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Strange Visitors Empty Strange Visitors

Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:18 pm

It was early morning, the sun only beginning to peak above the horizon and make its way over the great mountains, woods, and walls surrounding the hidden leaf village. There were many clouds to shade the sun however, every now and then a ray slipping through the cracks and spaces between each cloud. As is always seemed to happen on days the sun was blocked out, there was a gust of wind that blew by every so often, chilly with the morning air. The wind was a little colder where Kinzoku was, on a tiny dock just beside a river. He wasn't much of a sleeper. Anyone who is a member of the Nazar clan is put through rigorous training in order to get their bodies into peak condition. As a result, at an early age he trained his body to get limited amounts of sleep and still be capable of feeling rejuvenated once waking from only a few hours of sleep. It took a long time to get down right, many months of what was basically torture to the mind and body. But in the end it was well worth it as it provided many more hours in the day to accomplish what needed to be done, training and meditation. Kinzoku was essentially a monk. Anyone being from the Nazar clan were considered monks much as their ancestors were. But he didn't like using the word monk. It brought about the idea that you must wear these tacky robes and be bald... well being bald is actually one of the requirements to becoming fully Enlightened as the Nazar's put it. But Kinzoku felt that was more of an idea enshrined in the old ways of the Nazar. One truly did not need to cut their hair in order to reach Enlightenment, and Kinzoku believed he was proof of such a feat.
With his extra time from less hours of sleep, Kinzoku usually took the advantage to train, meditate or help out around the village and he always loved doing. Helping people is simply what he does. Today however, he took the time to meditate which is why he was on this tiny dock by the river. It is his meditation spot. The relaxing sound of the river streaming down its path, the birds chirping, and the sound of early rises going about their days just relaxed the Nazar. Made it a lot easier to reach that point within meditation where you felt like you were on another plane. As it were at the moment, Kinzoku was on another "plane". Simply put, he was no longer here, in the village, spiritually. No stimuli from the outside world could be felt; the rays from the sun, the cool wind breeze brushing across his cheeks, the occasional bug landing on him. He simply heard and felt nothing. The sun had no risen to a point where it was not morning and more and more people were exiting their homes to go about their business. Konoha was coming the life. And just like Konoha, Kinzoku came back to as well. Slowly with a smile of content, he opened his eyes and readjusted to what was around him. His eyes began adjusting to the grey color caused by the clouds blocking out the sun. His ears adjusting to the sound of people. His nose adjusting to the smell of the grass and water. Within moments his senses had fully adjusted and were now returned to normal. Even though Kinzoku had fully returned, he stayed in his seated position with his legs crossed and arms resting gently on top of his knees. Taking another few moments, he finally brushed his streaky brown hair back out of his face while simultaneously grabbing his hat resting beside him and place it on top of his head which helped hold back his hair. In one swift motion, without the help of his hands Kinzoku pushed up with his legs to now be fully standing.
"What to do now" he asked himself as he turned towards the village while adjusting Peacemaker, his crossbow on his back. He could go train, there was this jutsu he had been wanting to work on. But training on your own was quite boring. Maybe he could help people out around the village? But as it were people were still waking up or opening shop. They wouldn't be deep enough into their work to really need an extra hand or two at the moment. He also wasn't assigned any guard duty or posting. After a few moments of racking through his brain, the Nazar decided he was going to check out some missions that had been posted and unclaimed to see if anything needed completing. So he headed down the main road towards the Hokage tower where the mission postings could be found just outside a smaller building. Once reaching it, he could see there had been a few unclaimed missions that were up. They were probably only unclaimed due to the fact it was still early in the day and not many other people would even be up at this hour. Some of them had been posted a few days ago which would indicate there was no real rush to complete them, and other posted just this morning probably mere minutes before Kinzoku arrived. He had made the decision then and there to take one of the unfinished ones from a few days ago. Good to get the old out of the way in order to make room for the new.
He reached up to the board and ripped the paper containing his mission of choice off of it. This one had to do with three ninja who had entered the village under proper inspection and had been cleared. However now the Konoha Interrogation Corps were becoming suspicious of them and needed a ninja to bring them in. Written on the paper informed the recipient of the mission to report to them upon acceptance. Folding the paper up neatly and sticking it into his back pocket, Kinzoku made his way towards the location of the Interrogation corps. Now the streets were getting a little more crowded and the stores more lively. It was a shame it was such a gloomy day though. Whenever the sun was blocked out it just seemed to drastically change the mood of everything. Or maybe that was just Kinzoku? He was from Suna after all, where the sun is always beaming down on you when it is up in the sky. Whatever it was, it was going to take time to get use to the new atmosphere and shifts in weather here. Just the little cool breeze here sent a shiver of goose bumps across the Nazar's body even being dressed from head to toe with a big black coat over it all.
