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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto Controls the Storm Inside him Empty Higuto Controls the Storm Inside him

Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:43 am
Higuto woke up this morning with the plan to learn yet another element which was to be a combination of the two elements he knew. He had the determination to learn Storm release today which would prove useful in his endeavors in becoming not only stronger but in creating jutsu of his own he felt would be awesome for him to know. Thus he got out of the bed and exited the house with his jacket once more and took off toward the training field with confidence in himself. He hopped onto the rooftops as he headed to the gates and ran along the treetops towards the field for another great day of training.

Upon arriving at the field he stretched his arms high and did a few squats to warm his body up for what he was about to put it through. He smiled as he could feel his chakra within him ready to go for more training as he stood back up and walked to the water. He looked into the clear reflective surface of the water as he reflected on the lengths he had put his body through to get the element of lightning as he knew it wouldn't be easy for him to be able to acquire jutsu reflecting it. But he knew that it'd be slightly easier to acquire Storm as he walked back out to the center of the river once more to train his chakra through meditation. He sat cross legged on the surface as he brought his fists together and closed his eyes while allowing his mind to once more relax and focus on the dormant chakra within him. He could feel the two chakra natures within him seemingly fighting amongst themselves for dominance as though they couldn't get along with each other but that was what this training was going to be for: melding them together so that they could form the power of the storms.
He continued to meditate upon the water, his mind drowning out the birds and light breeze of the outside world, as he tried to bring the two elements together in order to bring them into harmony. He remembered his parents once more as they usually were the main benefactors of him remaining calm and happy in his endeavors of chakra training. He sat and remembered their smiles, their words of comfort, their soft and warm embrace of love. He missed them and he would do what he believed they'd want him to which was grow stronger and protect those he held dear to him. To that end he focused his efforts on the water and lightning chakras within him and continued to meld them together as one.

He felt the two combine slowly together as he could feel a new sensation flowing throughout his body as the combination of the two was causing a new nature of chakra to show itself. The element of Storm was slowly bringing itself into the light of his control as he could feel nothing but silent and dormant power from the combining of two to make one. He couldn't help but feel excitement at the experiences he'd soon be open to and the jutsus he could command with such a powerful ally at his command. The chakra within him flowed through his body, bringing warmth and life through every fiber of it, as the water around him once more began to encircle him and float upward to form a funnel around him. He then felt something strike out from within him as lightning joined the water and coated it in an electric current creating a small tornado of water and lightning. He kept his eyes closed, focusing on the task at hand, as the two chakras within him began to form cohesion and finally melded perfectly into one. Upon achieving this reward the chakra within him calmed itself as the funnel surrounding his body slowly crumpled back into the river he sat upon and went back to it's calm path through the field as he opened his eyes and could see his surroundings seemingly even clearer than before. He got to his feet as he smiled at the achievement and walked off the water as he reached the edge and knelt beside the water.

He splashed a bit of the refreshing cool liquid into his face as he sighed softly from the efforts and fruits of training he had put his body through. He could feel his chakra was a bit drained and therefore kept him from practicing anything further for the day but he knew that the moment he acquired a bit of rest he'd be something entirely different from what he was before and he couldn't help but get excited at the concept that he was becoming stronger and therefore all the more closer to the goal that he kept within his mind. He stretched his arms as he worked the kinks out his muscles as he hopped up and down in place and thought that maybe he'd come back to the field later in the day for a better spot of training to strengthen himself a bit more. He looked up to the sky as the clear blue of it all housed the sun which shone down upon the field and him with warmth and light as he couldn't help but smile upon the beauty of it all. He walked toward the exit of the training field as he adjusted his jacket to fit around him a bit better.

Along the way he brought his hands up to form the tiger sign as he called upon the chakra within him once more in order to feel the power of the storm again. His chakra responded by calling upon the forces of both his water and lightning nature as he could feel power ready to obey his command. He smiled and relaxed himself as his mind wandered and the main things that came to mind were what jutsus he'd teach himself next.

(WC 1,005)

(Objective: Acquiring Storm Nature in chakra and 5 stats)
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Higuto Controls the Storm Inside him Empty Re: Higuto Controls the Storm Inside him

Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:49 am
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