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Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Hidden in the water [Private] Empty Hidden in the water [Private]

Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:14 am
Ban had just gotten back from the thousand meter falls. That was what he had named the lake he went to. He wanted to learn a new jutsu, the Water Shark Bullet Technique, but he needed a large source of water to sustain the 20 foot great white chakra shark. The jutsu was mainly a way to pack a punch while near a water source, it could move at amazing speeds, but it could also be used to get around faster while in water. Ban had ridden the chakra shark around the lake, for fun. The lake was a beatiful lake. It was close to a deep blue color but not quite. It was perfectly clean and clear. You were able to see straight to the bottom. The lake glittered and glimmered in the suns rays. The trees around it were also astonishing, they grew to above average sized due to their perfect water source. At the end of the lake, was a 50 meter dropping waterfall. The waterfall was extremely loud, the only thing that could barely be heard over it was Bans voice when he tested then loudness by shouting. His shouts sounded like whispers when compared to the waterfall. After the drop of the waterfall, it turned into a river, flowing to who knows where. Ban was completely and utterly amazed by the sight of the place. He was sort of upset that it wasn't too close, he would love to go back and definitely would be in the near future. For now, he would sit back and relax. 

 It was about 4 PM in the afternoon, so Ban still had a few things he could do today. First, he could sit, do nothing, and go to sleep. Second, he could go back to training. Third, he could look for some real fun to do. At the moment, Ban was laying down in his bed at home. His house was a small one, made specifically for only one or two people. There was his bedroom which was the biggest room in the house. Also, there was his bathroom which was connected to his bedroom, through a doorway. A cloeset with doors that folded when he pushed them to the side. Lastly he had a kitchen, it could he entering by going through a short hallway. As he lay in bed, thinking, he heard growling. He sat up confused wondering what he had heard. Ban listened again and it sounded as if it were coming from his stomach. He put his hand onto his stomach, and again he heard growling. Vibrations ran through his belly and hand. Ban had forgotten that today, he had not actually eaten anything. Not even breakfast before he went to the lake. He needed to get something to eat quick. He jumped out of bed swiftly, and dashed into the kitchen. He opened a  cabinet, revealing many cups of microwaveable ramen noodles. He grabbed a normal flavored cup, pulled off all the plastic and wrapping and peeled the lid off. He filled it to almost the brim and put it into the microwave for exactly three minutes and thirty seconds. He waited for the theee and a half minutes, dancing around the kitchen and hopping, trying to pass the time. His stomach continued to growl and he slapped it as if trying to quiet it down. When the timer on the microwave hit 1 second, he rushed over to it, opening its door and cancelling the timer. The beeping sounds it made when the timer was done were annoying to him and he didn't feel like listening to them. He reached one hand in and pulled out the hot and steamy noodles. He opened a drawer filled with wooden chopsticks and picked out a pair of them. He walked back over to his bed, carrying the noodles and chopsticks with him. He sat down and instantly began gulping noodles down, barely using the chopsticks to lift them. He had to cup tilting towards his mouth so the noodles would fall in easier. I'm no time had had finished eating and sighed with satisfaction. The noodles were delicious. His breath was hot now, and smelled like the noodles. He lowered his feet from the bed and stood up again. He was still busy trying to decide what else he wanted to do today. He went over to his window facing the pond by his house. He looked out and saw a few kids chasing around some ducklings. Then the mother duck swooped around chasing the children away from her offspring. Ban laughed at the sight. He turned away from the window, and walked over to his front door. Even though it was the only door he had it was still his front door. He looked around and saw some puddles outside, from the day before when it had rained. That was the day he learned the clone jutsu and also the transformation jutsu. Those two jutsu were required to take the genin exam. It was still as hot outside as it was earlier in the day. Ban still had no shirt on due to the heat. He casually went over to a rain puddle. He stomped his foot into it, splashing water all over. Suddenly an idea of what he could do today came to his mind. He could learn a simple but useful jutsu today. The jutsu was called the "Hiding in the water" jutsu. It was a jutsu that was designed for one to conceal themself in any source of water. Puddles included. Ban figured why not try it out on the puddle right in front of him? First he needed to make a run through the hand signs. Ox → Dog → Snake. Ban made one hand flat and had his fingers spread out, then he did that thing with his other hand that spiderman does to make a web. He made a fist then lifted up his index finger and his pinky finger and spread out his thumb. Then he took his middle finger and ring fnger and brung them halfway up and out them on his other hand with his middle finger in the middle of them, then his pinky finger went in between the pinky finger and ring finger of the spread out hand. Next, he just made one hand into a fist, and then put the other hand flat on top of it. Lastly, he simply put his hands together and interlaced his fingers. Then he said the name of the jutsu out loud. 

