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The Foundations Of A Great Medical-Nin! (P) Empty The Foundations Of A Great Medical-Nin! (P)

Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:20 pm
The sun shone brilliantly through the window, peering in through the half drawn curtains, awakening a sleeping Hyuuga and her wolf companion. The young girl slowly rose to a sitting position, stretching her arms above her head and yawning quietly. The wolf beside her, whose coat was as black as a moonless night sky, stretched out on his front paws.

“Good morning, Kuro!” The girl, known as Hikari, chirped happily to her friend, a grin playing across her pink lips. Kuro nuzzled her cheek softly, his own way of greeting her as he did not know the human language despite being able to understand it perfectly. “What should we do today buddy? Visit the academy, try to find Sal or our other new friends, train, go to the library, or work at the hospital, which might count as training too haha!” Kuro looked at her, tilting his head to the side slightly as he thought about the options. Once the ferocious creature made up his mind he barked three times, paused, then barked four more times, signalling that he thought they should visit the Konohagakure Library and then visit the Konohagakure Hospital. This obviously meant they were going to research some new jutsu before they reached the hospital, in case they could use any of the jutsu they read about in action on patients.

“To the library and then the hospital it is! Let’s get ready real quick, eat some yummy breakfast, and be on our way!” Hikari enthusiastically said, practically jumping out of bed as she raced over to where her closet was in her one bedroom room that was located in the Hyuuga District. The young kunoichi did not need much, and, thus, the small room was a perfect size for her. She hardly ever used the thing besides resting, everything else she did was always outside the district, usually at the hospital or training grounds.

The outfit she adorned on this fine morning  was her typical ninja attire, as one never knows when they’ll need to fight, which consisted of white jacket over a pink cherry blossomed shirt that was tied with a black sash and a red miniskirt which has a pink cherry blossom sash around it as well. She also put on black thigh high socks and her black ninja high heeled boots. After the two had their breakfast of eggs, yogurt, and fruit- ham for Kuro due to his predatory nature- Hikari placed her Konohagakure Army Katana on her left hip while her Heaven’s Sorrow Ninjato was looped around her right hip. Sure the girl had no real use for weapons, she hardly ever used any, not even her kunai that were in her weapons punches on her upper thighs, but Hikari felt that she she always carry some type of weapons in case her chakra gets negated or her taijutsu attacks prove to be useless against an opponent. At least she’ll have a backup plan that requires minimal preparation besides practice and unsheathing ability.

Once she had everything she needed either attached to her or placed neatly in the small pink backpack she worn on her back, Hikari and Kuro made their way out of their room and into the fresh air, the sun greeting them warmly as they walked through the quiet Hyuuga District. Most of the Hyuuga’s were most likely out training either at the training grounds or in the special training dojos the district has to offer. Oddly enough Hikari never felt obliged to train in the Hyuuga dojos, although they were much closer than the training grounds and far more peaceful than the sometimes noisy grounds. Shinobi, especially young students or fresh genin, would use the practice dummies to perfect their ninja tool accuracy or to use against their jutsu, such as ramming the dummies with their fists for taijutsu or burning them down thanks to their fire style ninjutsu.

It did not take long for the duo to arrive at their first destination, having same small chit chat about random things on their walk. The library towered over the young girl, filled to the brim with knowledge the Hyuuga could not even begin to fathom. The two walked through the opened glass doors, smiling at the librarian on duty. This time it was Sarah, a kind middle aged woman with chestnut curly hair and viridian green irises.

With a friendly smile on her face, Sarah sweetly greeted the two, “Well goodmorning to you, Hikari-chan and Kuro-kun! More learning today I see?”

“Good morning, Ms. Sarah!” She smiled softly as she greeted the older woman, “Yes ma’am! We are here to learn more about medical ninjutsu, Ms. Sarah!” She politely answered Sarah, excited to learn new jutsu. “Oh! Before I forget, here are the books I recently checked out.” Hikari shrugged off her backpack, unzipping it and pulling out two medium sized taijutsu books, gently setting them on the counter in front of Sarah.

Picking up the first book, she scanned the paper of names beside her on the desk. Sarah had written down everyone who checked out books to keep track of where the books went. She  crossed off Hikari’s name as she had returned her books as she said, “Why thank you deary, I appreciate you always returning your books in on time!” Just then the library phone rang, causing Sarah to interrupt their conversation. It seemed to be a rather log conversation, as Sarah ushered Hikari off, mouthing that it would take a while for her to free up again to continue their conversation.