After a few moments of walking he finally arrived at the designated location. It was a simple looking, most likely done on purpose. If you were interrogating people you probably wouldn't be trying to attract peoples unwanted attention. Without taking any longer the Nazar proceeded to entering the building and was greeted by a male figure. He was grim looking, almost as though he was trying too hard to look intimidating.
"I'm here for the mission about the three ninja who recently entered our village" Kinzoku told the man. Straight to the point. If these ninja were up to something there was no wasting time in finding them.
"Right this way sir" the man responded as he spun on his heels and started down a dimly lit hallway. After a few flights of stairs and a couple of doors, Kinzoku was led into a room already occupied with a woman and a man. One was seated while the other behind looking over their shoulder, both examining files and pictures on a desk. They both simultaneously looked up at Kinzoku when the door opened. "He's here for the Strange Visitors" the man who led Kinzoku informed the other two.
"Come in" urged the female as Kinzoku stepped in and the door was closed behind him. The two swept up what was on the desk and stuff them into a folder. After flipping through a few other folders stacked onto the desk, they finally pulled one out, opened it up and placed its contents out onto the desk. It was clearly done so for Kinzoku to take a look at them. So the Nazar advanced and looked down at the three pictures. Two men, one women. Those were the three he was looking for.
"These three entered our village not too long ago. Everything check out, they seemed clean. They set up at an inn on the edge of the village here" the woman started as she placed a map onto the table showing the location of the inn. With one quick glance Kinzoku knew exactly which inn they were at. He had helped them out a couple of times. Instead he shifted his vision back to the three pictures to memorize their appearances. "As far as we know they leave the inn in the morning and return at night. We have tracked them a small amount throughout the day but we cannot figure out what they're doing. We have reason to believe they're trying to find their way into the ranks of our ninja. We believe they are trying to find weaknesses in our defenses and eventually exploit them. We need you to bring them in. If they are clean, they should comply. Otherwise they may attempt to flee or strike you, so be on guard." Kinzoku simply nodded, looked up and them, nodded some more, and looked back down at the pictures. "As it is now, the three have no idea we're watching them. Keep it like that 'till you make contact. We don't want it to be too obvious."
"I'll head over to the inn immediately" Kinzoku replied to the two behind the desk. "If i'm fortunate I may catch them before they've left." The two simply nodded, confirmed that Kinzoku would leave. Without hesitation, he turned as made his way out of the room now having their appearances well remembered. The moment he left the building, he clapped his hands together for body flicker and vanished from his spot as a blur. Kinzoku headed into the back allies and used them as his route to the inn. He didn't want to take any main roads as they would be more crowded and harder to navigate. With the back roads there would be less people and thus quicker to his destination, hopefully. He soon arrived to the edge of a tiny road in between two buildings. He slowly peaked out around one building looking across the perpendicular road where the inn stood. He first checked to see if he could spot any of the three around the inn. No. Now not trying to look suspicious from coming out of a back road, Kinzoku began making his way towards the inn. He made his way into the inn entering the lobby. If the three hadn't left inn yet, they would surely have to pass the lobby before exiting. Taking his crossbow off of his back, Kinzoku leaned it up against the side of a chair as he took a seat in it. As to look less conspicuous, he grabbed one of the news papers laid out and began "reading" it. But maybe by doing that he was only making himself even more conspicuous? Should he just put the paper down and pretend he was simply waiting? Stop stop, now he was just thinking too much. Just keep reading the paper, or at least pretending to. But to Kinzoku's luck he spotted one of them, the woman ninja. She hadn't paid any attention to him at all. Good, it would be less suspicious when he approached her if she didn't see him the inn lobby, just chilling. The moment she left the inn, he placed the news paper down, picked his crossbow back up strapping it to his back, and followed her out.
Right there was his first mistake. What if the other two were simply following behind her? They would have noticed him get up right away and just randomly start following her. Taking a quick glance around himself, the Nazar couldn't see any of the other two anywhere. They either left already or were staying in the inn a little longer. Either way, he took the opportunity to follow the one outside. He made sure to keep a good distance from her. Good enough to see her as well as not look out of place. It seemed her first destination was a dinner to get some food. Perfect. What better place to confront her. In public surrounded by people, no easy way to escape, and starting a confrontation in the middle of a village would surely be a mistake. Kinzoku slowly walked in observing the dinner, spotting his target seated at a booth alone. He slowly made his way over, and without a word took a seat in front of her.
