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Renji Hyuga
Renji Hyuga
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Trip to the square  Empty Trip to the square

Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:34 pm
It is early afternoon in hoshi. Renji has just finished getting all of his things packed for the long waited trip back to Kumo. While hoshi was fun, Renji had not really did much during his time here. Instead choosing to spend most of his time in his crappy room home sick. He had gone out a few nights here and there to explore the town, but he did not go very far or stay out for to long. with not much planed for the day he would decide to go for a walk through the village and take in the sights; as well as get a better lay of the land. His entire life all he knew was kumo, Renji wanted to see how everyday life in other villages functioned. Did they function like life in kumo? Renji was sure this was not the case, but he had to explore first hand for himself to truly be sure.
In his pockets, Renji had stored a few jutsu scrolls that he wanted to read and hoped  to find a nice spot outdoors to study once he was done with his walk.

Turning onto the street, Renji would begin to walk in the direction of what he hoped was the city square, if he wanted to see what life was like in another village, he assumed that the city square had to be the best place to do so. City squares are like the heart of all villages, with every vein and artery leading from a different area of the village and meeting at this one central location. Renji would begin to think of all different types of shops and stores, restaurants, and people the city center could be home to. Thinking about this would make Renji excited and would add a bit of pep to his step, moving now at a speed walking pace .

Being that he relies so heavy on his byakugan, Renji has acquired quite the terrible sense of direction when not using it. Knowing this, he decided to try to get around today, with out the use of his byakugan.
As he gets to the first intersection, Renji would have to fight back the urge to activate his byakugan. Instead, he would turn his head, looking from left to right; examining the streets as he does so.
Realizing that Both streets looked exactly the same, Renji did not know what to do. Should he go left or right? “how does anyone get around this way?” He would think to himself as he begins to again scan the streets, as if there would be a sign or something this time around to tell him ‘hey this way to the city center’ but with nothing like that around here, Renji would be forced to make a decision with the little information that he has.

“hmm left or right, which way is it? I guess when in doubt, go left because right is wrong and left is right, no?” he would think to himself as he tries to rationalize his decision.

Turning left Renji would continue on his journey towards the city square.

Twenty minutes or so would pass of Renji walking down this one winding road and no loud voices, no exotic food smells, no anything. In fact it looked as if he was walking farther and rather away from civilization as the houses started to become far and few in between.  it would be around this time that it become clear to Renji that he had made the wrong choice back there. Just as Renji is about to turn around and begin to walk back and start his journey in the other direction, he would see a group of about 4 men surrounding an old man and a young woman.

As he takes a few steps closer, Renji could  see as one of the men would forcibly grab the woman by the arm and begins to run off with her. While this is happening, the other 3 men would be surrounding the old man, not allowing him to go to the girls rescue. Though judging by how old the man looked Renji doubts he would be able to do much even if it was a 1v1 fight between the old man and the younger guy who had snatched the girls arm.

“hey, leave them alone!” Renji would yell as he begins to run to aid the Old man and presumably his daughter, or super young wife.

Upon hearing and seeing Renji, the three men would quickly become shocked, two of them would immediately run off after their partner who was now a good 40 feet away. The third one, a chubby guy and kind of old in his own rights, he would stab the old man through the shoulder with a kunai before running off after the rest of his group of  friends.

Renji would get to where the old man was standing just as the chubby guy had began to run. “I’ll be right back old man” Renji would say as he darts past the old man in hot pursuit of the escaping group.
The chubby man was surprisingly fast for a man of his weight and age, and he was starting to pull away from Renji. Knowing that he had to get back to check on the old man’s health, Renji would make a head first diving leap, aiming to make a cheetah like swipe at the mans legs.

As Renji is diving, his hand would clip the back of the mans boot just as the man was turning into a back ally, but it would not be enough to trip him up, and he would get away into the ally way  as Renji falls hard to the ground, hitting it with a loud thud and sliding past the ally entrance. Jumping to his feet quickly, Renji would look down the ally way and sees that the man had disappeared, for now at least.