Taking a hint the Hyuuga went on the prowl, her mission to find any all medical ninjutsu books to refine her knowledge on the subject before she went to test it in real life situations. After several minutes of checking the shelves labeled “Medical Ninjutsu”, she dropped a rather hefty pile of books onto the table she had claimed as her own for the day, with Kuro sitting on the floor besides the chair she was sitting in. Hikari picked a table in the back, away from the others so she could read aloud to herself, which was a habit she had picked up from a young age of being alone.

She grabbed her first book, a green tome, and placed it on the table, pulling open its green cover to begin reading. Hikari flipped through the pages, skipping the introduction that began with “Medical Ninjutsu is anything that pertains to the healing arts, or things that specifically target the body or the user or the opponent” as that was a rather obvious statement to the girl, who dabbled in a little bit of medical ninjutsu in the past but was not trying to focus on actually learning and becoming a medical-nin.

“Alright Kuro, this book seems to be a bust.” Hikari said, as she glanced at the pages and skimmed the whole book, only finding it to be similar to a dictionary, just for medical terms. “On second thought, I’ll keep it in case we need to look up a word for better understanding.” Thus Hikari pushed the still opened tome to the corner of the table, and pulled out the second book from her pile, a small blue covered book. She hoped this one wouldn’t disappoint her like the first had.

Her lilac tinted eyes scanned the index, noting how this book seemed to focus only on the lower ranked techniques such as basic medical ninjutsu and chakra anesthetics, all jutsu Hikari had already learned, and one she had already mastered the lowest form of. “Well this would have been useful had we not known these jutsu, as it seems to include pictures for visual reference, but sadly I already know all the jutsu in this book.” A little disappointed, yet still hopeful for the next book, Hikari placed the blue book into another pile on the floor, making sure to gently lay it on the green carpeted floor so as to not damage it.

“They say third time’s the charm, huh buddy?” Hikari mused as she pulled the third book from the pile, red hardback and medium sized. As with the other books, she laid this one out in front of her and began reading. Much to her delight, it seemed by the contents of the index that she was in luck. The book described medium ranked jutsu, which would be those of B rank and ones Hikari was unaware of.

With an excited pace, she thumbed through the pages until she reached the beginning of the jutsus, starting with the Body Part Replication jutsu. She began to read quietly aloud the information on this new jutsu, “This technique requires the dog, rabbit, boar hand signs to activate. Once activated, this jutsu allows medical-nins to create living cells from chakra, replicating a body part in order to restore what was lost in either battle or things such as freak accidents. The medical ninja touches the body part they want to replicate with one hand, laying the other open on a flat surface next to them, and slowly the glowing blue light of their hand will create a copy of the part they were touching that can be implanted. This jutsu is able to make up to a limb but may not create more than one limb at a time, otherwise the caster will be drained and the jutsu will fail altogether. This jutsu may also not be used to stop death in combat, nor generally used in combat at all as surgery is required in order to implant the body part into the host. This jutsu may also be used to replicate eyes, however if the eyes have a doujutsu the doujutsu will not be copied. Any other body part will be copied in it's exact entirety, whether it be a finger, arm, or internal organ. One drawback is the caster cannot use this jutsu on themselves, clones, or any bodies created through a bloodline or a technique.”

She sat in silence for a couple of seconds, taking in everything she just read. “Woah, thats a really cool jutsu! So useful for a medical-nin! I hope I’m able to learn that one soon, Kuro!” She glanced down at her companion, who was nodding his head and wagging his tail in agreement with her. Hikari then turned back to the book, flipping a few pages of pictures to the next jutsu, as she could look at the pictures later when she checked out the book. “The next jutsu is the Poison Mist jutsu, which requires no hand seals and can extend to be a 10m radius circle. With this jutsu, chakra is kneaded within the body and then changed into special chemical substances which is then ejected through the mouth, oh so kind of like how you expel fire chakra when using Phoenix Fire jutsu! When this substance comes in contact with the air outside the body, it instantly changes and is transformed into a mist of deadly poison. The poison's ability to kill is tremendous, as even just breathing in a small amount will mean the end of the opponent's life. As this technique combines ninjutsu, chemistry, and medical knowledge, using it requires fine chakra control and advanced ability in medical ninjutsu. Fortunately, the caster of the jutsu is not affected by the poison, which makes sense because they created it within themselves, and the caster can exhale a different poison if they know how to make it. How does one even learn how to make their own poisons? Man there is still so much in this world I don’t know!”

Hikari did not need time to process this jutsu, as it was rather self exclamatory and quite easy to understand. The hard part, she noted, would be practicing it and trying not to poison herself by failing to create it properly inside of her. She wasn’t even sure if that was a legitimate concern, but at the moment it is all she could think about. Besides the fact that that jutsu was a very effective offensive long ranged technique.