 Ban quickly sunk down into the puddle, and his body melded with it or something of that sort he couldn't tell. But Ban could see out of the puddle and hear and everything normal. He was already in love with this jutsu. The use this jutsu would have, was infinite. This jutsu was going to be viable and helpful in almost any situation. The hiding in water technique could be used for spying, hiding, or even just fun in Bans current case. Ban envisioned himself on a top priority mission, he was required to gather intel on the hidden mist village. He had used the hidden in water jutsu and converged with a nearby puddle. He had been listening to the conversations of any nearby person close enough for him to hear from the puddle. The village wasn't called the village hidden in mist for no reason. It was foggy everywhere, and if it wasn't, the air was filled with water vapor and sometimes humidity. The sky was covered with blanketing layers of stratus clouds. This village was clearly different from the bright and sunny konohagakure. Ban had heard that this village was a brutal village, strict and ruthless. That was definitely worse than Konoha. There was no way Ban would stand to live here if this was where he was born. He'd rather be killed than be controlled strictly like that. He would have to take the chance of death by trying to escape. He hated being manipulated or controlled directly or from orders from higher ranks. It wouldn't matter who it was, Ban would rebel against them, unless he specifically liked them, or they had good reason that he himself understood. Cases like this with Ban were very very very rare. Next, since the place was already conjured up in his mind, Ban imagined hiding from Kirigakure shinobi chasing after him. He sprinted with all his speed, and turned a corner. He saw a puddle 2 meters away and instantly knew that he would use the hidden in water jutsu. Quickly and as he was running, Ban did the hand signs in order of ox, dog, and snake. Quietly he called the name of the just and converted to a rain puddle. The shinobi soon wrapped the corner as he did, and paused. They had wondered where he went. They were not expecting a shinobi from Konoha to know a jutsu of such Kiri origins. Or maybe it was just an all around water release or Suiton jutsu. Ban wasn't sure, because he never studied up on the histories of jutsu that weren't Senju jutsu. He didn't really care for the history of these jutsu. Once the hidden mist shinobi were gone and nowhere to be seen, Ban released his hidden in the water jutsu, and began running toward  the village gates. He wouldn't go straight through, because he would then be seen, but he would have to find some other way out. Maybe a transformation jutsu, or a clone or two to distract the guards? He heard more footsteps running and they sounded like they were running into his direction. In desperation, he transformed into one of the shinobi he had seen earlier, chasing him. The man he transformed into, appeared to be about 25 years of age. The man was short for his age, maybe 5'11. He also had dirty blonde hair, it was shaped in a very bad bowl cut, with the hair hanging over his eyes. His eyes were a grass green color. The man was also sort of pudgy. His skin complexion was very pale, probably about the palest complexion a person could reach. As a matter of a fact, most of the shinobi here looked pale. That was most likely because the sun didn't pierce the thick clouds of fog rolling over the village. Ban finished with the scenario in his mind. He wondered if he were ever actually in that situation, how he would get out. If he used a transformation, trying to pass through the gates, first he would need reasoning. He would also have to hope that the current guards wouldn't see through his transformation. If he was caught, he'd have two options, run or fight. If he ran, there was a high percentage of a chance for him to get caught. He would need to escape the land of water on his own. If he tried to fight his way out, he was on his own in a foreign village. There were hundreds of shinobi here, and they would keep pouring in with almost no end. If he was ever really in a situation like that, he would definitely need backup, and a backup plan. In the end he decided he would never want to go on a mission like that anyways. He wouldn't let somebody order him into danger like that. Maybe if they asked him, and he thought about it then he would decide that he would do it. Ban released his real life hidden in the water jutsu. Another interesting jutsu he had learned about today. Now was the time for him to get back into his home, eat some real dinner, and go to sleep. The sun was setting and in a few hours it would be a new day for the world. A new day for the world and a new day of jutsu training and work for Ban.

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Hidden in the water [Private] Empty Re: Hidden in the water [Private]

Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:23 am

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