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Fuyo Uchiha
Fuyo Uchiha
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Fuyo Uchiha training (Tijutsu) Empty Fuyo Uchiha training (Tijutsu)

Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:36 am
Fuyo woke up on the training field "Ugh I must have passed out from traing last night with nekrun, owwww! everything hurts!" Fuyo got up and went back to the traing grounds summoned a clone and both the clone and him practiced transformation jutsus. He got the hang of it so he went to work on tijutsu. he came across a large boulder "Well this will work." Fuyo stared punch the boulder. Blow after Blow his knuckles bloody and the boulder being chipped away. he stopped after he grew tired and he sat down in the crevasse he made in the rock. *An hour Later* Fuyo got back to training so fuyo ran around the field 4 Km run so he ran, one, two, three laps. then once again he grew tired so he sat down and rested and while he rested he trained with chakra control and when he was rested he attempted summoning more then one clone "Ram, Snake, Tiger. Clone Jutsu!!"  POOF there was two more of him! "Yessss!" so he went and trained more

Forward and backward rolls for ten minutes and then he Max Push-Ups next heavy sandbag/stone/log lifting for ten minutes next he wen on to gymnastic bridge walking for 5 minutes the slow practice of techniques/form/Shadowboxing with wrist and ankle weights for 30 minutes dodging practice for ten minutes wooden dummy practice 20 minutes and hill sprints for 30 minutes Walk 100 meters on hands for an eight hour period The fuyo climbed 100 feet on a cliff one handed he went up then down for a total of 200 feet of climbing then he ran 5 mile and every one mile he would do 30 push-ups 30 sit-ups and 30 squats then he did a different training redjumen 30 push-ups 30 sit-ups 30 squats then sprinted for ten minutes then again 30 push-ups 30 sit-ups and 30 squats and then climbing trees 10 minutes then 30 pus-ups, sit-ups, squats then free running 10 minutes then 30 push-ups, sit-ups,squats,pull ups. Fuyo collapsed but he got up and pushed on he sat back down in his boulder crevasse and regained some chakra clone jutsu! POOF POOF now the three of himself did the same thing all over again to the boulder punching the 30 Push-ups,sit-ups, swats and pull-ups. Then he walked back to his home and went straight to bed.
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Fuyo Uchiha training (Tijutsu) Empty Re: Fuyo Uchiha training (Tijutsu)

Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:56 am
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