She flipped past the pages depicting the dark purple mist of poison, and got to the last jutsu described in the book, the Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu. “Alright so this jutsu also requires no hand signs. When a person has been afflicted by a pathogen or toxin, this medical ninjutsu can be used to draw out the agent and heal the damage. The cause of the illness is first determined by perceiving disturbances in the patient's chakra. Then, using a chakra scalpel which I guess is another jutsu as I’ve never seen the nurses at the hospital carry around any tools for cutting, an incision is made near the affected part. Using their chakra, the medical-nin pushes a large volume of a medicinal fluid through the incision. The fluid then draws the poison out of the affected part(s) and serves as a medium through which the poison is suspended and then forced out of the person's body. This technique thus removes the poison, while simultaneously repairing the damage caused by the poison. Once the poison is removed, it can be analyzed and if analyzed correctly, the medical-nins can create an antidote or medicine for the poison. Lastly, This technique requires the utmost care and ability in diagnosis, incising and unmatched chakra control. Therefore, it is considered an extremely difficult technique, even among medical nins”. Hikari closed the red book, her mind already filling with so much brand new information.

“Alright, so this book has some information on creating a poisonous mist, while simultaneously giving a jutsu that can be used to rid someone of a poison. I enjoy the irony of this.” She giggled quietly to herself as she closed the cover of the book and placed it to the side, next to the tome she had placed on the table earlier. Her pile was slowly beginning to get smaller, with just three books remaining in the stack. After her mini break subsided she picked up the first purple covered book, as there laid another one right underneath it. A set of books it seemed. She guessed that maybe there were too many jutsu to place in a single volume so they made two volumes.

It seemed that the purple books contained information on A ranked jutsu, which lead her to believe the last book, thin and grey, she had in her pile would be the highest ranking jutsu one can ever learn: S ranked jutsu. The first A ranked jutsu the book mentioned was Body Pathway Derangement. Hikari began her ritual as always, reading aloud what was written on the fine printed pages, “This technique requires no hand signs but does require the caster to have made contact with any point on the target’s spinal cord. By hitting their spinal cord, caster can cut off the electrical signals between the brain and the rest of the body. The target will be unable to control their movements, and will move any way other than the way they want to move. For the common shinobi, battling and even walking becomes impossible. Woah, I’m both half amazed and not surprised. I never expected there to be a jutsu that completely wrecks the electric signals to your brain, but at the same time it makes sense for a medical-nin to create such an offensive jutsu to plaue their opponent’s, who could be trying to kill them”.

She continued her jutsu reading, bypassing yet again a page of pictures showing how that jutsu affected the nerves and signals to the brain by hitting the spinal cord, and came upon a jutsu called Mind Reading. Just the thought of having her mind read gave her shivers, not because she had done anything to elicit such a terrible thought but because the simple idea of having her privacy invaded like that was a frightening thought. Although, again, she understood why such a jutsu would be created, to look into the mind’s of their enemies and try to gather intel from them. Very secret, covert mission kind of tasks would require this kind of jutsu she figured.

“This jutsu,” her quiet voice began softly reading, “requires no hand signs but does require that the target remains both alive and immobilized because if physical contact is disrupted the brain reading ends. The caster enters the target's subconscious by placing a hand on the target's head and extracts any information needed, even if the target has forgotten it or has had it blocked. Memories that have mental blocks on them will require longer periods of time to probe through and obtain. Depending on the skill of the caster and their level of experience, they will be able to go through days worth of the target's memories in a matter of moments and sift through until they find what they want while lesser skilled caster’s may have to go through each memory in its entirety to find what they are looking for.” Hikari nodded slightly to herself, understanding the basic of that jutsu rather easily. Of course the basic understanding of any jutsu was the easy part, the hard part was putting those words into actions.

Turning the page she came to the next jutsu, Chakra Enhanced Strength, “Woah, this jutsu sounds cool! I bet I could be just as strong as Sal if I use this jutsu when I fight him! Especially with my Hyuuga techniques...ooooh I’d be unstoppable! Just kidding, but it would be so cool, don’t you think, Kuro?” Hikari smiled down at her companion, who smirked as much as a wolf can with their muzzle, enjoying her silliness. He had already grown quite accustomed to her crazy antics, such as talking to herself or getting overly excited about simple things. She was like a child, but knew the hardships that no child should ever come to know, but she also has gone through only a sliver of the hardships others, like Sal, have overcome. “Ah, I got sidetracked thinking about beating Sal up with this jutsu! I can’t waste my time daydreaming, I need to make my dreams a reality!”