Renji would quickly make his way back to where the old man was now sitting, blood pouring from the wound in his shoulder. As he gets to the man, Renji would take a knee so that he was on eye level with the man; the veins around Renji’s eyes now clearly visible. Opening his mouth to speak, Renji would say “hey old timer, are you ok? We gotta get you to the hospital..” Before he could get a chance to finish his statement the old man would cut Renji off mid sentence.

“my daughter! My daughter! Maria, mariaaaaaa!! Those miscreants they kidnapped her!!! You have to save her. They are slavers and they are going to sell her to the black market. Please you must save her. Tomorrow is her wedding day, I can not lose my only daughter the day before I am to walk her down the Isles.” The old man would say as tears are pouring down the side his face and snot is leaking from his right nostril.

Renji did not know much about marriage or love, but the sad look that this man had on his face reminded him of his own father when his brother had broken both of his legs back when they where young. “stiffen your upper lip old timer, I got you.” Renji would say before pausing for a second as a smile appears on his face “I marked that fat one with my mark seal, I should be able to find out where they are hiding out at.” Once Renji was done speaking, he would stand up and begins to scan the area with his byakugan 360 vision.
Looking around Renji would see that he indeed was walking in the wrong direction as the only thing in front or to the sides of him was massive open plains with few buildings. Behind him, he would see the city beginning so come into view. It is in this direction that he sees a bright illuminated glow; no doubt his marked seal. Switching his byakugan from 360 to binocular vision, Renji would start to zoom in on this bright pulsating glow.

As Renji’s view zeroed in on the marked seal the glow would begin to grow smaller till it was just the black mark seal dot that was glowing, as if it was only glowing brightly to show Renji where to look.
Renji would find the chubby man running down a back ally frantically looking over his shoulder and scared for his life. The man would eventually catch up to his friends, who were waiting outside of a shady looking dive bar ‘the rusty pearl’ the awning above the bar would read. No soon as the man got to the bar would the group all walk inside. Seeing this, Renji would strain at his eyes trying to get a look at the inside of the bar. However, the bar must have had some type of barrier seal over it as no matter how hard he tried, Renji could not see through the walls.

“well at least I know where they are.” Renji would think to himself as he shifts back his vision. Turning his attention to the old man who was now holding his hand over the puncture wound in an attempt to quell the bleeding. “ok I think I should be able to get her back. Now let’s get you to a hospital old time.” Renji would say as he moves to help the old man up to his feet.

“I don’t need your help, just find my daughter. I will be fine I just want to see my daughter again.” The old man would say as he rejects Renji’s offer for help.  

Not wanting to let the trail get cold, Renji would assume it’s probably for the best that he doesn’t help the stubborn old man to the hospital. Turning his attention back to the ‘rusty pearl’ Renji would begin to run off back towards the city, cutting down a near by back street.

It would not take Renji long to get back to the more populated area of hoshi. Not wanting to cause a ruckus, Renji would slow down a bit and instead decides to walk to more so blend in, besides he had been watching the bar this whole time and there had not been any movement coming from any of the entrances. They were probably waiting for night fall before making their move to sell the woman.

It would take Renji another 5 to 10 minutes before he was finally across the street from the rusty pearl. Which surprisingly enough, was not to far away from the city square. From where he stood Renji could hear the sounds of a multitude of people and smells some amazing food. His stomach would rumble for a second, reminding him of the breakfast that he did not have this morning.

Shacking his head, Renji would focus back in on his task in front of him. He had the rest of his life to explore these new delicious smells later, now, he needed to focus on saving this girl.
Standing there across the street, Renji would try again to use his byakugan to see through the walls of the pearl. Of course, the barrier would be having none of that, and Renji would be left to wonder what all was inside of this place waiting for him. “well I know at least the four kidnappers are inside and the girl, so that’s five people. And I mean, I guess at least a bartender and a bouncer and maybe a cook and server and owner? So maybe ten people..” Renji would think to himself as he tries to come up with a way to tackle this problem.
He could wait until they left and make his move then, but what if they took that into account and made use of decoys. Renji had not gotten. That good of a look at the girl to be able to pick her out with his byakugan. Also he did not know when they were going to make their move, so he could not wait until night fall like he would have preferred. Plus his group was set to be heading back to kumo any day now. He could not afford to wait out the kidnappers.

