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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Another day to train Empty Another day to train

Sun May 13, 2018 9:11 pm
Higuto stepped onto the training field with his head held high as he looked up to see the sun slowly setting in the distance while casting long shadows, thanks to the nearby trees, onto the field before him. It was a beautiful setting for him, though his intentions of what he was on the field to do, were nothing short of tiring. He had stepped onto the field in order to give himself a proper place for yet more training for the Chuunin exams as he had been feeling he wasn't nearly as strong as he should've been. He took in a breath, feeling ready and well fed and rested, as he wondered exactly what all he was going to do for his training day today. He thought about finishing up a technique he had began to learn but never got around to learning completely as he felt it was a good move to know in order to get a leg up with his strength whenever he needed it. He also felt it might've been important to learn a second move that would allow him to do the same for his hands when in need as he looked around the field and wondered how best to train for it as he snapped his fingers and nodded before bringing his hands up and forming the clone seal to make a shadow clone appear.

He looked at his clone as he removed his jacket and began to hop in place in order to get his muscles stretched out and ready to go to work. He looked at the clone and nodded to it as the clone prepared itself before Higuto jumped high into the air and looked down upon the clone. He smirked as he fell back down upon the clone before doing a quick front flip which brought his foot around as he fell. He looked down as the clone watched him fall before jumping quickly out of the way as Higuto's foot hit the ground with tremendous force as the ground quaked and cracks formed all along where his foot had struck as even chunks of the ground began to break apart and fly out and up away from him. Smoke billowed from the contact point as the clone landed a bit away from what had happened as, out of the smoke, Higuto walked out while cracking his knuckles and checking his foot to make certain nothing had broken or that he had hurt himself at all. He was pleased to see he was all good as he looked up to his clone and prepared for a counter attack.

He was right to do so as he looked up to see a fist close to hitting his face as he swiftly dodged out of the way and jumped to the side of the clone in order to bring a knee up to it's gut. The clone coughed a bit before taking the knee and tossing Higuto up into the air and Higuto flew upwards as he tried to stabilize himself and focus his chakra. He formed a few hand seals before bringing his left hand down in front of himself as lightning began to crackle and snap around his hand as he fell back down towards the clone. The clone responded by extending his right hand back as a baseball sized sphere of chakra quickly formed within his palm as he looked up to Higuto and waited for the hammer to come down upon him. The two looked into each other's eyes as Higuto dived towards his clone and, in turn, the clone jumped up to meet Higuto with rasengan at the ready. It seemed as though time slowed for the two as they both got closer and closer to each other. It wasn't long before the chidori and the rasengan did finally connect with each other.

The results of such a clash were cataclysmic as the two jutsus caught each other and fought for dominance over the other. Higuto grunted as his momentum in the air was causing him to fall back towards the forest and it's tree as he used his other hand to reach out behind him in hopes of catching himself by using one of the numerous trees so that he'd have a better chance to fight the Chidori off. He crashed into a tree, his body wracking in pain as his back was contorted from the strong wood's curvature, as he kept his arm out in order to maintain the Rasengan. He brought his other hand up to grab his right arm as he tried to focus more of his chakra into the technique to try and repel the Chidori back off of him. As the two of them, Higuto and the clone, continued to try and beat each other's jutsu the two suddenly gave off a bright gleam of light that surrounded the two in a huge sphere of light and he had to blink as the two jutsu suddenly grew so large in power that they exploded outwards and pushed the two ninja away from each other.

Higuto was blown back through the tree while his clone was blown into the air yet retained it's body as it fell into the training field's river. Higuto wasn't as lucky as he landed hard into the dirt of the nearby forest as he tumbled over the ground just to come to a stop by way of a tree trunk catching him from behind hard. He shook his head as a way of getting the cobwebs he had developed loose all while trying to keep his focus on the fight as he got back up to his feet while trying to devise a plan of action to take his clone out. His brain went to work in trying to come up with a plan as he decided that he was going to make certain he came out of this on top. He had succeeded in learning the heaven kick of pain, to a point, but he felt he needed to be able to control his chakra a bit better in order to cause more damage from it. He looked to the sky as night was just now setting in and he hopped high into the sky before bringing his hands up and forming the necessary seals to commence his next jutsu.