She lightly tapped her cheeks with her palms before turning her focus back onto the opened book, her eyes moving back and forth across the page, “This technique does not require any hand seals, and is only noticeable by the chakra that envelopes a hand or foot. Increases caster's strength for a single strike. kind of a very basic explanation, but I guess all this technique really needs is excellent chakra control, which should be relatively easy for a medic to do, since their chakra control should be higher than normal due to how precise they have to be. You cannot waste any chakra when in the midst of a battle or war if you are a medic, otherwise the lives of all the shinobi and civilians are at risk.”

Hikari closed the first purple backed book, laying it on her check out pile, and picked up the second volume of the purple books. “Ah, so this one only contains three jutsu. I don’t know why they didn’t just combine them then, that first book wasn’t too large or heavy. Oh well, I guess it’s time to stop wondering and start reading some more.” She pulled the dark purple cover open, flipping through the useless background information until she got to the first jutsu for this book, Yin Healing Wound Destruction. “This already sounds really intense, I can’t wait to read what it is about! So this technique also doesn’t require any hand signs and only affects the medical-nin. The caster, which is the medical-nin, directs chakra to a specific point in their body, thus beginning the healing process on themselves. Attacks that hit the caster are treated with a negative due to the user healing themselves at the same time as the injury making it as if it almost never hit them to begin with. Wait, what? So if I used this jutsu, damage done to me is basically negated?! You are almost invincible with this jutsu! I never knew medical-ninjutsu would be as awesome as it is! Man, I wonder if mom knew all these jutsu. I bet she did because of how amazing she was at her job.” The young girl then began to think back to her childhood and to the moments she spent with her mother, getting easily distracted once more.

Kuro snapped Hikari out of her reminiscing as he gently nuzzled her arm, bringing the girl back to reality as she blinked a couple of times. She thanked the wolf, rubbing his head softly and scratching behind his ears. “Okay, I really need to stop getting distracted or I’ll never make it to the hospital today.” Yet again flipping the pages, the next jutsu in the book was the Chakra Scalpel, which she read briefly about in the earlier Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu, “This technique requires the tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, and dog hand signs, and the caster’s hands flow blue when they cast it. This jutsu allows the caster to form chakra around their hands, and sharpen it along the edges. Although normally used for surgery, it can be used in battle, being sharp enough to inflict normal wounds as if it were a blade. The chakra also forms a barrier around the caster’s hand, allowing them to use their hand for protection, and even clash with blades. So if I have this jutsu, and someone my real blades are not strong enough or I have had them taken away from me, I can still use my hands as blades. I definitely will need to learn this jutsu, well actually I need to learn them all but maybe this will be one of the first medical jutsu I learn!”

Hikari then flipped to the last jutsu in the book, the Mind’s Eye of The Kagura. She had never heard of this jutsu before, and the name did not really give it away. She thought maybe it was another mind reading jutsu, but felt that would be redundant if it were so she was at a loss for what else if could be about, until she began reading about it, “This technique does not require any hand signs, and it has two abilities: short range and long range capabilities. For it’s short range ability, which is an extremely powerful sensory ability, it allow the caster to track individuals 150 meters through their chakra by focusing and opening the mind's eye, whatever the mind’s eye is, maybe it’s a divine ability one can unlock? This allows the caster to differentiate bodies of chakra from chakra signatures, meaning a medical-nin with this skill would still be able to sense someone who had used the hidden mist technique, which I’m guessing is where people hide in a mist and cannot be detected normally. They are also able to differentiate between chakra signatures they sense, but unless they have prior knowledge of who the person they are sensing is, or they have verified who it is by eyesight or logic, they will not know who has what chakra signature, but once they do find out who the person is, they are able to memorize their chakra signature- which will come in handy for this technique’s long range ability. This incredible sensory ability extends to being able to tell when a person is lying from the fluctuations in a person's chakra made from dishonest emotions or detecting it themselves. This can be like an interrogation jutsu! Catch the bad guys in their lies.”

She took a breathing break, having said those words in quick succession to find out what else it did. After inhaling and exhaling a large breath, she continued describing the Mind’s Eye of The Kagura, “For this technique’s long range ability, any individual who's chakra has been memorized through this jutsu remains a permanent blip on the caster's radar.The caster is able to track a marked/memorized target anywhere within the same country. Additionally, user can also sense when a memorized chakra signature dims or fades out, signifying the grave injury or death of a marked target. Due to the constant strain of keeping track of these marked individuals, the caster may only apply this effect to three individuals at any given time. So if you have a large enemy group you need to track, you’ll need multiple shinobi with this jutsu to track all of the enemy members. But wow, being able to track someone all throughout the same country just by memorizing their chakra signature? I never knew a chakra signature could be this important!” Hikari then closed the purple book, placing it atop the other purple book, and then she grabbed the last book from her original pile. The book, she figured, would contain information on the most powerful medical ninjutsu the world has likely ever seen, and if not the world, then at least for herself.