So than, it was settled, he had to make his move now! Reaching into his bottom jacket pockets, Renji would pull out two of the jutsu scrolls in them, hoping that adding these to his arsenal would be enough to take down whatever these slavers had in store for him.
Opening the first scroll, “d rank: mass shift” the title would say,  Renji would quickly read through the instructions for it. By making the rat hand seal, this jutsu would allow Renji to pull objects through the air. Though it was not very powerful and could not move big objects, if timed right, it could prove to be a useful jutsu. Simple and effective,  Renji knew that he would be able to put this juts to good use as a small diabolical grins quickly appears then dissipates from his face.

Once he was done going over the basics for the mass shift jutsu, Renji would move on to the next scroll. Unrolling the scroll, Renji could tell just my the length of the scroll that this was not going to be another basic jutsu like the last one. Once the scroll was fully open, the first thing Renji eyes would look to is the name and rank. What jutsu could be so difficult that it required this much explanation he would think to himself. “A Rank: Full moon elephant” the heading at the top of the scroll would read. With not enough time to sit and read over the scroll like he had planned, Renji would quickly skim over the basics of this jutsu. From what he could gather it seemed as if all he had to do was throw a really hard kick and it should send the victim flying up into the air at which point they are open to second follow up attack. He would quickly skim through the rest of the instructions and they seem to mostly be instructions on body position and amounts of force to apply. Shrugging his shoulders, Renji would decide it’s probably good to learn this jutsu as he goes and just hammer out any kinks he may have.

It would only take Renji about twenty minutes to finish going over the new jutsu. Finally ready to make his move, Renji would once again look towards the rusty pearl. Hopping to find some type of entry point other than the front door. Everyone uses the front door, Renji figured that it would be to cliché for him to kick in the front door.

Making sure to keep a safe distance from the building, Renji would begin to walk around the outer perimeter scanning the building hoping that he could find what he was looking for. As he turns to walk around the back of the building, Renji would see a small window that looked like it could be a bathroom or kitchen window. However the window was much to small for Renji to fit through it. Continuing his scans of the buidling, Renji would move around now to the side of the building, where he would see another small window, again to small to fit through. Looking around Renji would see that there was no one else out on the street, and he would take this opportunity to run up to the window and tries to get a quick  look inside of the bar. However as he approaches the window he would see that it was completely blacked out.

Looking up to the sky Renji could tell that it would soon be dark. He had been at it for far to long, it was finally time for him to take action. With out thinking Renji would take a few steps back so that he was about ten meters away from the window. Pulling out a few Kunni from his pocket, Renji would look down at them in his hand; his heart beating a million beats a minute. Taking a deep breath to help calm his nerves he’d  say “well here goes nothing.”

With one final exhale, Renji would take off running as fast as he can in the direction of the small window. Almost immediately after taking off would Renji lift his arm and sends one of the kunai flying towards the window in hopes of breaking the glass. However, due to his heightened nerves Renji would completely miss on his first attempt, the kunai clanking off the side of the window seal, making a loud pinging sound as it does so.

The sound was probably loud enough to alert those inside, but at this point,  he couldn’t turn back and had to keep with his plan. Taking another Kunai from his off hand, Renji would send it flying at the window, taking better caution to aim his shot a little better this time around. But of course Murphys law would kick in and the Kunai would hit get stuck in the wall a few inches away from the glass.

Amazed and baffled at how bad he was at his attempts, Renji would stop dead in his tracks and this time takes careful aim at the window breathing in deep and sending the Kunai flying as he exhales. This time, the Kunai would hit its target, shattering the glass and continuing through into the room. A bit upset that it took all this to break the window, Renji would drop his head as he scurries to pick up his Kunai that missed the window before walking back to his original start point.

Once he was back far enough from the window, Renji would begin to take off at high speed towards the window. He knew that he could not fit through the window as it currently stood. So he would begin to make the  dog boar ram hand seals as he jumps into the air feet first heading directly towards the window. A couple of moments before getting to the window Renji would transform into an exact copy of Kunai that he had thrown through the window earlier.

