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Pride & Ego (p/mission) Empty Pride & Ego (p/mission)

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:07 am
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Sitting in his bed while aimlessly staring at the ceiling Kyo felt restless from the previous mission. That old lady was in the hospital possibly dead and he was just a little bit later than he should have been. Sure he had been able to do it, but every step in the old lady's house was another second of air lost from her. It was frustrating. If he had to fight someone, he would be able to do so easily. Doing the weird tasks like opening up the earth was just not very convenient. What if his next mission is to redirect lightning or part water? Imagining controlling all these other elements became scary. After using earth awhile, he got ever so slightly at fire style techniques because the transition back to that kind of chakra flow was just too much.

He clenched his lucky rock a little tighter. Kyo practically knew everything about it at this point and could flow his chakra through it easily. In fact, sometimes he would just let it levitate in the air for the fun of it. Being constantly around the element gave him an understanding to the nature he would have to adapt and switch to. Earth required him to focus on a much more grounded view and patience. It wasn't his element, it was god's element that he was just manipulating. The element was so vastly different from fire that water scared him to pieces. Still, with all these thoughts racing in his head, Kyo knew he couldn't just stand still any longer. He wanted to move. He wanted to learn. He wanted power and he wanted it now.

Kyo ran downstairs to grab his training duffel bag for another training session at the training grounds by found it was gone next to a broken window.
"Fuck. We got robbed."
He gave a look of defeat immediately recognizing that every inch of the house has been looked over and for some reason his duffel bag of weighted training gear was what the robber wanted. Whoever it was Kyo swore would be a dead man. His parents were gone out at work, so he left a note saying he was going to find the robber and take them out.
As he quickly departed his house ready to explode onto this guy, a memory flew in fast as light into his head in one rush. When he was looking over missions to take, finding a robber stealing from a bunch of people was one of them. He clenched his right fist tightly as his left clenched his lucky rock.
"I get paid to take his ass down. That's what I like to see."
He ran off to accept the mission at full speed. Ready to search far and wide for the thief. This mission was personal.

Kyo arrived at the office for missions and accepted the mission as fast as possible. It was now his time to shine. He felt towards his butt cheek for his weapon pouch to make sure everything was there, but realized he left it at the house in his hasty departure. He was going to have to use his muscles and jutsu to take down this thief, but that only made him all the happier.
"Weather, I mean uh, whether by words or by force. Not much of a talker."
He cracked his knuckles with glee as he picture beating this guy to a pulp for stealing from everyone. It was his time to be the light he always wanted to be. The search begins now!

Keeping a low profile, Kyo walked around with his hoodie up and headband in pocket. He wasn't going to show anyone he was more than just a passer by. Crowds of people passed by him and nobody looked extremely sketchy. It seems as though this was going to take more than dumb luck and he felt stupid for even attempting this. No thief in there right mind would just walk around the village with loads of stolen belongings standing out like a sore thumb. It would have to be some kind of miracle for him to find the thief right in... front of him.
Kyo looked to see a man with his duffel bag walking by in a black hoodie and black sweatpants. It appeared he was trying to hide how strenuous the bag was to hold the best he could as he helped up the strap with his hand. Kyo was speechless and didn't even know how to respond. When he looked at the guy's face it also looked just like the picture. Was his mission already over with? All he had to do was snatch the guy and take him to prison for breaking and entering. It all just seemed too easy. This spot was too public however. Kyo knew that trying to detain the man here could result in injuries to others. It appeared as though he would just have to follow this man as he walked from a distance and catch him at home. There his plan was and now it was just time to execute it. He would be patient like the earth these people stepped on and follow in stealth.

After some following, Kyo began to realize a hiccup the thief made and felt shivers up his body. The target lifted the bag back up onto a better spot on his shoulder and did it effortlessly. He was pretending to be encumbered by the weighted training gear the whole time Kyo had been seeing him. The thief knew who he was and was pretending to be weak. This was a trap and one made for him to be lured into his grave, but Kyo knew that he could do the same exact movements himself with the bag. This thief had to have been too cocky and just leading him to a fight. It made Kyo's blood boil and he began to realize he wanted to see this man in prison for the accomplishment of it over just being stolen from. Now was his time to attack. He reached down to for a kunai in the crowd of people, but was met with just a hand on his butt.
He had completely forgotten he had left his pouches at home again. It was just a matter of time before he could destroy the thief. He would just have to be patient a little longer. The thief was luring him to the training grounds and that would be the perfect place to take him by force. Kyo began to get pumped as he continued trailing the thief.

