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Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished) Empty Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:14 am
Fenrir was bored.  He found himself like this often enough, living now in a village with which he shared few traits.  There simply weren't enough people here for him to constantly be entertained.  How sad that the inhabitants of the world wouldn't turn their entire being onto the path of his joy and entertainment.  Oh well, he thought, I'll just go find a way to entertain myself.  Maybe... Yes, a mission.  Missions were usually entertaining enough, so long as they included some form of combat and paid out enough to be worth his time.  This wasn't the case with the smallest of missions, which were usually annoying things like fixing boats or helping fishermen.  These were unlikely options here in the Leaf Village, but they were the only examples he could recall from his home.  He had been gone from Kiri less than a month, yet it felt like years.  He had quickly become acclimated to the climate here, as well as the people, and had recently been training more with Konoha ninja than his own Kiri brethren.  He couldn't be blamed for this of course, as he had only been seeing Konoha ninja at the training grounds, and had not spotted a single Kiri ninja there in longer than he cared to remember.  Oh well, there was nothing to be done about it.  The only people in Kiri worth training couldn't be forced to train with him, as they could kill him if he tried, and the few that he could force into training would be worthless to train with.  Not to mention the fact that Xyxer would have his head if he suddenly started attacking weaker ninja.  Kirigakure, and it's leader, were bloodthirsty, but mindless violence was not one of their preferred activities.  Now, about that mission.  He had visited the mission boards earlier in the day, and out of all the options there, he picked a surprisingly simple mission.  There was a dog barking at the village gates, and Fenrir needed to go find out what the hell was wrong with it so he could solve the issue and end the dog's annoyance.  He chose the mission because almost all of the ones available to him now had some sort of "No Killing" stipulation, and Fenrir had a much easier time not killing animals than humans, as one was far more annoying than the other.  Walking to the entrance of the village, Fenrir very quickly noticed the issue.  This was either an incredibly loud dog, or it was much closer than it seemed, the former seeming more likely than the latter.  

As he approached the dog, it stopped barking, taking up a defensive stance and growling, his ears pressed back against his black fur.  Now that Fenrir was closer, the creature seemed more like a wolf than a dog, large and fluffy.  Slowly, Fenrir crouched to level his eyes with those of the wolf, keeping its attention by staring it down.  After a few minutes of sitting, Fenrir moved forward quickly, feinting some form of attack.  Rather than defending itself, the wolf jumped backward, yelping loudly as he did so.  Smiling, Fenrir noticed that the wolf was far less hostile once he had recovered.  He showed his fear, and he knew it.  Standing back up to his full height with his hands in his jacket pockets,  Fenrir then asked the dog.  Let's go, take me to... whatever you need me for.  While the dog didn't seem to understand his words, it understood the meaning when he began walking into the woods from which the wolf came.  As it guided him through the woods, Fenrir began to enjoy the serenity that came with distance from the village, listening intently to the sounds of the woods.  The very faint buzzing of insects, small creatures running through the trees, the wolf's gentle breathing, and... something else.  Something that shouldn't be there.  Suddenly, the wolf took off at an alarming speed, one that Fenrir could keep up with, but was still surprised by.  Running alongside the beast, Fenrir soon found the reason for its urgency.  What he found once they reached their destination was a small clearing, manmade by the look of it, seeing as it was filled with cages made from the trees that were once there.  Three men stood in the clearing, surrounded by cages full of different animals.  They had a few bears, some hunting dogs, foxes, and at the very end, 2 wolves sharing a cage.  Based on the way that the wolf beside him was watching the cage, those were the issue that he had been barking at the gates for.  The three men were currently prodding the bears with sharpened sticks, opening wounds all across their bodies.  The wounds were small, and Fenrir had no doubt they weren't causing any real harm to the bear, but he didn't like these men.  Keeping a creature in a cage and torturing it... these men needed to be punished.  Not just killed, they needed to feel as much pain as Fenrir could inflict upon them.  Reaching unconsciously for the scar running down his neck, he recalled the years he spent locked up.  Nothing deserved that, except for these little hoebags of course.

Deciding that he had had enough of watching the bears be stabbed by the men, Fenrir rushed forward, screaming wildly to grab the men's attention, throwing a kunai at the man in the middle at the same time.  By the time the three had turned around, the man had taken a kunai through the knee, knocking him over and putting his leg just within reach of the bears' claws.  While he struggled with this the other two men charged at Fenrir, wielding their pointy sticks like spears.  Stopping before their spears could reach him, Fenrir extended both of his arms towards them.  To the men's horror, two large snakes, nearly thicker than either man's torso, flew out of Fenrirs sleaves, as if by magic.  The snakes quickly wrapped around the men, tightly winding around them to fully immobilize them.  The snakes then squeezed tightly, crushing the life out of the men slowly.  Fenrir returned his snakes to their home, dropping the lifeless corpses to the ground to approach the final man.  Retrieving his kunai from the man's now-battered and chewed.  Drawing Svalinn, he then struck the cages of all the animal.  Scared from their captivity, they all ran off, expect for the bears, which finished off the now-crawling third man.  Fenrir changed his course to lead deeper into the forest, not quite done with his time.  The wolf left off in another direction, likely to return to its recently freed friends.  Fenrir didn't mind.  He wanted more violence, and didn't want to hurt the wolf, so it would be best to go their seperate ways for now.

Claiming 1143/2000 for
500 Ryo and 1 AP

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Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished) Empty Re: Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:34 am
E rank missions gives you 1ap. D ranks give you 3
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Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished) Empty Re: Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:08 am
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Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished) Empty Re: Not quite Timmy (Mission, Finished)

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:58 am
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