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Touka Keisuke
Touka Keisuke
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Level UP! (IO)  Empty Level UP! (IO)

Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:59 pm
The sun was already high in the sky when Touka entered the training grounds. He was usually pretty good at waking up early on a training day but he had made the mistake of staying up too late. In any case, Touka was here now and ready to do some training. He was a very inexperienced ninja who was fresh out of the academy and only knew a few basic Jutsus.

Touka had been contemplating over the last week what would be a good new Jutsu to learn and after visiting the library a few times and shuffling through many scrolls he came across a Raiton Jutsu. The Jutsu was named Electromagnetic Murder and in reading this Touka almost considered moving onto another scroll however on closer inspection the Jutsu didn't seem as menacing as the name suggested.  
It was a C-rank Jutsu and from what Touka could tell it was relatively straight forward. All that was really involved was a decent amount of chakra control and the Nature Transformation. To be fair a Nature Transformation was a pretty difficult skill to get the hang of, especially considering Touka had never done something of this level. He would have to bring along a few other scrolls to help aid him in learning how to do a Nature Transformation. 

In arriving at the training grounds, Touka lays the scrolls and his bag next to a tree and prepares to do some warming up. Touka starts out with a bit of a jog and then practices his surface walking Technique. Facing a tree Touka sprint towards it to then jump and plant his feet on the side of the tree. Continuing his momentum Touka makes it to the top of the tall fir tree. Panting slightly Touka is happy with his performance. It was important that he had his chakra control down for it would be critical in learning his fist elemental Jutsu.  
Takashi Chishiki
Takashi Chishiki
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Level UP! (IO)  Empty Re: Level UP! (IO)

Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:42 pm
Takashi walked towards the training field, wondering what he might find there. He yawned and stretched as he went. It was not that it was too early, or that he did not get enough sleep, but simply that he was old, and every day he felt more tired. He knew why the ninja life was not for people of his age, but that did not stop him.

As he approached the green field, he saw a familiar face and smiled. It was Touka, the young man he had met the day before. He did not know him very well yet, but he liked the man. He supposed there wasn't a person that he hadn't met yet. 

"Touka!" Takashi called out, waving. "What brings you here today, if I may ask?"
Touka Keisuke
Touka Keisuke
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Level UP! (IO)  Empty Re: Level UP! (IO)

Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:16 am
After finding a stable footing on the top of the tree, Touka sits for a bit and looks out onto the large forest the surrounds his village. Before he gets too distracted Touka reminds himself that this is not a day of rest but a day of work. Quickly he climbs down the tree and arrives next to his bag. Just as Touka picks up a scroll that reads “Nature Transformation Basics” he hears a familiar voice. Turning around he sees Takashi.

Takashi was someone who Touka met a few day back and Touka wasn't completely sure if they were considered ‘friends’ yet but Takashi was quite friendly and seeings how the ice had been broken it would be easier to make conversation. 

Moving his blue bangs to the side Touka walks towards Takashi with a big smile. 

“Hey Takashi! Hows a going?”

Touka then responds to Takashi’s question. 

“Well what a fun question that is. Today is the day that I will attempt to learn my first lightning style Jutsu.” 

In saying this Touka wonders if Takashi has learned a Nature Transformation him self.

“If you don't mind me asking, have you learned any Elemental Jutsus?”

If Takashi had, it may help Touka in learning his own, especially if they were of the same element.
Takashi Chishiki
Takashi Chishiki
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Level UP! (IO)  Empty Re: Level UP! (IO)

Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:36 pm
(the almost week late reply. I'm so sorry.)

Takashi looked at Touka, and smiled. He was glad that the other shinobi seemed to be as friendly and welcoming as Takashi had tried to come across as. 

"I'm doing very well, thank you," Takashi answered. "And what about yourself?"

Then, Touka asked the extent of the jutsu that Takashi knew. 

"I have learned a few elemental jutsu, yes," Takashi replied, thinking back to the previous time he had trained. "Though, for now, it seems I am limited to only using wind. Learning other elements is very difficult. So, I'm afraid that we can't collaborate on learning lightning."

It was a shame that they both did not share an element, though perhaps also for the better. It was good to have a variety of elements, so that they could not be so easily countered. Perhaps Takashi could learn lightning as his second element. 

(Sorry for the painfully short reply. Didn't wanna keep this topic waiting any longer)
Touka Keisuke
Touka Keisuke
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Level UP! (IO)  Empty Re: Level UP! (IO)

Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:12 pm
Smiling with the fact that Takashi was doing well Touka also shares a similar feeling. 

“I am doing pretty good, happy now that im here at the training grounds.” 

Touka listens to Takashi's response and is a little disappointed that they were not users of the same element however it was encouraging to hear that Takashi had mastered a wind style Jutsu. 

“Well, I am here today to learn my first elemental Jutsu. I have never attempted at a nature transformation but I have these scrolls that may help me a bit.” 

Touka pauses for a moment as he glances over to the scrolls. It was true that the scrolls would be helpful however nothing could replace an actual teacher. It was hard however to find such a teacher. Most of the people who Touka met were either the same rank as him or the higher ranks had little interest in teaching younger generations. 

“I understand that you are a wind style user, and when you were first learning your Jutsu was there anything in particular that you found helpful?” 

Again Touka was learning something that was totally new and any amount of help would be appreciated. If there was nothing that Takashi could suggest then Touka could probably get by on using the scrolls.
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