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Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:20 pm
"Kyo, what do you want most in life?"
Kyo looked over to Reo with fire alight in his eyes as he knew the answer well before his uncle finished his sentence. It was an answer he woke up to and strived to accomplished everyday of his life.
"I want to become the strongest. I want to be a light to the world and prove to others my worth as a ninja!"
He said this while holding a fist outstretched into the air with a brilliant smile upon his face. Reo looked at Kyo with a smile growing at the young boy for his determination and dream.
"Kyo, I know you will become a light to the world, but I still worry about your ambition. If you keep thinking about your reputation and your power instead of the great things you can do for others with it, you can find yourself encountering problems later."
Kyo frowned at his uncle bantering about his philosophy and didn't understand a word out of his uncle's mouth. He wanted to interject, but his uncle stopped him by pulling up his shirt to reveal a large scar on his side. Reo looked at Kyo with a dead serious face that demanded full attention.
"You know sometimes you will have to sacrifice for others and protect the ones who need protecting most. When it comes to a moment where you need to save someone over your own wishes..."
"...then don't hesitate at the opportunity."
Kyo read out aloud from his journal with a melancholy he desperately feared showing the world. His sadness was pain as he knew his uncle had given him the advice perfect for when he was going to be killed by the chuunin. To think that he fought for a village shit on constantly sometimes bothered him to his core.
In the midst of the night, Kyo walked to a large clearing in the woods with a stream around a quarter of a mile away. Within his journal he read in remembrance of the one person who could break down his walls and see him for who he really was. He felt like cursing for the death on his hands. Thought it all seemed logical that he would get himself killed trying to save his uncle, he still can't help but to blame himself for everything. The feeling of powerless in that moment ignited his insides. It pushed him further every step of the way and fueled his inner flames. Reo had taught him all about the water element, but he knew now that wasn't meant for him. He wanted to burn anyone in his way to a crisp for defying him and wanted to see the cleaning of Konoha through his flames. Tonight, he would earn his headband and become the ninja he always dreamed of. Tonight, he would flip to the page of the journal giving instructions to the most gruesome fire style technique he had seen. Tonight was the night.
He flipped open the book and saw the rank of the jutsu: b-rank. Kyo knew had only E-Rank jutsu under his belt, but he wasn't going to settle for anything but the best he can do. The instructors at the academy taught him of his great chakra reserves he hadn't fully realized and tonight was the night to open them fully. Kyo was going to train himself to pieces until he saw his full potential through this difficult technique. All it required was an immense use of katon chakra kneaded then released with a tiger hand seal. He would also have to shape it to be a dragon's mouth and be able to do this multiple times in quick succession. The results would be lethal and Kyo knew this. This jutsu can kill people and is heavily lethal. If the target was an ordinary human that would be ashes from the intensity.
Kyo started sweating in the giant clearing in the woods next to a rather sizable, rocky hill he planned to aim at. He wouldn't just go all into the jutsu without considering his instructor's advice of the intent behind the jutsu. His chakra was his to control and he shouldn't dare to fear the horrific flames this jutsu would create. He begun with stretches and a light jog while focusing his chakra network. Kyo focused on grounding himself and staying true to himself for this technique or he could be incinerated. Every moment felt like an hour to him as he begun to find a peace within himself and within the world.
"The flames I possess are my friend. They will lead and light the way to my success and fuel everything within my clan's elements and within my start. I will perform this jutsu correctly by the end of the night and, if I don't, I will pass out and wake up again just to try it all over again."
With this motivational speech to himself, Kyo felt grounded and began with a very similar katon technique he had learnt. He held out a half-tiger hand seal and began to knead the chakra in his chest intensely.
"Fire Style: Fire Stream Jutsu!"
He said to hype himself up while expelling a heated cone of flames three meters in front of him. For some reason, this time the flames seemed even hotter than before. It seems as though he was beginning to see his massive reserves of chakra hidden inside of him. Kyo saw a massive amount of untapped chakra within him he was only scratching the surface of. It began to irritate him as he realized he was only use a pinch of his power through this technique.
"Now to break all my barriers! I will drain myself for everything I am!"
Kyo shouted at himself while cracking his knuckles and reviewing the jutsu. He was about to begin it before he had a knee jerk reaction. His instructor's wisdom echoed through him about the steps of performing a jutsu.
"First, I set my intent."
He closed his eyes and concentrated on the people who attacked Konoha.
"Next, I see my chakra as a part of me."
Kyo focused on his chakra network for a second and tried to grasp the large flow of it throughout his body.
He smiled and slightly shut his eyes in determination.
"... I begin!"
Kyo kneaded chakra in his chest, enough for the fire stream technique, then pushed farther. He gathered more chakra than before inside of him, a scary and dangerous amount to have gathered within him. Even with this amount, Kyo breathed in and pushed the bar further with sweat dripping off of him. The pressure of the chakra in chest grew immense and releasing it was almost enough to scare him senseless. Still Kyo remembered this wasn't here to hurt him, but it was the actual essence of himself. He held out the tiger hand seal while aiming at the rocky mountain and breathed out the mass within him in one large go.
A head rush came on and adrenaline left him shaky as the flames began to exit his lips. Before his eyes a massive ball of flames exploded outwards and traveled towards the mountain. He felt excitement all over until the flames dissipated fairly quickly into the air.
"Damn it. I am not trying hard enough. This isn't going to cut if for where I am aiming towards."
Kyo looked down to his chest and frowned.
"These flames, they... they scare me. I could burn my body from the inside and be left ashes with such a jutsu. I know they are a part of me, but that can be so hard to see when you feel the heat of them coming out."
He took a breath and still felt remnants of the heat inside of him then frowned sharply.
"In a way the flames are like a hug. They warm me up inside as they come out. Maybe these flames are there for me. It's hard to control them as they come out, but I feel as though maybe I can trust in them. I can look at them as my friend..."
Kyo put on a slight smirk.
"... my extremely lethal friend."
He got a look of determination on his face again. The look he gave when he first stepped into the academy and the look he gave at his Genin exam. Kyo kneaded the chakra in his chest and found it was easier to get it to double the cone of flames amount within him. He then pushed aside all self doubt and looked to the flames as his friend. The ninja flowed more and more of himself into the flames and realized it was now quadruple the amount of cone of flames. Still, he knew the sky was the limit. He expanded his horizons and reached deep down within himself for what felt a bursting point. Within him, he felt as thought the katon chakra had to be at least six times the amount from before.