Flying through the window in kunai form, Renji would go darting past one of the thugs from earlier, nearly nicking the guys face as he shoots past him. Kunai Renji would imbed himself in one of the four support beams that where holding up the building. From the back of the kunai there would be hanging from it a note for the group of thugs. Nobody would move, still over come with shock at what had just happened.

The Bar itself was a typical dive bar. It had the one entrance which was the front door, as well as those two small windows. In the back of the room was a door that lead to another room. The room that Renji was currently in was a big square, with each wall measuring about ten meters long and seven meters high. One meter away from the corners of the room were the support beams; Renji being in the one farthest away from the window he entered and closed to the front door. In the back of the room near the door was a crappy bar that looked more like a beer pong table on top of a couple of chairs. On top of the bar top were a lot of half drank bottles. Luckily for Renji the room was only occupied by the three thugs who he had seen earlier; one of which, the cubby guy was standing near the window Renji had entered through while the other two where standing by the bar,  plus one more thug that Renji had not seen before was tending to the bar, making the drinks for his two friends. All three men where staring now at the note that was attached to the Renji kunai.

The only guy would walk over from where he stood by the window. Taking his time being ever so cautious. At the same time one of the two guys from earlier would rush over towards the window to see who could have been so foolish enough to throw a Kunai at them. The other two would just stay in there positions half afraid to move and half still in shock.

Still suck into the support beam, Renji would be nervous as hell. He had never been in a fight like this before. He was outnumbered at least 4 to one and he could not get out to get any help in things went south. As the old man begins to pull the slip from the Kunai, Renji would begin to get seconds thoughts about this whole idea, “why didn’t I just go right back at that intersection” Would be the last thought that goes through Renji’s mind as he prepares to spring into action.

Opening the letter the old man would read aloud it’s content so all of his comrades could here “If you are reading this…it’s already to…” before the old man can finish reading the last word, Renji would spring from his transform with a puff of smoke. Immediately after reapearing, Renji would see that standing in front of him holding the note was the thug that had stabbed the other old man earlier. Without even thinking Renji would kick the old man in his lower region, causing him to kneel over in pain and fall to the floor with out putting up any fight at all.

Renji would not have any time to celebrate as the thug that was checking out the window was now on Renji before he knew it, and would cold clock him right in the face with a straight right. The punch would cause Renji to take a few steps back to keep from falling over, as he was seeing stars from the surprise punch. The thug would begin closing the distance in order to deliver another decisive blow to Renji, at the same time the two by the bar had already begun to make there way around to where Renji was at. If Renji did not do something wuick, he would soon be surrounded.

Still reeling from the blow, Renji would activate his byakugan just in time to see the guy coming for his follow up attack, “another straight right?” Renji would think to himself as he sees the guy setting up to punch him. With the other two coming to support their friend from his right, Renji would block the attack with his arm and circles to his right. Trying to keep the attackers from surrounding him. As he circles to the left, Renji would see this as a great time to try out his full moon elephant jutsu. Sure he had just learned it, and this was probably the worse time to practice it, but he figured what better time than the present.

Taking a small step back to get a bit of room, Renji would kick with all of his might in an attempt to create the vortex around the attacker, but of course it would not work, he had not even attempted this juts yet, no way it would work. The thugs would take no mercy on Renji because of his failed attempt. In fact they would take full advantage of this opportunity, and jump on him, trying to use their combined weights to take Renji to the ground.

Almost completely out of the fight, Renji could only think of one move that might help him out, the one body blow; he had been working on it during his trip to hoshi, and it would be perfect for getting these thugs off of him, and creating some space. the only problem was, he had never successfully used this jutsu before.. It was going to be a crap shoot, if he could not get this right here and now, it would be all over for Renji.  

