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Celeste Uchiha
Celeste Uchiha
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Little Genin Exam Empty Little Genin Exam

Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:41 pm
The day was quite young as Celeste was walking towards the Academy Building. She wasn't up for the exam, but if she was to investigate Ita Uchiha then she would need to get strong and that meant not being limited to only learning certain types of Ninjustu. As she walked, she saw other students also walking towards the Academy in the hot summer day. She was pretty sure she was going to pass, but she didn't want to jinx it so she had decided to not say anything out loud. Walking within the doors of the large Ninja Academy, various sheets of paper would be handed out with names of them. On the papers were room numbers with names in alphabetical order. Of course she would be ordered to go to the last room. Room #10. Walking down the hallway she would come to enter the room and take her seat at one of the various tables.

Little Genin Exam Empty Re: Little Genin Exam

Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:49 pm
Salzem was looking at the list of the next academy student in room #10. The last couple of students had gone well and now... it was Celeste's turn. When she walked in, she took a seat at one of the various tables, seemingly waiting for him to give the word.

"Please display your jutsu." Salzem said, setting down his list, fully attending to the student. "You may begin."
Celeste Uchiha
Celeste Uchiha
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Little Genin Exam Empty Re: Little Genin Exam

Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:12 pm
You see, the instructor had thought that Celeste had arrived in the room after he had gotten done giving the exams to all of the students, but in reality she had been here for quite some time. Watching and observing as the many Academy Students both failed and passed their exams to officially become ninjas of the village. The man who was instructing the exams seemed rather basic, he wasn't wearing a Jounin Cloak which meant he was one of the lower ranks. Maybe a Chuunin.

After Celeste had gotten quickly accustomed to the classroom she would look around seeing that she was the only other person in the room besides the proctor and five others at the bottom of the classroom. Everyone who had either passed or failed had left the room seeing as there was no reason for them to stay and watch. Walking down towards where the proctor was, she would bow showing that she indeed had respect.

Finishing her bowing she would say "I will perform the jutsu now." She would be 10 meters in front of the proctor as she would begin to perform the hand seals for the Transformation Jutsu which were dog followed by boar ending with ram. Only a single image was within her mind, that of Ita Uchiha. A raven haired Uchiha who hair stopped at his ears, wearing a black shirt, and a pair of black jeans as well as a pair of black combat boots. Upon having this image within her head she would instantly transform into the man who had awakened her Sharingan, feeling herself slowly get shorter to the height that was of Ita. Upon completing the transformation Celeste would say "This is the transformation jutsu." in her tormentor's voice. Celeste would then proceed by doing the clone technique. Like she had learned days ago, she would begin performing the hand seals required for the clone technique. She would direct chakra throughout her body as she would perform the Ram seal, followed by the Snake seal, and ending with the Tiger seal.

The chakra coursing throughout her body would stop as a clone of Celeste's actual self would appear 2 meters to her right. The clone was intangible and could not talk so it was not on the level of the Shadow Clone jutsu. After performing the jutsu she would look the proctor in the eyes saying "Is that all?" Celeste asked as she would continue to look at the proctor hoping she had done everything correctly. She did not want to make her mom and father embarrassed to have a child that could not pass a measly exam, especially if that child was of the Uchiha Clan. Though, she was sure she did both jutsu correct. She would continue to look at the proctor hoping that she did not deny Celeste's rank up to Genin.

Though when she had casted the Transformation technique she was pretty sure that she had done it correctly. Though, she get to see her appearance so she did not know whether she turned into a broom stick or a person. Though would it matter if she turned into either? The proctor did not say whether to turn into an item or a person. Maybe she should turn into a item as well just incase?" Uh, excuse me Ms. Proctor I am going to transform into an item as well because I don't know if I was suppose to do it." said Celeste as she bowed with a blush on her face and once again begin to perform the three hand seals required for the transformation jutsu. She would feel her self getting skinny and her arms would dissapear as her head was now on the ground. She was a broom for 2 seconds as she would dispel the jutsu from the weirdness eyeing the proctor once more. She did hope she would get the rank up.

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Little Genin Exam Empty Re: Little Genin Exam

Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:46 pm
Sal nodded and smiled as the girl displayed her jutsu with distinction, showing off her talent for the art.

"Very good, very good. You've done well. Here..." He tossed her a headband before getting up from his chair, making his way to the door. "You've earned your new title: Genin of the Leaf. Go to the Hokage office for assignments whenever you feel ready. Congratulations."

With that, Salzem would seemingly disappear, his speed too much for the girl to track.

Celeste Uchiha
Celeste Uchiha
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Little Genin Exam Empty Re: Little Genin Exam

Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:17 pm
Upon being handed her Headband the Uchiha would smile. She had came a long way, but at the same time she felt as if she was playing straight into the hands of Ita Uchiha. By becoming a Ninja of the village she was now able to do things that mere Academy Students weren't able to due. With this thought in her head her chest would begin to pound once again. She hadn't told any living soul about her encounter with Ita, she felt that if she did then she would become trapped within the Genjutsu world casted by his Mangekyo Sharingan once again. The last time he had tortured her the Genjutsu had caused her to go within a coma for days. She needed to get stronger and that meant progressing her Sharingan to its limits. If she was to free Konoha from the evil known as Ita Uchiha then she would need to awaken the Sharingan's true final form. The Mangekyo Sharingan.

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Little Genin Exam Empty Re: Little Genin Exam

Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:49 pm
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