Gingerly she peeled the grey hardback cover away from the book, delicately opening what may become her most prized possession, “The first jutsu is called the Sleeper Jutsu. This technique does not require any hand signs, but does require a very small needle to be buried in the target’s brain. The caster seals away the target's memories by burying an extremely small needle into the brain's memory centre. The memories can be restored by cancelling the technique, thereby destroying the needle, wait so this needle has to be undetectably small then right? Where does one find such a small needle, do they just sell them at the ninjashop? If a subordinate had this operation performed on their brain and infiltrated an enemy camp, they can safely perform spy activity over a long period of time with no memory of the procedure. If the user cancels the technique, the target will once again remember their mission as a sleeper agent. There are three stages one must go through in order to completely dominate a person’s memories; subjugation, repressing memories, and sealing away the repressed memories. Through their knowledge of the human body, and more specifically the brain and how it works, the user performs the first stage by focusing their chakra laced with medical ninjutsu into the target’s brain. This process makes the target’s brain relent control to the user, who only attacks the memory cortex, and it also allows the user to read the targets memories”.

She took a moment to pause, as that first paragraph alone was quite a bit to digest. This jutsu was perfect for espionage, as long as the spy does not get caught and the needle does not get destroyed. It could also be used on a hostage to integrate them into a village, if one really wanted to. They would have forgotten, technically had their memories repressed, about their affiliation to their village, and would easily pledge loyalty to a new village if they were under this jutsu. What a scary thought, Hikari imagined with a shudder. She had thought about if a village was cruel enough to capture people, such as hostages, and then use those shinobi to fight their own villages while under this jutsu.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it, she began reading the next few paragraphs, “Once the mind has been taken control of the caster can forcibly repress all of the targets memories of their past. This is done by moving the memories from the frontal lobe and pushing them to the recesses of the memory cortex. The caster can pick which memories they would like to repress as they play through the targets head, as long as they remain in contact with the victim with their hand on their head. The last stage is to seal away the memories that had been repressed during stage two. This is done by placing an acupuncture needle directly onto the memory cortex in a very specific location where the memories have been repressed. This action stops that part of the brain from functioning till the needle has been removed or the jutsu undone. Due to this procedure, the target must be unconscious for the entire brainwashing period. it is similar to the mind reading jutsu, except after you find the memories you were looking for, you seal them away inside the target’s mind. And that needle being stuck in their brain kind of gives me shivers thinking about it. It sounds painful even though it’s most likely not, as it’s both a small needle and they are unconscious, but still, the idea of a needle being stuck inside your brain, or on any part of your body really, makes me uncomfortable…”

With one last shudder from being appalled, she hurriedly flipped the page to the next jutsu, trying to rid her thoughts of needle’s stuck in her brain, “The Body Revival jutsu...this technique does not require hand signs, and has two different forms the caster may take, although neither form is permanent. However, the caster is only able to take on one form per battle. This sounds interesting so far, continuing onward...The main principles of the Body Revival technique take advantage of the muscles ability to grow stronger after repairing any damage that has been done to them. Understanding this theory, the caster of the Body Revival technique is able to regenerate from damage that is done to their bodies, or utilize the knowledge to enhance their own muscles to extreme levels by manipulating the ‘destruction and rebirth’ cycle of the muscles. Wait, so this is kind of like the Yin Healing Wound Destruction jutsu, except more powerful and with an added ability?” Her eyes widened at what she deduced from her assumption, becoming more and more excited to find out about the two forms this jutsu possesses.

“The first form, Healing, allows the caster to survive and regenerate their bodies from wounds that would otherwise be considered fatal or crippling, including things such as the destruction of vital organs and the loss of limbs. Hold up, you can regenerate a limb in this form?! HOLY COW!” She quickly covered her mouth from her louder-than-expected shout, bowing apologetically as a passerby glared at her for her sudden loud noise. After getting over her initial embarrassment, she continued her reading, still in a bit of shock from the first sentence, “However even in this form the caster is not immortal, the caster is unable to survive injuries to the brain or the heart, because with either organ taken out the caster's bodily functions would have shut down before they could heal the damage. The users are also unable to heal from wounds caused by extremely powerful jutsu, as techniques of that level cause damage that is beyond what even this technique is able to heal. Are there even such powerful jutsu that exist?! I want to know those kinds of jutsu! Ahaha I mean I should keep reading, don’t want to get into more trouble... A trait that is unique to this jutsu is that the caster is able to put their bodies into a state of 'false' death. In this state the user is considered to be medically dead and not even the most well trained medical specialists would be able to tell that they are actually using this technique to put themselves in this state, and that they can cancel it at any point in time. So you could technically hide and play dead while using this technique? Sounds legit as a use for an S ranked jutsu…” She chuckled quietly at her own sad story of a joke, Kuro rolling his eyes at her antics once more.