Taking a deep breath Renji would focus in on his character trying to shoot it from every tenketsu point on his body. The thugs would be beating away a Renji at this point, punching him furiously. Not being able to see the chakra expel from Renji’s body, the three thugs would not know what happened when they are sent flying across the room. One of them banging his head hard against the back right support beam, and knocking himself out. Of the remaining two, one would go flying into the bar, sending the bottles crashing to the floor with a loud bash! The table would snap in two under the weight of the man and it would take him some time to get to his feet. His buddy went flying down the center of the room and bangs up against the back door before jumping to his feet and running angrily towards Renji.

Renji would try to make use of this small window in the battle and shakes his head from side to side in an attempt to get the stars out, and also to snap himself back to reality. While he had never been in a life or death fight before, he knew that if he relied on his training he would be alright. Plus these guys did not seem all that strong anyway, and which each passing moment Renji’s confidence would grow. Seeing the one thug running at him, Renji would posture up, and uses his puncture technique. The thug would be to close to dodge the sphere that was now headed at him from Renji fist.

Making contact square in the center of the thugs chest, the puncture sphere would send the thug flying back again hitting the door. However, this time he would just lay there, either unconscious or unwilling to continue fighting. That just left the thug on the bar. As Renji turns to face the last thug in the room, he would hear, and sees through his byakugan the back room door push open; knocking over the thug that was resting up against it.

From the door would come the man Renji had seen grab the girl earlier. “what the heck is going on out here” the man would Bello out in frustration as he scans the room and sees the mess. As his eyes come upon renji he would shout out “you!” as he takes off in Renji direction. Not wanting to get taken by surprise again Renji would scoot out of the way of the angry man. He looked more skilled than the others, and Renji knew that a lucky shot was not going to take this guy out.  

Renji would continue to circle around until he was now in the middle of the room, and the guy was maybe ten feet in front of him. Both been would be standing in a fighting position, the man standing in a traditional fighting style, while renji stood in his usual gentle his stance. Not wanting to make the first move, renji would taught at the man, waving his hand in a come here motion at the guy. That would be all the man needed as, with a smile on his face, he would begin to walk towards renji, staying true to his form and not giving Renji any openings. Unable to wait any longer, Renji would make a swipe at the man’s legs with his foot once he was in range.

The man must have been expecting this for as soon as Renji lifted his left, the guy moved to the side and countered Renji kick with a punch to Renji stomach, followed by an uppercut to the jaw.

Unable to react in time Renji would take both blows head on, knocking the wind out of him. He could see the guys punches but he could not get out of the way in time.  “yeah this is going to be hard” renji would think to himself as the guy presses forward, pushing Renji back. Through his byakugan Renji scans the room seeing if he can use anything to his advantage.

Not wanting to give up to much ground Renji plants his foot and launches an open palmed strike aimed at the guys chest. The guy would stop pressing forward for a second in order to jump out of the way of Renjis strike, in doing so he would make a judo chop on the back of Renjis neck. The chop would send Renji to the ground underneath him. The guy would then kick Renjis hard sending him hard into the wall behind him, blood shooting from the young genins mouth as he hits the wall.

The guy would not be ready to let up. He was clearly visibly upset and wanted to take out off of his frustrations on Renji. The guy was so enraged at this point that he had broken from his technically flawless form and was charging at Renji full speed looking to shoulder charge him through the wall or something. Renji barely had any strength left at this point. This fight had taken a lot out of the kid. Barely able to move his legs, Renji knew that he was not going to be able to get out of the way of this shoulder charge. Scanning the room through his byakugan Renjis attention. Would focus on a broken table leg that surely came off when the thug had crashed through it earlier in the fight. The table leg was not far from where Renji was sitting, however his body could barely move and did not have rough time too neither. As the guy closes in, Renji would quickly make the rat hand seal and activates the mass shift ability that he had read about earlier in the scroll. The table leg would begin to glow and a golden aura around it.

At this point the table leg was only a few feet away from where the guy was charging, and swiping his hand from left to right, Renji would make the leg jump about a bit and lodge itself between the man’s legs tripping him up. The man would immediately hit the floor and slides the rest of the way hitting his head into the wall a few feet next too where Renji now sat. Turning his head to the side, Renji could see the guy was still concious and starting to gather himself to stand back up. “you guys really don’t quit.” Renji would think to himself as he tried to gather himself to stand back to his feet.