"What are you guys do..." she started before cutting herself off as she looked up and came eye to eye with someone she wasn't expecting. There was a slight moment of silence before either made an attempt to speak up. So Kinzoku broke the silence. "It is to my understanding that you are not from around here, visiting?" Kinzoku asked, almost sarcastically. "Yes" she replied bluntly. " Well, I'm not gonna sugar coat anything. We have reason to believe you and your compadres are up to something. As a result, yours truly has been tasked with bringing you in to be questioned. Just some basic, standard stuff. You'll be in and out before you know it. I'll even let you eat first" Kinzoku added in with a friendly smiley. He was being serious. He had no reason to assume they were hiding something until they gave him one. Her face remained very stoic, showing no signs of anything. "Is that a yes?" Kinzoku asked, hoping for a reply. But he guessed she was figuring out her options. "Let's go" she answered. To the point. Kinzoku was happy with her answer. Hopefully it was because she was clean and had nothing to hide. Or she knew there was no other option. If she made a scene here it would put her other two team mates in a bad position. If she was guilty, she was probably planning to handle the interrogation herself and get Konoha off their backs.
The two exit the dinner without waiting for her meal. He paid close attention to her from the moment he laid eyes on her in case she reached for anything to use as a weapon or reached for any hidden weapons she had. But it was smooth sailing all the way to the interrogation office. He dropped her off to the two officials he met with earlier that day. As they began their questioning, he waited outside for any useful information that could be relayed to him. Help with his search of the two others or let him know if they're actually dangerous. It only took a few moments before they came out and informed Kinzoku what they got. They got room numbers, places they visited and what not. Nothing out of the ordinary. Kinzoku was now tasked with going to their rooms and seeing if he could find anything out, which is exactly what he did next.
Back at the inn, he found the stairwell and began heading up towards the floor of their rooms. Once on the floor he scanned to make sure there weren't any people around to see him. Then he walked up to one of the rooms and stuck his ear n the door. No sounds. He proceeded to doing the same with the other room. Again, no sound. They must be out. He had no way of entering the rooms without breaking in. He was just going to have to wait it out for them to come back. Thus Kinzoku exit the building and proceeded to the roof the building across from it. He made sure to take the building on the same side as their window. If they entered the room, he would know.
So there he, now night time, sitting on the rooftop, lighting a cigar as he usually did, and smoking it quietly until the remaining two foreigners came. Strange how Kinzoku referred to them as foreigners when he himself was a foreigner from Suna. Anyhow, to his luck his cigar finished just as the room light lit up. Tossing the bud end away, Kinzoku made his way down the building, into the street, and back to the inn. He proceeded to the room that lit up, and just like that knocked on it. It only took a few moments, but the door opened and Kinzoku came face to face with one of the men in the pictures from morning. "Hello there, I'm a Konoha Jounin. I'd like to talk to you, inform you on some things you may like to be aware of within the village" Kinzoku said. He lied.
"We've already been informed on village matters" he replied. "Mayhaps" Kinzoku replied, "but there have been some changes you need to be informed on." With a grunt and a pause, he moved aside and Kinzoku walked in, tipping the front of his hat as if to say 'thank you'. Further entering the room, examining it for anything suspicious, Kinzoku met with the second and final ninja. He refrained from taking a seat, choosing to lean against a wall as the one who opened the door did the same while the second one was already sitting. So he remained seated. Now is where the truth would come out one way or the other.
"So gentlemen, there's something that needs to be discussed" Kinzoku began. "Your other friend hasn't shown up yet because she's being interrogated. We were suspicious of you at first, and now we know we had every reason to be. We put our best interrogators to questioning her. Let's just say, she cracked. We know everything." He was lying. "We have the place surrounded." Another lie. "I need the two of you to come with me with no shenanigans, you hear?" There was a pause, before the two of them looked at one another, then back and Kinzoku. So they were guilty, dammit. Now he really wished he actually had the back up. The one sitting reached for a knife at the table and threw it right for Kinzoku, aimed between his eyes. Quickly shifting his head to the side, he avoid the knife as it stabbed into the wall behind him. Shortly after the one standing jumped out the window onto the street below. The second tried following, but Kinzoku lunged forward grabbing the man with his steal hand by the back of his neck. The hand began to shift, almost as if it became more compact. It essentially had, giving Kinzoku more strength with it. In one motion, he swept the guy backwards throwing him against a wall. He smashed into the wall knocking his head and falling unconscious. Reaching back, Kinzoku pulled Peacemaker off his back as it opened up prepared to fire. Aiming out the window and down his sights, he quickly fired off one bolt. He didn't hit his target dead on as he wanted to. But he grazed him across his left leg opening up a wound. Good enough. Hopping down from the window, Kinzoku landed in a knelt position to reduce the impact. He informed the civilians to bring the man in that room to authorities while he pursued the other one.
