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Aftermath [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Aftermath [IO]

Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:57 pm
Yurei watched as the frustrations echoed within Damon, resonating within him in a torturous cycle that increased with every second. The Uchiha watched as Damon struggled to move, stumbling towards the house. He crawled up the stairs, pushing his way inside Yurei’s home.
The alabaster Uchiha swallowed, closing his eyes to restrain his tears. “Damon!” he shouted. There was no answer. Yurei’s breath rose sharply, increasing and decreasing. The dark-haired Uchiha continued, stumbling onto the ground in the hallway. Yurei rushed inside, following him until the Uchiha fell into darkness.
The white-haired Uchiha stopped, exhaling deeply. He slowly closed his eyes and composed himself. Akio, the lie, Kenshin, and now this… the black fire had been too much for him.
Yurei bent down, wrapping Damon’s arm around his neck. He stood, placing Damon onto his shoulder. He was heavy, particularly because Yurei did not often train physically. Carrying his friend, Yurei walked down the hallway to his bedroom, opening the door. On the floor next to it was Damon’s makeshift bed, Yurei once again bent down, laying Damon’s body onto the collection of blankets. He took a deep breath, grasping a few blankets and drawing them over Damon’s now unconscious body.
“Rest well,” Yurei said, turning to his bed. Esu rose his large head from the bed, staring at Yurei as the pale boy made his way to the cot. The Uchiha sat, reaching to stroke Esu’s head, courting him back to sleep. He scratched behind the dog’s ears, staring blankly at his fur.
Yurei shifted his gaze back to Damon, watching him as Esu gave out one last breath before drifting off. “I’m sorry, Damon,” he said. Yurei tightened his hand into a fist. I’ll help you. Don’t worry, Brother. You won’t be alone. Not anymore. We’ll be together every step of the way. You and me, two Uchiha destined to save the world. Yurei paused in his thoughts. For a moment, he felt fear creep up his spine. Anxiety. He and Damon had to be strong, now. That was Yurei’s strength – helping others. He would make Damon stronger. He’d make himself stronger. He’d make this world right.
Yurei chuckled to himself, noticing the tears on his face. He rose his arm to wipe them away and placed his legs underneath his covers. The Uchiha placed his head onto his pillow, tilting it to face the window. He looked out at the moon, the stars. In that shapeless void there were glimmers of light.

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Aftermath [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Aftermath [IO]

Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:15 pm
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