Kyo felt the immense power of the ability within him. He wanted to absorb it back and turn away, but couldn't. This had be at least half of his total chakra reserves in one go. An image of a dragon mouth came into his head and he put all fears aside. This was his ninja way and the life he wanted for himself. Kyo weaved a tiger hand seal and breathed out the flames in one, gigantic gust from his mouth. It appears a bit of the wind element had to be used to expel such a massive amount of fire into such a way.
As he released towards the mountain around 20 meters away, he put everything he had into the attack. Out came a gigantic fireball with a dragon's mouth shape to it. It was ready to chomp down and destroy his enemies and the rush of hype for such an attack drew Kyo over the edge. He was horridly excited to see how fast it went, how wide it was, and the damage it would do. The blast of it from his mouth pushed him back a bit as it shot off to close the gap in less than a second. It was a roaring, giant flame almost too quick for Kyo.
The attack slammed like a train into the mountain as Kyo was just left gawking at the sight. It burned through the rock a meter or so in with a powerful force behind it and just like that it was gone. Kyo hardly knew what to do. He was done and now he hardly had anything left in him. He walked speechlessly, feeling the strain from lack of chakra as he looked at the small crater where he scorched rock itself. Whatever jutsu this was, it was two ranks below the best and already it could do this much damage.
Kyo, however was no fool here. He didn't continue to train as he knew the next one would knock him out before he could even release it. Doing anything more tonight was far too dangerous, so he decided to head back with new found courage. He was going to push himself harder on this technique. When the going went rough, he would have to be quicker and more precise with it. He was going to maximize and understand this technique even if killed him in the process. Kyo smiled deeply for what was to come as he head back home to the mansion he lived at.
The next day, Kyo awoke a bit sore from last night and recalled the amount of power he had in his body. In a weird way, it seems had grown exponentially through this difficult technique. The amount of energy within his body, was unreal. He looked at his hand and the power it possessed nearly terrified at what he had learned about himself. The barrier broken was massive and the power was incredible. Kyo knew within himself that he was going to do great things with such a power. As quick as he could, he got ready for the day and headed out bright and early towards the clearing once more.
Upon reaching the clearing, he saw the charred crater left from last night in broad daylight. The amount of force and power it showed was unreal, but Kyo knew he had made his attack unevenly. It was a quick, fast moving attack, but he could see it depleting fast. The potency as it hit the rock was nothing compared to what it had been when he released. The young ninja fully believed that this attack would have burned right through the mountain if it had continued to be as strong as it was to begin with. He also knew that the jutsu was written in his journal to do just that and decrease in speed as it went. Still, he knew he had to train this to be enough for multiple at once. It wasn't enough to settle for just one and call it a day. He was going to sharpen this skill to its limit.
Kyo began by going around 50 meters from the rock to see how far he could get it to travel. He took a deep breath and remembered everything had learned before charging the chakra inside of him and beginning once more. This time he also went for speed and rapidly pushed chakra into stomach. He quickly got to the amount from last night and pushed farther from that. Everything he had he was going to put into this attack as he knew he was inches from mastery as it was. In his dreams, he replayed himself at this moment and found how strong he was. Kyo was going to be on top and he wanted to knock down his competition to a crisp.
At around double the amount from last night, he realized putting all of this in one big fireball would surely kill him. He distributed it mentally and quickly and began to gauge just how many he could blow out in rapid succession. Through this one attack, he was putting in almost everything he had.
He weaved the tiger hand seal as he estimated four fire balls could be released just as strong as the one from last night. The drain this attack had on his body was unbelievable, but he continued regardless. In multiple big breaths with the help of the wind element, he breathed out four big fire balls one at time that flew out towards the mountain. The kick back was something he prepared for and the execution made himself proud.
The four balls of fire came towards the mountain losing potency and speed as they went until they vanished into the air. Still, they came awfully close and traveled awfully far. It seems this jutsu had been perfected, but at the cost of almost all his chakra. To be perfectly honest, he had no idea it would take this much out of him. His breathing grew heavy and his heart raced with the massive lack of chakra. If he were to judge it, he would have around enough for three more fire stream techniques. He was spent already in one attack.
Kyo took a deep breath and sat down realizing this technique would be his trump card, but also would suck the life out of him in the process. Though he felt confident in the technique and would probably only need a bit more training with it before he could depend on it in a fight. Scratching his head and sipping from his water bottle, he thought of how much more chakra training was left to come for him and thought of what an s-rank technique would look like. A jutsu nearly double the power of this one. One that could wipe out someone before they blinked and one that could make you a serious threat to even the kages. He had a lot to learn before he could ever attempt something such as that, but the steps before him were lined up. Kyo fist bumped the air with joy in his heart.
"When I become a Chuunin, I will force myself to learn an S-rank jutsu and show Reo how far I have come. I will master all five of the elements left for me and become the greatest, most versatile ninja the world will see. I, Kyo Terumi, will be a light to this world for all to see. I will shine like a diamond and protect those who need it most. Glory to Konoha is yet to come!"
He got to his feet and tightened his Konoha forehead protector around his forehead. With a new, fiery passion he began to plan out how he was going to train himself till he couldn't stand. He was going to hang onto his dreams with a stubborn grip and never let it go. He was going to steam roll the competition. He was going to become a light to the world!
Kyo began to practice his accuracy and speed with throwing projectiles and did 50 pushups every time he missed a single one. He pushed himself to nothing all through the day and did it all with a fire in his heart. It was his turn to take action and never let someone die on his watch ever again. Kyo motivated himself through the day with various mantras and dreams. Truly, he believed he was worthy of greatness, but his journey was merely beginning. In truth, his powers were nothing compared to the other Genin and he would likely lose in a fight against them. There was a wealth of knowledge for Kyo to learn, but today was the second leap towards his future since the Genin exam. Wherever he went, Kyo was sure to improve at a dangerously, fast pace.
As Kyo headed home at dusk, he was hardly able to walk. Every bit of his body hurt and he had overdone it. His chakra was nearly gone, his stamina was failing him, and his muscles screamed in agony as he moved them. Still, he dreamt of tomorrow when he would wake up stronger than he had been today.