Just as the two men are about to stand to their feet, the back room door would fly open, knocking the thug in the head who was still sitting behind the door. Out from the door a woman would emerge, she looked just like the girl from earlier, however this woman had a far different look on her face. Earlier she looked scared and afraid, here she looked mad and pissed off. She would scan the room taking in the damange, before finally her eyes would stop on the two men.

“what in the hell is going on here, really!?! Rome, What are you two doing, making all that damn noise are you trying to get us caught? And why is my father on the floor!” she would say the last part as she rushes over to the cubby older man that Renji had kicked when he first appeared.

“wait what” Renji thinks to him self, half baffled by what the scary looking lady had just said. He wanted to ask her what is she talking about but the words could not come to his mouth. Instead he just stood there with a stupid look upon his face. The guy, Rome, would turn to look at Renji before turning back to the woman “I have no clue who this kid is. I came out here and he had beaten everyone up.”

“I came to rescue you. Your father…” as Renji was about to finish his sentence the front door to the bar would be kicked in from the other side. In would walk the old man from earlier with two of his own punks. He would have a different look about him; his injury completely healed. “ thanks for getting her back kid I didn’t think we would make this auction this girls worth a lot to me hahah.” The man would say as his two goons grab up the girl.

“Wait I thought she was your daughter. You said she was getting married tomorrow.” Renji would say in an emotional voice as a tear starts to swell in his eyes. “why would you sell your daughter?” he’d ask the man still confused by the whole situation.  He would try to move stop the goons from taking hold of the woman, but Renji’s legs would buckle under him, ready to give out at any minute.

“ha, I needed some one to wear this lot down for me so that I could get her back with out much resistance. This girl is some pretty girl from a lost land that will fetch me a good price on the open market. This lot that you beat up have been giving me troubles ever since I left that cursed village. So thank you for ya help kid.” The old man would say as his goons drag the woman out of the house. As he turns to leave the old man would drop a match onto a pile of logs that his goons had left in front of the door. The logs would set ablaze stopping Reno from following in pursuit. The old man would turn and walks off following his goons.

Renji however was in no mood to move. Though he had had his butt severely kicked, the pain that he felt most right now was from being played for a fool. As he sits there disheveled, Rome, the man that Renji had just finished fighting with, would be back on his feet, he would run to each of his mates and checks on them to make sure that they are all right. Once he was done with that he would run back over to Renji.

Renji would be sitting there expecting the man to hit him again but instead he helps Renji to his feet. “listen I don’t care what you did, but now you have to help me get my Julie back. I’ll explain everything later for now follow me.” Rome would say before using the transformation jutsu and turning into a frog. Still feeling bad and wanting to help right his wrong, Renji would transform into a monkey and follows Rome out of the broken window.

Outside, the two would continue on a bit before transforming back into there Regular selves. They were a decent ways away from the bar by now, far enough to not smell the burning fire. Renji would be a little worried about leaving the other men behind in the burning building, he knew that time was of the essence but to leave them like that though? He would voice his concerns to Rome who was vehemently leading them in what was assumed to be the direction of the old slavers home.

Worried about Julie’s safety, Rome would not wavier in his pace  as he answers Renji and fills him in on the whole situation as they are walking. Rome would explain to Renji that, he and Julie had known each other their whole lives; having grown up in the same small village in earth country. They had fallen in love at an early age and were destined to be married however earth country, would fall under invasion and Rome would be sent off to help defend the capital city of earth country Iwagakure. While Rome was away the slaver a Mr Blue as Rome called him, would roll into the village offering protection for the village while all of the men were away at war. Once it had been decided that earth country had fallen, Rome would return home to hear that his bride had been taken by this Mr blue. Julie father(the old man that Renji had kneed back in the bar) Rome and a group of his close Friends would set out to find her. Rome would go on to explain that when Renji ran into them back on the road, they had just found Julie for the first time since being taken.

