakra usage. Puffing up her cheeks, she forcefully let the air escape out her mouth. Lost in thought, she was still.

Just a little bit more time…
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