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Landscaping Empty Landscaping

Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:15 pm
Mission Details:
A memo was sent to the Uzumaki residence and Allegro was there to receive it. It was a new mission assignment. E rank. Allegro stared at the mission details and his eyebrows began to tweak a little bit. Was this…some kind of joke. He had been but on landscaping duty. Allegro Uzumaki began to reflect on all the days of hard training he underwent with his teachers. Was all that for nothing? He sure as hell was not cranking out thousands of push-ups and bending his chakra at will just to cut grass. The boy rustled his long dreaded hair into a bun while he began to gather his other things. He wrapped his arms in bandage and slid them through the arms of his kimono. He latched on his ninja pouches on his backside and along the length of his pants leg. When he was all set to go, he added the final touch; he carefully secured a large pair of headphones on top of his head, the pulsating beat of a dope rap song could be heard if you listen real close. NOW, he was ready. Allegro shut the door behind him and made off for the location of his mission.
Allegro arrived to the training field in a few moments and checked in with the field maintenance manager. She was an elder woman with a bad back, holding a cane that was just barely capable of holding her up. Allegro bowed deeply as a sign of respect. “Good Morning ma’am. My name is Allegro, I am here to help with the fields.” The woman welcomed Allegro and explained to him that she requested this mission out of desperation.
“Thank you so much for volunteering. It has been so hard to keep these fields spruced ever since my husband Earl died last winter. I tried to take his place, but my back just wont cooperate. Surely you understand?”
Allegro’s face and attitude changed after hearing her story. He had no idea that the maintenance of this field was supporting an entire family, one whom has suffered a loss, no less. Allegro felt warm inside, because he was happy that the Hokage did her best to not let low income families like this one fall between the cracks. There were missions for even the poor to finance and plenty of genin ninja to spare that could give a helping hand. Allegro did his best to swallow his pride and do the task at hand. The old lady continued on,
“I don’t have very many cutting supplies, but the Hokage did send these to get you started.”
As she spoke, she gave a kind of awkward or nervous laughter. Allegro looked at the supplies provided from higher up. It…was just a few office supplies. Allegro was so in shock that he fell and hit the floor head first. He took back all of the sentiment that had developed moments ago and replaced it with the feeling that this mission was a joke. He eventually stopped whining and grabbed what he was given. Stepping outside he became intimidated as the miles and miles of open field unfolded in front of his eyes under the Morning Sun. The rooster crowed loudly and forcefully, as if to say “GET TO WORK, ALLEGRO!” With a scowl on his face, the dark skinned boy dropped to his knees and started trimming grass with nothing but a pair of scissors and a ruler.
Snip….Snip Snip…Snip Snip Snip! Allegro’s hand began to cramp. He tried alternating hands and even began to cut with his feet. If no one was watching, or listening, Allegro would wield a handful of hand signs and would perform his Sound Wave Jutsu. The sound waves would form a beam that stretched out to twenty meters in any direction. The waves spliced the blades of grass perfectly. He was cutting away at ridiculous speeds while maintaining an all but perfect level of cut grass. It might have been boring but at least he was getting the job done. The entire time, the boy’s headphones were on and blasting away. At least he had his music to distract him. Allegro began to sweat profusely as the daytime sun crept up into the sky just directly above Konoha. The head seemed to beat down on him, forcing him to remove the upper section of his robe, exposing his muscular build and ebony skin tone. He gave a passionate roar before rushing back to work, slicing off blades of grass with the scissors. This time, however, he was applying his chakra to the blades of the scissors, controlling it in a way to add to its sharpness. The length of the blades seemed to extend and made cutting more a breeze. His careful was made sure that each snip left behind a patch of two inch tall grass. He even trimmed the hedges into cute instrument shapes and musical notes. Allegro was quite the artist. Finally by about mid day, the entire training field was done. Allegro looked like he had a nice work out and he was proud of the work he had done. He took his hair out of a bun and shook the sweat away.
He returned to the house of the training field owner. She was ecstatic to see the fields looking so pristine that she could barely walk. No literally, her small cane was wobbling like crazy, just seconds away from its inevitable collapse. She said “Oh my! It looks just like how Earl used to do it! Thank you Allegro!” Her eyes began to water and she kept wobbling so much that Allegro had to catch the smallish old lady in her arms. She looked up and thought she saw Earl. This was getting kinda weird. She grabbed his cheeks a bit too roughly and Allegro could only laugh along painfully, hoping it would all end soon. He gave a final bow after putting his kimono back together then returned to the Hokage’s chambers to complete the mission.
Mission Accomplished
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Landscaping Empty Re: Landscaping

Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:19 pm
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