“Okay, okay, focus Hikari” she said breathlessly, regaining her composure, or trying to at least, “The second form, Enhanced, allows the caster to use their knowledge of the human muscle systems cycle of destruction and recreation to increase their strength, speed, and durability to superhuman levels. To accomplish this, the caster begins to actively destroy and repair their own muscles over and over again in order to take advantage of the fact that each time it is done the muscles become stronger, and they continue to do this until they reach a certain point, the absolute peak of human physical prowess. When that peak is reached the body of the caster undergoes a physical transformation, causing their bodies to either rapidly age or become younger depending on how old the user is to bring them into their physical prime, as well as greatly bulking up their muscles, giving them the ‘Perfect Body’. This might actually be really useful if I pair it with my Hyuuga Taijutsu, as long as I can pair the jutsu styles together that is. Anyways, to enter this form the caster must have already used the Healing Form at least once before, since the knowledge of the healing that takes place in that form is what makes it possible to enter this form. Alright, so I have to use the Healing Form before I could use this form...that makes sense, but I’d probably need to be in a fight for my Healing Form’s healing to actually be of any use. If I don’t get injured, then I cannot learn how to heal properly, and thus, I cannot activate the second form without severely damaging myself”.

Flipping through the small book once more, she was close to the end, signifying that the jutsu she was about to read about would be the last jutsu canonically written about for medical ninjutsu, “Alright, the last S ranked medical jutsu is...Creation Rebirth! Woah, is this a resurrection jutsu?!” After skimming the words on the page, she came to the conclusion it was, in fact, not a resurrection jutsu, “...No, sadly enough. Dang, Kaya would have been so happy to hear about a resurrection jutsu, although it’s probably for the best that such a jutsu does not exist. It would disrupt the universe and time itself, since bringing the dead back to life could damage something in the universe. Although I, myself, am unsure what the consequence would be right now, I feel like it would be very grave.” Hikari sheepishly rubbed the back of her head and gave Kuro a lopsided grin, as he was staring at her with stern eyes, silently telling her to stop her tangent and continue working. Kuro was like a rock to keep her steady, always holding her down to earth when her thoughts were in the clouds.

“Eheh so uhm this jutsu requires the tiger sign to activate, and has a few forms as well; passive, limited release, and full release. Passively, the technique symbolizes the pinnacle of a Medical Ninja's accomplishment by storing "life" in the small crystal that appears on the user's forehead once this technique is first trained. Due to this life being directly stored in and linked to the crystal on the caster`s forehead as a result of their mastery of CR, it cannot be accessed unless the full seal is released. This life pool does not need to be trained but gets replenished each time the technique is retrained after initial usage, restoring the crystal to the forehead after training is completed again. Once used in battle regardless of quantity, the pool vanishes until the technique is usable again. As for the limited release form, activated by forming the tiger hand sign, the caster can heal all wounds afflicting them, even to the point of repairing vital organs if done in quick enough succession. They must, however, hold the hand seal until all healing it completed. In the full release form, activated by fully releasing the chakra seal, the caster’s body goes into a constant state of recovery, being able to heal itself on auto, effectively making the caster immortal. Regeneration is activated by thought, and all injuries are healed at the caster’s reaction time, with limbs being grown back along with internal organs. During the full release the caster cannot be killed unless their brain is destroyed or damaged, an example would be a blade through the head is automatic death as it gets rid of all bodily functions due to not having a brain to tell your body what to do anymore. The caster can survive being stabbed through the heart and function as if nothing happened even if a weapon remains inside it”.

Sitting back in her chair she sighed, her brain jumbled with all this information, trying to store everything she just learned. “That Creation Rebirth technique sounds like the ultimate medical jutsu. I just hope if I ever learn it and use it, that I am strong enough to put it to good use. I can’t be a weakling and use that jutsu, it’ll be a disgrace to all medical-nins if I do!” She triumphantly crossed her arms over her chest and made a ‘hmph’ sound, as if she had won an argument against someone else. After a couple seconds she stood up, grabbing all of the books she had gotten out, and walked towards the front desk to check them out.