When they finally got to the training grounds, the thief jumped up and threw the bag down to the ground. He then did a 180 spin and Kyo saw a glimmer of light that had to be senbon in all of his fingers. In a flash, the ninja threw the needles towards him and Kyo was quick to jump out of the way hardly in time. A needle nicked his calf as it flew by and Kyo began to realize each needle was targeted with perfect accuracy and speed to kill him where he was standing if he were just a normal person. As much as Kyo wanted to curse, he had to stay professional.
"You are under arrest for breaking and entering, attacking a konoha ninja, and for stealing. Surrender now or be taken by force!"
He threw on his headband from his pocket and tightened it on his forehead while throwing down his hood to reveal his spiky ball of hair on his head. The thief looked at him with a poke face.
"You should just leave now, Kyo. I have already injured a Genin enough to put him in the hospital unconscious. Leave or die."
Kyo gritted his teeth and realized this guy wasn't messing around. A Genin was reported to have overworked his body at the training ground at the hospital. It was an alert given in case this was the result of a rogue ninja. He was going to kill the thief right now.
He rushed forwards at full speed and kneaded katon chakra in his chest. He then made the half tiger hand seal as the thief just stood there covering in black. Within an exhale out, he released a stream of fire right into the thief's face with aggressive force. This wasn't an attack to kill, but more of a distraction. When he finished the jutsu, he followed with a punch directed to the throat of the thief only to find himself launched forwards without connecting.
He turned around to see the thief weaving a tiger hand sign while he was left running diagonally to gain some distance from the thief as he attacked. Before Kyo knew it, a bullet fast thin slice of water headed his way and immediately after seeing it he rushed everything he had into his legs to jump out of the way. The slicing jutsu was just aimed badly enough for him to escape in time. Had it hit towards the center of his body, he would have probably lost a leg. The water slicer was almost too fast for him to see and left a cut into the earth too close for comfort from him. 
This was getting too serious, so he had to go all out and kill this thief outright while the thief was still recovering from casting his own jutsu and adjusting to his dodge. He rushed chakra as fast as he could into his chest and then made the tiger hand seal all in around a second. Kyo then released six large fireballs around 1 meter apart from one another in a circular formation to ensure he would burn at least some part of the thief's body. The thief was just 15 meters away or so from him, so this would have to be it. The dragon's mouths roared as they raced towards their target. Each one was ready to incinerate his target to ash as they quickly approached. The robber tried to jump out of it, but was just too slow. It appeared the blasts were about to connect to the thief before Kyo saw a distant hand sign being woven by the thief and his heart sank.

A stream of water beamed out like a laser towards Kyo and he panicked at how it was just almost in his face within a blink. It must have extinguished the fireball heading straight towards the thief meaning it was stronger. Kyo tried to jump out of the way, but was too slow. The water beam was bound to hit. He closed his eyes and covered the blast with his arms the best he could as he got ready to take it to the stomach.
"I don't want to die. I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!"
He sent chakra down to the earth in a last ditch effort and quickly latched onto a long piece he carved within his head. Kyo ripped with all his heart and chakra in a desperate attempt to live from the attack. Miraculously, the large piece of stone jutted out from the earth and cut the current of water coming to hit him. Kyo hardly could believe his eyes. He understood it all now. Earth was something he had to carve and shape from his own eyes. A smile came over his face as he slammed into the ground and took a small blast from water after it blasted through the rock. The blunt force of it was severely lessened making it much less harmful to his chest. Now it was just minor bruising on his chest and he could stand once more to face the thief with nothing up his sleeve and no plans.
The thief looked at him. Stunned in disbelief and Kyo began to stand with pride and resolve that was 100% faked.
"Surrender now. You were already almost incinerated! I am just getting started with you creep. This is your last warning!"
The thief gawked as he felt my body weaken from chakra loss. He learned the last lesson he needed to for earth and now he understood what it all meant. If this wouldn't put the thief behind bars from fear, Kyo knew he was bound to die here. Faking ego made him realize how much danger he was in as the thief slowly raised his hands to the sky.
"I surrender. Clearly, I will die here if I fight any longer."
Kyo smiled and did a double take to see how defeated the thief was. It seems as though the thief really did believe he had more power.
"I have no choice but to tie you up and take you back to authorities. My light weight training gear and the other stolen items in the duffel bag will be returned to their original owners. I have to ask you though, why did you want to do it?"
The man looked at him and frowned with wrists outstretched to be tied up. Kyo reached into the duffel bag for his rope and tied them up while the thief told his story.
"I just wanted someone to acknowledge me."
Kyo almost laughed at how silly it was before the words were branded onto his brain. Maybe this man was no different from himself in some ways. Nonetheless, he returned the thief to a higher power and returned the items to their rightful owners.

[WC: 2,256]
Mission Complete!
3 Ap added.
1,000 ryo earned.
Earth element learnt (2,109(Previous Thread) + 1,891(This Thread) = 4,000/4,000)
Remaining 365 word count going towards Rock Section Cane (365/500).
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Pride & Ego (p/mission) Empty Re: Pride & Ego (p/mission)

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:10 am
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