He then would bring his hands forward as lasers fired out from his hands towards the clone lying in wait below him as the clone saw the lasers and understood the jutsu to be the storm release laser circus. If caught within the jutsu he'd be pinned. The clone thus jumped away as, while a majority of the lasers hit the ground, some lasers branched off and began to follow the clone everywhere it went under Higuto's command. The clone ran and avoided the lasers as best it could before jumping up into the air after Higuto with kunai drawn and ready to slash Higuto in the arm. Higuto was ready, however, as he channeled his chakra through the lasers to make them all travel upwards towards the clone before he drew his kunai himself and grew ready for what was coming. The two collided in the air as the two kunai sparked due to the force and the clone looked down to see the lasers coming. He thus kicked himself away from Higuto, flying away from the lasers, as they were now on their way directly towards himself. He brought his hands together as the lasers disappeared as he landed on the ground a ways away from his clone.

He and the clone began to clash with each other using taijutsu as Higuto would deliver blow after blow against the clone with which the clone would catch each one himself and try to retaliate with his own attack. He'd use his agility and flexibility in order to keep himself and his attacks unpredictable as the clone seemed to take note of his strategy and would follow up with his own flexibility. He used his chakra infusion on his kunai as his blade began to glow and sharpen thanks to the addition of his chakra as his knife sliced through the clones as the clone ducked to avoid the blow while twisting around and delivering a kick to Higuto's arm and making him fly backward. Higuto flipped himself around and landed back on his feet just as his clone was upon him once again and started to punch him over and over.

Higuto brought his foot around, his eyes darting straight to his clone as he watched him tumble due to catching a foot to the leg, as he brought his hand around into a punch that caused the clone to throw up it's hands to catch the incoming fist. Higuto grunted as he took in a deep breath and kicked the clone in the side of it's gut as the force caused the clone to soar back away from Higuto. Higuto was immediately upon him as he propelled himself towards the clone with his fist drawn back as he channeled all his strength into the punch and could feel more power inside himself thanks to it. He brought the fist around as it connected with the clone's face and caused the clone to fly back and away farther from Higuto before disappearing into a puff of smoke. Higuto brought his legs forward before catching himself and digging his feet into the ground in order to stop himself from the momentum of his jump through the air. Higuto stopped himself, dragging himself up to his feet due to how tired he was, as he cracked his knuckles and felt that he had more control over his now new techniques.

Higuto took in another deep breath as he steadied himself and made his way back to the jacket that still laid on the ground as he picked it up and placed it around his torso while wiping the beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead. He looked up the sky to see the stars that were all forming and making themselves known in the night sky as he was happy to see them all sparkle and twinkle down upon him. He looked around to take note of the damages he and his clone had caused as he could see the trees he and his clone had toppled over. He knew they had made a mess but he didn't know how best to take care of the mess as he started to make his way through the exiting threshold of the training field as he travelled along the roads towards the village. He hopped up onto the branches of the nearby trees as he began to quickly hop along them all towards the village. He used his full speed in order to do so as, in hardly any time at all, he got to the gates of the village and walked through the extra large gates to travel the streets.

Higuto walked along the streets towards his small and quaint little house on the outskirts before making his way to the door and unlocking it to make his way inside. He looked at the small hint of moonlight making it's ways through his drapes as he was presented with a beautiful look at his bed thanks to it. He took off his clothes, feeling soreness in his muscles as his eyes felt heavy with sleep, as he walked over to the bed and drew back the covers. He realized that it was quite stuffy within his home as he wanted a little bit of cool air to occupy it now as he turned his fan on and allowed it to run at full speed so as to allow a lot of cool air to blast into him. He sighed in relief as he climbed into the bed and drew the covers over him before laying his head down on the pillow and closing his eyes to allow sleep to slowly take him. The entire time his thoughts were focused solely on what a good day of training he had had as he went to sleep with a smile on his face.


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Hikari Namikaze
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Another day to train Empty Re: Another day to train

Sun May 13, 2018 9:20 pm
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