The two would continue to talk as they walk through the night finally getting Mr Blues mansion as the sun is just about to rise. Renji would find out that like him Rome was also a taijutsu user. Renji would take advantage of this opportunity and asks Rome to help him with the full moon elephant technique he had been working on. With some time to kill until the sun was fully up, the two would work on the jutsu for a few minutes. Renji would realize that he had none been concentrating correctly when he had done the kick earlier; probably cause he was so scared, being in his first fight and all. However, it seemed as though Renji just needed to praise more and he should have the full moon elephant down.

As the sun come up over the mansion, the two would make a break for the front door which was surprisingly unguarded. Probably a sign of a trap, but the two were to focused on their goal at hand to worry about traps. Pushing past the door, Rome would point left yelling “you go that way I’ll go this way” as he does so.

Heading down the lonely hallway, Renji would active his byakugan, not wanting anyone to get the jump on him. Scanning the mansion Renji would see that the girl was on the second floor, looking back he could see through his byakugan as Rome closed in on Mr Blue. “I guess I’ll save the girl” Renji would think to himself as he heads up the stairs.

Coming to the door to the room that Julie was being held captive in, Renji would look through the walls with his byakugan, and can see that there are two captors inside. One standing right behind the door and the other had just turned towards the window to look outside of it. Seeing that this was probably going to be his best opportunity, Renji kicks in the door with all of his might, knocking it clear off the hinges and into the captor that was standing behind it; the door knocking out the captor in the process. One down, Renji would think to himself as he sprints towards the other captor, who was now making a break for the girl knowing that she was his only bargaining chip.

This was it, with not any time to think, Renji would launch his leg violently towards the captor. He intended to use the full moon elephant jutsu that Rome had helped him perfect earlier. As Renji’s leg passes by the captor, a small vortex would appear around him. The vortex would send the captor flying straight up and into the ceiling; banging his head and falling back to the ground unconscious.  “quick, we got to get Rome and get out of here” Renji would say to Julie, who was already half way out the door and down the hall herself.

As the two are running through the mansion Renji would activate his byakugan, searching the estate for any signs of Rome. Renji would find him out back by the pool having just snapped the neck of one of Mr blue’s thugs, at his feet were a pile of lifeless bodies “ I guess they sprung their trap on the wrong one” renji would think to himself. Through his byakugan he’d see as Rome starts running towards the front of the house. Hooking a left, renji and Julie would meet up with him not to far from the entrance.

Now with the slavers and Mr blue out of the way the two would share an emotional moment. Renji would be weirded out by their public display of affection, still being a kid himself.  As they are leaving, Rome would tell renji that he and Julie are getting married and invites him to the wedding in the city square. Still wanting to see the square, Renji would gladly accept the offer and follows the love birds as they all three set out for the hoshi city center.

As they are walking the two would reminisce about past times and speak of grand plans to restore iwagakure. They’d even offer for Renji to join them in their quest. While it sounded like a great adventure, Renji would graciously turn them down, he was homesick as it was.  As the group nears the city center, Renji would begin to hear the same sounds and smell the same smells from yesterday. Eager and impatient, Renji would Run off ahead stopping once he got to the entrance.

Standing there taking in all of the sights sounds and smells, Renji would be in awe. Never had he seen so many people in one place looking so carefree and happy. It was very different from kumo. Everywhere he looked was a different kind of shop or restaurant. He saw librarys and schools and churches on every corner. It looked like a mini carnival or something like that had taken over the streets. As Julie and Rome catch up to renji Rome would. Path him on the shoulder and points towards one of the churches “that’s where we are getting married at. We have to go get ready and everything set up, but Come once you’ve checked out the sights. Haha I still want to talk you into moving with us.” Rome would say as he and Julie head off in the direction of the church he had pointed too.

Renji would stand in that same spot for a little bit longer, just taking in all that hoshi had to offer; it certainly was a nice village despite all the troubles that Renji had gone through both getting in and while he was inside. Taking once last look around Renji would turn and begins to walk back in the direction of his slums apartment. The iwagakure people were nice, and hoshi had some great sights, but neither of the two were kumo. Feeling homesick, Renji would rush to his apartment hoping that he did not miss the return party that was heading back to Kumo soon.



35 stats

1,068/4k   towards One body blow

Mass shift

Full moon elephant
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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