“Thank you so much, Ms. Sarah!” She smiled widely, placing the four books into her bag before swinging onto her back again. “Have a great rest of your day!”

Sarah waved her hand dismissively, a smile also on her face, “No need to thank me! Thank you for being such a great patronage to this library! I see you here more than I see any other shinobi. I’m glad to see young people interested in reading and searching for knowledge the way you do, Hikari-chan! Have a great day as well sweetie!”

With that, Hikari began her trek to the Konoha Hospital, planning on training the tactical side of medical ninjutsu now that she has a foundation of what jutsu to expect once she learns how to effectively harness her chakra. The streets were bustling as they walked among the people, both civilians and shinobi alike. Shopkeepers were selling their wares, and customers were trying to haggle the prices down. Children were running around, playing their made up games or acting like shinobi already. The village was alive, and for the moment, peaceful, despite all of the noise.

However, that all soon changed as Hikari and Kuro arrived at the hospital. The usual cheery environment was cast aside with glum and panic as the two entered through the glass doors, nurses running across halls to get from one place to the next quickly. “Ms. Haruka-chan, what’s wrong?” Hikari immediately rushed to the front desk, where a black haired, icy blue woman sat frantically typing away on her computer.

“Hikari! Thank heaven’s you are here! We need you in emergency room B pronto! Please sanitize your hands and put scrubs on as soon as possible, we need you to help Dr. Satomi heal several patients!” Haruka ushered Hikari to the preparatory room just outside of the emergency room she was to go into, Kuro being told to wait outside in case the patients had any allergies, and so he would not be in the way during the procedure.

Although she was very confused as to what she could do to heal patients that another nurse could not, she did what she was instructed to do, getting dressed into blue scrubs that were provided and sanitizing both her hands and up to her elbows. She placed a white mask over her mouth and walked into the emergency room. The beeping machines rang in her ears as the walked through the doors, her body temperature dropping roughly ten degrees inside the room. Immediately she recognized one of the suited up medical-nin as the doctor she was to meet, briskly walking over to her.

“Dr. Satomi, I am at your request!” She simply said, awaiting any further commands from the doctor, whose hands were glowing the signature green hue of a medical-nin.

Without missing a beat nor looking up, she spoke giving her orders in a monotone voice, “Hikari I need you to place your hands on mine, and focus your healing chakra to them. My chakra supply is going to run out if I don’t conserve it, so I need to use yours to finish healing these patients. I’ll explain everything else later.”

Nodding her head in affirmation the Hyuuga made the boar and rat hand signs, placing her open palms on top of Dr. Satomi’s as she focused her chakra to her hands as she had done previously for basic medical ninjutsu, which she had mastered the lower level of. Hikari’s palms were enveloped in a small aura of green energy as her chakra was focused to her hands.

Dr. Satomi glanced at Hikari before returning to her work, the patient they were working on had several large gashes on his torso, and the one they were currently working on was the deepest of them all. Luckily the doctor and nurses had already stopped any bleeding, and were just using their chakra to mend the torn flesh back together, “Good, now I need you to add more chakra to your hands until your aura looks like mine. This is a jutsu that can heal patient’s rather quickly, even if they have severe wounds. It is like a more advanced form of the basic medical ninjutsu you already know.”

Once again Hikari did as she was instructed, trying to focus more of her chakra into her hands. It was rather hard to concentrate under the bright lights and blaring sounds, but she knew she had to do this for the patient. If they didn’t heal him soon he could get infected, which could lead to his death. Okay so she exaggerated a bit, but the point was the same. Therefore, Hikari closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs completely with cold air before exhaling, clearing her mind of everything except her mission at hand. She kept her eyes closed as she focused on moving her chakra to her hands, distributing the chakra evenly between the two palms. At first her palms stayed the same, but slowly her chakra began to increase, the green aura expanding as her concentration began to pull off. Her eyes were still closed, but she could feel the chakra within her body, controlling it and channeling it to heal people, just as she does when she uses her basic medical ninjutsu. However, this time she was not using a jutsu, merely using her chakra for someone else to manipulate for a jutsu.

“You can open your eyes now, Hikari.” She slowly blinked her eyes open, not realizing she had kept them shut for such a long time, having been too focused on healing to notice. Dr. Satomi had released her medical ninjutsu as they wheeled out the now fully healed patient to one of the many recovery room’s, and Hikari quickly did the same, the green aura fading away. “Great job, I know that was so sudden.” Dr. Satomi continued, wiping the sweat off her forehead with a grey rag. “Two teams of shinobi were ambushed and attacked by some kind of creature and some rogue missing ninja. We believe the creature was a person using a curse mark, or some other type of transformation jutsu, to turn into a ferocious beast that’s able to slash ten shinobi in minutes. Either way, many of the men and women on the teams were badly injured, and neither had a medic on the team to heal them before they were rushed back here. That’s why all of the nurses have been hurrying, having to tend to these new patients and care for the ones we already have.”