[WC: 3,056]
Training Complete!
Obtained 15 Stat Points.
Fire Release: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu Learnt (3,000/3,000)
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Forwards (p) Empty Re: Forwards (p)

Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:26 pm
Approved, just put those stats to chakra pls
Natsuki Hashimoto
Natsuki Hashimoto
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Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:26 am
Hi, Yurei here. I made a booboo.

You'll need to train your bloodline in order to get that passive +20 to your chakra, meaning you don't have the chakra necessary to learn this B-rank (40). If you want, you can put your wordcount to that instead and then start your B-rank with the other 1,056.

There's the BL there ^
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Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:13 pm
Yurei, is there anyway I can just learn the bloodline in another thread and then put this training towards the jutsu?

I didn't even notice the word count for the bloodline >o<. Thanks for catching that though! 
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Forwards (p) Empty Re: Forwards (p)

Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:47 pm
So I am asking for a bit of a favor here.

I just trained my bloodline in this Thread and was wondering if I could have the thread we are at here (Forwards) to be using the chakra stats I would have after the new training thread. The timelines work for it in terms of the threads contents, but if it wouldn't be a good idea, then could you give me another suggestion?
Shichiro Hashimoto
Shichiro Hashimoto
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Forwards (p) Empty Re: Forwards (p)

Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:04 pm
Approved homie
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