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Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Stepping out of his comfort zone Empty Stepping out of his comfort zone

Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:19 am
Mission Name: The Hokage Hates You
Rank: E
Type: Labor
Character Requirments: N/A
Location: Konoha Training Grounds
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: 500 Ryo

Today was an average day for Ban. That was in his opinion in thw weather anyways. The sky was clear with no signs of clouds for miles. It didn't seem as if there would be precipitation any time soon. There was no humidity in the air today, and as a result, there was dry heat. It was better than humid heat but as the air was dry, Ban was constantly trying to stay hydrated on dry days like this. His throat and even his nose would be drying out every five minutes were he to step outside.

 Ban had been training every day for a good amount of time now. Each day he had been pushing himself to become stronger and stronger. He could handle himself in a fight now if he ever got into a fight. That was in fact if the foe was on the same level as Ban or maybe even a little bit higher in strength. Today would be another day like the other days. More training to learn more jutsu. But there was a catch today. He would also be working as he trained jutsu. The Hokage had tasked him and some other genin to cut grass and they would be rewarded. However they were required to cut the grass with a pair of scissors and a ruler. The grass was to be cut at exactly 2 inches. Ban laughed at that thought. There was no way he would be wasting that much time cutting each blade of grass to exactly 2 inches. The Hokage could kick his ass or whatever. He didn't care, that was just TOO MUCH work. 

 Ban had just woken up and was still laying in bed lazy and not wanting to go work. He decided that it was time however, and he hopped up. He wanted to first go outside and test the weather and the temperature before he chose what his clothing attire would be, and so that was what he did. He felt the heat instantly and decided what he would wear. He stepped back instead to pick out his clothing. He opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of black cargo back and boxer briefs. If he was going to be dealing with grass he wanted grass stains to be reduced to a minimum. He didn't select a shirt, he would just go shirtless as it was too hot outside. He carried them to the bathroom, as well as a towel, and jumped into the shower. He got out, dried off, and got himself dressed for the day. He made his exit from his house and began making his way to the training grounds. Hopefully this wouldn't be too much work but it already seemed like it was way more than too much. Cutting grass with scissors and a ruler? But it was alright, he had come up with a clever idea.

 He arrived at the training grounds and could see that there were already some genin there, getting to work. Ban shook his head and thought to himself "Kiss ups." Ban looked around and saw all of the other genin cutting the grass very slowly, actually measuring the inches in the grass, and snipping the grass. Ban shook his head again. Idiots. About to go to work, Ban was reminded of the times when he lived with his mother and his stepfather. Every week day, starting at the age of 10, Ban was required to go to work with his stepfather. He hated it, he wanted to become a shinobi and start going to the academy, and learn jutsu to become stronger. At that age he knew nothing of the clan he was born into or even the ninja world. All he knew was that this man and his kids had come into him and his mothers' life. That was the reason why Ban moved away. He had hated those four. The stepfather and his three sons. Ban snapped back into focus, ruler and scissors in hand. But two pairs of extra scissors for a reason. He approached the grass of the training grounds, crouching down. First he would put the ruler down into the grass, measuring out 2 inches only once. "Okay so this about two inches huh? Alright that's easy." Ban would be using jutsu to his advantage. He saw a pond nearby and ran over to it. He put his hands together, interlacing all of his fingers, aside from his index and middle fingers. He left those raised, weaving a tiger hand sign. He then summoned two water clones and handed them both a pair of scissors. "Alright guys I need you two to help me cut some grass. But don't worry I have a plan so we can get done quick." Ban brought them over to the field of grass. "Alright I found this jutsu that makes you faster. We'll use that to speed up. You should be able to remember how much is two inches through my memory. Ban made a fist with his index and middle fingers stretched up on his left hand and grabbed them with his right hand. Next, Ban made both his hands into fists, put them together and flipped them upside down. He called out "Flicker Movement Justu!" He increase his own speed, and began cutting the blades of grass at an incredible rate for having scissors as a tool. Some of the blades of grass were missed, leaving the grass looking sort of uneven. The clones followed his example but they were slower being only water clones and not at equal strength to Ban. He soon finished his section and waited on the clones to finish which didn't take too long seeing as there was two of them. They stood and groaned. All three of them in unison said slowly "My back hurtssss. This was too much work. Next time I'm staying home." Ban smiled and laughed and the clones did as well. Now he just needed to go receive his payment.

Claiming 500 Ryo
WC: 1,008
Claiming Flicker Movement
Madrigal Kaguya
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Stepping out of his comfort zone Empty Re: Stepping out of his comfort zone

Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:31 am
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