Hikari stood dumbfounded by the news she heard. What was a curse mark? Did they transform into creatures like Salzem could transform into a werewolf? Or was the thing they transformed into even more fierce than Sal’s lycan form? She could imagine Sal’s claws gashing people like the man had been, but she knew Sal obviously wasn’t behind it. Did that mean there was a rogue lycan running loose, and hurting people? Or, like Dr. Satomi said, was whatever this curse is to blame? The Hyuuga had no idea what the cause could be, nor on how to respond to such critical news.

Fortunately Dr. Satomi broke the silence, announcing they had two more patients on the way, and still more after them. As if on cue the nurses rolled in two stretchers, and both Hikari and Dr. Satomi activated their medical-ninjutsu again. Hikari did the two hand signs required and focused her chakra to her palms, and concentrating it on being healing chakra instead of damaging chakra. She already knew the drill and placed her palms on the doctor’s again, this time keeping her eyes opened as she focused her chakra for the basic medical ninjutsu technique. It amazed her to watch as Dr. Satomi mended their healing chakra’s together and used her chakra to be an even more effective healing technique.

Now that Hikari got a better view of the jutsu, she realized Dr. Satomi was performing the Mystical Palm technique she had read about just earlier that day in the library. It amazed her how the medical-nin could quickly heal others through her own chakra, and with the aid of someone else’s chakra as well. Hikari hoped to be able to use this practice to better herself in regards to medical ninjutsu, hoping to master the skill so she could then go on and master the jutsu’s she had read about, especially the one Dr. Satomi was performing right now.

“Almost done with her, Hikari.” Dr. Satomi stated, and not a couple seconds more after she said that did the gash completely heal, no traces of the injury except for the dried blood that the nurse’s would clean. The young woman was wheeled away, her life out of any danger for the time being. The doctor and Hikari then walked over to the second stretcher, where another man laid, two smaller gashes across his chest. He had been lucky, it seemed. They kept their jutsu activated and placed one hand on each of his wounds, Hikari’s chakra molded together with Dr. Satomi’s to heal the damaged skin, coursing through his body as it helped his body to reconnect tissue faster than it would have healed itself on its own.

It took a couple of minutes to help heal his smaller wounds, but the gashes were able to be mended back together at the end, and he was also wheeled away to recovery. They deactivated their healing jutsu’s once again, and the doctor, after hearing Haruka at the front desk speak through her comms unit, spoke up and informed Hikari about the situation at hand, “Alright, now we need to move to where the other patients are. We have a few left from their group, and were just informed that some academy students are on their way here. It seems they had been playing in a bad area and got scraped up on some broken glass, and possibly some broken metal too.”

They exited the emergency room, leaving the nurses to clean up any mess that had been made, and walked down a narrow corridor, a metal door at the end of the hallway seemed to be their destination. Hikari had never been through there before, and it was an unmarked room so she couldn’t find out what it was called. She fidgeted with her fingers a little, anxious about what was behind door number one. Much to her relief, to was just a large sized room where people were lying on cots, some bloodied from their wounds. Without speaking, the doctor got to work on the nearest person, a woman with blonde hair and a deep cut in her abdomen. Her clothes were torn and her head wrapped with bandages, her ivory skin dotted with spots from bruises across her arms and legs. Dr. Satomi’s hands were already focused on the woman’s wound, and Hikari quickly placed her own chakra enveloped palms onto of the doctor’s, both their chakra merging together to assist the woman’s own tissue to begin the healing process, to repair the damaged skin as it would normally, however this process took minutes compared to weeks to heal severe injuries.

That was how Hikari spent the rest of her time, training her medical ninjutsu by helping Dr. Satomi heal three more patients from the attack and two little children who had been playing where they should not have been. By the end of the day she was exhausted, her own chakra almost completely depleted from how much she used her basic medical ninjutsu, and how much chakra she had to focus to help the doctor use her Mystical Palm technique. But the young girl would gladly do it again, as she loved to help people above all else. And she probably would do it again, as she was on the path to becoming a medical-nin, to heal them when they cannot heal themselves and to sacrifice herself for the safety of others if it was asked of her.

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Very nice read, keep it up. Approved.
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Aww thank you so much, Sakana! <3 I'm sorry it was so long! >_<
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