Walking over to his bolt, he knelt down to pull it out of the ground before re-loading it into his crossbows magazine. While doing so, he spotted the trail of blood his cut had created. Every now and then more blood could be found. He left a trail. Easy pickings now. He may have gotten away with the cover of night, but he couldn't hide forever. Keeping his crossbow out in case things got nasty quickly, Kinzoku slowly following the blood trail, drop by drop. It was a little difficult to find each spot with it being dark and all, but the path was fairly simple to follow. The dude clearly wasn't trying his hardest to cover his tracks. Eventually it lead into the main road, crowded with many people, too many. Any blood dropped on the main road would be nearly impossible to track with everyone walking over it. So Kinzoku took to the roofs, in search of anyone walking, or running, with a limp. It was fairly easy to find the man limping in the crowd. Lifting up his crossbow, Kinzoku aimed down the sights and got ready to fire. But in a location crowded like this, there were too many anomalies that could occur which could make him miss the shot, and not of them had to do with his aim. His aim was impeccable.
So instead Kinzoku decided to follow from above, like a silent protector, a watchful guardian. It finally lead to following the man to a graveyard. Strange place, but he couldn't exactly go anywhere with lots of people. It only meant more people would be looking for him. Just as the man was about to lean down against a tomb stone, Kinzoku landed a good distance behind the guy. "Strange place to take a breather" Kinzoku said. The moment he turned around, he came eye to eye with Kinzoku aiming his crossbow right at him. "I can get more rounds off with this baby before you can count to three. Don't make a move, unless you want holes all over." Usually Kinzoku spoke with a soft voice, but at this very moment it was as stern as could be. This man put people's lives in danger by just running right through crowds like he did. That was something Kinzoku couldn't tolerate. "All you had to do was let me take you in and this wouldn't have gotten messy."
With the injury in his leg it was hard for the man to move, but he definitely still had his upper body strength. In one motion, he pulled the tomb stone out of the ground and flung it at Kinzoku. Kinzoku managed to duck out of the way keeping his crossbow up, but the man managed to get off a set of hand signs before Kinzoku could fire. Earth walls started coming up in front of him. Probably to obscure Kinzoku's vision of the man so that he could escape. Running forward, Kinzoku slapped his crossbow back into place on his back as he approached the wall. With his left hand he proceeded to punching through one of the earth walls. As it shattered Kinzoku appeared on the other side only to see the man was directly beside it. He was a fake attempt to run. A blade was coming straight for Kinzoku's face. Out of pure instinct Kinzoku managed to get his left arm up blocking the blade, steel with steel. Kinzoku swiftly kicked the guy in his open wound causing him to shriek in pain. This gave Kinzoku the opportunity to slide the blade off his arm and punch the man right in the face. Kinzoku simultaneously broke the mans nose and knocked him out. His arm had still be stronger from when he condensed it in the inn, so he easily had to strength to knock the man out. With his steel arm Kinzoku grabbed the man and flipped him up onto his shoulder. He then looked around to get a general idea of where he was and headed in the direction of the interrogation building.

It took a little longer than expected, with carrying a body and all, but Kinzoku made it there eventually. To his surprise the first man he knocked out was already in a room being held here. The authorities must have brought him right here having known who he was, or at least what was going on. Kinzoku dumped the last one off to them and was about to make his way out. The two who informed him on the mission gave him a paper which basically confirmed his completion of the mission. "Let me know what you find out from them" Kinzoku said as he gave a quick wave and left the building. He went over to where the mission was posted, handed the paper confirming the completed mission, and was handed his rewards. Slipping the spoils into his black jacket, the Nazar lit another cigar before turning and taking his leave. Although it was well into the night, Kinzoku wasn't tired. So instead of heading home, he smoked his cigar peacefully and walked down the road almost aimlessly. It took a little longer than usual, but eventually Kinzoku found himself back at the dock where he had been this morning. Sleep, sleep could wait. Sitting down back where he had been in the exact same spot this morning, Kinzoku crossed his legs and calmly sat there enjoying his cigar. Now alone since most people had already made their ways home in this part of the village, the Nazar took this time to enjoy the silence, peace, and sounds of nature happening around him. Once finally finishing his cigar, he burnt it out on the dock, put his hands on top of his knees, closed his eyes, and began meditating yet again.
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Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:34 pm
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